All Deceased beginning with letters 'FU'

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All names beginning FU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
FUERSTEIN ReginaE546910 Dec 196483Y106 07
FULBERG MorrisE020215 Mar 195182Y137 31
FULBERG RosaC813105 Jan 193170T103 33
FULLMAN B.A118514 Feb 190213D01 58
FULTON ColetteE812209 Apr 200669Y243 35
FUND AaronC157202 Apr 192315M112 01A
FUND PhilipD269213 Dec 193760U257 40
FUNER EstherA113902 Dec 190157D04 16
FURER IsraelC583824 May 19285M130 04
FURGANG JacobD677719 Dec 194472W32 13
FURGANG Leah RachelE327920 Nov 195785W32 14
FURMAN HymanC011605 Jun 192154H10 40
FURMAN PearlD115203 Feb 193671T137 06
FURMAN SophieC446023 Oct 192624R122 40
FURST AbrahamE414020 Nov 195972V390 08
FURST LazarusC990609 Jan 193321U125 17
FURST SelinaA186124 Nov 190437C05 30
FUSMAN MyerA089729 Oct 190029AD01 482
FUSS Sarah RebeccaP0605629 Apr 191070G8
FUTERMAN CarlE248331 Jan 195661Q386 09
FUTERMAN Florence HannahE732106 Nov 197977Q386 10
FUTERMAN HenryD335309 Feb 193964V264 03
FUTERMAN PollyD494220 Aug 194168V264 04
FUTERMAN Sadie JeannieD096825 Nov 193529T139 12
FUTTERMAN JacobC199204 Nov 192342Q128 08

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