All Deceased beginning with letters 'HI'

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All names beginning HI
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
HIAM RA058017 Sep 18988B301 118
HICKMAN BenjaminP0873730 Jul 191748J14
HICKMAN DanielD170719 Oct 193632U246 45
HICKMAN LewisC134731 Dec 19227E03 01A
HICKOFF MorrisD323903 Dec 193821U263 15
HIDENRECTIC SamuelD348630 Apr 193957U265 19
HIFNER AdelaideC184007 Aug 192375P101 29
HIFNER MauriceC168419 May 192375P118 12
HIGHBLOOM ElizabethC391809 Feb 192625R113 49
HIGHBLOOM EvaP0874026 Jul 191550L20
HILDEBRAND MorrisC457608 Dec 192673R124 33
HILF MauriceE256910 Mar 195674P260 05
HILF MinnieE371112 Dec 195875P260 06
HILLER AbrahamC304329 Jan 192572P119 01
HILLER SarahE659613 Jan 197294P266 12
HILLER Simon SamuelE378626 Jan 195986P266 11
HILLER YettaP0874702 Jul 1913L12
HILLMAN Davis O/W DanielE288704 Dec 195675X13 18
HILLMAN EstherD757616 May 194666X13 17
HILLMAN FannyD489215 Jul 194164T118 02
HILLMAN IsraelP0874905 Nov 191840N15
HILLMAN LazarusB606716 Dec 191948N07 39
HILLMAN Maurice AbrahamC666925 Mar 192926S24 51
HILLMAN MinnieA188225 Dec 19047C06 49
HIMMELFALB BerthaP0875505 Jul 191326L6
HIMMELFARB BarnettB678513 Dec 192040N02 33
HIMMELFARB BloomahP0875606 Nov 191656J19
HIMMELFARB EstherA142009 Feb 190356D08 32
HIMMELFARB HarrisC1000928 Jan 193371U105 05
HIMMELFARB SolomonC162519 Apr 192352P116 28
HIMMELMAN AaronE055111 Dec 195177W16 36
HIMMELSPRING IsraelD347622 Apr 193962U265 29
HIMMELSPRING SarahC899216 Dec 193186T113 47
HIMMERFARB RebeccaD531007 May 194268V118 36
HINDEN EstherD277114 Jan 193871V256 16
HINDER HarrisC601530 Aug 192847S07 47
HINDIN IsaacC1060324 Oct 193378Q138 13
HINDIN MorrisD286503 Mar 193847U259 21
HINDIN RachelE735015 Mar 198083U259 20
HINDIN TillyP0876027 Nov 191460L13
HIRSCH AbrahamA228014 Jun 190627F04 20
HIRSCH AbrahamB637220 Apr 192029I13 40
HIRSCH AbrahamB680620 Dec 192078I15 41
HIRSCH AnnieE093828 Oct 195272P255 25
HIRSCH AnnieE162608 Feb 195466U383 49
HIRSCH BernardC483410 Mar 192751R130 51
HIRSCH Harry HarrisD897718 Dec 194891L02 01A
HIRSCH HymanD200728 Jan 193761U250 40
HIRSCH JuliaD917426 Mar 194981Q126 18
HIRSCH Julius ReubenP0876509 Jul 191865J11
HIRSCH Maurice MaxC685809 Jun 192952S25 27
HIRSCH NathanC091922 May 192265K18 26
HIRSCH O/W HIRSCHOWI RayE296514 Feb 195766W08 17
HIRSCH RebeccaE635721 Mar 197066W06 23
HIRSCH StanleyC607924 Sep 19287M136 13
HIRSCH YentaE650714 Apr 197187Z243 16
HIRSCHAUT MorrisD955512 Jan 195077Q126 19
HIRSCHBAUM LeahE160019 Jan 195465Z125 26
HIRSCHBERG ElizabethC701910 Sep 192985S08 58
HIRSCHBERG MillyC484116 Mar 192764R130 34
HIRSCHCOVITCH JennieC1064814 Nov 193334T124 16
HIRSCHFIELD BarnettD435119 Oct 194076Q241 27
HIRSCHFIELD JoelP0877123 Feb 191061E5
HIRSCHFIELD MaryC702112 Sep 192964S08 59
HIRSCHFIELD MaryD604005 Oct 194367Q241 28
HIRSCHHORN David LeonP0877621 Dec 191433I15
HIRSCHHORN LeonardC183403 Aug 192310H06 01
HIRSCHKOVITZ RachelE014307 Feb 195187V128 07
HIRSCHKOWITZ IsraelD107101 Jan 193675U246 26
HIRSCHMAN SarahE484510 Dec 196185Q121 30
HIRSCHMAN SophiaC926920 Mar 193264T115 60
HIRSCHORN JosephP0878110 Apr 190963E4
HIRSCHORN LenaC731719 Jan 193078T105 34
HIRSCHORN LewisD330919 Jan 193968U263 29
HIRSCHORN MorrisP0878422 Jan 191710O3
HIRSCHORN MushaC474706 Feb 192752R128 38
HIRSCOWITCH HannahC154021 Mar 192370K17 09
HIRSH Abraham RaphaelE403006 Aug 195977Z243 15
HIRSH ChaimC225504 Feb 192411Q102 16
HIRSH Hannah (Annie)D409501 Jun 194045V128 25
HIRSH HarryE771511 Jul 198787W06 24
HIRSH HymanE559116 Jul 196573W06 21
HIRSH SarahC989805 Jan 193368T119 48
HIRSHBERG LeonC034504 Aug 19255M120 37
HIRSHFIELD JacobP0879024 Feb 191560I18
HIRSHKOVITCH AnneD541327 Jul 194262V115 27
HIRSHKOVITCH MorrisC1122029 Jun 193470U133 34
HIRSHKOVITCH WoolfC094806 Jun 192214N13 06
HIRSHMAN AnnieC1107815 Apr 193427T127 31
HIRSHMAN ChaimE127423 Apr 195379Q121 29
HIRSHOWITZ JosephE071427 Mar 195266W18 13
HIRZOVITCH LewisB691206 Feb 192149J11 23
HITCHCOVITZ RachelD317020 Oct 193870V134 20
HITMAN AnitaC410622 Apr 19267M131 03
HITMAN SolomonC735907 Feb 193062S28 48
HITNER PearlC846630 Apr 193163T103 10

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