All Deceased beginning with letters 'ET'

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All names beginning ET
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ETGERT NathanE0879931 Mar 192774XR31 37
ETHERTON EvelynE0880021 Sep 192319XP26 15
ETHERTON HymanE0880124 Jul 194983XW02 32
ETHERTON MillyE0880230 May 195185XW02 33
ETINGOFF JacobE0880312 Mar 194976XY25 13
ETINGOFF MillieE0880404 Jun 195475XY25 14
ETTERMAN SarahE0880522 Feb 191687XJ03 26
ETTINGER BenjaminE0880607 Oct 193178XU17 15
ETTINGER EvaE0880717 Jan 192219 mthXM13 3
ETZCOWITZ HarryE0880811 Dec 195171XW16 49
ETZCOWITZ KateE0880901 Apr 195369XW16 48

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