All Deceased beginning with letters 'DO'

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All names beginning DO
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
DOBB HymanE0803309 Oct 18933 mthXA04 175
DOBBER DavisE0803428 Jun 193973XT07 54
DOBBER SarahE0803525 May 193067XT07 55
DOBINETZ LeahE0803608 Apr 195785XX15 46
DOBINSKY PincusE0803717 Oct 191965XN08 17
DOBJINITZ MorrisE0803812 Nov 192149XK15 40
DOBJINSKY MichaelE0803922 Jul 192556XR06 32
DOBJINSKY MorrisE0804027 Aug 192867XS07 43
DOBKIN HymanE0804127 Apr 191947XN13 9
DOBKIN MarksE0804217 Oct 194586XX19 16
DOBKIN Nina SophiaE0804302 Sep 192023 mthXM12 56
DOBKIN RachelE0804411 Apr 194149XV12 39
DOBKIN RachelE0804512 Jul 195989XQ96 14
DOBKIN ReubenE0804611 Aug 193033XS31 13
DOBKIN YettaE0804701 Apr 194786XX19 15
DOBOFF AbrahamE0804818 Mar 195784XQ51 1
DOBOFFSKY EstherE0804915 Sep 1909XH09 11
DOBOWOLSKY ZeligE0805017 Oct 1912XO22 15
DOBOWSKI SE0805126 Jan 189747XB02 68
DOBOZINSKY JanieE0805206 Jul 195892XR06 33
DOBRE JaneE0805310 Dec 191555XJ03 31
DOBRE LeahE0805425 Nov 193272XT18 28
DOBRIN AbrahamE0805518 Nov 192960XQ10 14
DOBRIN Alfred LeonE0805609 Feb 19314 mthXR47 2
DOBRIN RachelE0805730 Sep 192457XQ10 13
DOBROVALSKY SolomonE0805830 Aug 192078XO02 39
DOBROVOLSKI AnnieE0805928 Apr 190355XD02 52
DOBROWALSKI RebeccaE0806009 Dec 189170XA02 84
DOBROWATSKY RE0806109 Jan 189765XB01 41A
DOBROWSKY LeahE0806231 May 193158XJ01 2
DOBZINETZ BarnettE0806306 Mar 194667XX15 47
DOBZINSKY CharlesE0806428 Mar 192024XN05 40
DOBZINSKY SarahE0806513 Apr 1911XI03 44
DOCTOR AdaE0806617 Mar 196271XY32 41
DOCTOR HarrisE0806704 Mar 192555XR02 19
DOCTOR MarcusE0806805 Aug 19194 mthXM10 5
DOCTOR MaryE0806928 Mar 191645XJ21 44
DOCTOR WoolfE0807030 Nov 195078XY32 40
DOCTORS CharlesE0807120 Apr 195979XQ76 14
DOCTORS DavidE0807201 Feb 195371XX07 22
DOCTORS EstherE0807321 Dec 196877XV62 1
DOCTORS HannahE0807409 Dec 194665XX07 23
DOCTORS HettieE0807501 Jan 194970XU61 1
DOCTORS MarkE0807626 May 193958XU64 7
DOCTORS MorrisE0807717 Apr 194356XV62 29
DOCTORS SamuelE0807814 Mar 193020XP42 35
DOCTORS ZislaE0807902 Oct 195466XQ59 9
DOFF LeahE0808030 Mar 192550XR03 18
DOFFMAN BarnettE0808105 Jul 195176XW12 21
DOFFMAN YettaE0808211 Jul 195479XW12 20
DOFZENSKY HarrisE0808315 Dec 191741XJ09 28
DOLGIN LeahE0808402 Feb 196085XX20 17
DOLGIN SolomonE0808515 May 194183XV23 36
DOLINSKY AbnirE0808615 Dec 196690XV61 9
DOLINSKY LilyE0808726 Feb 19233XM11 1
DOLINSKY MiriamE0808827 Aug 193924XV61 10
DOLINSKY MorrisE0808905 Sep 1911XO18 27
DOLINSKY MosesE0809019 Oct 192840XS04 4
DOLINSKY RebeccaE0809109 Jul 196991XV61 11
DOLINSKY YettaE0809226 Jan 194381XS01 1
DOLLOP SarahE0809329 Oct 195981XD10 34
DOLLY LEE MarkE0809420 Oct 195755XV47 1
DOLMAN AnnieE0809524 Aug 193530XT36 14
DOLMAN ElizabethE0809621 Nov 193132XT13 67
DOLMAN SamuelE0809703 Mar 193451XU32 27
DOLMAN SarahE0809830 Nov 192768XS11 9
DOLOBOFSKY RaphaelE0809924 Nov 193049XS30 3
DOLTIES PearlE0810002 Nov 198982XW27 52
DOLTIS AnnieE0810116 Nov 197685XQ63 4
DOLTIS HarryE0810212 Jun 196169XQ63 3
DOLZENEFSKY DorisE0810325 Jan 19182XM07 45
DOMANOVITZ MordkaE0810402 Mar 193269XU21 35
DOMB AnnieE0810503 Nov 193768XR01 30
DOMB BarnettE0810616 Nov 194679XR01 29
DOMB BarnettE0810711 Aug 198792XP56 14
DOMB HettyE0810821 Mar 196871XP56 15
DOMB MarksE0810926 Dec 193066XP50 14
DOMB MillieE0811018 Feb 192013 mthXM11 58
DOMB MitaE0811126 Feb 191972XK03 7
DOMB MorrisE0811201 Nov 192855XS21 14
DOMB RachelE0811325 Feb 195285XP50 15
DOMB SheindelE0811418 Feb 192450XP30 8
DOMB WoolfE0811525 Nov 195361XZ26 7
DOMBROSKI BarnetE0811631 Jan 190160XA10 517
DOMBROSKI JaneE0811730 Mar 1912XI07 34
DOMBROSKY MiriamE0811802 Jan 193268XT13 23
DOMBROTT IsraelE0811921 Apr 193657XU44 19
DOMBROWSKI AbrahamE0812014 Feb 194883XW01 52
DOMBROWSKY BarnettE0812117 Aug 193865XJ01 1
DOMBROWSKY HannahE0812225 Nov 195998XW02 49
DOMBY SimonE0812304 Dec 1908XG09 6
DOME JaneE0812421 Jun 194576XX01 11
DOME MarksE0812509 Apr 195381XX01 12
DOME SophieE0812614 May 192221XN01 27
DOMOFSKY JosephE0812714 Sep 1911XI06 29
DON DeborahE0812811 Apr 192217XK19 56
DON EstherE0812917 May 192766XR33 31
DON HannahE0813003 Aug 1909XG04 11
DON JuliusE0813103 Feb 1913XO24 5
DON LeahE0813224 Feb 1910XG07 37
DON LeahE0813317 Sep 194280XV15 32
DON LouisE0813422 May 19162 mthXO04 17
DON MichaelE0813517 Dec 192284XK03 15
DON MorrisE0813610 Apr 191522XL13 51
DON SolomonE0813713 Aug 193748XU54 36
DON SolomonE0813807 Sep 194960XY30 28
DON YettaE0813904 Jun 196672XY30 27
DONDE AaronE0814002 Apr 193969XU65 31
DONDE AnnieE0814117 Apr 192555XR03 45
DONDO RebeccaE0814219 Apr 192649XR16 54
DONERT FannyE0814318 Oct 195173XW14 24
DONERT JackE0814413 Oct 192856XS14 17
DONN A.E0814512 Sep 18964XB01 11
DONN AdaE0814604 Aug 195160XW13 25
DONN AsherE0814713 Dec 195268XQ28 37
DONN BarnettE0814831 Jan 195049XY31 31
DONN DavisE0814919 Jun 195680XP54 32
DONN Jennie JaneE0815027 Mar 198385XY31 44
DONN JosephE0815103 Sep 195690XP57 27
DONN LewisE0815217 Dec 196576XW13 24
DONN LouisE0815323 Dec 193848XU64 48
DONN MarkE0815417 Dec 197081XP74 2
DONN RoseE0815526 Jun 196071XQ28 38
DONN Tauba MaryE0815615 Mar 191964XK03 14
DONN TillyE0815709 Apr 196785XP75 9
DONN YettaE0815820 Feb 197075XP74 1
DONNER PhilipE0815924 Oct 193257XU07 15
DONNERSTEIN IsraelE0816030 May 193978XU60 2
DONNERSTEIN MillyE0816121 Oct 192763XS12 33
DONSKI AliceE0816214 Oct 194241XV19 3
DONSKI HarrisE0816319 May 193270XU17 43
DONSKIE AnnieE0816406 May 192731XR32 56
DONSKIE EthelE0816518 Jun 193919XV59 8
DONSKIE Sarah NellieE0816618 Apr 192861XS10 32
DONSKIERIS SemchaE0816723 Nov 192747XP36 35
DONSKY MontagueE0816830 Aug 19325XQ02 5
DOPOLSKY IsaacE0816903 Aug 194864XY16 15
DOPSKIN NathanE0817031 Dec 193762XU57 29
DORDICK SamuelE0817122 Jun 193624XU45 34
DORE EstherE0817218 Aug 194272XV14 8
DORE SolomonE0817316 Oct 193468XU03 45
DORFMAN AnnieE0817423 Dec 195869XZ40 17
DORFMAN BarnetE0817510 Mar 193064XS29 41
DORFMAN DavidE0817617 Mar 192447XP32 11
DORFMAN DevorahE0817710 Sep 192867XS10 59
DORFMAN HelenE0817819 Mar 19269 mthXM28 9
DORFMAN IdaE0817905 May 192645XR16 24
DORFMAN LeahE0818026 Apr 192963XS18 22
DORFMAN MorrisE0818116 Dec 194584XX22 48
DORFMAN SamuelE0818217 Feb 196080XP70 20
DORFMAN SarahE0818302 Jan 195676XZ39 37
DORIN HildaE0818426 Aug 197575XZ38 11
DORIN MorrisE0818523 Nov 194071XV67 13
DORIN PhilipE0818615 Apr 195554XZ38 12
DORIN SarahE0818706 Jun 194578XT06 38
DORIN WoolfE0818830 Nov 192571XR08 3
DORNFEST MorrisE0818926 Mar 192143XN01 39
DOSIN Toube GittelE0819010 Jan 191763XJ17 55
DOSWALD LeahE0819130 Jun 1910XE06 2
DOUDE IsaacE0819226 Mar 194786XR01 22
DOUGLAS Barbara ValerieE0819313 Dec 19368 mthXQ03 4
DOUSIE HarrisE0819404 Jun 192858XS06 59
DOUSIE NellieE0819507 Feb 195883XX20 2
DOUZIG FannyE0819631 Oct 194769XU09 17
DOV Chaim-BertE0819701 Dec 1909XE05 25
DOVE MillyE0819824 Oct 194729XY08 25
DOVER BloomahE0819916 Jun 191726XJ14 58
DOZER JacobE0820005 Dec 194371XX32 37
DOZEY MillieE0820110 Mar 195374XX32 38

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