All Deceased beginning with letters 'GN'

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All names beginning GN
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
GNESSEN SarahE1183207 Jan 192268XK19 39
GNESSEN SimonE1183328 Dec 195477XQ67 7
GNESSIN AbrahamE1183403 Feb 193384XU12 1
GNESSIN HymanE1183520 Jun 192654XR18 54
GNESSIN NoahE1183614 Jul 194749XY05 5
GNESSIN SarahE1183716 Jan 194680XS11 73
GNESSON MillieE1183814 Dec 19066 mthXH01 1
GNEVISH HymanE1183907 Mar 192348XK16 2
GNEVISH JacobE1184023 May 192023XN04 4
GNIVISCH DeborahE1184130 Jul 192359XK17 11
GNIVISH SamuelE1184212 Dec 193671XK16 1A
GNIWISCH Israel JohnE1184301 Sep 193635XT45 26
GNIWISCH MindelE1184403 Apr 196788XK16 1
GNNEKTIN SarahE1184526 Aug 1914XL15 19

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