All Deceased beginning with letters 'ER'

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All names beginning ER
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ERDREICH / BERLOWITZ PaulB596631 Oct 191973N07 20
ERLICH DorisE780730 Jul 199078Q260 03
ERLICH JacobD426824 Sep 194055W03 27
ERLICH JosiahA203708 Aug 190530C08 44
ERLICH MarkD836206 Oct 194776X29 06
ERLICH NathanP0487602 Nov 190820G8
ERLICH PearlD134813 Apr 193619T242 28
ERLICH PhilipE192526 Oct 195476T251 11
ERLICH RoseD601409 Sep 194370X29 07
ERLICH SarahE270708 Jul 195671T251 10
ERLICHMAN Chaskel NoahE375210 Jan 195981S26 13
ERLICHMAN LeahD567818 Jan 194365S26 15
ERLICHMAN RoseE340720 Feb 195874Y241 11
ERLICK AbrahamC745611 Mar 193057S29 09
ERLICK Gutcha GertieE675701 Oct 197383X26 04
ERLICK MorrisE609609 May 196884X26 05
ERLICK SarahD924009 May 194975Y127 24
ERLICKMAN DavidC693725 Jul 192927S26 14
ERLICKMAN WoolfE014908 Feb 195174Y241 12
ERLINSKY AbrahamD757816 May 194657X13 45
ERLINSKY AnnieD502801 Nov 194149V279 15
ERLINSKY LeahC249907 May 192460P134 32
ERSKOWITZ DavisC796107 Nov 193055S32 40
ERT HenriettaA002208 Aug 18909A101 16

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