All Deceased beginning with letters 'DU'

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All names beginning DU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
DUA BarnetE0827609 Jan 194566XW22 35
DUA YettaE0827724 Oct 195969XW22 36
DUBASKIE MyerE0827822 Apr 191958XN13 40
DUBCHANSKY GershonE0827902 Mar 192879XS04 12
DUBCHANSKY JaneE0828021 Aug 192878XS04 11
DUBCHINSKY AnnieE0828119 Aug 195269XY17 6
DUBCHINSKY NathanE0828213 Feb 196480XY17 5
DUBCHINSKY SadieE0828324 Feb 193616XV41 28
DUBINSKI BarnettE0828411 Jan 192458XQ34 3
DUBINSKY AbrahamE0828501 Jan 192853XS03 18
DUBINSKY AnnieE0828612 Oct 192954XS06 33
DUBINSKY JaneE0828717 Feb 192643XJ02 18
DUBINSKY MyerE0828820 Feb 192852XS04 54
DUBINSKY SarahE0828909 Apr 195182XV07 26
DUBOFF AnnieE0829030 Sep 195984XT53 12
DUBOFF Cecil MauriceE0829106 Nov 197963XQ87 3
DUBOFF HenriettaE0829212 Jan 199386XQ87 4
DUBOFF JacobE0829301 Apr 194068XU72 27
DUBOFF JanetE0829422 Jun 197167XQ57 4
DUBOFF LizzieE0829524 Dec 193280XU17 7
DUBOFF ReubenE0829612 Sep 193190XU17 6
DUBOFF Sarah MurielE0829717 Jul 195578XQ51 2
DUBOFSKY JosephE0829824 Nov 19175XM06 31
DUBOLSKY JosephE0829903 Dec 1910XI04 22
DUBORA BessieE0830018 Jun 192512XR05 21
DUBORA MillieE0830126 Jan 193773XV47 24
DUBORA NathanE0830217 Mar 194695XV47 23
DUBORA SarahE0830312 Jul 192534XR06 17
DUBOSKY MinnieE0830408 Feb 19288XM30 21
DUBOSKY NathanE0830517 Jan 194274XU01 13
DUBOSKY PatriciaE0830607 Feb 19353 mthXQ04 57
DUBOSKY PaulineE0830730 Dec 193166XT13 29
DUBOSKY RebeccaE0830819 Feb 194276XU01 12
DUBOWSKY AnnieE0830917 Aug 1911XI05 12
DUBOWSKY BerthaE0831009 Sep 19053 mthXF01 12
DUBOWSKY PhilipE0831102 Jan 192557XM24 4
DUBRINSKY AnnieE0831226 Apr 195187XW11 35
DUBROVNA JaneE0831321 Feb 193662XV41 26
DUBROVNA SamuelE0831424 Jul 192553XR06 11
DUBYINETZ SarahE0831512 Dec 195683XT08 38
DUCHAMINEE RachelE0831605 Dec 192869XS15 43
DUCHAMINEE SolomonE0831709 Nov 192370XQ27 8
DUCHOVSKY JacobE0831817 Feb 1910XH07 26
DUCKER DeborahE0831924 Feb 196778XU27 54
DUCKER LewisE0832017 Nov 191838XM03 26
DUCKER SolomonE0832114 May 193352XU27 26
DUDACK IsraelE0832220 Nov 194953XY20 42
DUDACK MarksE0832324 Nov 194885XY20 25
DUDACK SarahE0832422 Jun 193267XT16 53
DUDAKOFF RubinE0832517 Mar 193647XU44 14
DUDINSKY KateE0832601 Feb 192956XS16 37
DUDLER Hette-PaskaE0832726 Feb 1914XI14 11
DUFAGEL PaulE0832824 Dec 192650XR25 46
DUFAYEL DeborahE0832924 Mar 194565XW22 46
DUKE MarxE0833017 Feb 192956XQ14 19
DUKE RayE0833102 May 195381XQ14 20
DULMAN DeborahE0833223 Dec 196183XQ22 24
DULMAN HarrisE0833330 Sep 194773XQ22 25
DUNBAR AnnieE0833411 Jul 196487XQ40 44
DUNKER PercyE0833518 Jul 194164XV31 14
DUNKER RoseE0833611 Nov 193962XV31 15
DUNN AnnieE0833702 Jul 193569XT02 51
DUNN DavidE0833804 Mar 1911XI02 39
DUNN Esther JaneE0833902 Feb 193241XM14 1
DUNN FannyE0834004 Jan 192274XM14 2
DUNN HE0834130 Mar 189832XA09 454
DUNN JacobE0834212 Apr 192360XI18 69
DUNN LazarusE0834324 Dec 194376XT02 52
DUNN LouisE0834417 Jul 193223XT20 68
DUNN ME0834531 Mar 189860XA09 455
DUNN MauriceE0834629 May 193836XS09 38
DUNN SarahE0834729 Dec 194078XS01 19
DUPLINSKY GershonE0834810 Dec 193965XT33 16
DURNFEST RachelE0834907 Mar 190123XD02 18
DUSCOVITCH AaronE0835013 Aug 195972XW20 42
DUSCOVITCH Nat LionelE0835104 Apr 19232XM08 1A
DUSCOVITCH SarahE0835207 Apr 197082XW20 41
DUSHMAN BerthaE0835319 Sep 193044XT08 30
DUSLER LeahE0835418 Feb 196184XQ121 9
DUSLER MyerE0835502 Jun 197091XQ121 10
DUTFIELD Deborah MiriamE0835627 Jun 193230XT16 52
DUTKEVITCH NathanE0835728 Jul 193649XU46 22
DUTKEVITCH ReneE0835822 Jan 194117XV25 26
DUTTNER IsaacE0835915 Aug 192011 mthXN19 19
DUYTS RomaE0836019 May 193751XV51 25
DUZZY HettyE0836117 Mar 193744XV49 12
DUZZY SolomonE0836207 Aug 193749XU54 29

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