All Deceased beginning with letters 'EP'

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All names beginning EP
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
EPHRAMSON BernardC024119 Aug 192168G10 26
EPHRAMSON GettaD622031 Dec 194380X32 47
EPHRON BetsyE429122 Mar 196075P271 15
EPHRON Isaac MyerP0483512 Nov 190742H7
EPHRON JosephE564902 Dec 196584P271 16
EPHRON MaryC268619 Aug 19247M118 06
EPPS PollyD935014 Aug 194966V116 01
EPPS ReubenD535309 Jun 194263V116 10
EPSTEIN AbrahamB596131 Oct 191929N08 12
EPSTEIN AmeliaP0483813 Apr 191781I11
EPSTEIN Annie SarahC755116 Apr 193018T104 27
EPSTEIN AnnieD021325 Nov 193427T131 34
EPSTEIN AnnieE005627 Dec 195069Y139 39
EPSTEIN AnnieE402025 Jul 195987Z243 39
EPSTEIN AvidorP0484101 Mar 191683I11
EPSTEIN BenjaminD618317 Dec 194361Q137 06
EPSTEIN BerthaE409724 Oct 195968L18 06
EPSTEIN BessieC155927 Mar 192340P115 08
EPSTEIN BetsyC1060424 Oct 193352Q137 07
EPSTEIN BettyE683403 Jul 197463Q135 43
EPSTEIN ClaraC380829 Dec 192542R111 43
EPSTEIN DavidP0484821 Jul 191752J14
EPSTEIN DeborahA126030 May 190265D04 44
EPSTEIN EphraimE221716 Jun 195564L18 05
EPSTEIN Eva RoseP0485027 Jul 191452L15
EPSTEIN FannyA110810 Oct 19018B901 423
EPSTEIN FannyD523321 Mar 194273V118 33
EPSTEIN FlorenceC954115 Jul 193265T116 50
EPSTEIN HarrisC039112 Nov 192175I19 45
EPSTEIN HarrisP0485329 Oct 191859M3
EPSTEIN HymanA248331 Jan 190743F07 36
EPSTEIN IsaacC779824 Aug 193065S31 70
EPSTEIN IsaacD797227 Jan 194794U243 01
EPSTEIN IsraelD872709 Jun 194859Y114 38
EPSTEIN IsraelE331110 Dec 195752Q135 44
EPSTEIN JennyE315304 Aug 195762V116 39
EPSTEIN JosephE250507 Feb 195676Q387 13
EPSTEIN LeahP0485904 Jun 191453L13
EPSTEIN LewisE193908 Nov 195479Y139 38
EPSTEIN LilyC919622 Feb 193221T114 30
EPSTEIN LizzieC652013 Feb 192965S16 48
EPSTEIN MarksD699412 Apr 194584X24 37
EPSTEIN MaryC193706 Oct 192350P125 15
EPSTEIN MaryD461005 Feb 194180P241 05
EPSTEIN MaxC278312 Oct 192467P241 04
EPSTEIN MillieD209410 Mar 193754V139 10
EPSTEIN MiriamC118229 Oct 192210F01 59A
EPSTEIN Mona ZenaC385017 Jan 19262M120 04
EPSTEIN MorrisC1033303 Jun 193366U115 48
EPSTEIN MorrisD497821 Sep 194160V278 13
EPSTEIN MyerC197124 Oct 192353P128 20
EPSTEIN NathanB653517 Jul 192010M111 07
EPSTEIN NathanP0486506 Aug 191441L16
EPSTEIN PollyB600114 Nov 19196O28 03
EPSTEIN PollyE223528 Jun 195578Q279 07
EPSTEIN RachelC349829 Aug 192545R107 21
EPSTEIN RachelD685723 Jan 194571W22 05
EPSTEIN SarahD095422 Nov 193570T139 06
EPSTEIN SarahD753220 Apr 194682X24 36
EPSTEIN SarahE565309 Dec 196593Q246 05
EPSTEIN SarahE658408 Dec 197188V279 02
EPSTEIN SolomonE068026 Feb 195281W22 06
EPSTEIN WoolfC365612 Nov 192568Q109 11
EPSTEIN WoolfC744707 Mar 193063S29 61
EPSTEIN YettaD100409 Dec 193582I19 46
EPSTEIN ZeligE620611 Feb 196986Q273 06

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