All Deceased beginning with letters 'DI'

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All names beginning DI
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
DIAMOND AbrahamE0790415 Mar 19302 mthXM43 3
DIAMOND AbrahamE0790504 May 193078XJ02 16
DIAMOND AmeliaE0790624 Apr 191828XJ10 75
DIAMOND AnitaE0790729 Apr 19262XM31 4
DIAMOND AnneE0790802 Aug 198281XY19 10
DIAMOND AnnieE0790906 Feb 192833XS11 28
DIAMOND AnnieE0791022 Apr 194375XL10 1B
DIAMOND Arthur EzekielE0791101 Feb 197172XL04 1A
DIAMOND BerthaE0791212 Apr 1914XI14 16
DIAMOND BessieE0791310 May 197070XL04 1
DIAMOND BettyE0791414 Jan 192730XM26 55
DIAMOND BloomaE0791526 Feb 191663XI16 39
DIAMOND DavidE0791612 Oct 1912XL03 44
DIAMOND DavidE0791724 Dec 193277XR09 43
DIAMOND DeborahE0791803 Dec 195782XX21 36
DIAMOND EvaE0791915 Aug 1908XG02 11
DIAMOND FannyE0792008 Nov 192162XJ02 17
DIAMOND FannyE0792122 Oct 194166XV79 5
DIAMOND FannyE0792211 Dec 192677XR24 37
DIAMOND GoldaE0792315 Nov 193619XV40 16
DIAMOND GoldaE0792403 Apr 191675XI12 73
DIAMOND Gretel DorahE0792510 Apr 193378XT20 32
DIAMOND H.E0792630 Apr 190170XD02 39
DIAMOND HarrisE0792705 May 192570XR04 20
DIAMOND HarrisE0792827 Jan 194670XV79 6
DIAMOND HarryE0792920 Feb 195574XW26 43
DIAMOND HenryE0793008 Jul 192811XR41 17
DIAMOND HymanE0793128 Aug 193550XU39 21
DIAMOND IrvinE0793213 Aug 19258 mthXM20 36
DIAMOND Jacob Rev.E0793301 May 194677XL10 1A
DIAMOND JacobE0793420 Jul 191816XI10 58
DIAMOND JosephE0793526 Dec 194748XW21 51
DIAMOND JosephE0793630 Jan 195586XW18 11
DIAMOND Judah-LouisE0793724 Oct 1913XO10 5
DIAMOND JuliaE0793825 Jun 195288XQ16 5
DIAMOND KittyE0793903 Nov 192922XT06 33
DIAMOND KittyE0794015 Mar 190565XC04 42
DIAMOND LeahE0794128 Oct 192567XR09 44
DIAMOND LeahE0794224 Apr 193370XT20 66
DIAMOND LewisE0794329 May 1913XI12 74
DIAMOND MaryE0794402 Aug 193581XT36 31
DIAMOND MauriceE0794525 Aug 1914XO10 26
DIAMOND MaxE0794618 Sep 1910XI04 9
DIAMOND MichaelE0794705 Jun 194292XR25 37
DIAMOND MillyE0794812 Apr 193355XT20 31
DIAMOND MordecaiE0794930 Jan 194392XW06 8
DIAMOND MorrisE0795020 Feb 193359XU26 23
DIAMOND MorrisE0795101 Aug 194568XX21 37
DIAMOND PhilipE0795212 Sep 192868XQ16 6
DIAMOND PollyE0795321 Mar 195279XW18 12
DIAMOND RachelE0795406 Jan 194866XY10 36
DIAMOND RaymondE0795530 Apr 19416 mthXT48 26
DIAMOND Rebecca-MiriamE0795619 Jan 1914XI12 3
DIAMOND RosieE0795721 Jan 195194XQ36 30
DIAMOND S.E0795826 Jun 190011XB08 372
DIAMOND SamuelE0795926 Nov 1912XL03 51
DIAMOND SamuelE0796021 Jan 195666XY40 14
DIAMOND SarahE0796105 Sep 194569XX24 46
DIAMOND SoniaE0796225 Jul 194458XW26 42
DIAMOND YettaE0796329 Apr 193269XT15 18
DIAMOND ZymanE0796423 Jan 192182XJ02 58
DIAMONDSTEIN AdaE0796515 Mar 193278XT15 64
DIAMONDSTEIN Annie-LeahE0796603 Dec 1909XE06 14
DIAMONDSTEIN BenjaminE0796705 Dec 194979XY26 42
DIAMONDSTEIN KateE0796805 Apr 196593XY26 41
DIAMONDSTEIN MarksE0796926 May 193060XS30 54
DIAMONDSTEIN NathanE0797013 Apr 193467XM01 31
DIAMONDSTEIN RachelE0797124 Nov 193767XV54 16
DIAMONDSTEIN Rebecca JaneE0797229 Jan 194574XW21 49
DIAMONDSTEIN ReubenE0797329 Jan 193379XU05 12
DIAMONDSTEIN SarahE0797427 Nov 193549XT39 19
DIAMONDSTEIN SimonE0797529 May 1913XL11 26
DIAMONDSTEIN SophieE0797605 Jan 192048XM01 32
DIAMONDSTONE FannyE0797727 May 195095XY35 24
DIAMONDSTONE GertrudeE0797805 Oct 193929XV61 18
DIAMONDSTONE LewisE0797916 Sep 194261XV61 17
DIAMONDSTONE SarahE0798026 Mar 197085XV61 19
DIAMONT BetsyE0798119 Feb 193793XW06 9
DICK AnnaE0798205 Aug 192648XR19 55
DICK MaxE0798305 Dec 1909XE05 43
DICKENHOLTZ RoseE0798405 Oct 192470XP41 32
DICKENS AnnieE0798528 Mar 195277XV07 20
DICKENS JosephE0798605 Aug 193265XU08 23
DICKER SamuelE0798719 Nov 191842XN15 20
DICKLES GoldaE0798810 Sep 191971XN12 31
DICKMAN LubaE0798902 Oct 194962XY27 31
DICKMAN SolomonE0799008 Aug 194161XV77 14
DICKS AlexanderE0799113 Aug 19213 mthXM13 34
DICKS JosephE0799210 Aug 19213 mthXM13 36
DICKS LibbyE0799319 Nov 193839XV34 21
DICKSON Abraham IsaacE0799419 Dec 191544XJ04 23
DICKSTEIN AnnieE0799530 Jun 190050XB08 373
DICKSTEIN BeatriceE0799618 Jan 192823XS04 35
DICKSTEIN HarryE0799717 Jul 190427XC04 7
DICOFSKY CharlesE0799825 Oct 194588XW26 50
DICOFSKY Laja (Leah)E0799905 Jun 193978XV63 21
DIETCH LeahE0800002 Dec 192029XK09 50
DIETZ Ida-MiriamE0800113 May 1908XG02 7
DILLER Lemel (Leo)E0800222 Aug 195157XQ19 50
DILLER MorrisE0800312 Feb 1912XL03 11
DIMBER JosephE0800415 Jan 192658XR12 34
DIMDORE KatieE0800526 Sep 192754XS12 5
DIMENTMAN/ DIAMONT Haim ChmaiaE0800623 May 194177XQ36 31
DIMERSKY MaxE0800713 Jun 192952XS25 30
DIMLER SarahE0800812 Feb 194275XV81 16
DIMONDSTEIN JE0800912 Sep 189813 mthXB03 117
DIMOVITCH JennyE0801015 Nov 195375XX08 14
DIMOVITCH KalmanE0801115 Nov 194670XX08 15
DINDORE JacobE0801213 Aug 195595XY05 17
DINDORE MiriamE0801315 Aug 194784XY05 18
DINDORE SamuelE0801419 Jan 194475XS12 6
DINDORE SarahE0801510 Apr 194661XX14 41
DINERSTEIN JacobE0801615 Nov 192952XS28 68
DINOFF SimonE0801709 Oct 191757XJ12 58
DINX MorrisE0801820 Apr 194964XY26 30
DION AdaE0801929 May 1911XO14 19
DION BessieE0802024 Mar 1911XI03 38
DISKIN MyerE0802129 Oct 192231XP02 25
DISLAN AnnieE0802229 Aug 1912XO22 9
DISTELMANN AbrahamE0802301 Aug 192048XN11 36
DISZA RebeccaE0802410 Jun 193534XT35 33
DITKOFSKY IsraelE0802527 Jul 195283XW10 15
DITKOFSKY MontagueE0802612 Oct 19296 mthXM36 2
DITKOFSKY SarahE0802726 Jun 196493XW10 16
DITT TillyE0802819 Jul 1908XH06 25
DIX MillieE0802924 Oct 196883XY26 29
DIXON / DICKSON LeahE0803006 Oct 192350XP26 5
DIXON RayE0803117 Oct 195060XY35 25
DIXON SamuelE0803217 Aug 193447XU39 34

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