All Deceased beginning with letters 'ES'

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All names beginning ES
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ESCOVITZ BashaA110505 Oct 190168D04 11
ESIPAFF Berea o/w BernardC607422 Sep 192862S20 14
ESSENBERG SimonD080112 Sep 193570U139 44
ESTERMAN AbrahamP0488724 Nov 191846M3
ESTERMAN AnnieA197126 Apr 19058C06 65
ESTERMAN JuliaD700522 Apr 194563X23 11
ESTERSON DianaC101117 Jul 19222D01 78
ESTERSON EstherP0488929 Mar 191250I7
ESTERSON HymanC105410 Aug 192243K20 03
ESTERSON MaryC924912 Mar 193232T115 65
ESTERSON MorrisP0489213 Jan 191553I15
ESTERSON RoyC1121625 Jun 193437T128 29
ESTHERMAN EthelA079809 May 190014B701 321
ESTMACHER IsraelD171923 Oct 193659U248 11
ESTRACH FannyE603628 Dec 196775W14 11
ESTRACHER KateE287929 Nov 195671U249 11
ESTREICH DavidE047818 Oct 195166W14 12
ESTREICH GoldaE158314 Jan 195473U243 39
ESTREICH LeonD910921 Feb 194971Y124 21
ESTREICH LewisD120218 Feb 193665U243 38
ESTREICH MalkaC1116427 May 193460T128 41
ESTREICH MorrisE177231 May 195447U247 53
ESTREICH SarahC1089902 Feb 193446T126 35
ESTRIECH MillieE791811 Sep 199486U247 54

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