All Deceased beginning with letters 'JE'

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All names beginning JE
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
JEBLANSKI RoseE1692321 May 195382XT27 3
JECKINSKI YettaE1692406 Feb 192769XR26 18
JEEMAN RebeccaE1692530 Aug 1914XL15 21
JEFF HymanE1692616 Mar 192454XP15 18
JEFFREY FannyE1692731 Jan 192954XS16 22
JEFFSON FannyE1692805 Apr 191965XN16 37
JELASKY Samuel MyerE1692904 Jul 196190XD10 10
JELOFSKY HildaE1693006 Jul 193338XT22 27
JELOSKY Leah PashaE1693122 Jan 196082XD10 11
JEMENSFSKY BarnettE1693221 Nov 192352XQ26 9
JENKINS BailaE1693319 May 1913XL06 29
JENOWSKY AnnieE1693429 Dec 191650XJ16 36
JENSHIL BloomahE1693525 Mar 193973XQ20 8
JENSHIL PhilipE1693607 May 193575XQ20 9
JENUCHMANOFF JeruchimE1693703 Sep 1913XL08 9
JERACHOVER FouesE1693827 Mar 191974XK06 15
JERICHOVSKY EstherE1693920 Aug 192367XP24 26
JERICHOWER BerthaE1694031 Dec 190388XC01 32
JERICHOWER FannyE1694112 Apr 193176XK06 16
JERMELINSKY EstherE1694204 Mar 190613 mthXF06 2
JEROWITZ JacobE1694322 Jan 19052XC06 55
JERSKY SarahE1694421 Sep 195978XP64 28
JERSOKOVITCH AnnieE1694510 Sep 191611XO03 21
JERUCHMANOFF MalkaE1694611 Dec 1912XL08 8
JESCOWITCH LeahE1694725 Aug 189818 mthXB03 110
JESINOWSKY BetsyE1694826 Feb 193176XF04 31
JESIONOFSKY EstherE1694929 Oct 18922XA03 139
JESKI MyerE1695029 Mar 196177XQ124 11
JESKI RachelE1695117 Apr 196475XQ124 12
JESKI SarahE1695210 Mar 193477XR06 41
JESKY AbrahamE1695328 Jul 192560XR06 42
JESKY CharlesE1695430 Jul 195878XP64 27
JESKY DeborahE1695519 May 191717 mthXM08 5
JESNICK AnnieE1695605 Dec 197289XQ25 18
JESNICK HandellE1695728 Jun 192968XS18 54
JESNICK IsaacE1695826 Jan 195374XQ25 17
JESZINOFSKY HymanE1695918 Jul 190656XF04 30

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