All Deceased beginning with letters 'EN'

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All names beginning EN
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ENDELMAN MorrisE0866111 Mar 192858XS04 6
ENDLEMAN HarryE0866227 Jun 194254XV16 34
ENDLEMAN RoseE0866329 Apr 197685XV19 1A
ENFELD MorrisE0866408 Mar 19072 mthXH01 15
ENGELMAN MalkaE0866506 Apr 192458XP33 11
ENGLANDER CissieE0866621 Jun 192225XM01 43
ENGLANDER DoraE0866707 Dec 193567XT39 28
ENGLANDER JacobE0866823 Dec 194276XT39 27
ENGLEBACH SarahE0866903 Apr 192062XK04 45
ENGLEMAN AnnieE0867013 Mar 1911XI01 38
ENGLESTEIN JosephE0867111 Oct 192751XR38 39
ENGLESTEIN KatieE0867216 Aug 192152XK13 52
ENGLESTEIN LazarusE0867321 Aug 191560XI20 15
ENGLESTEIN LeahE0867407 Dec 19178 mthXM08 41
ENGLESTEIN LeahE0867521 Mar 191745XJ17 23
ENGLESTEIN WoolfE0867613 Jul 192062XN11 33
ENGLISHER SamuelE0867723 Apr 192653XR16 57
ENGLISHER SolomonE0867824 Nov 192274XP03 10
ENGLOVITZ AbrahamE0867913 Sep 1911XO14 25
ENIRSON AbrahamE0868023 Aug 190118XD03 13
ENOCH AbrahamE0868131 Jul 195470XX05 36
ENOCH Sarah LeahE0868212 Feb 194762XX05 37

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