All Deceased beginning with letters 'DR'

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All names beginning DR
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
DRACHMAN GershonE0820219 Aug 194476XW25 34
DRACHMAN GoldaE0820318 Apr 191571XI19 15
DRACHMAN RachelE0820430 Oct 193179XT13 72
DRACHMAN RachelE0820522 Feb 195991XW25 33
DRAGOVITCH Fanny RachelE0820601 Jan 195382XY26 8
DRAGOWITCH SarahE0820716 Jul 192458XP37 10
DRAKINSKY GoldaE0820831 Mar 194165XV73 19
DRAKINSKY MorrisE0820907 May 194670XV73 18
DRANKUS LeahE0821031 Jan 193257XT14 47
DRANOVSKI ChaiaE0821115 Sep 196082XP74 13
DRAPKIN MaxE0821225 Apr 192759XR32 46
DRAPKIN RoseE0821331 Aug 189832XA09 477
DRAPKIN SaraE0821406 Jul 194372XV02 10
DRAPOVITCH SimonE0821508 Sep 194070XU74 46
DRAY Albert EdwardE0821613 Jan 195051XX08 54
DRAY EstherE0821727 Oct 195347XZ28 27
DRAYLISH SolomonE0821823 Dec 193655XU49 22
DRAZIN AnnieE0821906 Jun 197682XP71 28
DRAZIN HymanE0822017 Jan 193165XQ17 11
DRAZIN JacobE0822129 Mar 196073XP71 27
DRAZIN PollyE0822209 Feb 193365XQ17 10
DREFUS AnnieE0822304 Dec 195571XQ65 13
DREINBERG NathanE0822428 Jan 1914XI11 17
DRENBERG BetsyE0822518 Jan 193585XT32 25
DREYFUS LouisE0822604 Nov 195978XQ65 14
DRILLICK AdaE0822701 Dec 195263XY35 41
DRILLICK MorrisE0822815 Mar 195068XY32 39
DROBCHANSKY PhilipE0822916 Apr 193350XU09 43
DROBCHINSKY AnnieE0823024 Mar 19240XP33 28
DROBINER EstherE0823126 Mar 192553XR03 11
DROBINER SamuelE0823212 Apr 195379XQ28 31
DRODGINSKY BarnettE0823315 Aug 193474XU06 30
DROGA HarrisE0823416 May 192549XR04 43
DROMBLEVITCH SimonE0823524 Dec 193365XU30 14
DRONKERS LouisE0823603 May 192956XS25 20
DROPSES JanieE0823701 Oct 191824XL10 40
DROSE HannahE0823826 Dec 193080XR01 55
DROSE JackE0823925 Feb 193419XU32 29
DROSE LeahE0824024 Jan 194556XW21 40
DROSHMAN AnnieE0824120 May 193442XT28 35
DROSS KateE0824222 Feb 193163XT09 16
DRUBITCH SolomonE0824327 May 192544XR04 4
DRUCE FrumaE0824426 Sep 193281XT17 53
DRUCE IsraelE0824516 Apr 190323XD09 24
DRUCE MosesE0824610 Sep 193182XU17 35
DRUCK BarnettE0824719 Sep 192055XN03 15
DRUCK BernardE0824830 May 193444XU07 40
DRUCKER ElizabethE0824917 Feb 194763XX05 47
DRUCKER IsaacE0825012 Apr 192661XR15 22
DRUCKER MillieE0825129 Dec 195083XY39 24
DRUCKERMAN IsraelE0825213 Sep 196485XV26 1
DRUCKERMAN RebeccaE0825320 May 194157XV23 28
DRUGMINSKY BeilaE0825405 Jan 1914XI10 20
DRUIAN BeatriceE0825502 Mar 19268XM18 40
DRUIKER AbrahamE0825602 Nov 192356XQ28 10
DRUKER Jacob JosephE0825718 Jan 196480XX05 48
DRUMLEWITZ EvaE0825810 Dec 192859XS15 9
DRUSHINSKY NachaE0825913 Apr 1908XG05 29
DRYAN FannyE0826027 Sep 198578XP74 28
DRYAN IsaacE0826127 Jul 194345XX30 18
DRYANSKI HymanE0826213 Feb 194474XX27 18
DRYANSKY DeborahE0826324 Aug 192756XR38 57
DRYANSKY DoreenE0826419 Mar 19347 mthXQ04 42
DRYANSKY LeahE0826502 May 195765XW15 44
DRYEN SimonE0826629 Aug 196057XP74 27
DRYER AnnieE0826712 Feb 192957XS16 44
DRYER FannyE0826816 Dec 194774XY10 20
DRYER JosephE0826902 Mar 191947XK04 6
DRYER JosephE0827018 Jul 195185XY10 21
DRYER LazarusE0827123 Apr 193862XU60 24
DRYER MaxE0827227 Nov 194380XX31 41
DRYER MinnieE0827323 Apr 192680XR16 30
DRYER RoseE0827403 May 193355XT18 70
DRYSSTES CharlesE0827515 May 1909XG07 1

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