All Deceased beginning with letters 'DI'

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All names beginning DI
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
DIAMOND AbrahamC746915 Mar 19306M243 03
DIAMOND AbrahamC760004 May 193078J02 16
DIAMOND AmeliaP0440924 Apr 191842J10
DIAMOND AnitaC412529 Apr 19262M131 04
DIAMOND AnneE748402 Aug 198281Y119 10
DIAMOND AnnieC555306 Feb 192833S11 28
DIAMOND AnnieD583822 Apr 194375L10 01B
DIAMOND Arthur EzekielE647901 Feb 197172L04 01A
DIAMOND BerthaP0441613 Apr 191433I14
DIAMOND BessieE637910 May 197070L04 01
DIAMOND BettyC467614 Jan 192730M126 55
DIAMOND BloomaP0441926 Feb 191663I16
DIAMOND DanielP0442120 Jul 191817I10
DIAMOND DavidC986824 Dec 193277R109 43
DIAMOND DavidP0442212 Oct 191229L3
DIAMOND DeborahE329903 Dec 195782X21 36
DIAMOND FannyC038008 Nov 192162J02 17
DIAMOND FannyC458511 Dec 192677R124 37
DIAMOND FannyD501922 Oct 194166V279 05
DIAMOND GoldaD177315 Nov 193619V140 16
DIAMOND GoldaP0442703 Apr 191673I12
DIAMOND Gretel DorahC1021510 Apr 193378T120 32
DIAMOND H.A100630 Apr 190170D02 39
DIAMOND HarrisC327705 May 192570R104 20
DIAMOND HarrisD741627 Jan 194670V279 06
DIAMOND HarryE210520 Feb 195574W26 43
DIAMOND HenryC591008 Jul 192811R241 17
DIAMOND HymanD076728 Aug 193550U139 21
DIAMOND IrvinC346813 Aug 19258M120 36
DIAMOND Jacob Rev.D755201 May 194677L10 01A
DIAMOND JosephD849226 Dec 194748W21 51
DIAMOND JosephE207430 Jan 195586W18 11
DIAMOND Judah LewisP0443029 May 191373I12
DIAMOND JuliaE081525 Jun 195288Q116 05
DIAMOND KittyA194415 Mar 190565C04 42
DIAMOND KittyC713203 Nov 192922T106 33
DIAMOND LeahC1024824 Apr 193370T120 66
DIAMOND LeahC362828 Oct 192567R109 44
DIAMOND MarksP0443618 Sep 191042I4
DIAMOND MaryD073402 Aug 193581T136 31
DIAMOND MichaelD535205 Jun 194292R125 37
DIAMOND MillyC1022212 Apr 193355T120 31
DIAMOND MordecaiD569430 Jan 194392W06 08
DIAMOND MorrisC1009220 Feb 193359U126 23
DIAMOND MorrisD713001 Aug 194568X21 37
DIAMOND PhilipC605112 Sep 192868Q116 06
DIAMOND PollyE070921 Mar 195279W18 12
DIAMOND RachelD850806 Jan 194866Y110 36
DIAMOND RaymondD477630 Apr 19416T248 26
DIAMOND Rebecca MaryP0444003 Jul 191475I12
DIAMOND RosieE011121 Jan 195194Q136 30
DIAMOND S.A082226 Jun 190011B801 372
DIAMOND SamuelE246921 Jan 195666Y140 14
DIAMOND SamuelP0444212 Nov 191257L3
DIAMOND SarahD717105 Sep 194569X24 46
DIAMOND SoniaD654825 Jul 194458W26 42
DIAMOND YettaC937529 Apr 193269T115 18
DIAMOND ZymanB682523 Jan 192182J02 58
DIAMONDSTEIN AdaC925715 Mar 193278T115 64
DIAMONDSTEIN BenjaminD950405 Dec 194979Y126 42
DIAMONDSTEIN KateE553005 Apr 196593Y126 41
DIAMONDSTEIN MarksC765526 May 193060S30 54
DIAMONDSTEIN NathanC1107513 Apr 193467M101 31
DIAMONDSTEIN RachelD265024 Nov 193767V254 16
DIAMONDSTEIN Rebecca JaneD687229 Jan 194574W21 49
DIAMONDSTEIN ReubenC1000329 Jan 193379U105 12
DIAMONDSTEIN SarahD097427 Nov 193549T139 19
DIAMONDSTEIN SophieB610105 Jan 192048M101 32
DIAMONDSTONE FannyD977127 May 195095Y135 24
DIAMONDSTONE GertrudeD369005 Oct 193929V261 18
DIAMONDSTONE LewisD548216 Sep 194261V261 17
DIAMONDSTONE MyerP0445029 Apr 191818J17
DIAMONDSTONE SarahE635826 Mar 197085V261 19
DIAMONDSTONE SimonP0445229 May 191353L11
DIAMONT BetsyD205419 Feb 193793W06 09
DICK AnnaC431805 Aug 192648R119 55
DICKENHOLTZ RoseC276805 Oct 192470P241 32
DICKENS AnnieE071728 Mar 195277V107 20
DICKENS JosephC956805 Aug 193265U108 23
DICKER SamuelP0445618 Nov 191839N15
DICKLES GoldaB585910 Sep 191971N12 31
DICKMAN LubaD939602 Oct 194962Y127 31
DICKMAN SolomonD492708 Aug 194161V277 14
DICKS AlexanderC023113 Aug 19213M113 34
DICKS JosephC022110 Aug 19213M113 36
DICKS LibbyD321019 Nov 193839V134 21
DICKSON Abraham IsaacP0445719 Dec 191547J4
DICKSTEIN AnnieA082330 Jun 190050B801 373
DICKSTEIN BeatriceC550718 Jan 192823S04 35
DICKSTEIN HarryA177217 Jul 190427C04 07
DICOFSKY CharlesD724925 Oct 194588W26 50
DICOFSKY Laja (Leah)D354205 Jun 193978V263 21
DIETCH LeahB676602 Dec 192029K09 50
DIETSCH Sarah FannyP0446109 Nov 191563I15
DILLER Lemel (Leo)E041622 Aug 195157Q119 50
DIMBER JosephC383815 Jan 192658R112 34
DIMDORE KatieC250926 Sep 192754S12 05
DIMENTMAN/ DIAMONT Haim ChmaiaD481223 May 194177Q136 31
DIMERSKY MaxC686213 Jun 192952S25 30
DIMLER SarahD517112 Feb 194275V381 16
DIMONDSTEIN JA057812 Sep 189813B301 117
DIMOVITCH JennyE151015 Nov 195375X08 14
DIMOVITCH KalmanD781115 Nov 194670X08 15
DINDORE JacobE228513 Aug 195595Y105 17
DINDORE MiriamD828015 Aug 194784Y105 18
DINDORE SamuelD625719 Jan 194475S12 06
DINDORE SarahD751910 Apr 194661X14 41
DINERSTEIN JacobC716315 Nov 192952S28 68
DINOFF SimonP0446908 Oct 191750J12
DINX MorrisD921620 Apr 194964Y126 30
DION BessieP0447025 Mar 191189I3
DISKIN MyerC118529 Oct 192231P102 25
DISTELMANN AbrahamB656201 Aug 192048N11 36
DISZA RebeccaD064110 Jun 193534T135 33
DITKOFSKY IsraelE084627 Jul 195283W10 15
DITKOFSKY MontagueC708112 Oct 19296M136 02
DITKOFSKY SarahE540026 Jun 196493W10 16
DIX Abraham MarksP0447421 Oct 191826E5
DIX MillieE615624 Oct 196883Y126 29
DIXON / DICKSON LeahC193906 Oct 192350P126 05
DIXON RayD993417 Oct 195060Y135 25
DIXON SamuelD074417 Aug 193447U139 34

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