All Deceased beginning with letters 'JO'

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All names beginning JO
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
JOBITZKY PhilipE1696914 Feb 191654XJ06 25
JOBLANSKI SolomonE1697019 Mar 191750XJ16 69
JOBLANSKY Esther WE1697122 Feb 1908XG05 18
JOBLINSKY SamuelE1697203 Feb 1913XL09 18
JOEL AdolphE1697313 Mar 192824XS05 34
JOEL BerthaE1697425 Jul 1913XO27 2
JOEL HenryE1697515 Apr 191758XJ15 65
JOEL IsidoreE1697602 Feb 192421XP21 30
JOEL JacobE1697719 Jan 190618XF02 19
JOEL KateE1697807 Oct 194159XV21 20
JOEL Katheline HazelE1697926 Nov 19322XQ03 29
JOEL MosesE1698014 Feb 1910XE05 35
JOEL PhilipE1698119 Jul 1907XF04 21
JOEL SidneyE1698212 Apr 193132XU13 23
JOEL YettaE1698320 May 1913XF04 22
JOEL YettaE1698408 Mar 193684XP32 16
JOFF HarrisE1698519 May 191953XN09 23
JOFFE HarryE1698625 Feb 194755XX04 30
JOFFE RoseE1698705 May 192275XH10 3
JOHNSON AlfredE1698816 Oct 193359XU28 27
JOHNSON AnnieE1698925 May 195468XZ31 31
JOHNSON BlumaE1699026 Oct 197597XQ69 14
JOHNSON GeraldE1699105 Jun 19362 mthXQ03 70
JOHNSON IsraelE1699226 Nov 192237XP03 9
JOHNSON SamuelE1699314 Dec 195581XQ69 13
JOHNSTONE SophieE1699413 Apr 198279XX34 26
JOLKA RosaE1699523 Jun 192252XN02 46
JOLLICK FannyE1699605 Feb 193757XV48 18
JOLOSKY SollyE1699721 May 1913XO26 1
JONAS LiebaE1699827 Oct 192575XR09 23
JONAS RoseE1699905 Aug 194875XV17 21
JONAS SamuelE1700007 Jun 191551XL18 37
JONAS SimonE1700104 Mar 194270XV18 23
JONES AnnieE1700215 Jan 193262XT14 62
JONES EurichamE1700314 Aug 1910XI02 5
JONES or RAGULSKY JacobE1700421 Nov 194068XV32 25
JONES SarahE1700510 Oct 193725XP51 6
JONESCU AlexanderE1700617 Oct 194549XX19 29
JORDON AbrahamE1700710 Jun 191962XJ03 53
JOSCOVITCH AnnieE1700820 Oct 195669XT56 8
JOSCOVITCH MillyE1700912 Oct 195195XV30 1
JOSELOFSKY AE1701017 Feb 190222XD04 30
JOSELOVITCH RachelE1701125 May 192754XR34 44
JOSEPH AE1701224 Nov 18990XB05 237
JOSEPH AaronE1701306 Apr 1912XL03 15
JOSEPH AaronE1701420 Jun 193080XS31 11
JOSEPH AbrahamE1701514 Nov 1913XI09 15
JOSEPH AbrahamE1701631 Oct 192229XP10 6
JOSEPH AbramE1701704 Nov 193879XU62 8
JOSEPH AlexanderE1701803 Aug 192774XR36 56
JOSEPH AnnieE1701921 Dec 195686XS20 31
JOSEPH BarnettE1702011 Nov 18906 mthXA01 33
JOSEPH BarnettE1702109 Oct 192858XS20 30
JOSEPH BenjaminE1702231 Dec 194268XV06 12
JOSEPH DeborahE1702310 Dec 193749XV55 10
JOSEPH DinahE1702413 Dec 199690XY21 19
JOSEPH DoraE1702525 Dec 192019XK08 5
JOSEPH ElizabethE1702620 Apr 191766XJ16 26
JOSEPH FannyE1702713 Jul 192958XS08 30
JOSEPH HE1702807 Nov 1907XH05 27
JOSEPH HarryE1702904 Oct 1909XE05 7
JOSEPH HarryE1703023 Jun 1912XI06 65
JOSEPH HymanE1703125 Mar 191550XI16 10
JOSEPH HymanE1703203 Jan 195656XQ15 36
JOSEPH I.A.E1703326 Apr 190112 mthXB10 488
JOSEPH IsaacE1703430 May 1910XG08 2
JOSEPH IsraelE1703517 Mar 191616XJ20 39
JOSEPH IsraelE1703621 Feb 193631XU43 24
JOSEPH IsraelE1703727 Mar 197497XM14 27
JOSEPH JacobE1703830 Dec 193569XU42 22
JOSEPH JaneE1703903 Jul 191522XL19 22
JOSEPH JennieE1704017 Oct 193745XV53 18
JOSEPH JennieE1704127 May 195080XY35 22
JOSEPH JoeE1704215 Jun 192542XR05 29
JOSEPH JosephE1704318 Aug 195182XS34 50
JOSEPH JoshuaE1704420 Mar 192821XS05 46
JOSEPH JuliusE1704506 Mar 19054XC02 46
JOSEPH KateE1704620 Jan 192729XP21 9
JOSEPH KatieE1704730 Apr 1913XL08 42
JOSEPH LeahE1704813 Oct 193070XP20 8
JOSEPH LeahE1704911 Feb 189774XC01 9
JOSEPH LeahE1705030 May 193079XT07 48
JOSEPH LeahE1705129 Jan 190585XC01 20
JOSEPH LewisE1705209 May 192037XN04 21
JOSEPH LewisE1705308 Oct 192464XP41 7
JOSEPH LottieE1705424 Sep 19213XM05 59
JOSEPH LouisE1705527 Nov 193457XU33 45
JOSEPH MarkE1705623 Jan 19173XM07 14
JOSEPH MarkE1705714 Apr 193840XU60 40
JOSEPH MarkE1705814 Feb 193646XJ16 15
JOSEPH MaryE1705901 Feb 193983XU37 38
JOSEPH MordecaiE1706017 Mar 196668XZ24 1
JOSEPH o/w JASON Aaron o/w AfredE1706122 May 194384XV02 19
JOSEPH PhilipE1706217 Jan 196380XX19 23
JOSEPH PollyE1706323 Jun 190612 mthXF06 17
JOSEPH Rachel TillyE1706418 Jan 195977XV06 11
JOSEPH RachelE1706518 Apr 190525XC03 48
JOSEPH RachelE1706617 Dec 193567XS34 51
JOSEPH RebeccaE1706723 Nov 1913XL02 2
JOSEPH RebeccaE1706807 Jan 193386XK19 35
JOSEPH RosalindE1706918 Mar 194319XV04 20
JOSEPH SarahE1707011 Dec 1912XL08 10
JOSEPH SarahE1707128 Feb 190120XB10 481
JOSEPH SarahE1707230 Dec 192036XN01 11
JOSEPH SarahE1707309 Feb 191761XJ16 14
JOSEPH SarahE1707403 Oct 194565XX19 22
JOSEPH SarahE1707513 Feb 194174XI16 9
JOSEPH SarahE1707615 Jun 195676XZ41 8
JOSEPH SarahE1707713 Oct 193580XS09 6
JOSEPH SolomonE1707816 Dec 190546XF04 2
JOSEPH SophiaE1707923 Jul 190244XD04 51
JOSEPH YettaE1708010 Oct 193148XT12 51
JOSEPHER Leonard LewisE1708129 Jan 192824XS03 28
JOSEPHOVITCH AbrahamE1708206 Nov 191922XK03 30
JOSEPHOVITCH AbrahamE1708307 Oct 195780XP61 27
JOSEPHOWITCH GitelE1708410 Jun 19013XB09 411
JOSEPHOWITCH M.E1708530 Jun 19015 mthXD01 2
JOSEPHOWITCH MaxE1708631 Aug 1909XG09 26
JOSEPHOWITCH MillyE1708717 Nov 192450XP44 15
JOSEPHS AbrahamE1708825 Jun 192363XP20 9
JOSEPHS AmeliaE1708924 Jul 191971XN12 8
JOSEPHS AnnieE1709005 Aug 193766XV38 5
JOSEPHS CeliaE1709121 Feb 192158XR16 71
JOSEPHS DeborahE1709218 Feb 196071XZ23 6
JOSEPHS FannyE1709316 Sep 194763XY06 10
JOSEPHS GoldaE1709426 Apr 19203 mthXM11 8
JOSEPHS HenryE1709523 Feb 196787XY06 9
JOSEPHS HettyE1709608 Mar 19207XM04 2
JOSEPHS HymanE1709721 Jan 192270XK19 34
JOSEPHS IsaacE1709801 May 195061XY34 23
JOSEPHS JacobE1709927 Sep 192390XL02 1
JOSEPHS KatieE1710015 Jul 192049XK08 23
JOSEPHS LeahE1710121 Oct 192079XM02 48
JOSEPHS MilieE1710207 Jan 193780XV46 26
JOSEPHS MorrisE1710326 Jun 192236XI16 70
JOSEPHS MorrisE1710407 Aug 192168XH10 5
JOSEPHS MorrisE1710510 May 193571XU37 37
JOSEPHS MyerE1710602 Jul 192244XK15 12
JOSEPHS RayE1710721 Nov 192325XP28 29
JOSEPHS RebeccaE1710828 Nov 192185XK17 39
JOSEPHS RebeccaE1710909 May 197898XP61 28
JOSEPHS RoseE1711001 Oct 195188XU50 8
JOSEPHS SarahE1711109 Jan 192246XM14 26
JOSEPHSON Abraham-MorrisE1711213 Dec 1907XH07 23
JOSEPHSON HarryE1711325 Jun 192821XS06 9
JOSEPHSON MrsE1711421 Jun 191743XJ14 56
JOSEPHSON ReubenE1711511 Sep 194465XJ14 55
JOSEYFOW MorrisE1711623 Jan 192185XK08 2
JOSHKOWITZ EstherE1711713 Feb 192476XP29 21
JOSIFON FeigeE1711818 May 190168XD02 48
JOSIFON HannahE1711908 Jul 194080XU02 5
JOSIFSON DavidE1712002 Jan 193571XU02 6
JOSLOWITZ JuliusE1712108 Aug 194067XJ01 29
JOSLOWITZ RachelE1712209 Apr 194366XJ01 28
JOSNICK HymanE1712327 Dec 192778XS03 12
JOSSELSON HymanE1712402 Dec 191566XL11 1
JOSYFON RachelE1712511 Feb 192690XK08 1
JOURGOWITZ MichaelE1712619 Mar 192754XR29 24
JOYSCH SophieE1712721 Jan 1914XI14 4

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