All Deceased beginning with letters 'DO'

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All names beginning DO
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
DOBB HymanA018909 Oct 189311A401 175
DOBBER DavisD357228 Jun 193973T107 54
DOBBER SarahC764925 May 193067T107 55
DOBGINSKY HarrisP0447813 Dec 191741J9
DOBGINSKY SarahP0447914 Apr 191159I3
DOBINETZ LeahE303608 Apr 195785X15 46
DOBINSKY PincusB592017 Oct 191965N08 17
DOBJINITZ MorrisC038912 Nov 192149K15 40
DOBJINSKY MichaelC342622 Jul 192556R106 32
DOBJINSKY MorrisC600727 Aug 192867S07 43
DOBKIN HymanP0448527 Apr 191947N13
DOBKIN MarksD723817 Oct 194586X19 16
DOBKIN Nina SophiaB661602 Sep 192023M112 56
DOBKIN RachelD568011 Apr 194149V112 39
DOBKIN RachelE400912 Jul 195989Q396 14
DOBKIN ReubenC778511 Aug 193033S31 13
DOBKIN YettaD811901 Apr 194786X19 15
DOBOFF AbrahamE301218 Mar 195784Q251 01
DOBOWSKI SA040026 Jan 189747B201 68
DOBOZINSKY JanieE356706 Jul 195892R106 33
DOBRE JaneP0448810 Dec 191555J3
DOBRE LeahC980425 Nov 193272T118 28
DOBRIN AbrahamC716518 Nov 192960Q110 14
DOBRIN Alfred LeonC824509 Feb 19314R247 02
DOBRIN RachelC276030 Sep 192457Q110 13
DOBROVALSKY SolomonB661030 Aug 192078O02 39
DOBROVOLSKI AnnieA146428 Apr 190355D02 52
DOBROWALSKI RebeccaA010109 Dec 189170A201 84
DOBROWATSKY RA039009 Jan 189765B101 41A
DOBROWSKY LeahC854131 May 193158J01 02
DOBZINETZ BarnettD747406 Mar 194667X15 47
DOBZINSKY CharlesB631028 Mar 192024N05 40
DOBZINSKY DorisP0449305 Jan 19182M7
DOCTOR AdaE492617 Mar 196271Y132 41
DOCTOR HarrisC312104 Mar 192555R102 19
DOCTOR MillieP0449529 Mar 191645J21
DOCTOR WoolfE000230 Nov 195078Y132 40
DOCTORS CharlesE391120 Apr 195979Q276 14
DOCTORS DavidE112501 Feb 195371X07 22
DOCTORS EstherE618921 Dec 196877V262 01
DOCTORS HannahD785509 Dec 194665X07 23
DOCTORS HettieD900001 Jan 194970U261 01
DOCTORS MarkD352326 May 193958U264 07
DOCTORS MorrisD583317 Apr 194356V262 29
DOCTORS SamuelC747114 Mar 193020P242 35
DOCTORS ZislaE188502 Oct 195466Q259 09
DOFF LeahC318530 Mar 192550R103 18
DOFFMAN BarnettE036105 Jul 195176W12 21
DOFFMAN YettaE181011 Jul 195479W12 20
DOLGIN LeahE422702 Feb 196085X20 17
DOLGIN SolomonD479815 May 194183V123 36
DOLINSKY AbnirE586415 Dec 196690V261 09
DOLINSKY LilyC147526 Feb 19233M111 01
DOLINSKY MiriamD363727 Aug 193924V261 10
DOLINSKY MosesC614619 Oct 192840S04 04
DOLINSKY RebeccaE625709 Jul 196991V261 11
DOLINSKY YettaD568726 Jan 194381S01 01
DOLLOP SarahE410829 Oct 195981D10 34
DOLLY LEE MarkE324520 Oct 195755V247 01
DOLMAN AnnieD076224 Aug 193530T136 14
DOLMAN ElizabethC892721 Nov 193132T113 67
DOLMAN SamuelC1096703 Mar 193451U132 27
DOLMAN SarahC535830 Nov 192768S11 09
DOLOBOFSKY RaphaelC800424 Nov 193049S30 03
DOLTIES PearlE779002 Nov 198982W27 52
DOLTIS AnnieE708816 Nov 197685Q263 04
DOLTIS HarryE473412 Jun 196169Q263 03
DOM LouisP0450822 May 19161O5
DOMANOVITZ MordkaC922802 Mar 193269U121 35
DOMB AnnieD259503 Nov 193768R101 30
DOMB BarnettD781616 Nov 194679R101 29
DOMB BarnettE771811 Aug 198792P256 14
DOMB HettyE607021 Mar 196871P256 15
DOMB MarksC809926 Dec 193066P250 14
DOMB MillieB619418 Feb 192013M111 58
DOMB MorrisC617401 Nov 192855S21 14
DOMB RachelE067625 Feb 195285P250 15
DOMB SheindelC230018 Feb 192450P130 08
DOMB WoolfE152625 Nov 195361Z126 07
DOMBROSKI BarnetA094531 Jan 190160AD01 517
DOMBROSKY JanieP0451830 Mar 191223I7
DOMBROSKY MiriamC904302 Jan 193268T113 23
DOMBROTT IsraelD137221 Apr 193657U244 19
DOMBROWSKI AbrahamD855714 Feb 194883W01 52
DOMBROWSKY BarnettD308517 Aug 193865J01 01
DOMBROWSKY HannahE415225 Nov 195998W02 49
DOME JaneD708121 Jun 194576X01 11
DOME MarksE125309 Apr 195381X01 12
DOME SophieC091014 May 192221N01A 27
DOMP MitaP0452227 Feb 191972K3
DON Annie BessieP0452403 Aug 190918G4
DON BarnettP0452511 Nov 190969E5
DON DeborahC084411 Apr 192217K19 56
DON EstherC496917 May 192766R133 31
DON LeahD548417 Sep 194280V115 32
DON MichaelC131517 Dec 192284K03 15
DON MorrisP0452810 Apr 191522L13
DON SolomonD241613 Aug 193748U254 36
DON SolomonD937407 Sep 194960Y130 28
DON Toba MaryP0452916 Mar 191964K3
DON YettaE576904 Jun 196672Y130 27
DONDE AaronD344902 Apr 193969U265 31
DONDE AnnieC323017 Apr 192555R103 45
DONDO RebeccaC409319 Apr 192649R116 54
DONERT FannyE048018 Oct 195173W14 24
DONERT JackC613313 Oct 192856S14 17
DONN A.A036512 Sep 18964B101 11
DONN AdaE039504 Aug 195160W13 25
DONN AsherE102713 Dec 195268Q128 37
DONN BarnettD958531 Jan 195049Y131 31
DONN DavisE268119 Jun 195680P254 32
DONN Jennie JaneE752127 Mar 198385Y131 44
DONN JosephE276303 Sep 195690P257 27
DONN LewisE566417 Dec 196576W13 24
DONN LouisD326923 Dec 193848U264 48
DONN MarkE645917 Dec 197081P274 02
DONN RoseE438726 Jun 196071Q128 38
DONN TillyE592909 Apr 196785P275 09
DONN YettaE635120 Feb 197075P274 01
DONNER PhilipC973124 Oct 193257U107 15
DONNERSTEIN IsraelD353130 May 193978U260 02
DONNERSTEIN MillyC526721 Oct 192763S12 33
DONSKI AliceD552114 Oct 194241V119 03
DONSKI HarrisC941619 May 193270U117 43
DONSKIE AnnieC494106 May 192731R132 56
DONSKIE EthelD356218 Jun 193919V259 08
DONSKIE Sarah NellieC574718 Apr 192861S10 32
DONSKIERIS SemchaC534523 Nov 192747P136 35
DONSKY MontagueC961530 Aug 19325Q102 05
DOPOLSKY IsaacD878203 Aug 194864Y116 15
DOPSKIN NathanD274331 Dec 193762U257 29
DORDICK SamuelD151722 Jun 193624U245 34
DORE EstherD544418 Aug 194272V114 08
DORE SolomonD013616 Oct 193468U103 45
DORFMAN AnnieE372723 Dec 195869Z140 17
DORFMAN BarnetC745710 Mar 193064S29 41
DORFMAN DavidC239517 Mar 192447P132 11
DORFMAN DevorahC604310 Sep 192867S10 59
DORFMAN HelenC400719 Mar 19269M128 09
DORFMAN IdaC413405 May 192645R116 24
DORFMAN LeahC675726 Apr 192963S18 22
DORFMAN MorrisD733716 Dec 194584X22 48
DORFMAN SamuelE424517 Feb 196080P270 20
DORFMAN SarahE244702 Jan 195676Z139 37
DORIN HildaE695326 Aug 197575Z138 11
DORIN MorrisD444423 Nov 194071V267 13
DORIN PhilipE217315 Apr 195554Z138 12
DORIN SarahD706306 Jun 194578T106 38
DORIN Toube GittelP0455009 Jan 1917J17
DORIN WoolfC370830 Nov 192571R108 03
DORNFEST MorrisB702326 Mar 192143N01 39
DOUDE IsaacD811226 Mar 194786R101 22
DOUGLAS Barbara ValerieD184613 Dec 19368Q103 04
DOUSIE HarrisC585204 Jun 192858S06 59
DOUSIE NellieE339507 Feb 195883X20 02
DOUZIG FannyD840231 Oct 194769U109 17
DOVE MillyD839524 Oct 194729Y108 25
DOVER BloomahP0455716 Jun 191726J14
DOZER JacobD614905 Dec 194371X32 37
DOZEY MillieE120510 Mar 195374X32 38

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