All Deceased beginning with letters 'GI'

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All names beginning GI
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
GIBBONS John MendelD671204 Nov 194465W23 15
GIBIANSKY EliasC883015 Oct 193151S24 72
GIEN RebeccaC532319 Nov 192787S11 11
GIEN SolomonD651202 Jul 194474T114 25
GILBER MyerA217711 Feb 190646F02 24
GILBERG MauriceD610720 Nov 194392E09 09
GILBERT AaronC170227 May 19233J21 01E
GILBERT AdaP0636430 Jul 191823J12
GILBERT AlfredE416130 Nov 195968P269 05
GILBERT AlmaC1048401 Sep 19334Q103 37
GILBERT AnnieC359317 Oct 192537R108 10
GILBERT BerthaC177805 Jul 19239E02 62
GILBERT DavisD074317 Aug 193550U139 13
GILBERT DoraD132229 Mar 193674T102 37
GILBERT EstherC415514 May 192641R116 10
GILBERT EstherC752708 Apr 193055T104 32
GILBERT EstherE574920 Apr 196682Y124 17
GILBERT EstherE718704 Mar 197890P269 06
GILBERT EvaE727731 Mar 197986Z126 20
GILBERT FannyC1069103 Dec 193375T124 60
GILBERT HarrisC031501 Oct 192166K13 08
GILBERT HarryA217205 Feb 190630C09 37
GILBERT HarryD858123 Feb 194854Y112 22
GILBERT IsaacD333228 Jan 193973S08 09
GILBERT IsaacE602230 Nov 196781Z241 11
GILBERT IsadoreE123429 Mar 195362Z126 21
GILBERT JackC324924 Apr 19255M118 25
GILBERT JacobE030221 May 195178W11 19
GILBERT JohnC946710 Jun 193239U115 45
GILBERT JosephB632101 Apr 192044N05 32
GILBERT JosephD050225 Mar 193553U137 09
GILBERT MarkC041521 Nov 192150K15 49
GILBERT MarksC202517 Nov 192363Q127 11
GILBERT Mary o/w MarianE262402 May 195681W11 18
GILBERT MaxC904202 Jan 193255U110 10
GILBERT MaxP0638209 Apr 191344L11
GILBERT MorrisC640022 Jan 192914S22 35
GILBERT MorrisP0638301 Jul 191827J11
GILBERT RachelA174908 Jun 190411E01 20
GILBERT RebeccaC572211 Apr 192861S10 21
GILBERT RebeccaC699028 Aug 192965S08 10
GILBERT RebeccaE689703 Feb 197582Y112 21
GILBERT SamuelD910017 Feb 194963Y124 16
GILBERT SarahC816415 Jan 193173T103 66
GILBERT SarahD676509 Dec 194464W23 16
GILBERT SarahP0638529 May 191812J10
GILBERT SimonC740221 Feb 193061S23 01
GILBERT WoolfD854504 Feb 194881T102 38
GILBERT YettaE256608 Mar 195667Z241 10
GILBERT YettaP0638917 Feb 191548I19
GILBEY AnnieE640012 Aug 197077X03 09
GILBEY BernhardE460502 Feb 196157W07 43
GILBEY EvaE804524 Jan 200087Q120 01C
GILBEY HannahD847312 Dec 194779S23 02
GILBEY HildaE783019 Mar 199183W07 44
GILBEY Israel EdwardE623630 Apr 196963Q101 01B
GILBEY KittyD973301 May 195045Y134 09
GILBEY PercyD814122 Apr 194752X03 08
GILBEY Rebecca leahD802318 Feb 194779X09 06
GILBLATT MiriamC639422 Jan 192955S16 66
GILBOVSKY ClaraC1012807 Mar 193350P129 30
GILBOVSKY EphraimD618617 Dec 194363P251 31
GILCHRIST RebeccaC758228 Apr 193056T104 24
GILFAND AdolphC510302 Aug 19275M129 24
GILLER SamD709203 Jul 194541X23 37
GILLERT ElizabethC531612 Nov 192769S12 58
GILLERT LazarusP0639714 Jun 191363L11
GILLES AbrahamC294220 Dec 192451M123 09
GILLES AnnieD993818 Oct 195073L02 54
GILLES BarnettD579624 Mar 194371V104 26
GILLES BellaD598914 Aug 194363V102 26
GILLMAN AnnieE676531 Oct 197384Q123 26
GILLMAN BenjaminE407427 Sep 195971P266 33
GILLMAN Maurice JosephE119204 Mar 195378Q123 27
GILLMAN SarahE768024 Jul 198692P266 34
GILLS AnnieC237911 Mar 192419P124 18
GILMORE HettyE800912 Sep 199794W07 50
GILMORE MarkE759612 Oct 198485W07 51
GILMORE Murray MorrisE333522 Dec 195725W06 51
GILPER BerthaC544301 Jan 192851S13 03
GIMMACK JudahC992111 Jan 193325U125 10
GIMMACK PhilipD549725 Sep 194270U101 29
GIMMACK SarahD765412 Jul 194673U101 28
GIMMACK Woolf LeibC887906 Nov 193130U118 41
GIMPLE RebeccaD064414 Jun 193550T135 32
GIMPLE SolomonD713704 Aug 194567X21 43
GINCEL RachelD190803 Jan 193750V241 32
GINDEN BarnettP0640919 Oct 191873L10
GINDIN HildaD863501 Apr 194888X09 11
GINDOROWSKI IsaacP0641006 Nov 191543J4
GINEEN W.LA168721 Mar 190472C05 14
GINESSEN MorrisD666605 Oct 194457X25 24
GINESSON BessieE557113 Jun 196567X25 23
GINGER EstherE245207 Jan 195683X07 29
GINGER Nathan DavidD786009 Dec 194673X07 30
GINSBERG AaronC627214 Dec 192877P129 02
GINSBERG Abraham IsaacP0641229 Mar 191516O2
GINSBERG AbrahamA207501 Oct 190514F01 18
GINSBERG AbrahamE377822 Jan 195986Z140 11
GINSBERG AbrahamE463018 Feb 196185Z136 03
GINSBERG AlexanderC513117 Aug 192746R105 01
GINSBERG AnnieC195617 Oct 192381K18 57
GINSBERG BarnettD020821 Nov 193464U134 25
GINSBERG BarnettP0641422 Oct 191688I11
GINSBERG BerthaE542816 Sep 196485W14 37
GINSBERG ClaraC787425 Sep 193021T108 28
GINSBERG DavidE090226 Sep 195289X23 21
GINSBERG DavidE353304 Jun 195864T118 73
GINSBERG DavisD217610 Apr 193774S16 33
GINSBERG DeborahC1101122 Mar 193423T126 59
GINSBERG DoraE624126 May 196980P270 15
GINSBERG Elizabeth CissieD500614 Oct 194171V121 32
GINSBERG EstherC057412 Jan 192256K18 54
GINSBERG EstherD701225 Apr 194581X23 20
GINSBERG EvaC006607 May 192163K11 22
GINSBERG FannyC1016917 Mar 193337T123 62
GINSBERG FannyC475608 Feb 192758R128 33
GINSBERG FannyC847203 May 193168S16 32
GINSBERG FannyD043421 Feb 193570U102 11
GINSBERG Freda FannyD972626 Apr 195075Y133 24
GINSBERG GertieB693815 Feb 192119K10 42
GINSBERG HannahD480017 May 194168V125 19
GINSBERG HenryC858318 Jun 193154U115 08
GINSBERG IsaacC915410 Feb 193168U121 09
GINSBERG IsraelD449723 Dec 194074V269 16
GINSBERG JacobD468313 Mar 194143V271 16
GINSBERG JacobE041924 Aug 195176W14 36
GINSBERG JoshuaP0643026 Jul 190738H7
GINSBERG JudahP0643115 Feb 191765J15
GINSBERG JuliaC287820 Nov 192419M121 15
GINSBERG KateP0643303 Mar 190816E4
GINSBERG LazarusC734903 Feb 193056S28 30
GINSBERG LeahC217511 Jan 192472P129 03
GINSBERG LeahD489315 Jul 194169V276 22
GINSBERG LeonC791320 Oct 19302M136 01
GINSBERG LouisC781027 Aug 193071Q116 21
GINSBERG MillicentE553107 Apr 196584Q391 09
GINSBERG MorrisD376020 Nov 193971T126 44
GINSBERG Moses MorrisC693223 Jul 192981S26 35
GINSBERG MyerC821631 Jan 193165U111 29
GINSBERG MyrleC404028 Mar 192614M128 18
GINSBERG PeizerA154609 Sep 19035C02 10
GINSBERG PollyC1094321 Feb 193469T126 43
GINSBERG RachelC1103129 Mar 193468T127 45
GINSBERG RachelC120904 Nov 192244P111 33
GINSBERG RachelC629320 Dec 192837S15 32
GINSBERG RachelC638618 Jan 192964S16 05
GINSBERG RachelD408427 May 194051V265 25
GINSBERG RachelD748113 Mar 194663X14 15
GINSBERG RaphaelP0644630 Oct 191823J3
GINSBERG RebeccaD020219 Nov 193466T131 43
GINSBERG ReubenC141231 Jan 192374I17 68
GINSBERG Rose RachelE593417 Apr 196792Z136 04
GINSBERG RoseC054104 Jan 192278M114 30
GINSBERG SamuelB593624 Oct 191945N08 15
GINSBERG SarahE065012 Feb 195288T110 38
GINSBERG SarahE390110 Apr 195982Q107 40
GINSBERG SarahP0645208 Aug 191127I5
GINSBERG SarahP0645306 Feb 191478I11
GINSBERG SaulC436028 Aug 192667Q112 15
GINSBERG SimonD818129 May 194780K18 55
GINSBERG SolomonC1031325 May 193365U113 51
GINSBERG SolomonC124419 Nov 192219P103 27
GINSBERG SolomonC482306 Mar 192750Q107 07
GINSBERG SolomonD815709 May 194781X03 21
GINSBERG SolomonE421219 Jan 196073P270 14
GINSBERG SolomonP0645802 Jan 190842H7
GINSBERG WoolfE043610 Sep 195171V165 27
GINSBURG BarnettA137007 Nov 19029D07 32
GINSBURG HarrisA183320 Oct 190455C07 26
GINSBURG JacobA176911 Jul 190445C03 16
GINSBURG MA047825 Dec 189718A801 387
GINSBURG SarahP0646128 Jun 191460L15
GINSBURG SophiaC669602 Apr 192967F09 26A
GINSBURG WoolfD934508 Aug 194964T101 44
GINSBURG YettaD486827 Jun 194151T101 43
GINSBURY EstherE012227 Jan 195183X03 20
GINSBURY Solomon NathanielE019308 Mar 195170X14 16
GINSKY AnnieC495213 May 192767R133 39
GINTZER TillyP0646513 Apr 191121I3
GINZBERG MaryA216426 Jan 190660F03 16
GINZBERG MayA256414 May 19074E03 32
GINZBERG SamuelA203127 Jul 190541C09 36
GIRSH Jack DavidP0646911 Feb 191925N13
GIRSH RebeccaC610301 Oct 192849S14 15
GIRSMAN EstherD966015 Mar 195059Y127 02
GIRSMAN WoolfC188305 Sep 19239P116 25
GIRTZWOOLF Shandel JaneC955927 Jul 193272T116 28
GISH IsaacC889508 Nov 193139U119 10
GITELMAN JaneE627230 Aug 196978P264 22
GITELMAN MarksE350004 May 195871P264 23
GITKISS SolomonP0647720 Aug 191841J11
GITLIN Daniel JacobE068326 Feb 195251W18 41
GITLIN LouisC474203 Feb 192763R128 41
GITLIN Mary DoraE671014 Apr 197373W18 40
GITLOVITCH JosephD631623 Feb 194462X33 19
GITLOVITCH SarahD590113 Jun 194362V102 09
GITTELSON JacobC775726 Jul 193042S31 30
GITTER Riveh GoldaD605011 Oct 194382U272 41
GITTER SamuelD396011 Mar 194078U272 40
GITTER SolomonE273327 Jul 195675X16 53
GITTIS AnnieC327406 May 19259M123 01
GITTIS BerthaE281721 Oct 195670P261 06
GITTIS LewisE546508 Dec 196484P261 05
GITTLEMAN FannyD810219 Mar 194768P254 18
GITTLEMAN IsaacD878708 Aug 194870P254 17
GITTLEMAN JohnP0648425 Jan 191934N16
GITTLEMAN MillieD037830 Jan 193585B801 391
GITTLEMAN ZA116112 Jan 190211D01 52
GITTLEMON JacobA088707 Oct 190050B801 390
GITTLESON HarrisD117009 Feb 193659U243 25
GITTLESON JosephD104021 Dec 193561U242 49
GITTLESON RachelD533728 May 194263T129 38
GITTOWITZ BessieC381130 Dec 192515R111 30
GIVIRTZMAN Hyman LewisB605311 Dec 191914N07 38

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