All Deceased beginning with letters 'CU'

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All names beginning CU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
CULANK BellaE0735417 May 193030XT07 58
CULANK RachelE0735527 Jul 193465XT29 35
CULANK SimonE0735614 Jan 194070XT29 34
CUMBER AnnieE0735709 Jan 194662XU18 4
CUMBER IsaacE0735804 Nov 195678XT23 33
CUMBER MorrisE0735926 May 194133XV75 8
CUMBER YettaE0736030 Jul 193354XT23 34
CUMMERLEMUSHER Pearl RoseE0736126 Aug 19204 mthXM12 60
CUPPS SolomonE0736209 Apr 191542XI19 17
CURBLE Sorah FredaE0736330 Oct 191568XL19 45
CURTIS Alfred LouisE0736408 Jan 195070XY31 9
CURTIS John LewisE0736523 Nov 197368XS30 11
CURTIS MillyE0736620 Apr 195679XY31 10
CURTIS RoseE0736724 Aug 198176XS30 13
CUSHCAT IsidoreE0736806 Jun 192617XR17 48
CUSHCAT o/w DAVIS DavidE0736911 Feb 193936XU64 20
CUTLER CharlesE0737017 Jan 195471XZ31 25
CUTLER HarrisE0737122 Feb 192444XP30 6
CUTLER Isaac NathanE0737217 Apr 192964XQ16 18
CUTLER MorrisE0737316 Jul 195668XX11 54
CUTLER SE0737427 Apr 190412XC02 20
CUTLER SarahE0737510 Dec 194578XQ16 19
CUTLEROVITCH EstherE0737620 Jul 192753XR35 47
CUTNER HarrisE0737714 Jun 194785XK12 39
CUTNER JE0737809 Aug 18985 mthXB01 61
CUTNER RoseE0737903 Nov 193570XK12 38
CUTOWSKY o/w TOBIAS Tobias o/w TobyE0738028 Jul 193256XU23 36

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