All Deceased beginning with letters 'JE'

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All names beginning JE
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
JEBLANKI SolomonP0947020 Mar 191750J16
JEBLANSKI RoseE130821 May 195382T127 03
JECKINSKI YettaC476306 Feb 192769R126 18
JEFF HymanC239616 Mar 192454P115 18
JEFFREY FannyC643631 Jan 192954S16 22
JELASKY Samuel MyerE475604 Jul 196190D10 10
JELOFSKY HildaC1039706 Jul 193338T122 27
JELOSKY Leah PashaE421522 Jan 196082D10 11
JEMENSFSKY BarnettC203121 Nov 192352Q126 09
JENKIN LewisP0947806 May 191930N9
JENKINS BellaP0947919 May 191331L6
JENSHIL BloomahD343225 Mar 193973Q120 08
JENSHIL PhilipD058107 May 193575Q120 09
JENSHIL SolomonP0948219 Mar 191316L7
JERICHOVSKY EstherC186220 Aug 192367P124 26
JERICHOWER BerthaA162531 Dec 190388C01 32
JERICHOWER FannyC842512 Apr 193176K06 16
JERICHOWER FoebusP0948527 Mar 191973K6
JERMELINSKY EstherA219704 Mar 190613F06 02
JEROWITZ JacobA190122 Jan 19052C06 55
JERSKY SarahE407121 Sep 195978P264 28
JERUCHMANOFF JeruchimP0948603 Sep 191378L8
JERUCHMANOFF MalkaP0948712 Dec 191258L8
JESCOWITCH LeahA056725 Aug 189818B301 110
JESINOWSKY BetsyC829626 Feb 193176F04 31
JESIONOFSKY EstherA014629 Oct 18922A301 139
JESKI MyerE466229 Mar 196177Q4C4 11
JESKI RachelE536617 Apr 196475Q4C4 12
JESKI SarahC1097910 Mar 193477R106 41
JESKY AbrahamC344028 Jul 192560R106 42
JESKY CharlesE358430 Jul 195878P264 27
JESNICK AnnieE667005 Dec 197289Q125 18
JESNICK HandellC688628 Jun 192968S18 54
JESNICK HymanP0949813 Feb 1919N13
JESNICK IsaacE110726 Jan 195374Q125 17
JESZINOFSKY HymanA230918 Jul 190656F04 30

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