All Deceased beginning with letters 'ED'

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All names beginning ED
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
EDELMAN Edith SarahA123924 Apr 190231D04 42
EDELMAN JosephC920323 Feb 193268U110 32
EDELMAN MillieD058307 May 193564T134 26
EDELMAN RachelB626613 Mar 192074K07 02
EDELMAN RachelD228301 Jun 193755V140 25
EDELMAN RachelD461711 Feb 194187Q140 10
EDELMAN SarahP0468012 Oct 191155I8
EDELMAN SimonC944030 May 193279Q140 09
EDELMAN YettaC1013207 Mar 193360T121 59
EDELOFF HenryC114608 Oct 19228M106 01
EDELOFF RosaC241726 Mar 192470P120 01
EDELOVITZ AliceE142121 Aug 195383J17 01A
EDELOVITZ HarrisP0468307 Apr 191655J21
EDELOVITZ IsraelP0468419 Oct 19095G3
EDELS AdaC1108517 Apr 193443T127 11
EDELSON PaulineP0468805 May 191176I1
EDELSTEIN AnnieC667828 Mar 192953S07 44
EDELSTEIN AnnieD668119 Oct 194459W24 09
EDELSTEIN AnnieE643402 Nov 197077W25 17
EDELSTEIN BetsyA206410 Sep 190517F01 13
EDELSTEIN CeliaE246519 Jan 195666Q278 12
EDELSTEIN DavidE270304 Jul 195675P256 37
EDELSTEIN FannyC1038430 Jun 193368T121 27
EDELSTEIN FannyD371830 Oct 193977V262 28
EDELSTEIN Henry MorrisD454511 Jan 194178V269 23
EDELSTEIN IsraelD274906 Jan 193820U258 36
EDELSTEIN IsraelD658917 Aug 194457W25 16
EDELSTEIN JacobD929429 Jun 194967W24 10
EDELSTEIN JosephC903831 Dec 193171Q241 09
EDELSTEIN JosephD754930 Apr 194659X13 25
EDELSTEIN Judah LewisD234303 Jul 193768U253 46
EDELSTEIN LeahA217917 Feb 190649F05 07
EDELSTEIN MarkD533326 May 194276V119 37
EDELSTEIN MaryD377705 Dec 193968V131 21
EDELSTEIN MillyD301420 Jun 193872S17 38
EDELSTEIN MorrisE287024 Nov 195669T255 11
EDELSTEIN RosaC037002 Nov 192170J07 01
EDELSTEIN SimaA155020 Sep 19039D07 67
EDELSTEIN SophieD988031 Aug 195065Y137 24
EDELSTEIN ZaraC928825 Mar 193243J13 01A
EDELSTONE ThomasC610803 Oct 192874S20 27
EDENFELD SigmundP0469725 Jul 191266I6
EDGAR AdaC359015 Oct 192575R108 11
EDGARD ElizabethD521514 Mar 194265P109 25
EDGARD Harold SamuelC622021 Nov 19282M136 07
EDGARD HarrisC372304 Dec 192550R110 39
EDOLOFF AnnieD703410 May 194562X22 12
EDOLOFF NathanD150418 Jun 193654P110 04

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