All Deceased beginning with letters 'EN'

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All names beginning EN
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ENDELMAN MorrisC563311 Mar 192858S04 06
ENDLEMAN HarryD537827 Jun 194254V116 34
ENDLEMAN RoseE702629 Apr 197685V119 01A
ENFELD MorrisA251008 Mar 19076H01 15
ENGELMAN MalkaC243906 Apr 192458P133 11
ENGELSTEIN LazarausP0482221 Aug 191560I20
ENGLANDER CissieC097321 Jun 192225M101 43
ENGLANDER DoraD100307 Dec 193567T139 28
ENGLANDER JacobD563223 Dec 194276T139 27
ENGLEBACH SarahB632503 Apr 192062K04 45
ENGLEMAN AnnieP0482713 Mar 191119I1
ENGLESTEIN JosephC523911 Oct 192751R138 39
ENGLESTEIN JosephP0482821 Mar 191736J17
ENGLESTEIN KatieC023216 Aug 192152K13 52
ENGLESTEIN WoolfB652813 Jul 192062N11 33
ENGLISHER SamuelC411123 Apr 192653R116 57
ENGLISHER SolomonC125224 Nov 192274P103 10
ENIRSON AbrahamA108023 Aug 190118D03 13
ENOCH AbrahamE183031 Jul 195470X05 36
ENOCH Sarah LeahD800112 Feb 194762X05 37

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