All Deceased beginning with letters 'ER'

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All names beginning ER
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ERDREICH / BERLOWITZ PaulE0875031 Oct 191973XN07 20
ERLICH DorisE0875130 Jul 199078XQ60 3
ERLICH JacobE0875224 Sep 194055XW03 27
ERLICH JosiahE0875308 Aug 190530XC08 44
ERLICH MarkE0875406 Oct 194776XX29 6
ERLICH PearlE0875513 Apr 193619XT42 28
ERLICH PhilipE0875626 Oct 195476XT51 11
ERLICH RoseE0875709 Sep 194370XX29 7
ERLICH SarahE0875808 Jul 195671XT51 10
ERLICHMAN Chaskel NoahE0875910 Jan 195981XS26 13
ERLICHMAN LeahE0876018 Jan 194365XS26 15
ERLICHMAN RoseE0876120 Feb 195874XY41 11
ERLICK AbrahamE0876211 Mar 193057XS29 9
ERLICK Gutcha GertieE0876301 Oct 197383XX26 4
ERLICK MorrisE0876409 May 196884XX26 5
ERLICK SarahE0876509 May 194975XY27 24
ERLICKMAN DavidE0876625 Jul 192927XS26 14
ERLICKMAN WoolfE0876708 Feb 195174XY41 12
ERLINSKY AbrahamE0876816 May 194657XX13 45
ERLINSKY AnnieE0876901 Nov 194149XV79 15
ERLINSKY LeahE0877007 May 192460XP34 32
ERSKOWITZ DavisE0877107 Nov 193055XS32 40
ERT HenriettaE0877208 Aug 18903 mthXA01 16

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