All Deceased beginning with letters 'HO'

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All names beginning HO
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
HOBEL NathanE1572811 Jun 1908XG06 20
HOBERMAN EliasE1572913 Jan 192085XI15 54
HOBERMAN LottieE1573007 Aug 194341XX29 14
HOBERMAN VictorE1573107 Aug 19437XX29 15
HOBSBAUM JuliaE1573222 Jul 196081XW07 20
HOBSBAUM PhilipE1573310 Apr 192953XS24 44
HOCHANSKI ZusaE1573428 May 190170XD02 51
HOCHBERG AnnieE1573503 May 196079XP62 28
HOCHBERG HymanE1573631 Mar 193020XS29 49
HOCHBERG LewisE1573703 Dec 1914XL14 40
HOCHBERG MillyE1573802 Sep 1911XI05 18
HOCHENBAUM PollyE1573914 Jun 192870XS10 55
HOCHIN AE1574003 Aug 190254XD05 24
HOCHMAN HarrisE1574114 Dec 191533XJ03 19
HOCHMAN IsaacE1574203 Jul 192367XP23 19
HOCHMAN IsaacE1574315 Mar 192870XS05 33
HOCHMAN JosephE1574419 Nov 1910XO15 22
HOCHMAN RachelE1574503 Feb 192458XQ23 7
HOCHMAN SamuelE1574610 Aug 192837XS07 9
HOCHMAN SigmondE1574722 Dec 192358XQ23 8
HOCKBERG SamuelE1574829 Jan 192854XS04 32
HOCKER BerthaE1574920 Dec 196070XQ107 14
HOCKER BetsyE1575014 May 195186XQ34 12
HOCKER MyerE1575127 Apr 195867XQ107 13
HOCKER NathanE1575225 Oct 194076XQ34 13
HOCKER PearlE1575331 Oct 1914XO09 31
HOCKMAN AdolphE1575423 Mar 193170XQ23 1
HOCKMAN BernardE1575524 Aug 193573XU39 36
HOCKMAN LauraE1575608 Feb 193974XQ23 2
HOCKMAN SarahE1575718 May 195266XZ24 16
HOCKMAN ShirleyE1575819 Dec 193117 mthXR50 4
HOCKMAN SollyE1575931 May 195568XZ26 29
HOCKSTEIN DavisE1576024 Jul 193257XU08 3
HODES AnnieE1576122 Mar 192870XS13 55
HODES GitelE1576202 Mar 193274XS26 3
HODES Israel LazarusE1576301 Nov 192774XS02 44
HODES KateE1576405 Aug 192628XR19 9
HODES MollieE1576527 Mar 193043XS03 46
HODES MyerE1576604 Jan 192884XS03 45
HODES RachelE1576708 Nov 194768XX12 21
HODIS Abraham NoahE1576824 May 194670XX12 22
HODIS FannyE1576902 Feb 193436XT25 47
HOFF HymanE1577014 Apr 196876XQ55 9
HOFF LeahE1577104 Apr 196469XQ55 10
HOFFKIN SarahE1577210 Mar 190665XF03 25
HOFFMAN AbrahamE1577311 Aug 194267XV14 14
HOFFMAN AnnieE1577418 Jul 196983XQ19 11
HOFFMAN BenjaminE1577516 Feb 193653XU42 41
HOFFMAN ClaraE1577628 Jul 196581XV14 13
HOFFMAN DavisE1577727 Jul 191856XJ11 52
HOFFMAN FrankE1577819 Nov 194671XP48 4
HOFFMAN HannahE1577909 Jun 195076XV84 13
HOFFMAN HarrisE1578001 Apr 195381XZ06 12
HOFFMAN HymanE1578127 May 194268XV84 14
HOFFMAN IsraelE1578210 Nov 195951XY03 27
HOFFMAN JacobE1578307 Dec 192162XG10 8
HOFFMAN JacobE1578404 Nov 194877XY19 8
HOFFMAN LeahE1578519 Aug 192941XS08 13
HOFFMAN Lucy Dr.E1578609 Jan 194336XQ19 10
HOFFMAN o/w UFLAND FannyE1578721 Sep 194273XG10 8A
HOFFMAN RosaE1578827 Aug 193860XV34 8
HOFFMAN RoseE1578906 Aug 194370XX29 9
HOFFMAN RoseE1579027 Jun 194971XY19 9
HOFFMAN Sarah RebeccaE1579109 Apr 193861XP05 14
HOFFMAN SophiaE1579202 Mar 192652XP48 3
HOFFMEISTER EstherE1579321 Apr 19079 mthXH01 21
HOFFMSN HsrrisE1579413 Jul 195260XW10 14
HOFFSTEIN FannyE1579521 Jan 194757XX06 42
HOFMEISTER BetsyE1579608 Apr 194066XW13 2
HOFMEISTER EugenieE1579728 Feb 196078XW10 5
HOFMEISTER HermanE1579820 Jul 195884XW13 1
HOFTEL AnnieE1579922 Apr 19023XB09 430
HOGGEN RosieE1580015 Jun 192320XP19 32
HOLBERG AlexanderE1580106 Oct 195275XW17 19
HOLBERG DinahE1580226 Aug 191941XN12 26
HOLLAND IsaacE1580310 Jan 192735XR26 29
HOLLANDER AbrahamE1580402 Jan 192343XP04 7
HOLLANDER DavidE1580510 Nov 193622 mthXQ04 74
HOLLANDER FannyE1580625 Jan 194062XV30 9
HOLLANDER JacobE1580705 Oct 195679XV29 36
HOLLANDER MaryE1580810 Nov 199087XQ09 42
HOLLANDER MendelE1580921 Feb 199994XQ09 43
HOLLANDER MorrisE1581022 Jan 192675XR12 39
HOLLENBERG IsraelE1581126 Jan 195680XQ83 13
HOLLENBERG PollyE1581207 Apr 196181XQ122 9
HOLTZ Sarah ClaraE1581324 Nov 193192XT13 61
HOLTZMAN o/w ALTMAN EstherE1581402 May 193182XT10 34
HOMEL SolomonE1581507 Sep 1910XI04 3
HOMMAND MillyE1581603 Aug 191722XJ13 69
HONESTMAN HenryE1581724 Jun 191760XJ13 45
HONICKBERG DavisE1581810 Mar 193366XU04 3
HONICKBERG PollyE1581912 Mar 195078XY25 1
HONICKMAN Hyman ChaimE1582017 Mar 193365XU27 16
HONIGMAN AbrahamE1582104 Mar 194248XV20 35
HONIGMAN HannahE1582217 Oct 190311 mthXD07 71
HONIGMAN ZeldaE1582322 Oct 195184XW14 29
HONIGSBERG JosephE1582427 Feb 192970XS24 18
HONIGSBERG SarahE1582525 Sep 193675XV43 16
HONIGSTEIN HymanE1582631 Oct 19305XR43 5
HONNIK BarnettE1582727 Sep 195475XZ31 26
HOOBERMAN AbrahamE1582814 Jun 19003 mthXB07 329
HOOBERMAN KraneeE1582914 Feb 192168XI15 55
HOOCHMAN SamuelE1583005 Nov 193347XU29 21
HOOKER AbrahamE1583107 Dec 197088XZ36 35
HOOKER LeahE1583227 Mar 195582XZ36 36
HOOTMAN HenriettaE1583331 Oct 19323XQ02 28
HOOTMAN LouisE1583410 Dec 197882XQ06 44
HOOTMAN SarahE1583507 Feb 197170XQ06 45
HOPPEN LilyE1583613 Oct 19205XM05 45
HOPPIN AaronE1583713 Jan 192248XM15 27
HORACE FannyE1583826 Dec 194661XX08 11
HORACE WolfE1583929 Jul 192245XJ06 1
HORAM BarnettE1584026 Dec 192552XR11 38
HORAM BeckyE1584101 Aug 194470XX27 34
HORAM LewisE1584217 Feb 193828XU59 12
HORCHIN SarahE1584311 Dec 194068XV27 35
HORINSKY BarnetE1584415 Nov 194677XV67 15
HORINSKY JackE1584504 Jun 192717XR34 48
HORINSKY RachelE1584618 Nov 194068XV67 14
HORMOFF DoraE1584717 Nov 191613XO03 23
HORN ClaraE1584805 Feb 192560XM23 3
HORN HarrisE1584928 Jan 195573XW20 33
HORN JaneE1585011 Apr 195268XW18 34
HORNE AbrahamE1585104 Jun 1910XE06 24
HORNE AnnieE1585228 Jun 193467XT28 28
HORNE BarnettE1585312 Dec 194873XY21 25
HORNE EstherE1585406 Oct 194058XQ40 37
HORNE FannyE1585516 Sep 1908XG01 17
HORNE FredaE1585630 Dec 193237XT18 47
HORNE HarrisE1585716 Jan 193360XM23 2
HORNE HarrisE1585822 May 194072XV48 17
HORNE LewisE1585906 Jul 193869XT28 27
HORNE MinnieE1586021 Jan 193765XV47 17
HORNE SarahE1586130 Dec 193160XT13 30
HORNE Sophia EthelE1586217 Mar 194076XR01 5
HORNSTEIN ClaraE1586305 Dec 195465XZ24 9
HORNSTEIN DavidE1586419 Jun 195268XZ24 8
HORNSTEIN MarksE1586521 Sep 192377XP25 27
HORODES FannyE1586630 Nov 1910XI03 58
HORODUS Hyman NathanE1586727 Nov 191577XI03 59
HORONICK AnnieE1586803 Jul 191975XN12 14
HORONICK MichaelE1586929 May 192080XN12 13
HORONZICH MiriamE1587029 Jan 192466XP21 10
HORONZICK Barnett IsaacE1587112 Mar 194080XP10 35
HOROVICK NathanE1587218 Sep 19193XM10 54
HOROVITCH Jacob o/w jackE1587324 Jan 193318XU22 51
HOROVITCH MorrisE1587428 Oct 192658XR22 37
HOROWICK IsadoreE1587526 Dec 192823XS21 46
HOROWITCH SarahE1587609 Dec 192538XR10 30
HOROWITZ Abraham ChaimE1587722 Dec 191560XI13 62
HOROWITZ AbrahamE1587823 Nov 1912XO24 1
HOROWITZ AbrahamE1587906 Nov 192355XQ28 1
HOROWITZ BessieE1588023 Sep 195744XQ09 47
HOROWITZ CalmanE1588109 Apr 193065XS29 21
HOROWITZ DoraE1588201 Aug 19048 mthXE01 34
HOROWITZ EliasE1588322 May 1910XE06 29
HOROWITZ EliasE1588418 Aug 193253XQ08 12
HOROWITZ EstherE1588526 Nov 1907XE02 51
HOROWITZ EstherE1588631 Aug 194180XV22 26
HOROWITZ EvaE1588707 Mar 195070XZ16 14
HOROWITZ GoldaE1588805 Feb 193458XT26 34
HOROWITZ IsaacE1588917 Dec 1907XE03 50
HOROWITZ IsidoreE1589006 Jul 201766XI21 36
HOROWITZ JackE1589127 Jul 192822XS06 32
HOROWITZ JacobE1589204 May 190380XD05 53
HOROWITZ KateE1589327 Jan 194778XV33 5
HOROWITZ LazarusE1589402 Mar 194568XX25 29
HOROWITZ LeahE1589529 Jun 1914XL13 19
HOROWITZ LebeE1589604 Feb 191680XJ05 24
HOROWITZ LewisE1589715 Aug 1907XH05 17
HOROWITZ LewisE1589818 Apr 193060XS19 5
HOROWITZ MaryE1589915 Feb 194190XV71 21
HOROWITZ MillieE1590031 Jan 194377XV84 17
HOROWITZ MillieE1590102 Jan 197689XQ11 39
HOROWITZ MorrisE1590207 Jun 193560XU38 40
HOROWITZ MosesE1590320 Sep 192421XP40 33
HOROWITZ NathanE1590403 Dec 193345XU25 48
HOROWITZ NathanielE1590502 May 19334XQ02 35
HOROWITZ PearlE1590628 Jan 196489XZ26 5
HOROWITZ RachelE1590712 Jun 190627XF03 39
HOROWITZ RachelE1590815 Feb 198185XQ30 27
HOROWITZ RoseE1590917 Jul 191942XM04 11
HOROWITZ SamuelE1591004 Dec 195288XV22 25
HOROWITZ SaulE1591125 May 192065XK21 5
HOROWITZ SimonE1591218 Mar 195283XV33 6
HOROWITZ YentaE1591313 Mar 191753XJ17 67
HOROWITZ YettaE1591429 Aug 190050XB08 382
HORSHY DavidE1591510 Sep 19039 mthXD06 70
HORTON ErnestE1591630 Dec 194454XW32 42
HORTON JohnE1591719 Dec 19368XT47 11
HORTON SophiaE1591828 Jun 197377XW32 48
HORWICK BarnettE1591909 May 191949XN09 13
HORWITZ AidaE1592031 Mar 194674XQ28 1A
HORWITZ IsaacE1592102 Aug 1908XG01 13
HORWITZ MiriamE1592222 May 1914XO09 22
HORWITZ YaubeE1592305 Sep 1914XD05 52
HOSENOVITCH SolomonE1592422 Oct 189318XA02 102
HOSER LeahE1592515 Mar 192313XP14 34
HOSEROFF BetsyE1592605 Nov 194074XV67 23
HOSIAS BarnetE1592703 Feb 194057XV30 15
HOSIAS Leonard o/w LazarusE1592809 Oct 194444XX31 48
HOSIAS RoseE1592919 Feb 194071XV30 16
HOSSEL SimonE1593020 Mar 1913XO24 16
HOURMAN HiamE1593125 Jun 193670XU46 13
HOUSE AlecE1593214 May 192957XS25 60
HOUSE EvaE1593314 Sep 194864XY18 27
HOUSE NathanE1593414 Jan 196277XY18 26
HOUSEMAN KateE1593531 Mar 196481XQ16 38
HOUSEMAN NathanE1593615 May 195472XQ16 39
HOUSENBOLD Simon DavisE1593707 Mar 190764XH03 21
HOUSMAN HarrisE1593812 Oct 195177XQ34 34
HOUSMAN RachelE1593925 Jan 196993XQ34 33
HOUTMAN SolomonE1594006 Dec 189518XA05 263
HOVSHA Aaron SaulE1594103 Jul 195184XY31 7
HOVSHA GertrudeE1594216 Nov 192678XR23 25
HOVSHA MinnieE1594303 Jan 195075XY31 8
HOWORITZ IsaacE1594419 Dec 193255XU22 45

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