All Deceased beginning with letters 'ED'

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All names beginning ED
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
EDELMAN Edith SarahE0839924 Apr 190231XD04 42
EDELMAN HarrisE0840016 Jun 1913XL11 33
EDELMAN JosephE0840123 Feb 193268XU10 32
EDELMAN MillieE0840207 May 193564XT34 26
EDELMAN RachelE0840301 Jun 193755XV40 25
EDELMAN RachelE0840413 Mar 192074XK07 2
EDELMAN RachelE0840511 Feb 194187XQ40 10
EDELMAN SarahE0840611 Oct 1911XI08 7
EDELMAN SimonE0840730 May 193279XQ40 9
EDELMAN YettaE0840807 Mar 193360XT21 59
EDELOFF HenryE0840908 Oct 19228XM06 1
EDELOFF RosaE0841026 Mar 192470XP20 1
EDELOVITZ AliceE0841121 Aug 195383XJ17 1A
EDELOVITZ IsraelE0841219 Oct 1909XG03 22
EDELS AdaE0841317 Apr 193443XT27 11
EDELSON PaulineE0841404 May 1911XI01 47
EDELSTEIN AnnieE0841528 Mar 192953XS07 44
EDELSTEIN AnnieE0841619 Oct 194459XW24 9
EDELSTEIN AnnieE0841702 Nov 197077XW25 17
EDELSTEIN BetsyE0841810 Sep 190517 mthXF01 13
EDELSTEIN CeliaE0841919 Jan 195666XQ78 12
EDELSTEIN DavidE0842004 Jul 195675XP56 37
EDELSTEIN EphraimE0842120 May 1909XG01 38
EDELSTEIN FannyE0842230 Jun 193368XT21 27
EDELSTEIN FannyE0842330 Oct 193977XV62 28
EDELSTEIN Henry MorrisE0842411 Jan 194178XV69 23
EDELSTEIN IsraelE0842506 Jan 193820XU58 36
EDELSTEIN IsraelE0842617 Aug 194457XW25 16
EDELSTEIN JacobE0842729 Jun 194967XW24 10
EDELSTEIN JosephE0842830 Apr 194659XX13 25
EDELSTEIN JosephE0842931 Dec 193171XQ41 9
EDELSTEIN Judah LewisE0843003 Jul 193768XU53 46
EDELSTEIN LeahE0843117 Feb 190649XF05 7
EDELSTEIN MarkE0843226 May 194276XV19 37
EDELSTEIN MaryE0843305 Dec 193968XV31 21
EDELSTEIN MillyE0843420 Jun 193872XS17 38
EDELSTEIN MorrisE0843524 Nov 195669XT55 11
EDELSTEIN RosaE0843602 Nov 192170XJ07 1
EDELSTEIN SimaE0843720 Sep 19039 mthXD07 67
EDELSTEIN SimonE0843820 Oct 191856XL10 7
EDELSTEIN SophieE0843931 Aug 195065XY37 24
EDELSTEIN ZaraE0844025 Mar 193243XJ13 1A
EDELSTONE ThomasE0844103 Oct 192874XS20 27
EDENFELD SigmundE0844226 Jul 1912XI06 69
EDGAR AdaE0844315 Oct 192575XR08 11
EDGARD ElizabethE0844414 Mar 194265XP09 25
EDGARD Harold SamuelE0844521 Nov 19282 mthXM36 7
EDGARD HarrisE0844604 Dec 192550XR10 39
EDILOWITCH HarrisE0844707 Apr 191656XJ21 38
EDILSTIN FannyE0844808 Jan 1913XO22 23
EDOLOFF AnnieE0844910 May 194562XX22 12
EDOLOFF NathanE0845018 Jun 193654XP10 4

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