All Deceased beginning with letters 'HY'

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All names beginning HY
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
HYAMOVITCH AdaC035020 Oct 19219M113 12
HYAMOVITCH HyamC035321 Oct 192168K14 31
HYAMOVITCH RainaE445429 Aug 196087Y116 41
HYAMOVITCH RebeccaC109709 Sep 192275K14 32
HYAMOVITCH ReubenD904729 Jan 194986Y116 26
HYAMS AdaC718525 Nov 192953T106 17
HYAMS AnnieE740505 Mar 198190Q115 35
HYAMS DinahA102322 May 190142D02 49
HYAMS HannahC575318 Apr 192879S06 44
HYAMS HarryC601901 Sep 192845S07 28
HYAMS HenryC313812 Mar 192535R102 31
HYAMS HildaD836909 Oct 194757Y107 22
HYAMS HymanC334714 Jun 192556Q109 01
HYAMS IsaacC405202 Apr 192664R115 42
HYAMS IsaacP0893105 Sep 191161I6
HYAMS IsadoreE541722 Aug 196476Y107 21
HYAMS JackE260817 Apr 195657Q109 36
HYAMS JacobC042023 Nov 192164K15 48
HYAMS JessieE466027 Mar 196189Q109 02
HYAMS LilyP0893730 Oct 191819J4
HYAMS LouisE171618 Apr 195462Z131 32
HYAMS MiriamC852526 May 193170R115 43
HYAMS o/w ZERMAN SarahD372602 Nov 193959V131 03
HYAMS Priscila AdelaideC578904 May 192870S11 61
HYAMS RebeccaP0894024 Nov 191654J17
HYAMS SollyE795203 Dec 199591Q394 04
HYAMS SolomonD854809 Feb 194860Y107 37
HYAMS ZusmanC980124 Nov 193266U106 04
HYAMSON HymanD771928 Aug 194674X09 22
HYAMSON SarahE407325 Sep 195990X09 21
HYATT ArthurD135617 Apr 193640U244 32
HYATT MorrisC1107413 Apr 193469U133 32
HYATT RoseC240320 Mar 192426P114 18
HYATT RoseC623730 Nov 192819S15 45
HYMAN A. HarneA029201 Oct 189514A601 291
HYMAN AbrahamC753410 Apr 193066R108 25
HYMAN AlfredE064912 Feb 195259Z122 14
HYMAN BA156309 Oct 190314D07 70
HYMAN BarnettP0894531 Aug 191833M3
HYMAN Beatrice PaulineA182311 Oct 19043C02 32
HYMAN BellaC451211 Nov 192680I04 40
HYMAN DavidC023619 Aug 192134K12 07
HYMAN DeborahP0894921 Oct 191319L12
HYMAN DorisE393818 May 195948Q393 07
HYMAN EstherE248230 Jan 195675Y138 15
HYMAN EttieA151931 Jul 19035B701 362
HYMAN FannyA243106 Dec 19062F06 55
HYMAN GershonC1020204 Apr 193378R125 56
HYMAN GeselC357708 Oct 192557R108 26
HYMAN HarrisC1005811 Feb 193363U126 11
HYMAN Israel SamuelC707307 Oct 192964S27 22
HYMAN JacobA147320 May 190334D09 02
HYMAN JacobP0895709 Mar 191170I4
HYMAN JaneE419304 Jan 196077U121 52
HYMAN JosephA168619 Mar 190455C07 16
HYMAN KatieA080626 May 19005B801 363
HYMAN LeahC462625 Dec 192671R125 57
HYMAN LeahP0895803 Nov 191825N18
HYMAN LewisC713805 Nov 192976S27 63
HYMAN LilyB611009 Jan 192014O29 05
HYMAN MorrisC998223 Jan 193353U121 51
HYMAN MorrisD996202 Nov 195076Y138 16
HYMAN MosesP0896322 Nov 191859J14
HYMAN NaomiC1112905 May 193468T127 04
HYMAN RachelC873202 Sep 193171A502 273
HYMAN RayE310107 Jun 195778L21 29
HYMAN SarahC904131 Dec 193168T113 15
HYMAN SarahP0896725 Sep 191029E8
HYMAN SophieC543429 Dec 192730S13 20
HYMAN YettaE122825 Mar 195383Z120 21
HYMANOVITCH BenjaminB615905 Feb 19204M105 37
HYMANSON BernardC425804 Jul 192677R118 11
HYMANSON RachelE805008 May 200098T250 04
HYMOVITCH RebeccaC590406 Jul 192859S09 37
HYMOVITZ AliceC376717 Dec 192527R111 11

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