All Deceased beginning with letters 'IS'

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All names beginning IS
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ISAAC GoldaC567727 Mar 192846S11 54
ISAACOVITCH AnnieC731016 Jan 193045T105 58
ISAACOVITCH AnnieD933128 Jul 194959Y129 28
ISAACOVITCH EttyP0899508 Sep 191755J15
ISAACOVITCH EvelynP0899601 Dec 19105O15
ISAACOVITCH HymanP0899711 Aug 191423L14
ISAACOVITCH JaneE276709 Sep 195672Q267 06
ISAACOVITCH LewisE720203 Jun 197891Y129 27
ISAACOVITCH Lilian RebeccaE697315 Nov 197596U266 50
ISAACOVITCH MarksD233528 Jun 193764U253 06
ISAACOVITCH NathanB611710 Jan 192048N06 28
ISAACOVITCH NathanD356019 Jun 193963U266 51
ISAACOVITCH SamuelC574517 Apr 192872S06 43
ISAACOVITCH SolomonE338026 Jan 195872Q267 05
ISAACOWITCH DavisC289902 Dec 19242M119 19
ISAACS A.K.A052625 Apr 189812A801 420
ISAACS AbrahamB667109 Oct 192063N03 30
ISAACS AbrahamC375112 Dec 192568R110 22
ISAACS AbrahamC718425 Nov 192970S17 10
ISAACS AbrahamC971012 Oct 193266S25 02
ISAACS AbrahamD042516 Feb 193568U136 23
ISAACS AbrahamD305115 Jul 193868U261 43
ISAACS AbrahamsA199022 May 190555C05 49
ISAACS AmeliaC667125 Mar 192942S17 20
ISAACS AmeliaE543021 Sep 196490X13 21
ISAACS AnnieA251813 Mar 190762F08 33
ISAACS AnnieB686016 Jan 192142K10 50
ISAACS AnnieC410422 Apr 192621R116 48
ISAACS AnnieD102415 Dec 193569T140 33
ISAACS ArthurC813807 Jan 193134U111 07
ISAACS BA048528 Jan 189815A801 391
ISAACS BarnettP0901023 May 191853J14
ISAACS BenjaminE814303 Aug 2008100I20 71
ISAACS BerthaC626812 Dec 192879S15 13
ISAACS BessieE193606 Nov 195459Y112 38
ISAACS CissieE091308 Oct 195284Q132 27
ISAACS DavidB647707 Jun 192045N11 31
ISAACS DavidD223406 May 193758U252 03
ISAACS DavisC548809 Jan 192869P243 22
ISAACS DeborahB672610 Nov 192062K09 20
ISAACS DeborahC380729 Dec 192527R111 41
ISAACS DeborahC647306 Feb 192973Q111 13
ISAACS EstherC1069405 Dec 193349T124 59
ISAACS EstherC1097406 Mar 193432M126 01
ISAACS EstherC895601 Dec 193169T113 52
ISAACS EstherE561829 Sep 196574Q120 32
ISAACS EstherP0901707 Nov 1918M2
ISAACS EvaC916413 Feb 193273T114 15
ISAACS EvelynD057302 May 193511T126 22
ISAACS Fanny PhyllisP0902622 Jun 19197N19
ISAACS FannyA238507 Oct 19062E03 23
ISAACS FannyC462424 Dec 192678R125 49
ISAACS FannyD664422 Sep 194476W24 07
ISAACS FannyP0902415 Jan 191342L6
ISAACS GoldaC287020 Nov 192456P244 09
ISAACS GoldaC422722 Jun 192678E09 16
ISAACS HannahA036312 Sep 189662A701 341
ISAACS HannahC724721 Dec 192975N03 31
ISAACS HarrisC080831 Mar 192277I16 59
ISAACS HarrisC871424 Aug 193167U116 29
ISAACS HenryC297903 Jan 192582M124 17
ISAACS HymanE212001 Mar 195581Q119 40
ISAACS IreneD319910 Nov 193835V258 11
ISAACS IsaacC100212 Jul 192242N17 01
ISAACS IsaacD754729 Apr 194672X13 22
ISAACS IsaacP0903502 Mar 1912L3
ISAACS IsraelA003625 Oct 189050A201 68
ISAACS IsraelC152918 Mar 192370E09 17
ISAACS Jack JohnE613610 Sep 196878J16 79
ISAACS JackC803806 Dec 193025S33 34
ISAACS JackE239705 Dec 195567W15 05
ISAACS JacobA026123 Jun 18953A401 225
ISAACS JacobP0904011 Jan 191553I15
ISAACS JosephE028710 May 195184W02 35
ISAACS JuliusD521010 Mar 194284U101 11
ISAACS KatieC431205 Aug 192635R119 14
ISAACS KatieP0904322 Mar 191770J14
ISAACS KittyD231116 Jun 193772V251 19
ISAACS LazarusC1078401 Jan 193489I05 60
ISAACS LazarusE135126 Jun 195363Q120 33
ISAACS LeahC609501 Oct 192882S14 12
ISAACS LeahD450525 Dec 194071U261 42
ISAACS LenaP0904715 Jan 191432I10
ISAACS LeonardD312716 Sep 193813U262 36
ISAACS LewisA091130 Nov 190069AD01 492
ISAACS LewisB688422 Jan 192141N01 26
ISAACS LewisC147827 Feb 192370I17 69
ISAACS LewisE410729 Oct 195973D10 31
ISAACS LewisP0904822 Aug 191690J20
ISAACS Lilian LeahC769917 Jun 193012M245 05
ISAACS LilyC022210 Aug 192129K13 47
ISAACS LilyC608124 Sep 19284M136 12
ISAACS LilyE174312 May 195442W10 07
ISAACS LilyE813030 Jan 200797I20 72
ISAACS MarksC038611 Nov 192173I19 44
ISAACS MarksE207807 Feb 195580X12 26
ISAACS MarksP0905125 May 191663I5
ISAACS MatildaC1076926 Dec 193379U106 11
ISAACS MichaelA222603 Apr 19063F06 06
ISAACS MillieP0905313 Mar 191969M4
ISAACS MillyC282802 Nov 192460P243 23
ISAACS MorrisC856710 Jun 193178R128 45
ISAACS MorrisD123629 Feb 193668U243 48
ISAACS MorrisE587126 Dec 196694T255 05
ISAACS MosesA120510 Mar 190273D05 03
ISAACS MyerA125422 May 190220D05 12
ISAACS MyerC1032630 May 193337U104 10
ISAACS PaulineP0905918 Nov 1918L10
ISAACS PhilipC844822 Apr 193172U113 14
ISAACS PollyP0906007 Oct 191159I5
ISAACS RachelA011609 Mar 18923A301 119
ISAACS RachelC663314 Mar 192979S17 40
ISAACS RachelD695421 Mar 194554U252 02
ISAACS RachelE281519 Oct 195685T255 06
ISAACS RayE360221 Aug 195870P264 19
ISAACS RebeccaA153829 Aug 19033C02 09
ISAACS RebeccaC486325 Mar 192753R131 44
ISAACS RebeccaC596306 Aug 192866L17 03
ISAACS RebeccaD021626 Nov 193483R113 02
ISAACS RebeccaE017024 Feb 195188S17 11
ISAACS RebeccaE047917 Oct 195184W02 34
ISAACS RebeccaP0906416 Jul 190870D5
ISAACS RebeccaP0906521 Aug 191533I6
ISAACS RosaC775424 Jul 193071I17 70
ISAACS RoseE136305 Jul 195379Q119 39
ISAACS RosyE467907 Apr 196186V107 42
ISAACS SA149421 Jun 19035B501 268
ISAACS Samson SidneyC009419 May 192124K11 53
ISAACS SamuelA216627 Jan 190658F02 21
ISAACS SamuelD062531 May 193558U116 28
ISAACS SamuelE254425 Feb 195675Z140 18
ISAACS SamuelE397513 Jun 195978V137 15
ISAACS Sarah AnnieC797513 Nov 193025T108 03
ISAACS SarahA075114 Jan 190055B601 296
ISAACS SarahC474304 Feb 192773R128 44
ISAACS SarahD285025 Feb 193857V137 16
ISAACS SarahD530806 May 194293I19 41
ISAACS SarahE431712 Apr 196065J16 79A
ISAACS SchevachE142929 Aug 195378Q132 26
ISAACS SimonD860711 Mar 194857Y112 37
ISAACS SimonP0907923 Jul 191557L17
ISAACS SollyA231901 Aug 190612F06 24
ISAACS SolomonE538422 May 196487V107 43
ISAACS SophieE392129 Apr 195961Q275 08
ISAACS SylviaC905804 Jan 193213T113 17
ISAACS TillyE050230 Oct 195162W15 06
ISAACS Ziporah (Sophie)D758926 May 194673X12 25
ISAACSON FannyC954619 Jul 193244S34 19
ISAACSON HymanC1049707 Sep 193373U104 16
ISAACSON Isaac DavidE103918 Dec 195269S34 20
ISAACSON Isaac JackC592921 Jul 192826S06 28
ISAAKOWITCH RoseC514022 Aug 192770R137 40
ISABEN JosephC522605 Oct 192746S02 22
ISAK FloraE451431 Oct 196080Z242 29
ISAK SamuelC613112 Oct 192855S20 32
ISAKOFSKY BarnettD297417 May 193873T104 09
ISAKOFSKY RachelC722915 Dec 192963T105 09
ISBITSKY AbrahamC426708 Jul 192670R118 14
ISBITSKY BellaE688710 Jan 197588L06 01A
ISBITSKY BetsyD158606 Aug 193660R128 57
ISBITSKY Chaya YettaD410807 Jun 194087V260 11
ISBITSKY HarrisA136528 Oct 19025D06 35
ISBITSKY HymanD279931 Jan 193861T101 09
ISBITSKY IsraelC875512 Sep 193152U117 09
ISBITSKY MarksC124520 Nov 192255P103 12
ISBITSKY MillieE245308 Jan 195678T101 10
ISBITSKY PhillipP0909614 Feb 191652J6
ISBITSKY SamuelC475008 Feb 192757R128 56
ISBITSKY SarahP0909816 Apr 191560L15
ISBITZSKY Milly FannyC954017 Jul 193270R123 16
ISENBERG AbrahamE205316 Jan 195582Q124 44
ISENBERG AnnieE668726 Jan 197398J16 03
ISENBERG BarnettD720601 Oct 194560X19 33
ISENBERG BenjaminC357104 Oct 192550R108 46
ISENBERG ClaraD218415 Apr 193731V250 11
ISENBERG DeborahC1026129 Apr 193351R108 47
ISENBERG EstherE436130 May 196085Q124 43
ISENBERG EvaC1081109 Jan 193455T125 41
ISENBERG GittelA020430 Jan 18941A401 185
ISENBERG GoldaD450725 Dec 194082U108 52
ISENBERG HarrisE083111 Jul 195279W19 31
ISENBERG HildaC986021 Dec 193276T118 45
ISENBERG IsraelD459802 Feb 194167Q136 23
ISENBERG JackE375712 Jan 195975Z242 18
ISENBERG JaneE224806 Jul 195567X19 34
ISENBERG JessieC262519 Jul 192490P138 31
ISENBERG JosephC415111 May 192658R116 07
ISENBERG JosephP0911102 Sep 191556L16
ISENBERG LazarusE654209 Aug 197183Q125 33
ISENBERG LewisC1074822 Dec 193372U108 53
ISENBERG LewisP0911409 Aug 191769J14
ISENBERG LouisD573321 Feb 194345V110 26
ISENBERG MarksD344701 Apr 193955U265 33
ISENBERG Maurice LesterD710210 Jul 194543W33 29
ISENBERG MillyC118330 Oct 192238P112 22
ISENBERG MorrisD365508 Sep 193972U268 49
ISENBERG PollyE133010 Jun 195374Q136 44
ISENBERG RebeccaC682820 May 192970S17 30
ISENBERG RebeccaE113706 Feb 195364Q125 34
ISENBERG RebeccaE289209 Dec 195687U268 48
ISENBERG RoseE299106 Mar 195751W33 27
ISENBERG RoseP0911913 Jun 191540L19
ISENBERG SamuelE579621 Jul 196660W33 28
ISENBERG SamuelP0912001 Feb 191647J4
ISENBERG SarahD857424 Feb 194875Y112 23
ISENBERG SimonC722010 Dec 192965S12 32
ISENBERG SophiaE518311 May 196380Z242 04
ISENFELD JosephC860223 Jun 193150U115 24
ISENFISH IsraelD831208 Sep 194775X14 10
ISENFISH YettaD749724 Mar 194669X14 09
ISENSTARK IdaE810225 Dec 200390W06 31
ISENSTARK JacobE043006 Sep 195158W13 19
ISENSTARK MaryE712512 May 197785W13 18
ISENSTEIN AlecE186002 Sep 195476X05 39
ISENSTEIN FrancesC1050209 Sep 19338Q102 41
ISENSTEIN IsraelD243926 Aug 193762U254 39
ISENSTEIN RebeccaD634006 Mar 194476Q120 21
ISENSTEIN RoseD989618 Sep 195071Y137 11
ISENSTEIN SarahD800914 Feb 194764X05 38
ISENSTEIN SimonE035527 Jun 195173Y137 10
ISENSTEIN SolomonP0912420 Nov 191461L18
ISHBICKY A052017 Apr 189816A801 416
ISHBITZKY SimonA140001 Jan 19035D07 39
ISHBITZSKY MarksP0912530 Aug 191333L11
ISIDORE AnnieC626610 Dec 192872S15 36
ISIDORE EvaD043020 Feb 193573T132 46
ISIDORE MorrisC759101 May 193070S30 08
ISKOVITCH PhilipD522818 Mar 194271V134 19
ISKY AnnieE679524 Feb 197489U255 13
ISKY SolomonD245131 Aug 193769U255 14
ISNER BetsyD476724 Apr 194159V273 02
ISNER HarrisP0912827 Jun 191128I4
ISNER IsaacC196922 Oct 192349P125 17
ISNER RebeccaD322428 Nov 193873V258 12
ISOWITSKY ClaraD842814 Nov 194776Y108 18
ISRAEL A.A044410 Aug 18978B101 57
ISRAEL Aaron SolomonD704827 May 194566F08 40
ISRAEL Alfred LeopoldE120911 Mar 195350J01 53
ISRAEL Annie PoppieE538111 May 196456J01 54
ISRAEL AnnieE070822 Mar 195265Y133 29
ISRAEL AnnieP0913222 Nov 191062E6
ISRAEL BerthaD641722 Apr 194465J01 17
ISRAEL BerthaE613317 Aug 196889F08 39
ISRAEL BetsyC606819 Sep 192871N10 07
ISRAEL ChanaB079522 Nov 191058E06 44
ISRAEL CharlesC934518 Apr 193225Q101 20
ISRAEL ChasheP0913810 Jul 190770H4
ISRAEL Chaya RivkaP0913925 Jan 191051E6
ISRAEL CyrilC100917 Jul 19226O08 41
ISRAEL Eva EstherA225915 May 19069F06 12
ISRAEL EvaE320829 Sep 195768Y116 09
ISRAEL FeigaB412012 Jan 192050E05 45
ISRAEL FloraD465726 Feb 194162V271 19
ISRAEL Frances BrinaP0914118 Sep 191684J21
ISRAEL HildaE806003 Mar 200190J01 55
ISRAEL HirschD934208 Aug 194980J03 01A
ISRAEL Hyman DavidE794327 May 199584J01 55A
ISRAEL HymanE333119 Dec 195777W19 18
ISRAEL IsaacD031809 Jan 193564U134 49
ISRAEL IsaacD709001 Jul 194553J15 01A
ISRAEL JacobP0914611 Jul 191968N10
ISRAEL LeahE648206 Feb 197185W19 19
ISRAEL LouisE081022 Jun 195274V107 33
ISRAEL MarcusD206222 Feb 193725U251 25
ISRAEL MarcusP0914720 Feb 191365L7
ISRAEL MarkD869919 May 19485T250 08
ISRAEL MarksC651813 Feb 192972R113 06
ISRAEL MorrisD420315 Aug 194061J01 16
ISRAEL NathanC512916 Aug 192743Q108 05
ISRAEL Rachel RebeccaE679728 Feb 197480J15 01
ISRAEL RachelC252520 May 192427P135 26
ISRAEL RachelD527010 Apr 194271S26 02
ISRAEL RebeccaC389130 Jan 192674R113 05
ISRAEL RebeccaD169611 Oct 193628V243 28
ISRAEL RosaE652116 Jun 197170J06 01A
ISRAEL S.A036311 Sep 189612B101 13
ISRAEL Sarah RebeccaA226421 May 190629E02 40
ISRAEL SimonC779018 Aug 193068S26 01
ISRAEL SimonE057625 Dec 195175Y116 08
ISRAEL SophiaP0915802 Jan 191932G6
ISRAELOFSKY AnnieE489401 Feb 196278U263 10
ISRAELOFSKY IsaacD325318 Dec 193862U263 09
ISRAELOFSKY NathanC577326 Apr 192824S06 47
ISRAELOVITCH IsaacA168115 Mar 190451C05 12
ISRAELOVITCH JosephC839802 Apr 193143U113 24
ISRAELOVITCH MaryP0916128 Aug 191662J19
ISRAELS KopolD967922 Mar 195069Y133 30
ISRAELSKY YettaC412228 Apr 192666R116 46
ISRAELSON EstherD530402 May 194234V383 08
ISRAELSON MyerC321109 Apr 192547R103 33
ISRAELSTAM Morris MordecaiC794601 Nov 193069S32 14

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