All Deceased beginning with letters 'IS'

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All names beginning IS
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ISAAC GoldaE1607827 Mar 192846XS11 54
ISAACOVITCH AnnieE1607916 Jan 193045XT05 58
ISAACOVITCH AnnieE1608028 Jul 194959XY29 28
ISAACOVITCH EvelynE1608101 Dec 1910XO14 6
ISAACOVITCH JaneE1608209 Sep 195672XQ67 6
ISAACOVITCH LewisE1608303 Jun 197891XY29 27
ISAACOVITCH Lilian RebeccaE1608415 Nov 197596XU66 50
ISAACOVITCH MarksE1608528 Jun 193764XU53 6
ISAACOVITCH NathanE1608610 Jan 192048XN06 28
ISAACOVITCH NathanE1608719 Jun 193963XU66 51
ISAACOVITCH SamuelE1608817 Apr 192872XS06 43
ISAACOVITCH SolomonE1608926 Jan 195872XQ67 5
ISAACOWITCH DavisE1609002 Dec 19242XM19 19
ISAACOWITCH IttaE1609107 Sep 191756XJ15 21
ISAACS (Petricofski) IsaacE1609228 Dec 191460XI15 29
ISAACS A.K.E1609325 Apr 189812 mthXA08 420
ISAACS AbrahamE1609409 Oct 192063XN03 30
ISAACS AbrahamE1609512 Oct 193266XS25 2
ISAACS AbrahamE1609612 Dec 192568XR10 22
ISAACS AbrahamE1609716 Feb 193568XU36 23
ISAACS AbrahamE1609815 Jul 193868XU61 43
ISAACS AbrahamE1609925 Nov 192970XS17 10
ISAACS AbrahamsE1610022 May 190555XC05 49
ISAACS AmeliaE1610125 Mar 192942XS17 20
ISAACS AmeliaE1610221 Sep 196490XX13 21
ISAACS AnnieE1610322 Apr 192621XR16 48
ISAACS AnnieE1610416 Jan 192142XK10 50
ISAACS AnnieE1610513 Mar 190762XF08 33
ISAACS AnnieE1610615 Dec 193569XT40 33
ISAACS ArthurE1610707 Jan 193134XU11 7
ISAACS BE1610828 Jan 189815 mthXA08 391
ISAACS BarnettE1610923 May 191853XJ14 38
ISAACS BenjaminE1611003 Aug 2008100XI20 71
ISAACS BenjaminE1611115 Jun 191830XJ05 47
ISAACS BerthaE1611212 Dec 192879XS15 13
ISAACS BessieE1611306 Nov 195459XY12 38
ISAACS CissieE1611408 Oct 195284XQ32 27
ISAACS DavidE1611507 Jun 192045XN11 31
ISAACS DavidE1611606 May 193758XU52 3
ISAACS DavisE1611709 Jan 192869XP43 22
ISAACS DeborahE1611809 Apr 1912XI07 37
ISAACS DeborahE1611929 Dec 192527XR11 41
ISAACS DeborahE1612010 Nov 192062XK09 20
ISAACS DeborahE1612106 Feb 192973XQ11 13
ISAACS EstherE1612207 Nov 191825XM02 17
ISAACS EstherE1612306 Mar 193432XM26 1
ISAACS EstherE1612405 Dec 193349XT24 59
ISAACS EstherE1612501 Dec 193169XT13 52
ISAACS EstherE1612629 Sep 196574XQ20 32
ISAACS EvaE1612713 Feb 193273XT14 15
ISAACS EvelynE1612802 May 193511XT26 22
ISAACS FannyE1612915 Jan 1913XL06 9
ISAACS FannyE1613007 Oct 19062XE03 23
ISAACS FannyE1613122 Sep 194476XW24 7
ISAACS FannyE1613224 Dec 192678XR25 49
ISAACS GoldaE1613320 Nov 192456XP44 9
ISAACS GoldaE1613422 Jun 192678XE09 16
ISAACS HannahE1613512 Sep 189662XA07 341
ISAACS HannahE1613621 Dec 192975XN03 31
ISAACS HarrisE1613703 Apr 1913XL09 41
ISAACS HarrisE1613824 Aug 193167XU16 29
ISAACS HarrisE1613931 Mar 192277XI16 59
ISAACS HenryE1614003 Jan 192582XM24 17
ISAACS HymanE1614114 Jun 1910XG07 30
ISAACS HymanE1614201 Mar 195581XQ19 40
ISAACS IreneE1614310 Nov 193835XV58 11
ISAACS IsaacE1614412 Jul 192242XN17 1
ISAACS IsaacE1614529 Apr 194672XX13 22
ISAACS IsraelE1614625 Oct 189050XA02 68
ISAACS IsraelE1614718 Mar 192370XE09 17
ISAACS Jack JohnE1614810 Sep 196878XJ16 79
ISAACS JackE1614929 Mar 1912XL03 14
ISAACS JackE1615006 Dec 193025XS33 34
ISAACS JackE1615105 Dec 195567XW15 5
ISAACS JacobE1615223 Jun 18953 mthXA04 225
ISAACS JacobE1615311 Jan 191550XI15 38
ISAACS JaneE1615407 Dec 1912XL04 42
ISAACS JosephE1615510 May 195184XW02 35
ISAACS JuliusE1615610 Mar 194284XU01 11
ISAACS KateE1615723 Mar 191770XJ14 70
ISAACS KatieE1615805 Aug 192635XR19 14
ISAACS KittyE1615916 Jun 193772XV51 19
ISAACS LazarusE1616026 Jun 195363XQ20 33
ISAACS LazarusE1616101 Jan 193489XI05 60
ISAACS LeahE1616225 Dec 194071XU61 42
ISAACS LeahE1616301 Oct 192882XS14 12
ISAACS LeonardE1616416 Sep 193813XU62 36
ISAACS LewisE1616522 Jan 192141XN01 26
ISAACS LewisE1616630 Nov 190069XA10 492
ISAACS LewisE1616727 Feb 192370XI17 69
ISAACS LewisE1616829 Oct 195973XD10 31
ISAACS Lilian LeahE1616917 Jun 193012 mthXM45 5
ISAACS LilyE1617024 Sep 19284 mthXM36 12
ISAACS LilyE1617110 Aug 192129XK13 47
ISAACS LilyE1617212 May 195442XW10 7
ISAACS LilyE1617330 Jan 200797XI20 72
ISAACS LouisE1617422 Aug 191665XJ20 55
ISAACS MarksE1617525 May 191663XI05 27
ISAACS MarksE1617611 Nov 192173XI19 44
ISAACS MarksE1617707 Feb 195580XX12 26
ISAACS MatildaE1617826 Dec 193379XU06 11
ISAACS MichaelE1617903 Apr 19063 mthXF06 6
ISAACS MillyE1618002 Nov 192460XP43 23
ISAACS MillyE1618112 Mar 191965XM04 8
ISAACS MorrisE1618229 Feb 193668XU43 48
ISAACS MorrisE1618310 Jun 193178XR28 45
ISAACS MorrisE1618426 Dec 196694XT55 5
ISAACS MosesE1618510 Mar 190273XD05 3
ISAACS MyerE1618622 May 190220XD05 12
ISAACS MyerE1618730 May 193337XU04 10
ISAACS PhilipE1618822 Apr 193172XU13 14
ISAACS Phyllis FannyE1618922 Jun 19197XN19 2
ISAACS PollyE1619008 Oct 1911XI05 26
ISAACS PollyE1619118 Nov 191853XL10 53
ISAACS RachelE1619209 Mar 18923 mthXA03 119
ISAACS RachelE1619321 Mar 194554XU52 2
ISAACS RachelE1619414 Mar 192979XS17 40
ISAACS RachelE1619519 Oct 195685XT55 6
ISAACS RayE1619621 Aug 195870XP64 19
ISAACS RebeccaE1619716 Jul 1908XD05 4
ISAACS RebeccaE1619829 Aug 19033XC02 9
ISAACS RebeccaE1619925 Mar 192753XR31 44
ISAACS RebeccaE1620006 Aug 192866XL17 3
ISAACS RebeccaE1620126 Nov 193483XR13 2
ISAACS RebeccaE1620217 Oct 195184XW02 34
ISAACS RebeccaE1620324 Feb 195188XS17 11
ISAACS RebekahE1620420 Aug 191533XI06 60
ISAACS RosaE1620524 Jul 193071XI17 70
ISAACS RoseE1620605 Jul 195379XQ19 39
ISAACS RosyE1620707 Apr 196186XV07 42
ISAACS SE1620821 Jun 19035 mthXB05 268
ISAACS Samson SidneyE1620919 May 192124XK11 53
ISAACS SamuelE1621027 Jan 190658XF02 21
ISAACS SamuelE1621131 May 193558XU16 28
ISAACS SamuelE1621225 Feb 195675XZ40 18
ISAACS SamuelE1621313 Jun 195978XV37 15
ISAACS Sarah AnnieE1621413 Nov 193025XT08 3
ISAACS SarahE1621525 Feb 1908XE02 55
ISAACS SarahE1621614 Jan 190055XB06 296
ISAACS SarahE1621725 Feb 193857XV37 16
ISAACS SarahE1621812 Apr 196065XJ16 79A
ISAACS SarahE1621904 Feb 192773XR28 44
ISAACS SarahE1622006 May 194293XI19 41
ISAACS SchevachE1622129 Aug 195378XQ32 26
ISAACS SimonE1622211 Mar 194857XY12 37
ISAACS SimonE1622325 Jan 191560XL17 2
ISAACS SollyE1622401 Aug 190612 mthXF06 24
ISAACS SolomonE1622522 May 196487XV07 43
ISAACS SophieE1622629 Apr 195961XQ75 8
ISAACS SylviaE1622704 Jan 193213XT13 17
ISAACS TillyE1622830 Oct 195162XW15 6
ISAACS Ziporah (Sophie)E1622926 May 194673XX12 25
ISAACSON FannyE1623019 Jul 193244XS34 19
ISAACSON HymanE1623107 Sep 193373XU04 16
ISAACSON Isaac DavidE1623218 Dec 195269XS34 20
ISAACSON Isaac JackE1623321 Jul 192826XS06 28
ISAAKOWITCH RoseE1623422 Aug 192770XR37 40
ISABEN JosephE1623505 Oct 192746XS02 22
ISAK FloraE1623631 Oct 196080XZ42 29
ISAK SamuelE1623712 Oct 192855XS20 32
ISAKOFSKY BarnettE1623817 May 193873XT04 9
ISAKOFSKY RachelE1623915 Dec 192963XT05 9
ISBITSKY AbrahamE1624008 Jul 192670XR18 14
ISBITSKY BellaE1624110 Jan 197588XL06 1A
ISBITSKY BetsyE1624206 Aug 193660XR28 57
ISBITSKY Chaya YettaE1624307 Jun 194087XV60 11
ISBITSKY HarrisE1624428 Oct 19025 mthXD06 35
ISBITSKY HymanE1624531 Jan 193861XT01 9
ISBITSKY IsraelE1624612 Sep 193152XU17 9
ISBITSKY MarksE1624720 Nov 192255XP03 12
ISBITSKY MillieE1624808 Jan 195678XT01 10
ISBITSKY SamuelE1624908 Feb 192757XR28 56
ISBITZKI AbrahamE1625004 Sep 191736XJ12 65
ISBITZKY SarahE1625117 Apr 191555XL15 43
ISBITZKY SolomonE1625218 Aug 19183XM09 49
ISBITZSKY Milly FannyE1625317 Jul 193270XR23 16
ISENBERG AbrahamE1625416 Jan 195582XQ24 44
ISENBERG AnnieE1625526 Jan 197398XJ16 3
ISENBERG BarnettE1625601 Oct 194560XX19 33
ISENBERG BenjaminE1625704 Oct 192550XR08 46
ISENBERG ClaraE1625815 Apr 193731XV50 11
ISENBERG DeborahE1625929 Apr 193351XR08 47
ISENBERG EstherE1626030 May 196085XQ24 43
ISENBERG EvaE1626109 Jan 193455XT25 41
ISENBERG GittelE1626230 Jan 18941XA04 185
ISENBERG GoldaE1626325 Dec 194082XU08 52
ISENBERG HarrisE1626411 Jul 195279XW19 31
ISENBERG HildaE1626521 Dec 193276XT18 45
ISENBERG IsraelE1626602 Feb 194167XQ36 23
ISENBERG JackE1626712 Jan 195975XZ42 18
ISENBERG JaneE1626806 Jul 195567XX19 34
ISENBERG JessieE1626919 Jul 192490XP38 31
ISENBERG JosephE1627011 May 192658XR16 7
ISENBERG LazarusE1627109 Aug 197183XQ25 33
ISENBERG LewisE1627222 Dec 193372XU08 53
ISENBERG LouisE1627321 Feb 194345XV10 26
ISENBERG MarksE1627401 Apr 193955XU65 33
ISENBERG Maurice LesterE1627510 Jul 194543XW33 29
ISENBERG MillyE1627630 Oct 192238XP12 22
ISENBERG MorrisE1627708 Sep 193972XU68 49
ISENBERG PollyE1627810 Jun 195374XQ36 44
ISENBERG RayE1627906 Feb 1911XO16 15
ISENBERG RebeccaE1628006 Feb 195364XQ25 34
ISENBERG RebeccaE1628120 May 192970XS17 30
ISENBERG RebeccaE1628209 Dec 195687XU68 48
ISENBERG RoseE1628306 Mar 195751XW33 27
ISENBERG SamuelE1628401 Feb 191646XJ04 25
ISENBERG SamuelE1628521 Jul 196660XW33 28
ISENBERG SarahE1628624 Feb 194875XY12 23
ISENBERG SimonE1628710 Dec 192965XS12 32
ISENBERG SophiaE1628811 May 196380XZ42 4
ISENFELD JosephE1628923 Jun 193150XU15 24
ISENFISH IsraelE1629008 Sep 194775XX14 10
ISENFISH YettaE1629124 Mar 194669XX14 9
ISENSTARK IdaE1629225 Dec 200390XW06 31
ISENSTARK JacobE1629306 Sep 195158XW13 19
ISENSTARK MaryE1629412 May 197785XW13 18
ISENSTEIN AlecE1629502 Sep 195476XX05 39
ISENSTEIN FrancesE1629609 Sep 19338XQ02 41
ISENSTEIN IsraelE1629726 Aug 193762XU54 39
ISENSTEIN RebeccaE1629806 Mar 194476XQ20 21
ISENSTEIN RoseE1629918 Sep 195071XY37 11
ISENSTEIN SarahE1630014 Feb 194764XX05 38
ISENSTEIN SimonE1630127 Jun 195173XY37 10
ISENSTEIN SolomonE1630220 Nov 1914XL18 17
ISHBICKYE1630317 Apr 189816XA08 416
ISHBITZKY SimonE1630401 Jan 19035 mthXD07 39
ISIDORE AnnieE1630510 Dec 192872XS15 36
ISIDORE EvaE1630620 Feb 193573XT32 46
ISIDORE MorrisE1630701 May 193070XS30 8
ISKOVITCH PhilipE1630818 Mar 194271XV34 19
ISKY AnnieE1630924 Feb 197489XU55 13
ISKY SolomonE1631031 Aug 193769XU55 14
ISNER BetsyE1631124 Apr 194159XV73 2
ISNER IsaacE1631222 Oct 192349XP25 17
ISNER RebeccaE1631328 Nov 193873XV58 12
ISOWITSKY ClaraE1631414 Nov 194776XY08 18
ISOWITZKY EstherE1631524 Dec 19153 mthXO05 9
ISRAEL A.E1631610 Aug 18978 mthXB01 57
ISRAEL Aaron SolomonE1631727 May 194566XF08 40
ISRAEL Alfred LeopoldE1631811 Mar 195350XJ01 53
ISRAEL Annie PoppieE1631911 May 196456XJ01 54
ISRAEL AnnieE1632022 Mar 195265XY33 29
ISRAEL BerthaE1632122 Apr 194465XJ01 17
ISRAEL BerthaE1632217 Aug 196889XF08 39
ISRAEL BetsyE1632319 Sep 192871XN10 7
ISRAEL ChanaE1632422 Nov 191058XE06 44
ISRAEL CharlesE1632518 Apr 193225XQ01 20
ISRAEL ChashaE1632610 Jul 1907XH04 19
ISRAEL CyrilE1632717 Jul 19226XO08 41
ISRAEL Eva EstherE1632815 May 19069 mthXF06 12
ISRAEL EvaE1632929 Sep 195768XY16 9
ISRAEL FeigaE1633012 Jan 192050XE05 45
ISRAEL FloraE1633126 Feb 194162XV71 19
ISRAEL Frances BrinaE1633218 Sep 191672XJ21 67
ISRAEL HildaE1633303 Mar 200190XJ01 55
ISRAEL HirschE1633408 Aug 194980XJ03 1A
ISRAEL Hyman DavidE1633527 May 199584XJ01 55A
ISRAEL HymanE1633619 Dec 195777XW19 18
ISRAEL IsaacE1633701 Jul 194553XJ15 1A
ISRAEL IsaacE1633809 Jan 193564XU34 49
ISRAEL LeahE1633906 Feb 197185XW19 19
ISRAEL LouisE1634022 Jun 195274XV07 33
ISRAEL MarcusE1634122 Feb 193725XU51 25
ISRAEL MarkE1634219 May 19485XT50 8
ISRAEL MarksE1634313 Feb 192972XR13 6
ISRAEL MorrisE1634415 Aug 194061XJ01 16
ISRAEL NathanE1634516 Aug 192743XQ08 5
ISRAEL Rachel RebeccaE1634628 Feb 197480XJ15 1
ISRAEL RachelE1634720 May 192427XP35 26
ISRAEL RachelE1634810 Apr 194271XS26 2
ISRAEL RebeccaE1634924 Jan 1910XE06 38
ISRAEL RebeccaE1635011 Oct 193628XV43 28
ISRAEL RebeccaE1635130 Jan 192674XR13 5
ISRAEL RosaE1635216 Jun 197170XJ06 1A
ISRAEL S.E1635311 Sep 189612 mthXB01 13
ISRAEL Sarah RebeccaE1635421 May 190629XE02 40
ISRAEL SimonE1635518 Aug 193068XS26 1
ISRAEL SimonE1635625 Dec 195175XY16 8
ISRAELOFSKY AnnieE1635701 Feb 196278XU63 10
ISRAELOFSKY IsaacE1635818 Dec 193862XU63 9
ISRAELOFSKY MyerE1635907 May 1912XO21 14
ISRAELOFSKY NathanE1636026 Apr 192824XS06 47
ISRAELOVITCH IsaacE1636115 Mar 190451XC05 12
ISRAELOVITCH JosephE1636202 Apr 193143XU13 24
ISRAELOVITCH MaryE1636328 Aug 191663XJ19 60
ISRAELS KopolE1636422 Mar 195069XY33 30
ISRAELSKY YettaE1636528 Apr 192666XR16 46
ISRAELSON EstherE1636602 May 194234XV83 8
ISRAELSON MyerE1636709 Apr 192547XR03 33
ISRAELSTAM Morris MordecaiE1636801 Nov 193069XS32 14
ISRAELSTAN RachelE1636927 Jan 1910XE08 10
ISSACS LenaE1637015 Jan 1914XI10 23
ISSACS MarieE1637108 Mar 1914XO08 5
ISSACS MiriamE1637214 Mar 1914XI12 23
ISTRITZKY EstherE1637313 Apr 191711XO03 32

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