All Deceased beginning with letters 'DU'

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All names beginning DU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
DUA BarnetD682909 Jan 194566W22 35
DUA YettaE410024 Oct 195969W22 36
DUBCHANSKY GershonC560802 Mar 192879S04 12
DUBCHANSKY JaneC600121 Aug 192878S04 11
DUBCHINSKY AnnieE085919 Aug 195269Y117 06
DUBCHINSKY NathanE531913 Feb 196480Y117 05
DUBCHINSKY SadieD122424 Feb 193616V241 28
DUBINSKI BarnettC217611 Jan 192458Q134 03
DUBINSKY AbrahamC544401 Jan 192853S03 18
DUBINSKY AnnieC708212 Oct 192954S06 33
DUBINSKY JaneC393317 Feb 192643J02 18
DUBINSKY MyerC559020 Feb 192852S04 54
DUBINSKY SarahE024409 Apr 195182V107 26
DUBOFF AnnieE407730 Sep 195984T253 12
DUBOFF Cecil MauriceE732006 Nov 197963Q387 03
DUBOFF HenriettaE788312 Jan 199386Q387 04
DUBOFF JacobD399101 Apr 194068U272 27
DUBOFF JanetE652422 Jun 197167Q257 04
DUBOFF LizzieC986824 Dec 193280U117 07
DUBOFF ReubenC875812 Sep 193190U117 06
DUBOFF Sarah MurielE225717 Jul 195578Q251 02
DUBORA BessieC335318 Jun 192512R105 21
DUBORA MillieD200026 Jan 193773V247 24
DUBORA NathanD748717 Mar 194695V247 23
DUBORA SarahC340312 Jul 192534R106 17
DUBOSKIE Abraham MyerP0461522 Apr 191958N13
DUBOSKY HarryE251511 Feb 195673Z140 07
DUBOSKY JosephP0461703 Dec 191023I4
DUBOSKY MinnieC556308 Feb 19288M130 21
DUBOSKY NathanD513017 Jan 194274U101 13
DUBOSKY PatriciaD040107 Feb 19353Q104 57
DUBOSKY PaulineC903630 Dec 193166T113 29
DUBOSKY RebeccaD518419 Feb 194276U101 12
DUBOWSKI AnnieP0462117 Aug 191137I5
DUBOWSKY AsherD006931 Aug 193494I05 12
DUBOWSKY BerthaA206109 Sep 19053F01 12
DUBOWSKY PhilipC298402 Jan 192557M124 04
DUBRINSKY AnnieE027026 Apr 195187W11 35
DUBROVNA JaneD121521 Feb 193662V241 26
DUBROVNA SamuelC342924 Jul 192553R106 11
DUBYINETZ SarahE289812 Dec 195683T108 38
DUCHAMINEE RachelC625405 Dec 192869S15 43
DUCHAMINEE SolomonC200309 Nov 192370Q127 08
DUCKER DeborahE590624 Feb 196778U127 54
DUCKER LewisP0462717 Nov 191833M3
DUCKER SolomonC1028914 May 193352U127 26
DUDACK IsraelD947320 Nov 194953Y120 42
DUDACK MarksD893124 Nov 194885Y120 25
DUDACK SarahC949022 Jun 193267T116 53
DUDAKOFF RubinD129117 Mar 193647U244 14
DUDINSKY KateC644701 Feb 192956S16 37
DUDLER Hettie PashaP0463026 Feb 191476I14
DUFAGEL PaulC462824 Dec 192650R125 46
DUFAYEL DeborahD696124 Mar 194565W22 46
DUKE MarxC653117 Feb 192956Q114 19
DUKE RayE128902 May 195381Q114 20
DULMAN DeborahE485823 Dec 196183Q222 24
DULMAN HarrisD835130 Sep 194773Q122 25
DUNBAR AnnieE540511 Jul 196487Q140 44
DUNKER PercyD489618 Jul 194164V131 14
DUNKER RoseD373911 Nov 193962V131 15
DUNN AnnieD068302 Jul 193569T102 51
DUNN DavidP0463704 Mar 191121I2
DUNN Esther JaneC913402 Feb 193241M114 01
DUNN FannyC053804 Jan 192274M114 02
DUNN HA051030 Mar 189832A901 454
DUNN JacobC160712 Apr 192360I18 69
DUNN LazarusD620024 Dec 194376T102 52
DUNN LouisC954817 Jul 193223T120 68
DUNN MA051131 Mar 189860A901 455
DUNN MauriceD298829 May 193836S09 38
DUNN SarahD452129 Dec 194078S01 19
DUPLINSKY GershonD378210 Dec 193965T133 16
DURNFEST RachelA097107 Mar 190123D02 18
DUSCOVITCH AaronE403713 Aug 195972W20 42
DUSCOVITCH Nat LionelC158304 Apr 19232M108 01A
DUSCOVITCH SarahE636407 Apr 197082W20 41
DUSHMAN BerthaC785619 Sep 193044T108 30
DUSLER LeahE463118 Feb 196184Q4C1 09
DUSLER MyerE638802 Jun 197091Q4C1 10
DUTFIELD Deborah MiriamC950427 Jun 193230T116 52
DUTKEVITCH NathanD157328 Jul 193649U246 22
DUTKEVITCH ReneD457422 Jan 194117V125 26
DUTTNER IsaacB658315 Aug 192011N19 19
DUYTS RomaD226619 May 193751V251 25
DUZZY HettyD211817 Mar 193744V249 12
DUZZY SolomonD240707 Aug 193749U254 29

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