All Deceased beginning with letters 'EC'

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All names beginning EC
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ECKERT SybilC035822 Oct 192125K14 50
ECKHANDT MillieE405705 Sep 195987Y136 04
ECKHARDT EstherC976611 Nov 193224T117 67
ECKHARDT MyerD905001 Feb 194977Y136 03
ECKMAN FannyP0466629 Jul 191720J15
ECKMAN IsaacP0466829 Feb 191650J20
ECKMAN SarahP0466901 Apr 191517I16
ECKSTEIN AnnieB584629 Aug 191920N12 27
ECKSTEIN AnnieD014218 Oct 193472S20 35
ECKSTEIN HymanC610601 Oct 192864S20 36
ECKSTEIN IsraelC549515 Jan 192870Q107 16
ECKSTEIN SamuelC089909 May 192264H10 01

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