All Deceased beginning with letters 'EV'

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All names beginning EV
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
EVALANKA EvaP0490309 Jun 191144I1
EVANCHICK ColmanE601030 Oct 196786Q128 21
EVANCHICK GoldaE076208 May 195272Q128 22
EVANSKY HannahD174803 Nov 193674V140 04
EVANSKY HenryC342722 Jul 19252M120 39
EVANSKY JacobP0490524 Oct 191248I8
EVANSKY MarksE094802 Nov 195268Q130 40
EVANSKY RachelE746119 Feb 198297Q130 39
EVILARKA SolomonC169524 May 192359P120 15
EVSENSTOP IsraaelD101312 Dec 193569U241 26

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