All Deceased beginning with letters 'EH'

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All names beginning EH
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
EHRENBAUM MorrisD084026 Sep 193580U140 11
EHRENBERG AnnieA156916 Oct 190368C07 04
EHRENBERG DavidP0471502 Nov 191581C7
EHRENBERG IsraelP0471610 May 190842F9
EHRENBERG RA055123 Jul 18983A801 433
EHRENGOTT LeahP0471801 Jan 191316L8
EHRLICH AbrahamB621126 Feb 19209M111 56
EHRLICH HenryP0471903 May 190941H5
EHRLICH JacobC800124 Nov 193056S32 25
EHRLICH JosephD057804 May 193563U105 04
EHRLICH SarahC345604 Aug 192535R106 56
EHRLICH SarahD729821 Nov 194565X19 21
EHRLICH SophieD142111 May 193629T136 38

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