All Deceased beginning with letters 'ES'

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All names beginning ES
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ESCOVITZ BashaE0877305 Oct 190168XD04 11
ESIPAFF Berea o/w BernardE0877422 Sep 192862XS20 14
ESSENBERG SimonE0877512 Sep 193570XU39 44
ESTERMAN AbrahamE0877624 Nov 191846XM03 44
ESTERMAN AnnieE0877726 Apr 19058 mthXC06 65
ESTERMAN JuliaE0877822 Apr 194563XX23 11
ESTERMAN SimonE0877930 Jan 1909XG02 21
ESTERMAN TheresaE0878012 Jul 1911XO18 12
ESTERSON DianaE0878117 Jul 19222XD01 78
ESTERSON HymanE0878210 Aug 192243XK20 3
ESTERSON MaryE0878312 Mar 193232XT15 65
ESTERSON RoyE0878425 Jun 193437XT28 29
ESTHERMAN EthelE0878509 May 190014 mthXB07 321
ESTHERSON EstherE0878628 Mar 1912XI07 33
ESTHERSON MorrisE0878713 Jan 191551XI15 9
ESTMACHER IsraelE0878823 Oct 193659XU48 11
ESTRACH FannyE0878928 Dec 196775XW14 11
ESTRACHER KateE0879029 Nov 195671XU49 11
ESTREICH DavidE0879118 Oct 195166XW14 12
ESTREICH GoldaE0879214 Jan 195473XU43 39
ESTREICH LeonE0879321 Feb 194971XY24 21
ESTREICH LewisE0879418 Feb 193665XU43 38
ESTREICH MalkaE0879527 May 193460XT28 41
ESTREICH MorrisE0879631 May 195447XU47 53
ESTREICH SarahE0879702 Feb 193446XT26 35
ESTRIECH MillieE0879811 Sep 199486XU47 54

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