All Deceased beginning with letters 'HU'

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All names beginning HU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
HUDAS KateA100530 Apr 19015BD01 491
HUDDERSMAN KatieC683830 May 192933S18 33
HUDES JacobC237308 Mar 192441P131 05
HUDIS AbrahamD676812 Dec 194481W32 26
HUDIS AnnieP0891413 Aug 190714E4
HUDIS DoraD719926 Sep 194577R111 59
HUDIS TalinaC398913 Mar 192664R114 24
HUMINELSTEIN LilianC786624 Sep 19307M241 01
HUNT MyerC244608 Apr 192458P133 08
HUNTER PhilipC492627 Apr 192739R131 26
HUNTMAN DavidC376316 Dec 19252M120 10
HUNTMAN GoldaP0892118 Aug 191470L15
HUNTSMAN BetsyC443907 Oct 192672R122 25
HUNTWERGER IsaacB649218 Jun 192037N04 15
HURVITCH MyerB686517 Jan 192159N02 08
HUSS LouisD583520 Apr 194365V103 22
HUSS PollyE618428 Nov 196889V103 21
HUSS RebeccaE219101 May 195576V110 17
HUSSER LeahE422603 Feb 196088X11 44
HUSSER LewisD763227 Jun 194671X11 45
HUTCHINSON SarahE792127 Sep 199476W05 25
HUTMAN FannyC889107 Nov 193174S26 66
HUTMAN JosephC690608 Jul 192963S26 65
HUTT LouisC408913 Apr 192643R115 04

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