All Deceased beginning with letters 'HO'

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All names beginning HO
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
HOBEL NathanP0879811 Jun 190842G6
HOBERMAN EliasB612113 Jan 192085I15 54
HOBERMAN LottieD598007 Aug 194341X29 14
HOBERMAN VictorD598107 Aug 19437X29 15
HOBSBAUM JuliaE441922 Jul 196081W07 20
HOBSBAUM PhilipC672010 Apr 192953S24 44
HOCHANSKI ZusaA102828 May 190170D02 51
HOCHBERG AnnieE432603 May 196079P262 28
HOCHBERG HymanC751131 Mar 193020S29 49
HOCHENBAUM PollyC586814 Jun 192870S10 55
HOCHIN AA129503 Aug 190254D05 24
HOCHMAN HarrisP0880714 Dec 191533J3
HOCHMAN IsaacC176903 Jul 192367P123 19
HOCHMAN IsaacC564615 Mar 192870S05 33
HOCHMAN RachelC224103 Feb 192458Q123 07
HOCHMAN SamuelC597310 Aug 192837S07 09
HOCHMAN SigmondC212122 Dec 192358Q123 08
HOCKBERG SamuelC553529 Jan 192854S04 32
HOCKER BerthaE456320 Dec 196070Q3A7 14
HOCKER BetsyE029414 May 195186Q134 12
HOCKER MyerE349127 Apr 195867Q3A7 13
HOCKER NathanD436425 Oct 194076Q134 13
HOCKMAN AdolphC837423 Mar 193170Q123 01
HOCKMAN BernardD076024 Aug 193573U139 36
HOCKMAN LauraD336008 Feb 193974Q123 02
HOCKMAN SarahE077518 May 195266Z124 16
HOCKMAN ShirleyC899819 Dec 193117R250 04
HOCKMAN SollyE220831 May 195568Z126 29
HOCKSTEIN DavisC955324 Jul 193257U108 03
HODES AnnieC566122 Mar 192870S13 55
HODES GitelC922702 Mar 193274S26 03
HODES Israel LazarusC529001 Nov 192774S02 44
HODES KateC431705 Aug 192628R119 09
HODES MollieC750627 Mar 193043S03 46
HODES MyerC546304 Jan 192884S03 45
HODES RachelD841908 Nov 194768X12 21
HODIS Abraham NoahD758624 May 194670X12 22
HODIS FannyC1090002 Feb 193436T125 47
HOFF HymanE608114 Apr 196876Q255 09
HOFF LeahE535004 Apr 196469Q255 10
HOFFKIN SarahA220410 Mar 190665F03 25
HOFFMAN AbrahamD543511 Aug 194267V114 14
HOFFMAN AnnieE625918 Jul 196983Q119 11
HOFFMAN BenjaminD119216 Feb 193653U242 41
HOFFMAN ClaraE559728 Jul 196581V114 13
HOFFMAN DavisP0882927 Jul 191856J11
HOFFMAN FrankD782319 Nov 194671P248 04
HOFFMAN HannahD978309 Jun 195076V384 13
HOFFMAN HarrisE124101 Apr 195381Z106 12
HOFFMAN HymanD533427 May 194268V384 14
HOFFMAN IsraelE412610 Nov 195951Y103 27
HOFFMAN JacobC046007 Dec 192162G10 08
HOFFMAN JacobD890004 Nov 194877Y119 08
HOFFMAN LeahC697519 Aug 192941S08 13
HOFFMAN Lucy Dr.D566209 Jan 194336Q119 10
HOFFMAN o/w UFLAND FannyD549021 Sep 194273G10 08A
HOFFMAN RosaD309627 Aug 193860V134 08
HOFFMAN RoseD597406 Aug 194370X29 09
HOFFMAN RoseD928927 Jun 194971Y119 09
HOFFMAN Sarah RebeccaD291409 Apr 193861P105 14
HOFFMAN SophiaC396702 Mar 192652P248 03
HOFFMEISTER EstherA254921 Apr 19079H01 21
HOFFMSN HsrrisE083313 Jul 195260W10 14
HOFFSTEIN FannyD795521 Jan 194757X06 42
HOFMEISTER BetsyD400808 Apr 194066W13 02
HOFMEISTER EugenieE426328 Feb 196078W10 05
HOFMEISTER HermanE357720 Jul 195884W13 01
HOFTEL AnnieA123822 Apr 19023B901 430
HOGGEN RosieC173615 Jun 192320P119 32
HOLBERG AlexanderE091106 Oct 195275W17 19
HOLBERG DinahB584426 Aug 191941N12 26
HOLLAND IsaacC466210 Jan 192735R126 29
HOLLANDER AbrahamC134802 Jan 192343P104 07
HOLLANDER DavidD176010 Nov 193622Q104 74
HOLLANDER FannyD386425 Jan 194062V130 09
HOLLANDER JacobE280005 Oct 195679V129 36
HOLLANDER MaryE781310 Nov 199087Q109 42
HOLLANDER MendelE803121 Feb 199994Q109 43
HOLLANDER MorrisC386622 Jan 192675R112 39
HOLLENBERG IsraelE247426 Jan 195680Q383 13
HOLLENBERG PollyE467807 Apr 196181Q4C2 09
HOLTZ Sarah ClaraC894024 Nov 193192T113 61
HOLTZMAN o/w ALTMAN EstherC847402 May 193182T110 34
HONESTMAN HenryP0884124 Jun 191760J13
HONICKBERG DavisC1014410 Mar 193366U104 03
HONICKBERG PollyD965112 Mar 195078Y125 01
HONICKMAN Hyman ChaimC1017117 Mar 193365U127 16
HONIGMAN AbrahamD520304 Mar 194248V120 35
HONIGMAN HannahA156717 Oct 190311D07 71
HONIGMAN ZeldaE048722 Oct 195184W14 29
HONIGSBERG JosephC657627 Feb 192970S24 18
HONIGSBERG SarahD165825 Sep 193675V243 16
HONIGSTEIN HymanC794231 Oct 19305R243 05
HONNIK BarnettE188027 Sep 195475Z131 26
HOOBERMAN AbrahamA081714 Jun 19003B701 329
HOOBERMAN KraneeB693414 Feb 192168I15 55
HOOCHMAN SamuelC1063405 Nov 193347U129 21
HOOKER AbrahamE645307 Dec 197088Z136 35
HOOKER LeahE215927 Mar 195582Z136 36
HOOTMAN HenriettaC974431 Oct 19323Q102 28
HOOTMAN LouisE724310 Dec 197882Q106 44
HOOTMAN SarahE648407 Feb 197170Q106 45
HOPPEN LilyB667713 Oct 19205M105 45
HOPPIN AaronC057713 Jan 192248M115 27
HORACE FannyD790126 Dec 194661X08 11
HORACE WolfC103229 Jul 192245J06 01
HORAM BarnettC379626 Dec 192552R111 38
HORAM BeckyD656101 Aug 194470X27 34
HORAM LewisD283817 Feb 193828U259 12
HORCHIN SarahD447711 Dec 194068V127 35
HORINSKY BarnetD781015 Nov 194677V267 15
HORINSKY JackC499704 Jun 192717R134 48
HORINSKY RachelD442718 Nov 194068V267 14
HORN ClaraC306105 Feb 192560M123 03
HORN HarrisE207228 Jan 195573W20 33
HORN JaneE073511 Apr 195268W18 34
HORNE AbrahamP0885504 Jun 191048E6
HORNE AlbertP0885628 Sep 191729J12
HORNE AnnieC1121928 Jun 193467T128 28
HORNE BarnettD897412 Dec 194873Y121 25
HORNE EstherD430706 Oct 194058Q140 37
HORNE FredaC988430 Dec 193237T118 47
HORNE HarrisC994516 Jan 193360M123 02
HORNE HarrisD407722 May 194072V248 17
HORNE LewisD303506 Jul 193869T128 27
HORNE MinnieD198421 Jan 193765V247 17
HORNE SarahC903230 Dec 193160T113 30
HORNE Sophia EthelD397117 Mar 194076R101 05
HORNICK Barnett HymanP0886506 May 191948N9
HORNSTEIN ClaraE198805 Dec 195465Z124 09
HORNSTEIN DavidE080819 Jun 195268Z124 08
HORNSTEIN MarksC190721 Sep 192377P125 27
HORODES FannyP0886801 Dec 191074I3
HORODES NathanP0886927 Nov 191577I3
HORONICK MichaelB645729 May 192080N12 13
HORONZICH MiriamC222929 Jan 192466P121 10
HORONZICK Barnett IsaacD396612 Mar 194080P110 35
HOROVICK NathanB587118 Sep 19193M110 54
HOROVITCH Jacob o/w jackC998724 Jan 193318U122 51
HOROVITCH MorrisC447228 Oct 192658R122 37
HOROWICK IsadoreC631826 Dec 192823S21 46
HOROWITCH SarahC374209 Dec 192538R110 30
HOROWITZ AbrahamC200006 Nov 192355Q128 01
HOROWITZ BessieE320223 Sep 195744Q109 47
HOROWITZ CalmanC753009 Apr 193065S29 21
HOROWITZ DoraA178201 Aug 19048E01 34
HOROWITZ EliasC959118 Aug 193253Q108 12
HOROWITZ EstherD495831 Aug 194180V122 26
HOROWITZ EstherP0887901 Nov 191852N18
HOROWITZ EvaD964207 Mar 195070Z116 14
HOROWITZ GoldaC1090105 Feb 193458T126 34
HOROWITZ HymanP0888027 Apr 19176M6
HOROWITZ JackC594427 Jul 192822S06 32
HOROWITZ JacobA146604 May 190380D05 53
HOROWITZ KateD797127 Jan 194778V133 05
HOROWITZ LazarusD691902 Mar 194568X25 29
HOROWITZ LewisC755918 Apr 193060S19 05
HOROWITZ MaryD463215 Feb 194190V271 21
HOROWITZ MillieD569631 Jan 194377V384 17
HOROWITZ MillieE699102 Jan 197689Q111 39
HOROWITZ MorrisD063707 Jun 193560U138 40
HOROWITZ MosesC274520 Sep 192421P140 33
HOROWITZ MyerP0888501 Nov 191726J7
HOROWITZ NaphtaliP0888628 Nov 191868I10
HOROWITZ NathanC1068903 Dec 193345U125 48
HOROWITZ NathanielC1027402 May 19334Q102 35
HOROWITZ PearlE530728 Jan 196489Z126 05
HOROWITZ RachelA227912 Jun 190627F03 39
HOROWITZ RachelE740215 Feb 198185Q130 27
HOROWITZ SamuelE099504 Dec 195288V122 25
HOROWITZ SaulB644525 May 192065K21 05
HOROWITZ SimonE070318 Mar 195283V133 06
HOROWITZ YettaA087029 Aug 190050B801 382
HORSHY DavidA154710 Sep 19039D06 70
HORTON ErnestD680130 Dec 194454W32 42
HORTON JohnD186519 Dec 19368T247 11
HORTON SophiaE673428 Jun 197377W32 48
HORWITZ AidaD750531 Mar 194674Q128 01A
HORWITZ JacobP0889505 Nov 191462I12
HORWITZ LeahP0889728 Jun 191464L13
HORWITZ TobaP0890014 Feb 191568I19
HOSENOVITCH SolomonA019122 Oct 189318A201 102
HOSER LeahC151915 Mar 192313P114 34
HOSEROFF BetsyD439405 Nov 194074V267 23
HOSIAS BarnetD388403 Feb 194057V130 15
HOSIAS Leonard o/w LazarusD667209 Oct 194444X31 48
HOSIAS RoseD391419 Feb 194071V130 16
HOURMAN HiamD152125 Jun 193670U246 13
HOURMAN MillieP0890303 Aug 191722J13
HOUSE AlecC681214 May 192957S25 60
HOUSE EvaD883614 Sep 194864Y118 27
HOUSE MarkP0890412 Jan 191665J20
HOUSE NathanE487814 Jan 196277Y118 26
HOUSEMAN KateE534831 Mar 196481Q116 38
HOUSEMAN NathanE175115 May 195472Q116 39
HOUSENBOLD Simon DavisA250907 Mar 190764H03 21
HOUSMAN HarrisE046512 Oct 195177Q134 34
HOUSMAN RachelE619925 Jan 196993Q134 33
HOUTMAN SolomonA030906 Dec 189518A501 263
HOVSHA Aaron SaulE035903 Jul 195184Y131 07
HOVSHA GertrudeC451716 Nov 192678R123 25
HOVSHA MinnieD954403 Jan 195075Y131 08
HOWORITZ IsaacC985619 Dec 193255U122 45

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