All Deceased beginning with letters 'HI'

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All names beginning HI
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
HIAM RE1563117 Sep 18988 mthXB03 118
HICKMAN BenjaminE1563230 Jul 191728XJ14 17
HICKMAN DanielE1563319 Oct 193632XU46 45
HICKMAN LewisE1563431 Dec 19227XE03 1A
HICKOFF MorrisE1563503 Dec 193821XU63 15
HIDENRECTIC SamuelE1563630 Apr 193957XU65 19
HIFNER AdelaideE1563707 Aug 192375XP01 29
HIFNER MauriceE1563819 May 192375XP18 12
HIGHBLOOM ElizabethE1563909 Feb 192625XR13 49
HILDEBRAND MorrisE1564008 Dec 192673XR24 33
HILF MauriceE1564110 Mar 195674XP60 5
HILF MinnieE1564212 Dec 195875XP60 6
HILLER AbrahamE1564329 Jan 192572XP19 1
HILLER SarahE1564413 Jan 197294XP66 12
HILLER Simon SamuelE1564526 Jan 195986XP66 11
HILLER YettaE1564602 Jul 1913XL12 14
HILLINSON BaskiE1564709 May 1912XL02 14
HILLMAN Davis O/W DanielE1564804 Dec 195675XX13 18
HILLMAN EstherE1564916 May 194666XX13 17
HILLMAN FannyE1565015 Jul 194164XT18 2
HILLMAN IsraelE1565105 Nov 191840XN15 6
HILLMAN LazarusE1565216 Dec 191948XN07 39
HILLMAN Maurice AbrahamE1565325 Mar 192926XS24 51
HILLMAN MinnieE1565425 Dec 19047 mthXC06 49
HILMAN LouisE1565524 Nov 1913XI09 19
HIMMELFALT BerthaE1565605 Jul 1913XL06 39
HIMMELFARB BarnettE1565713 Dec 192040XN02 33
HIMMELFARB BloomahE1565805 Nov 191656XJ19 70
HIMMELFARB EstherE1565909 Feb 190356XD08 32
HIMMELFARB HarrisE1566028 Jan 193371XU05 5
HIMMELFARB SolomonE1566119 Apr 192352XP16 28
HIMMELMAN AaronE1566211 Dec 195177XW16 36
HIMMELSPRING IsraelE1566322 Apr 193962XU65 29
HIMMELSPRING SarahE1566416 Dec 193186XT13 47
HIMMERFARB RebeccaE1566507 May 194268XV18 36
HINDEN EstherE1566614 Jan 193871XV56 16
HINDER HarrisE1566730 Aug 192847XS07 47
HINDIN IsaacE1566824 Oct 193378XQ38 13
HINDIN MorrisE1566903 Mar 193847XU59 21
HINDIN RachelE1567015 Mar 198083XU59 20
HINDON EstherE1567104 Aug 1911XO19 5
HINDON JillyE1567226 Nov 1914XL13 46
HIPSHER (Bernstein) LeahE1567301 Nov 191660XJ19 8
HIRSCH AbrahamE1567414 Jun 190627XF04 20
HIRSCH AbrahamE1567520 Apr 192029XI13 40
HIRSCH AbrahamE1567620 Dec 192078XI15 41
HIRSCH AnnieE1567708 Feb 195466XU83 49
HIRSCH AnnieE1567828 Oct 195272XP55 25
HIRSCH BernardE1567910 Mar 192751XR30 51
HIRSCH Harry HarrisE1568018 Dec 194891XL02 1A
HIRSCH HymanE1568128 Jan 193761XU50 40
HIRSCH JuliaE1568226 Mar 194981XQ26 18
HIRSCH Maurice MaxE1568309 Jun 192952XS25 27
HIRSCH NathanE1568422 May 192265XK18 26
HIRSCH O/W HIRSCHOWI RayE1568514 Feb 195766XW08 17
HIRSCH RebeccaE1568621 Mar 197066XW06 23
HIRSCH RosettaE1568726 Mar 1914XI12 29
HIRSCH StanleyE1568824 Sep 19287 mthXM36 13
HIRSCH YentaE1568914 Apr 197187XZ43 16
HIRSCHAUT MorrisE1569012 Jan 195077XQ26 19
HIRSCHBAUM LeahE1569119 Jan 195465XZ25 26
HIRSCHBERG ElizabethE1569210 Sep 192985XS08 58
HIRSCHBERG MillyE1569316 Mar 192764XR30 34
HIRSCHCOVITCH JennieE1569414 Nov 193334XT24 16
HIRSCHFIELD BarnettE1569519 Oct 194076XQ41 27
HIRSCHFIELD JoelE1569623 Feb 1910XE05 31
HIRSCHFIELD MaryE1569712 Sep 192964XS08 59
HIRSCHFIELD MaryE1569805 Oct 194367XQ41 28
HIRSCHHORN DavidE1569921 Dec 191433XI15 30
HIRSCHHORN LeonardE1570003 Aug 192310 mthXH06 1
HIRSCHKOVITZ RachelE1570107 Feb 195187XV28 7
HIRSCHKOWITZ IsraelE1570201 Jan 193675XU46 26
HIRSCHMAN SarahE1570310 Dec 196185XQ21 30
HIRSCHMAN SophiaE1570420 Mar 193264XT15 60
HIRSCHORN LenaE1570519 Jan 193078XT05 34
HIRSCHORN LewisE1570619 Jan 193968XU63 29
HIRSCHORN MushaE1570706 Feb 192752XR28 38
HIRSCOWITCH HannahE1570821 Mar 192370XK17 9
HIRSH Abraham RaphaelE1570906 Aug 195977XZ43 15
HIRSH ChaimE1571004 Feb 192411XQ02 16
HIRSH Hannah (Annie)E1571101 Jun 194045XV28 25
HIRSH HarryE1571211 Jul 198787XW06 24
HIRSH HymanE1571316 Jul 196573XW06 21
HIRSH SarahE1571405 Jan 193368XT19 48
HIRSHBERG LeonE1571504 Aug 19255 mthXM20 37
HIRSHKOVITCH AnneE1571627 Jul 194262XV15 27
HIRSHKOVITCH MorrisE1571729 Jun 193470XU33 34
HIRSHKOVITCH WoolfE1571806 Jun 192214XN13 6
HIRSHMAN AnnieE1571915 Apr 193427XT27 31
HIRSHMAN ChaimE1572023 Apr 195379XQ21 29
HIRSHOWITZ JosephE1572127 Mar 195266XW18 13
HIRZOVITCH LewisE1572206 Feb 192149XJ11 23
HITCHCOVITZ RachelE1572320 Oct 193870XV34 20
HITMAN AnitaE1572422 Apr 19262 mthXM31 3
HITMAN SolomonE1572507 Feb 193062XS28 48
HITNER PearlE1572630 Apr 193163XT03 10
HITTERMAN MichaelE1572704 Dec 1910XI02 54

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