All Deceased beginning with letters 'GN'

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All names beginning GN
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
GNESSEN SarahC055507 Jan 192268K19 39
GNESSEN SimonE202028 Dec 195477Q267 07
GNESSIN AbrahamC1003403 Feb 193384U112 01
GNESSIN HymanC422320 Jun 192654R118 54
GNESSIN NoahD824214 Jul 194749Y105 05
GNESSIN SarahD739416 Jan 194680S11 73
GNESSON MillieA243814 Dec 19066H01 01
GNEVISH HymanC149107 Mar 192348K16 02
GNEVISH JacobB644423 May 192023N04 04
GNIVISCH DeborahC182630 Jul 192359K17 11
GNIVISH SamuelD183612 Dec 193671K16 01A
GNIWISCH Israel JohnD161901 Sep 193635T245 26
GNIWISCH MindelE592503 Apr 196788K16 01

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