All Deceased beginning with letters 'EG'

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All names beginning EG
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
EGALNICK NathanE638012 May 197094Y112 17
EGALNICK SarahD858427 Feb 194872Y112 16
EGELNICK LazarusD422502 Sep 194070V126 11
EGELNICK SarahD551811 Oct 194272V126 12
EGERMAN MauriceD496003 Sep 194175Q135 25
EGERMAN MyerA191601 Feb 190511C02 41
EGERMAN RachelD432715 Oct 194075Q138 25
EGERS BerthaB675725 Nov 192074K09 35
EGLASH AnnieE180403 Jul 195497Q109 18
EGLASH MorrisE317525 Aug 195774Q391 05
EGLASH NoahC444513 Oct 192668Q109 19
EGLASH RoseE567403 Jan 196684Q391 06
EGLITZSKY BellaC1071009 Dec 193348T124 52
EGLOSKI DinahD193910 Jan 193763V242 32
EGLOVITCH JaneC085014 Apr 192271K19 32

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