All Deceased beginning with letters 'FL'

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All names beginning FL
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
FLACKS AlfredE0978219 Nov 194354XV87 8
FLACKS TobaE0978322 Oct 192362XP26 33
FLADA NachaE0978416 Oct 193654XV44 7
FLAM RachelE0978508 Oct 1914XL17 13
FLAMBERG DeborahE0978616 Nov 193668XV40 13
FLAMBERG FreedmanE0978714 Jan 193777XV40 12
FLAMHOLTZ HarrisE0978820 Dec 192961XS28 15
FLAMHOLTZ SamuelE0978928 Oct 193753XU56 28
FLAMHOTE MarionE0979004 Mar 194375XV05 23
FLANCER Annie SarahE0979124 Dec 195669XQ75 6
FLANCER JackE0979227 Mar 195772XQ75 5
FLANCER KatieE0979303 Sep 201195XQ89 3
FLANCER LouisE0979411 Apr 1914XO08 11
FLANCER Rosie DeborahE0979503 Sep 199575XQ89 4
FLANSBERG RebeccaE0979619 Oct 193133XT12 16
FLANSBERG RebeccaE0979716 Dec 193777XU43 7
FLANX SarahE0979821 Mar 195576XS01 43
FLASHER AnnieE0979920 Aug 195284XP49 18
FLASHER BarnetE0980019 Nov 192665XP49 19
FLASHER BernardE0980121 Dec 200787XZ07 2
FLASHER JuliaE0980222 Jun 199685XZ07 1
FLASHER SamuelE0980328 Oct 194969XZ06 10
FLASHMAN IsaacE0980420 Sep 197576XV12 1
FLASHMAN KateE0980512 Aug 195084XY29 41
FLASHMAN Miriam LeibaE0980622 Jul 194548XV12 2
FLASTER NathanE0980731 Jan 19209 mthXO28 9
FLATAU ElizabethE0980824 Jul 195276XW19 40
FLATAU FrederickE0980927 Aug 194076XU76 37
FLATAU Phyllis EstherE0981013 Mar 193020XT04 55
FLATTER EstherE0981118 May 193251XT16 36
FLATTO Abraham MaxE0981225 Sep 195675XI10 41
FLATTO AnnieE0981303 Sep 194463XW25 8
FLATTO Hinda RoseE0981409 Feb 192452XQ10 5
FLATTO MaxE0981507 Nov 193967XU68 19
FLAUM EvaE0981619 Jan 192532XM24 24
FLAUM Jane YettaE0981728 Feb 193167XT10 11
FLAUM SarahE0981818 Nov 193252XT18 42
FLAUSBERG MorrisE0981901 Feb 193672XU43 8
FLAX AnnieE0982013 Apr 1911XI01 43
FLAX EstherE0982108 Jun 1912XI07 44
FLAX HarrisE0982208 May 194866XS01 44
FLAX HarryE0982305 Feb 192939XS23 21
FLAX RebeccaE0982431 Mar 193757XV49 20
FLAX SolomonE0982524 Apr 192664XR16 44
FLAXBAUM AaronE0982602 Oct 191950XN08 18
FLECK CeliaE0982701 Jan 1911XI03 26
FLEGELTOBE HarrisE0982804 Mar 192660XR14 12
FLEGELTOBE LeahE0982918 Aug 193164XT12 35
FLEIGELTOBE GodfreyE0983012 Mar 19322 mthXR52 2
FLEIGELTOBE GoldaE0983107 Nov 192968XT06 32
FLEIGLETOBE AbrahamE0983204 Apr 192968XS24 46
FLEIGNER LewisE0983325 Feb 194660XX15 39
FLEIGNER MiriamE0983406 May 197582XX15 38
FLEISHAKER AnnieE0983508 Dec 195067XZ17 10
FLEISHAKER LipmanE0983622 Oct 192848XS20 44
FLEISHER FannyE0983708 Mar 192550XR02 23
FLEISHER JacobE0983813 May 195990XQ115 5
FLEISHER MinnieE0983924 May 196588XQ115 6
FLEISHER MiriamE0984003 Apr 192925XS17 25
FLEISHER RoseE0984113 Jan 193418XT26 12
FLEISHER RoseE0984221 Jul 196879XZ06 9
FLEISHER SarahE0984325 Dec 194461XW32 39
FLEISHER SolomonE0984431 Jul 193469XQ08 14
FLEISHER SolomonE0984525 Apr 197898XW33 39
FLEISHER SophieE0984609 Nov 193546XQ07 21
FLEISHMAN AaronE0984716 Aug 1910XI02 6
FLEISHMAN AbrahamE0984816 Nov 192468XP44 22
FLEISHMAN AliceE0984904 Jul 194154XV22 35
FLEISHMAN AnnieE0985011 Jul 192961XS08 33
FLEISHMAN DanielE0985111 Jul 193482XU07 34
FLEISHMAN DavidE0985221 Apr 193155XU13 16
FLEISHMAN Gershun HarrisE0985310 Nov 191555XJ04 17
FLEISHMAN KateE0985405 Dec 194375XX32 11
FLEISHMAN MyerE0985502 Sep 193245XT21 68
FLEISHMAN PhilipE0985618 Dec 193522XU41 38
FLEISHMAN RachelE0985722 Jul 194688XU38 53
FLEISHMAN RebeccaE0985823 Aug 194574XV06 24
FLEISHMAN SamuelE0985912 Jan 194373XV06 25
FLESHMAN AdaE0986011 Jan 192575XM24 20
FLESHTIG or FLETCHER Samuel LewisE0986127 Mar 192228XK15 17
FLETCHER WoolfE0986229 Dec 192650XR25 50
FLEXER LilyE0986327 Jan 19215XM05 49
FLEXIA SophiaE0986424 Jun 193140XT11 4
FLIDER AaronE0986528 Apr 195080XT44 2
FLIDER MillicentE0986620 May 195685XX22 50
FLIDER SamuelE0986707 Jul 194572XX21 10
FLIDER SophieE0986806 Jun 193667XT44 3
FLIEGELMAN LouisE0986908 Aug 192054XN11 38
FLIEGELMAN RachelE0987029 Dec 194478XW23 46
FLIEGNER HarryE0987127 Mar 192031XN05 30
FLIGELMAN DeborahE0987216 Jun 19029XB09 434
FLINT MichaelE0987302 Jan 193049XS08 3
FLINT SarahE0987401 Jul 194763XY04 5
FLITTER AnnieE0987526 Mar 194051XV61 28
FLITTER DavidE0987628 Jun 193356XU09 47
FLITTERMAN AnnieE0987718 Jan 192262XK19 45
FLITTERMAN EstherE0987822 Oct 195380XV83 5
FLITTERMAN LouisE0987918 Mar 194263XV83 6
FLITTERMAN SamuelE0988023 Jun 195167XW12 36
FLORENT BarnettE0988129 Oct 192683XP02 4
FLORRENT Pearl HadassE0988226 Sep 192268XP02 5
FLOWER FredaE0988325 Jun 196182XY27 33
FLOWER HarryE0988429 Nov 192517XR10 43
FLOWER JacobE0988506 Jan 194060XU69 19
FLOWER o/w FILNER MorrisE0988614 May 194974XY27 34
FLOWER RebeccaE0988718 Sep 194666XU69 20
FLOWER SophieE0988814 Sep 193566XT37 16
FLUSTER Samuel JosephE0988910 Feb 194459XW28 15
FLUXBAUM SarahE0989016 Oct 194783XN09 1

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