All Deceased beginning with letters 'GI'

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All names beginning GI
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
GIBBONS John MendelE1132304 Nov 194465XW23 15
GIBIANSKY EliasE1132415 Oct 193151XS24 72
GIEN RebeccaE1132519 Nov 192787XS11 11
GIEN SolomonE1132602 Jul 194474XT14 25
GILBER MyerE1132711 Feb 190646XF02 24
GILBERT AaronE1132827 May 19233XJ21 1E
GILBERT AdaE1132920 Jul 191823XJ12 17
GILBERT AlfredE1133030 Nov 195968XP69 5
GILBERT AlmaE1133101 Sep 19334XQ03 37
GILBERT AnnieE1133217 Oct 192537XR08 10
GILBERT BerthaE1133305 Jul 19239XE02 62
GILBERT DavisE1133417 Aug 193550XU39 13
GILBERT DoraE1133529 Mar 193674XT02 37
GILBERT EstherE1133614 May 192641XR16 10
GILBERT EstherE1133708 Apr 193055XT04 32
GILBERT EstherE1133820 Apr 196682XY24 17
GILBERT EstherE1133904 Mar 197890XP69 6
GILBERT EvaE1134031 Mar 197986XZ26 20
GILBERT FannyE1134103 Dec 193375XT24 60
GILBERT HarrisE1134201 Oct 192166XK13 8
GILBERT HarryE1134305 Feb 190630XC09 37
GILBERT HarryE1134423 Feb 194854XY12 22
GILBERT IsaacE1134528 Jan 193973XS08 9
GILBERT IsaacE1134630 Nov 196781XZ41 11
GILBERT IsadoreE1134729 Mar 195362XZ26 21
GILBERT JackE1134824 Apr 19255XM18 25
GILBERT JacobE1134921 May 195178XW11 19
GILBERT JohnE1135010 Jun 193239XU15 45
GILBERT JosephE1135101 Apr 192044XN05 32
GILBERT JosephE1135225 Mar 193553XU37 9
GILBERT MarkE1135321 Nov 192150XK15 49
GILBERT MarksE1135409 Apr 1913XL11 7
GILBERT MarksE1135517 Nov 192363XQ27 11
GILBERT Mary o/w MarianE1135602 May 195681XW11 18
GILBERT MaxE1135702 Jan 193255XU10 10
GILBERT MorrisE1135822 Jan 192914XS22 35
GILBERT MorrisE1135901 Jul 191827XJ11 65
GILBERT RachelE1136008 Jun 190411 mthXE01 20
GILBERT RebeccaE1136111 Apr 192861XS10 21
GILBERT RebeccaE1136228 Aug 192965XS08 10
GILBERT RebeccaE1136303 Feb 197582XY12 21
GILBERT SamuelE1136417 Feb 194963XY24 16
GILBERT SarahE1136529 May 191842XJ10 69
GILBERT SarahE1136609 Dec 194464XW23 16
GILBERT SarahE1136715 Jan 193173XT03 66
GILBERT SimonE1136821 Feb 193061XS23 1
GILBERT WoolfE1136904 Feb 194881XT02 38
GILBERT YettaE1137017 Feb 191548XI19 33
GILBERT YettaE1137108 Mar 195667XZ41 10
GILBEY AnnieE1137212 Aug 197077XX03 9
GILBEY BernhardE1137302 Feb 196157XW07 43
GILBEY EvaE1137424 Jan 200087XQ20 1C
GILBEY HannahE1137512 Dec 194779XS23 2
GILBEY HildaE1137619 Mar 199183XW07 44
GILBEY Israel EdwardE1137730 Apr 196963XQ01 1B
GILBEY KittyE1137801 May 195045XY34 9
GILBEY PercyE1137922 Apr 194752XX03 8
GILBEY Rebecca leahE1138018 Feb 194779XX09 6
GILBLATT MiriamE1138122 Jan 192955XS16 66
GILBOVSKY ClaraE1138207 Mar 193350XP29 30
GILBOVSKY EphraimE1138317 Dec 194363XP51 31
GILCHRIST RebeccaE1138428 Apr 193056XT04 24
GILFAND AdolphE1138502 Aug 19275XM29 24
GILLER SamE1138603 Jul 194541XX23 37
GILLERT ElizabethE1138712 Nov 192769XS12 58
GILLES AbrahamE1138820 Dec 192451XM23 9
GILLES AnnieE1138918 Oct 195073XL02 54
GILLES BarnettE1139024 Mar 194371XV04 26
GILLES BellaE1139114 Aug 194363XV02 26
GILLMAN AnnieE1139231 Oct 197384XQ23 26
GILLMAN BenjaminE1139327 Sep 195971XP66 33
GILLMAN Maurice JosephE1139404 Mar 195378XQ23 27
GILLMAN SarahE1139524 Jul 198692XP66 34
GILLS AnnieE1139611 Mar 192419XP24 18
GILMORE HettyE1139712 Sep 199794XW07 50
GILMORE MarkE1139812 Oct 198485XW07 51
GILMORE Murray MorrisE1139922 Dec 195725XW06 51
GILMOUR EdwardE1140030 Dec 19157 mthXO05 11
GILPER BerthaE1140101 Jan 192851XS13 3
GIMMACK JudahE1140211 Jan 193325XU25 10
GIMMACK PhilipE1140325 Sep 194270XU01 29
GIMMACK SarahE1140412 Jul 194673XU01 28
GIMMACK Woolf LeibE1140506 Nov 193130XU18 41
GIMPLE RebeccaE1140614 Jun 193550XT35 32
GIMPLE SolomonE1140704 Aug 194567XX21 43
GINCEL RachelE1140803 Jan 193750XV41 32
GINDIN HildaE1140901 Apr 194888XX09 11
GINEEN W.LE1141021 Mar 190472XC05 14
GINESSEN MorrisE1141105 Oct 194457XX25 24
GINESSON BessieE1141213 Jun 196567XX25 23
GINGER EstherE1141307 Jan 195683XX07 29
GINGER Nathan DavidE1141409 Dec 194673XX07 30
GINSBERG AaronE1141514 Dec 192877XP29 2
GINSBERG Abraham IsaacE1141629 Mar 191515XO02 32
GINSBERG AbrahamE1141701 Oct 190514XF01 18
GINSBERG AbrahamE1141818 Feb 196185XZ36 3
GINSBERG AbrahamE1141922 Jan 195986XZ40 11
GINSBERG AlexanderE1142017 Aug 192746XR05 1
GINSBERG AnnieE1142129 Sep 1912XL02 35
GINSBERG AnnieE1142217 Oct 192381XK18 57
GINSBERG BarnettE1142321 Nov 193464XU34 25
GINSBERG BarnettE1142422 Oct 191675XI11 74
GINSBERG BerthaE1142516 Sep 196485XW14 37
GINSBERG ClaraE1142625 Sep 193021XT08 28
GINSBERG DavidE1142704 Jun 195864XT18 73
GINSBERG DavidE1142826 Sep 195289XX23 21
GINSBERG DavisE1142910 Apr 193774XS16 33
GINSBERG DeborahE1143022 Mar 193423XT26 59
GINSBERG DoraE1143126 May 196980XP70 15
GINSBERG Elizabeth CissieE1143214 Oct 194171XV21 32
GINSBERG EstherE1143331 Dec 1910XO15 33
GINSBERG EstherE1143412 Jan 192256XK18 54
GINSBERG EstherE1143525 Apr 194581XX23 20
GINSBERG EvaE1143607 May 192163XK11 22
GINSBERG FannyE1143717 Mar 193337XT23 62
GINSBERG FannyE1143808 Feb 192758XR28 33
GINSBERG FannyE1143903 May 193168XS16 32
GINSBERG FannyE1144021 Feb 193570XU02 11
GINSBERG Freda FannyE1144126 Apr 195075XY33 24
GINSBERG GertieE1144215 Feb 192119XK10 42
GINSBERG HannahE1144317 May 194168XV25 19
GINSBERG HenryE1144418 Jun 193154XU15 8
GINSBERG IsaacE1144510 Feb 193168XU21 9
GINSBERG IsraelE1144623 Dec 194074XV69 16
GINSBERG JacobE1144713 Mar 194143XV71 16
GINSBERG JacobE1144824 Aug 195176XW14 36
GINSBERG JoshuaE1144926 Jul 1907XH07 12
GINSBERG JudahE1145015 Feb 191775XJ15 7
GINSBERG JuliaE1145120 Nov 192419XM21 15
GINSBERG KateE1145203 Mar 1908XE04 21
GINSBERG LazarusE1145303 Feb 193056XS28 30
GINSBERG LeahE1145415 Jul 194169XV76 22
GINSBERG LeahE1145511 Jan 192472XP29 3
GINSBERG LeonE1145620 Oct 19302 mthXM36 1
GINSBERG LouisE1145727 Aug 193071XQ16 21
GINSBERG MillicentE1145807 Apr 196584XQ91 9
GINSBERG MorrisE1145920 Nov 193971XT26 44
GINSBERG Moses MorrisE1146023 Jul 192981XS26 35
GINSBERG MyerE1146131 Jan 193165XU11 29
GINSBERG MyrleE1146228 Mar 192614 mthXM28 18
GINSBERG PeizerE1146309 Sep 19035XC02 10
GINSBERG PollyE1146421 Feb 193469XT26 43
GINSBERG RachelE1146520 Dec 192837XS15 32
GINSBERG RachelE1146604 Nov 192244XP11 33
GINSBERG RachelE1146727 May 194051XV65 25
GINSBERG RachelE1146813 Mar 194663XX14 15
GINSBERG RachelE1146918 Jan 192964XS16 5
GINSBERG RachelE1147029 Mar 193468XT27 45
GINSBERG RaphaelE1147129 Oct 191823XJ03 39
GINSBERG RebeccaE1147219 Nov 193466XT31 43
GINSBERG ReubenE1147331 Jan 192374XI17 68
GINSBERG Rose RachelE1147417 Apr 196792XZ36 4
GINSBERG RoseE1147504 Jan 192278XM14 30
GINSBERG SamuelE1147624 Oct 191945XN08 15
GINSBERG SarahE1147703 Oct 1911XI05 25
GINSBERG SarahE1147810 Apr 195982XQ07 40
GINSBERG SarahE1147912 Feb 195288XT10 38
GINSBERG SaulE1148028 Aug 192667XQ12 15
GINSBERG SimonE1148129 May 194780XK18 55
GINSBERG SolomonE1148225 Jan 1908XH07 27
GINSBERG SolomonE1148319 Nov 192219XP03 27
GINSBERG SolomonE1148406 Mar 192750XQ07 7
GINSBERG SolomonE1148525 May 193365XU13 51
GINSBERG SolomonE1148619 Jan 196073XP70 14
GINSBERG SolomonE1148709 May 194781XX03 21
GINSBERG WoolfE1148810 Sep 195171XV65 27
GINSBERG ZisselE1148925 Nov 1914XL15 37
GINSBURG BarnettE1149007 Nov 19029 mthXD07 32
GINSBURG HarrisE1149120 Oct 190455XC07 26
GINSBURG HymanE1149216 Oct 19173XM07 36
GINSBURG JacobE1149311 Jul 190445XC03 16
GINSBURG ME1149425 Dec 189718 mthXA08 387
GINSBURG SolomonE1149504 Oct 1914XF09 6
GINSBURG SophiaE1149602 Apr 192967XF09 26A
GINSBURG WoolfE1149708 Aug 194964XT01 44
GINSBURG YettaE1149827 Jun 194151XT01 43
GINSBURY EstherE1149927 Jan 195183XX03 20
GINSBURY Solomon NathanielE1150008 Mar 195170XX14 16
GINSKY AnnieE1150113 May 192767XR33 39
GINZBERG MaryE1150226 Jan 190660XF03 16
GINZBERG MayE1150314 May 19074XE03 32
GINZBERG RachelE1150428 Nov 191768XJ12 77
GINZBERG SamuelE1150527 Jul 190541XC09 36
GINZBERG SarahE1150606 Feb 1914XI11 73
GINZBURG HarrisE1150709 Nov 1910XF09 26
GIRSH RebeccaE1150801 Oct 192849XS14 15
GIRSMAN EstherE1150915 Mar 195059XY27 2
GIRSMAN WoolfE1151005 Sep 19239XP16 25
GIRTZWOOLF Shandel JaneE1151127 Jul 193272XT16 28
GISH IsaacE1151208 Nov 193139XU19 10
GITELMAN JaneE1151330 Aug 196978XP64 22
GITELMAN MarksE1151404 May 195871XP64 23
GITISH OscarE1151526 Apr 1912XO21 12
GITLEN NathanE1151627 Sep 1914XO12 16
GITLIN Daniel JacobE1151726 Feb 195251XW18 41
GITLIN IsraelE1151801 Jul 191842XJ05 36
GITLIN LillyE1151905 Dec 1914XO02 24
GITLIN LouisE1152003 Feb 192763XR28 41
GITLIN Mary DoraE1152114 Apr 197373XW18 40
GITLOVITCH JosephE1152223 Feb 194462XX33 19
GITLOVITCH SarahE1152313 Jun 194362XV02 9
GITTELSON JacobE1152426 Jul 193042XS31 30
GITTER RachelE1152530 Jul 1911XO17 25
GITTER Riveh GoldaE1152611 Oct 194382XU72 41
GITTER SamuelE1152711 Mar 194078XU72 40
GITTER SolomonE1152827 Jul 195675XX16 53
GITTIS AnnieE1152906 May 19259XM23 1
GITTIS BerthaE1153021 Oct 195670XP61 6
GITTIS LewisE1153108 Dec 196484XP61 5
GITTLEMAN FannyE1153219 Mar 194768XP54 18
GITTLEMAN IsaacE1153308 Aug 194870XP54 17
GITTLEMAN JohnE1153425 Jan 191939XN16 20
GITTLEMAN MillieE1153530 Jan 193585XB08 391
GITTLEMAN ZE1153612 Jan 190211 mthXD01 52
GITTLEMON JacobE1153707 Oct 190050XB08 390
GITTLESON HarrisE1153809 Feb 193659XU43 25
GITTLESON JosephE1153921 Dec 193561XU42 49
GITTLESON RachelE1154028 May 194263XT29 38
GITTOWITZ BessieE1154130 Dec 192515XR11 30
GIVIRTZMAN Hyman LewisE1154211 Dec 191914XN07 38

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