All Deceased beginning with letters 'HU'

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All names beginning HU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
HUDAS KateE1594530 Apr 19012 mthXB10 491
HUDDERSMAN KatieE1594630 May 192933XS18 33
HUDES JacobE1594708 Mar 192441XP31 5
HUDIS AbrahamE1594812 Dec 194481XW32 26
HUDIS AnnieE1594914 Aug 1907XE04 18
HUDIS DoraE1595026 Sep 194577XR11 59
HUDIS TalinaE1595113 Mar 192664XR14 24
HUMINELSTEIN LilianE1595224 Sep 19302 mthXM41 1
HUNT MyerE1595308 Apr 192458XP33 8
HUNTER PhilipE1595427 Apr 192739XR31 26
HUNTMAN DavidE1595516 Dec 19252XM20 10
HUNTSMAN BetsyE1595607 Oct 192672XR22 25
HUNTTMAN GoldaE1595718 Aug 1914XL15 16
HUNTWERGER IsaacE1595818 Jun 192037XN04 15
HURVITCH MyerE1595917 Jan 192159XN02 8
HUSKIN YettaE1596027 Dec 191515 mthXO05 10
HUSS LouisE1596120 Apr 194365XV03 22
HUSS PollyE1596228 Nov 196889XV03 21
HUSS RebeccaE1596301 May 195576XV10 17
HUSSER LeahE1596403 Feb 196088XX11 44
HUSSER LewisE1596527 Jun 194671XX11 45
HUTCHINSON SarahE1596627 Sep 199476XW05 25
HUTMAN FannyE1596707 Nov 193174XS26 66
HUTMAN JosephE1596808 Jul 192963XS26 65
HUTT LouisE1596913 Apr 192643XR15 4

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