All Deceased beginning with letters 'FU'

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All names beginning FU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
FUERSTEIN ReginaE1078810 Dec 196483XY06 7
FUESTEIN HarrisE1078920 Jan 1911XI02 26
FULBERG MorrisE1079015 Mar 195182XY37 31
FULBERG RosaE1079105 Jan 193170XT03 33
FULLMAN B.E1079214 Feb 190213 mthXD01 58
FULLNAMEE1079300 0AgeYearsX00
FULTON ColetteE1079409 Apr 200669XY43 35
FUND AaronE1079502 Apr 192315 mthXM12 1A
FUND PhilipE1079613 Dec 193760XU57 40
FUNER EstherE1079702 Dec 190157XD04 16
FURER IsraelE1079824 May 19285XM30 4
FURGANG JacobE1079919 Dec 194472XW32 13
FURGANG Leah RachelE1080020 Nov 195785XW32 14
FURMAN HymanE1080105 Jun 192154XH10 40
FURMAN PearlE1080203 Feb 193671XT37 6
FURMAN SophieE1080323 Oct 192624XR22 40
FURST AbrahamE1080420 Nov 195972XV90 8
FURST LazarusE1080509 Jan 193321XU25 17
FURST SelinaE1080624 Nov 190437XC05 30
FUSMAN MyerE1080729 Oct 190029XA10 482
FUTERMAN CarlE1080831 Jan 195661XQ86 9
FUTERMAN Florence HannahE1080906 Nov 197977XQ86 10
FUTERMAN HenryE1081009 Feb 193964XV64 3
FUTERMAN PollyE1081120 Aug 194168XV64 4
FUTERMAN Sadie JeannieE1081225 Nov 193529XT39 12
FUTTERMAN JacobE1081304 Nov 192342XQ28 8

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