All Deceased beginning with letters 'FO'

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All names beginning FO
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
FOGAL Harry IsraelE0989303 Dec 195761XP61 22
FOGAL MyerE0989404 Feb 193025XS28 54
FOGEL AlecE0989521 Feb 194975XY24 25
FOGEL BellaE0989620 Feb 196986XY32 7
FOGEL DavisE0989712 Mar 193347XU14 46
FOGEL DoraE0989827 Jun 192028XK08 24
FOGEL HarrisE0989927 May 193259XU09 36
FOGEL HermanE0990007 Apr 196385XY32 8
FOGEL JosephE0990120 Nov 1907XE02 50
FOGEL SarahE0990204 Sep 192852XS09 22
FOGEL SarahE0990310 Sep 195668XY24 15
FOGEL SolomonE0990418 Jan 194173XV70 21
FOGELMAN IsraelE0990501 Jun 193855XU60 17
FOGELMAN JaneE0990610 Dec 194665XX07 17
FOGELMAN MaryE0990705 Dec 196769XP65 24
FOGELMAN MichaelE0990807 Dec 196487XX07 16
FOGELMAN ReubenE0990920 Nov 195857XP65 23
FOGELNEST IdaE0991022 May 193262XT16 65
FOGELSON LeahE0991120 Aug 192268XI17 59
FOGLE MendelE0991202 Apr 191664XJ07 34
FOLES GertrudeE0991304 Jul 1907XE03 34
FOLES MarkE0991421 Nov 196388XQ17 33
FOLES MillieE0991517 Sep 195376XQ17 34
FOLUS BetsyE0991631 Mar 195986XU02 24
FOLUS Lewis JosephE0991719 Jun 193431XU05 25
FOONER Juda LewisE0991805 Nov 192367XQ27 6
FOONER RebeccaE0991923 Jul 192126XK13 35
FOONER SarahE0992030 Sep 192462XQ27 5
FOONK RebeccaE0992103 Oct 193073XT08 19
FOONK-FIELD HarrisE0992215 Nov 193448XU34 14
FOOTRING LewisE0992312 Feb 191566XI18 15
FOOTRING SimelyE0992426 Dec 191866XI18 14
FORD BessieE0992513 Jan 192226XK06 54
FORD EstherE0992605 Jul 192363XP22 6
FORD EvelynE0992707 Apr 193925XV59 16
FORD FannyE0992801 Nov 197881XQ95 12
FORD MorrisE0992924 May 195175XW11 38
FORD NathanE0993026 Feb 195765XQ95 11
FORD SophieE0993103 May 196390XK19 18
FORDENSKY RachelE0993207 Dec 189510XA06 302
FORDHAM AnnieE0993327 Dec 194271XS05 38
FORDHAM DavidE0993404 May 194557XV01 18
FORDHAM EttieE0993510 Nov 194756XV01 19
FORDHAM SarahE0993608 Apr 1909XH09 33
FORDHAM SimonE0993702 Feb 192763XI17 72
FORDONSKY SarahE0993804 Oct 194160XV21 21
FORDONSKY SollyE0993923 Sep 195072XY36 10
FOREMAN AnnieE0994028 Aug 192440XP39 16
FOREMAN AnnieE0994113 Aug 195856XQ108 12
FOREMAN AnnieE0994222 Jan 196270XU36 1A
FOREMAN DoraE0994305 Sep 190634XF05 37
FOREMAN DoraE0994402 Apr 192867XN08 30
FOREMAN EvaE0994508 Apr 193463XT27 8
FOREMAN EvaE0994612 Jan 198392XP71 8
FOREMAN FannyE0994730 Jan 195558XQ70 8
FOREMAN FannyE0994822 Apr 191970XN16 40
FOREMAN HannahE0994914 Jun 192973XS18 64
FOREMAN IsaacE0995029 Apr 195277XV07 19
FOREMAN JacobE0995121 Oct 19173XM08 34
FOREMAN JosephE0995230 Dec 194367XW30 22
FOREMAN JosephE0995324 Jun 192973XS26 47
FOREMAN LilyE0995421 Feb 19248 mthXQ04 24
FOREMAN MarksE0995507 Jul 193542XU36 19
FOREMAN MinnieE0995602 Apr 193029XT04 47
FOREMAN MorrisE0995724 Oct 195062XY39 4
FOREMAN RaphaelE0995818 Oct 191963XN08 29
FOREMAN ReubenE0995911 Aug 194373XX30 39
FOREMAN RitaE0996017 Jun 193811XS16 38
FOREMAN RoseE0996111 Sep 196880XY39 5
FOREMAN SarahE0996214 Sep 193863XV37 27
FOREMAN ZeligE0996320 Apr 196068XP71 7
FOREST ME0996429 Apr 18972XB01 35
FORESTADT o/w FOSTER IsaacE0996518 Mar 193783XQ39 25
FORKOWITCH SamuelE0996625 Sep 1909XE05 4
FORLEY Frank MorrisE0996709 Sep 192656XR21 55
FORMAN AbrahamE0996817 Feb 194837XY11 37
FORMAN AbrahamE0996912 Oct 195872XP64 5
FORMAN AnnieE0997021 Feb 194336XV85 13
FORMAN AnnieE0997115 Sep 197182XY36 29
FORMAN BarnetE0997208 Jun 196571XQ72 4
FORMAN BessieE0997326 Apr 194670XU03 1
FORMAN DeborahE0997416 Dec 192925XT05 15
FORMAN EttieE0997501 May 19076 mthXH01 22
FORMAN HannahE0997607 Jun 196491XU31 8
FORMAN HarrisE0997712 Jan 193559XU03 2
FORMAN IsraelE0997827 Jan 193464XU31 9
FORMAN IsraelE0997926 May 192385XP20 25
FORMAN Jacob JackE0998025 Oct 196081XP75 31
FORMAN JaneE0998129 Dec 196180XP75 32
FORMAN JaneE0998225 Aug 196280XW30 23
FORMAN JosephE0998314 Oct 196183XZ31 6
FORMAN NorisE0998427 Aug 190514 mthXF01 6
FORMAN RebeccaE0998524 Oct 194776XV84 10
FORMAN SamuelE0998603 May 194276XV84 11
FORMAN SarahE0998720 Oct 190532XF03 5
FORMINSKY ChanahE0998823 Mar 192670XR14 52
FORSHMAN AdaE0998911 Dec 199286XQ73 4
FORSHMAN EmanuelE0999027 Dec 197370XQ73 5
FORSHMAN RachelE0999118 Jan 194762XX01 43
FORSICK MorrisE0999210 Jun 194386XP48 20
FORSICK YettaE0999323 Jan 193978XP48 19
FORSTADT BellaE0999423 Jul 194871XY06 25
FORSTADT DavidE0999502 Sep 194773XY06 26
FORSTADT RachelE0999602 Jun 192872XS10 37
FORSTEIN HarrisE0999723 Nov 192970XS28 63
FORTA KateE0999804 Feb 196184XQ33 18
FORTAG AbrahamE0999931 Oct 194562XX23 47
FORTAGH BettyE1000006 May 194558XX23 30
FORTUNE RoseE1000128 Apr 193640XT30 54
FOSHINSKY AbrahamE1000213 Aug 19036 mthXD06 65
FOSTER LilianE1000307 Nov 198694XY06 43
FOSTER SamuelE1000415 Apr 192858XS05 15
FOSTER SarahE1000517 Mar 196371XW28 14
FOSTER SophiaE1000623 Oct 192951XT06 40
FOSTERMAN GertieE1000711 Sep 194253XV13 10
FOSTERMAN HarryE1000816 Dec 194030XV67 24
FOUX HymanE1000926 Jun 193074XS31 10
FOUX JosephE1001019 Sep 196785XQ92 1
FOUX ManiaE1001103 Dec 198176XQ92 4
FOUX RitaE1001230 May 19312 mthXR48 7
FOUX ShirleyE1001314 Dec 196076XQ92 2
FOUX SymchaE1001414 Jun 197268XQ92 3
FOW NathanE1001512 Dec 191447XL14 42
FOX AbrahamE1001611 May 191719XJ14 41
FOX AbrahamE1001718 May 195178XZ19 6
FOX AbrahamE1001825 Dec 195079XY39 16
FOX AlexanderE1001915 Mar 193266XU22 7
FOX AnnaE1002009 May 193377XT16 59
FOX Annie FannyE1002106 Jun 196088XZ19 7
FOX AnnieE1002202 Apr 19202 mthXM11 18
FOX AnnieE1002316 Aug 194159XV77 5
FOX BarnettE1002403 May 193017XS30 30
FOX BellaE1002514 Dec 195882XT52 12
FOX BellaE1002627 Apr 197096XW34 16
FOX BessieE1002703 Apr 195676XW07 15
FOX CeliaE1002830 Jun 194678XP47 9
FOX CharlesE1002931 Jan 194647XX16 13
FOX DavidE1003005 Dec 193672XU48 40
FOX DebbieE1003131 Jul 196170XY13 38
FOX DebbyE1003209 Jan 192849XS03 62
FOX DoraE1003303 Nov 195567XQ62 13
FOX EstherE1003409 Oct 194258XV12 17
FOX EvaE1003527 Dec 1908XG01 25
FOX FannyE1003611 May 193124XS06 72
FOX FannyE1003705 Nov 193573XL18 3
FOX FannyE1003817 Jan 196380XU41 47
FOX FannyE1003923 Oct 196583XY30 29
FOX GoldaE1004029 Jul 1910XI01 4
FOX HannahE1004107 Jul 193584XL17 5
FOX Hannah-MillyE1004229 May 1909XH08 14
FOX HaroldE1004331 Oct 19203XM12 44
FOX HarrisE1004420 Nov 192750XS02 64
FOX HarryE1004517 Jan 192743XJ17 81
FOX HarryE1004616 Mar 195765XZ03 7
FOX HenryE1004725 May 192853XS06 62
FOX HenryE1004828 Apr 194163XV24 19
FOX Hilda EstherE1004919 Jul 19003 mthXB07 338
FOX Isaac MosesE1005009 Sep 18932XA03 167
FOX IsaacE1005118 Aug 19015 mthXD01 14
FOX IsaacE1005225 Oct 191950XN08 33
FOX IsraelE1005328 Feb 192655XR14 21
FOX IsraelE1005430 Oct 195672XQ62 14
FOX JacobE1005507 Jan 191513XO02 28
FOX JacobE1005619 Mar 191948XK06 12
FOX JacobE1005713 Aug 194360XX29 17
FOX JaneE1005811 Jan 197895XU32 33
FOX JosephE1005904 Dec 193552XU41 46
FOX JosephE1006008 Mar 193456XU32 32
FOX JosephE1006102 Dec 198780XQ44 33
FOX JosephE1006215 Feb 196285XV77 1A
FOX JudahE1006304 May 193562XS07 73
FOX JuliusE1006412 Feb 195378XW10 38
FOX KateE1006520 Feb 195682XT51 14
FOX LeahE1006619 Apr 192637XR15 5
FOX LeahE1006709 Jul 191846XL13 52
FOX LeahE1006829 Nov 192866XS14 65
FOX LewisE1006909 Sep 19036 mthXD07 66
FOX LewisE1007014 Apr 194862XY13 39
FOX LewisE1007116 Sep 194975XY30 30
FOX LewisE1007204 Apr 197087XQ80 1
FOX MarksE1007314 May 193065XS30 21
FOX MarksE1007421 Jun 195680XT52 11
FOX Mary MirelE1007514 Sep 197591XQ41 31
FOX MaryE1007604 Feb 192627XR13 15
FOX MaryE1007715 Aug 193133XP49 35
FOX MaxE1007825 Jan 191564XL17 4
FOX MichaelE1007908 Jun 191618 mthXO04 21
FOX MichaelE1008026 Jun 192558XP47 10
FOX MillieE1008113 Dec 193768XV54 29
FOX MillieE1008217 Aug 194075XV27 13
FOX MillyE1008309 Dec 1912XL08 4
FOX MillyE1008427 Dec 19229 mthXO23 23
FOX MillyE1008503 Mar 193966XV34 25
FOX MiriamE1008610 Nov 19002 mthXB10 465
FOX MorrisE1008728 Feb 192262XI17 55
FOX MorrisE1008830 Dec 193167XL18 4
FOX MorrisE1008906 Dec 194376XQ42 34
FOX MyerE1009022 Apr 194877XV34 26
FOX NathanE1009118 Jun 192168XL15 52
FOX NathanE1009203 Jun 194086XU22 52
FOX O/W NIEMAN Ray O/W SadieE1009324 Jan 200991XX33 13
FOX PercyE1009412 Feb 1914XO01 42
FOX PhilipE1009508 Nov 194053XQ41 30
FOX PhilipE1009614 Feb 194185XV70 22
FOX PinkusE1009704 Jul 192980XS26 62
FOX RachelE1009817 Jul 1907XE01 57
FOX RachelE1009901 Aug 1914XL13 28
FOX RachelE1010004 Aug 192142XK13 44
FOX RachelE1010109 May 194273XQ42 35
FOX Rebecca LeahE1010222 May 195981XS23 19
FOX Rebecca LeahE1010318 Jun 196191XV24 18
FOX RebeccaE1010403 Aug 193457XT29 14
FOX RebeccaE1010501 Jun 195974XQ80 2
FOX Rose (Dinah)E1010605 Jun 195450XZ33 29
FOX RoseE1010707 Mar 194864XV71 18
FOX RoseE1010809 Aug 197482XZ03 8
FOX SadieE1010928 Feb 192472XP30 32
FOX SadieE1011025 Mar 200490XQ44 34
FOX SamuelE1011107 Mar 195684XZ41 7
FOX SarahE1011218 Aug 1913XL06 45
FOX SarahE1011306 May 193157XT02 17
FOX SarahE1011430 Mar 195868XQ101 14
FOX SarahE1011502 Mar 193874XU48 41
FOX SarahE1011626 Feb 193181XT03 16
FOX SarahE1011724 Apr 194585XU22 53
FOX SarahE1011813 Jun 196387XQ51 12
FOX SimonE1011923 Jun 191710 mthXM08 4
FOX SolomonE1012006 Feb 192975XS23 18
FOX SolomonE1012114 Apr 193380XL06 46
FOX YettaE1012227 Sep 194078XQ39 32
FOXMAN LeahE1012323 Dec 196084XS11 2
FOXMAN MauriceE1012429 Mar 192953XS11 1

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