All Deceased beginning with letters 'ET'

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All names beginning ET
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ETGART MorrisP0489630 Dec 191571J4
ETGERT NathanC487731 Mar 192774R131 37
ETHERTON EvelynC190221 Sep 192319P126 15
ETHERTON HymanD932224 Jul 194983W02 32
ETHERTON MillyE031630 May 195185W02 33
ETINGOFF JacobD915212 Mar 194976Y125 13
ETINGOFF MillieE177704 Jun 195475Y125 14
ETTINGER BenjaminC881107 Oct 193178U117 15
ETTINGER EvaC059517 Jan 192219M113 03
ETTINGER Jane EstherP0490022 Sep 191766J13
ETZCOWITZ HarryE055011 Dec 195171W16 49
ETZCOWITZ KateE124001 Apr 195369W16 48

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