All Deceased beginning with letters 'IN'

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All names beginning IN
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
INDICK FannyE1606302 Oct 192647XR22 23
INDICK HymanE1606410 Feb 195576XR22 24
INERFIELD IsraelE1606519 Jan 194563XW22 15
INERFIELD SophieE1606610 Nov 194967XW22 16
INGRAM BarnetE1606710 Nov 198790XZ31 1
INGRAM MaryE1606831 May 198078XZ31 2
INOVLOTSKY RebeccaE1606914 Oct 192330XJ07 2
INOVLOTZKY DeborahE1607014 Oct 192262XJ07 1B
INSELBERG IsaacE1607104 Apr 191745XJ16 64
INSELBERG JuliusE1607208 Jul 192145XK12 17
INSELBERG NochaE1607304 Jan 193179XT03 34
INSELBERG TonieE1607405 Jun 193655XT43 26
INWALD Chana FreidelE1607527 Jun 192460XE09 5
INWALD HymanE1607621 Jan 192056XE09 5A

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