All Deceased beginning with letters 'HY'

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All names beginning HY
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
HYAMEON DavidE1597023 Feb 1913XL11 2
HYAMOON Solomon-HenryE1597125 Jun 1912XL03 31
HYAMOVITCH AdaE1597220 Oct 19219 mthXM13 12
HYAMOVITCH HyamE1597321 Oct 192168XK14 31
HYAMOVITCH RainaE1597429 Aug 196087XY16 41
HYAMOVITCH RebeccaE1597509 Sep 192275XK14 32
HYAMOVITCH ReubenE1597629 Jan 194986XY16 26
HYAMS AdaE1597725 Nov 192953XT06 17
HYAMS AnnieE1597805 Mar 198190XQ15 35
HYAMS DinahE1597922 May 190142XD02 49
HYAMS DorisE1598019 Nov 1909XH06 2
HYAMS HannahE1598118 Apr 192879XS06 44
HYAMS HarryE1598201 Sep 192845XS07 28
HYAMS HenryE1598312 Mar 192535XR02 31
HYAMS HildaE1598409 Oct 194757XY07 22
HYAMS HymanE1598514 Jun 192556XQ09 1
HYAMS IsaacE1598605 Sep 1911XI06 25
HYAMS IsaacE1598702 Apr 192664XR15 42
HYAMS IsadoreE1598822 Aug 196476XY07 21
HYAMS JackE1598917 Apr 195657XQ09 36
HYAMS JacobE1599023 Nov 192164XK15 48
HYAMS JessieE1599127 Mar 196189XQ09 2
HYAMS LeahE1599204 Nov 191825XN18 13
HYAMS LouisE1599318 Apr 195462XZ31 32
HYAMS MiriamE1599426 May 193170XR15 43
HYAMS o/w ZERMAN SarahE1599502 Nov 193959XV31 3
HYAMS Priscila AdelaideE1599604 May 192870XS11 61
HYAMS RebeccaE1599724 Nov 191654XJ17 41
HYAMS SollyE1599803 Dec 199591XQ94 4
HYAMS SolomonE1599930 Dec 1911XL04 5
HYAMS SolomonE1600009 Feb 194860XY07 37
HYAMS ZusmanE1600124 Nov 193266XU06 4
HYAMSON HymanE1600228 Aug 194674XX09 22
HYAMSON SarahE1600325 Sep 195990XX09 21
HYATT ArthurE1600417 Apr 193640XU44 32
HYATT MorrisE1600513 Apr 193469XU33 32
HYATT RoseE1600630 Nov 192819XS15 45
HYATT RoseE1600720 Mar 192426XP14 18
HYMAN A. HarneE1600801 Oct 189514 mthXA06 291
HYMAN AbrahamE1600910 Apr 193066XR08 25
HYMAN AlfredE1601012 Feb 195259XZ22 14
HYMAN BE1601109 Oct 190314 mthXD07 70
HYMAN Beatrice PaulineE1601211 Oct 19043XC02 32
HYMAN BellaE1601311 Nov 192680XI04 40
HYMAN DavidE1601419 Aug 192134XK12 7
HYMAN DeborahE1601521 Oct 1913XL12 47
HYMAN DorisE1601618 May 195948XQ93 7
HYMAN EstherE1601730 Jan 195675XY38 15
HYMAN FannyE1601806 Dec 19062XF06 55
HYMAN GershonE1601904 Apr 193378XR25 56
HYMAN GeselE1602008 Oct 192557XR08 26
HYMAN HarrisE1602111 Feb 193363XU26 11
HYMAN IsaacE1602221 Aug 19176 mthXM08 29
HYMAN Israel SamuelE1602307 Oct 192964XS27 22
HYMAN JacobE1602409 Mar 1911XI04 39
HYMAN JacobE1602520 May 190334XD09 2
HYMAN JaneE1602604 Jan 196077XU21 52
HYMAN JosephE1602719 Mar 190455XC07 16
HYMAN KatieE1602826 May 19005 mthXB08 363
HYMAN LeahE1602925 Dec 192671XR25 57
HYMAN LewisE1603005 Nov 192976XS27 63
HYMAN LilyE1603109 Jan 192014 mthXO29 5
HYMAN MontagueE1603206 Sep 1913XO27 8
HYMAN MorrisE1603323 Jan 193353XU21 51
HYMAN MorrisE1603402 Nov 195076XY38 16
HYMAN MosesE1603522 Nov 191859XJ14 5
HYMAN NaomiE1603605 May 193468XT27 4
HYMAN RachelE1603702 Sep 193171XA02 273
HYMAN RayE1603807 Jun 195778XL21 29
HYMAN SarahE1603931 Dec 193168XT13 15
HYMAN SophieE1604029 Dec 192730XS13 20
HYMAN YettaE1604125 Mar 195383XZ20 21
HYMANOVITCH BenjaminE1604205 Feb 19204XM05 37
HYMANSON BernardE1604304 Jul 192677XR18 11
HYMANSON RachelE1604408 May 200098XT50 4
HYMEN BarnettE1604501 Sep 191833XM03 8
HYMOVITCH RachelE1604620 Oct 1913XO11 1
HYMOVITCH RebeccaE1604706 Jul 192859XS09 37
HYMOVITZ AliceE1604817 Dec 192527XR11 11

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