All Deceased beginning with letters 'EP'

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All names beginning EP
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
EPHRAIM IsaacE0868310 Nov 1907XH07 20
EPHRAMSON BernardE0868419 Aug 192168XG10 26
EPHRAMSON GettaE0868531 Dec 194380XX32 47
EPHRON BetsyE0868622 Mar 196075XP71 15
EPHRON JosephE0868702 Dec 196584XP71 16
EPHRON MaryE0868819 Aug 19247XM18 6
EPPS PollyE0868914 Aug 194966XV16 1
EPPS ReubenE0869009 Jun 194263XV16 10
EPSTEIN AbrahamE0869131 Oct 191929XN08 12
EPSTEIN Annie SarahE0869216 Apr 193018XT04 27
EPSTEIN AnnieE0869325 Nov 193427XT31 34
EPSTEIN AnnieE0869427 Dec 195069XY39 39
EPSTEIN AnnieE0869525 Jul 195987XZ43 39
EPSTEIN BenjaminE0869617 Dec 194361XQ37 6
EPSTEIN BerthaE0869724 Oct 195968XL18 6
EPSTEIN BessieE0869825 Nov 19153 mthXO05 2
EPSTEIN BessieE0869927 Mar 192340XP15 8
EPSTEIN BetsyE0870024 Oct 193352XQ37 7
EPSTEIN BettyE0870103 Jul 197463XQ35 43
EPSTEIN ClaraE0870229 Dec 192542XR11 43
EPSTEIN DavidE0870321 Jul 191753XJ14 26
EPSTEIN DeborahE0870430 May 190265XD04 44
EPSTEIN EphraimE0870516 Jun 195564XL18 5
EPSTEIN EvaE0870627 Jul 1914XL15 13
EPSTEIN FannyE0870721 Mar 194273XV18 33
EPSTEIN FannyE0870810 Oct 19018XB09 423
EPSTEIN FlorenceE0870915 Jul 193265XT16 50
EPSTEIN HarrisE0871029 Oct 191869XM03 29
EPSTEIN HarrisE0871112 Nov 192175XI19 45
EPSTEIN HymanE0871231 Jan 190743XF07 36
EPSTEIN IsaacE0871324 Aug 193065XS31 70
EPSTEIN IsaacE0871427 Jan 194794XU43 1
EPSTEIN IsraelE0871510 Dec 195752XQ35 44
EPSTEIN IsraelE0871609 Jun 194859XY14 38
EPSTEIN JennyE0871704 Aug 195762XV16 39
EPSTEIN JosephE0871807 Feb 195676XQ87 13
EPSTEIN LazarusE0871909 Aug 1908XF02 40
EPSTEIN LeahE0872004 Jun 1914XL13 10
EPSTEIN LewisE0872108 Nov 195479XY39 38
EPSTEIN LilyE0872222 Feb 193221XT14 30
EPSTEIN LizzieE0872313 Feb 192965XS16 48
EPSTEIN MarksE0872412 Apr 194584XX24 37
EPSTEIN MaryE0872506 Oct 192350XP25 15
EPSTEIN MaryE0872605 Feb 194180XP41 5
EPSTEIN MaxE0872712 Oct 192467XP41 4
EPSTEIN MillieE0872810 Mar 193754XV39 10
EPSTEIN MiriamE0872929 Oct 19223 mthXF01 59A
EPSTEIN Mona ZenaE0873017 Jan 19262XM20 4
EPSTEIN MorrisE0873121 Sep 194160XV78 13
EPSTEIN MorrisE0873203 Jun 193366XU15 48
EPSTEIN MyerE0873324 Oct 192353XP28 20
EPSTEIN NathanE0873406 Aug 1914XL16 13
EPSTEIN NathanE0873517 Jul 192010 mthXM11 7
EPSTEIN PollyE0873614 Nov 19192 mthXO28 3
EPSTEIN PollyE0873728 Jun 195578XQ79 7
EPSTEIN RachelE0873829 Aug 192545XR07 21
EPSTEIN RachelE0873923 Jan 194571XW22 5
EPSTEIN SarahE0874022 Nov 193570XT39 6
EPSTEIN SarahE0874120 Apr 194682XX24 36
EPSTEIN SarahE0874208 Dec 197188XV79 2
EPSTEIN SarahE0874309 Dec 196593XQ46 5
EPSTEIN SolomonE0874426 Feb 195281XW22 6
EPSTEIN VictorE0874531 Mar 191677XI11 65
EPSTEIN WoolfE0874607 Mar 193063XS29 61
EPSTEIN WoolfE0874712 Nov 192568XQ09 11
EPSTEIN YettaE0874809 Dec 193582XI19 46
EPSTEIN ZeligE0874911 Feb 196986XQ73 6

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