All Deceased beginning with letters 'EC'

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All names beginning EC
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ECKERT SybilE0838522 Oct 192125XK14 50
ECKHANDT MillieE0838605 Sep 195987XY36 4
ECKHARDT EstherE0838711 Nov 193224XT17 67
ECKHARDT MyerE0838801 Feb 194977XY36 3
ECKMAN FannyE0838928 Jul 191731XJ15 19
ECKMAN IsaacE0839029 Feb 191650XJ20 37
ECKOVITCH EstherE0839101 Nov 191834XN18 11
ECKSTEIN AnnieE0839229 Aug 191920XN12 27
ECKSTEIN AnnieE0839318 Oct 193472XS20 35
ECKSTEIN HymanE0839401 Oct 192864XS20 36
ECKSTEIN IsraelE0839515 Jan 192870XQ07 16
ECKSTEIN RebeccaE0839609 Jul 191862XL10 20
ECKSTEIN SamuelE0839709 May 192264XH10 1
ECTMAN JillyE0839813 Jan 1913XL06 8

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