All Deceased beginning with letters 'IN'

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All names beginning IN
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
INDICK FannyC443002 Oct 192647R122 23
INDICK HymanE208710 Feb 195576R122 24
INERFIELD IsraelD684519 Jan 194563W22 15
INERFIELD SophieD945710 Nov 194967W22 16
INGRAM BarnetE772410 Nov 198790Z131 01
INGRAM MaryE736331 May 198078Z131 02
INOVLOTSKY RebeccaC195314 Oct 192330J07 02
INOVLOTZKY DeborahC115014 Oct 192262J07 01B
INSELBERG IsaacP0898604 Apr 191744J16
INSELBERG JuliusC016508 Jul 192145K12 17
INSELBERG NochaC812504 Jan 193179T103 34
INSELBERG TonieD147305 Jun 193655T243 26
INWALD Chana FreidelC259427 Jun 192460E09 05
INWALD HymanB614021 Jan 192056E09 05A

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