All Deceased beginning with letters 'CU'

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All names beginning CU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
CULANK BellaC762917 May 193030T107 58
CULANK RachelC1126927 Jul 193465T129 35
CULANK SimonD384714 Jan 194070T129 34
CUMBER AnnieD737909 Jan 194662U118 04
CUMBER IsaacE284104 Nov 195678T123 33
CUMBER MorrisD481826 May 194133V275 08
CUMBER YettaC1043430 Jul 193354T123 34
CUMMERLEMUSHER Pearl RoseB659926 Aug 192013M112 60
CUPLAND LewisP0411001 Apr 191875J7
CURTIS Alfred LouisD954608 Jan 195070Y131 09
CURTIS John LewisE677123 Nov 197368S30 11
CURTIS MillyE261220 Apr 195679Y131 10
CURTIS RoseE743824 Aug 198176S30 13
CUSHCAT IsidoreC420406 Jun 192617R117 48
CUSHCAT o/w DAVIS DavidD336611 Feb 193936U264 20
CUTLER CharlesE159617 Jan 195471Z131 25
CUTLER HarrisC232122 Feb 192444P130 06
CUTLER Isaac NathanC673617 Apr 192964Q116 18
CUTLER MorrisE271916 Jul 195668X11 54
CUTLER SA171827 Apr 190412C02 20
CUTLER SarahD732510 Dec 194578Q116 19
CUTLEROVITCH EstherC507320 Jul 192753R135 47
CUTNER HarrisD820714 Jun 194785K12 39
CUTNER JA055709 Aug 18985B101 61
CUTNER RoseD091803 Nov 193570K12 38
CUTOWSKY o/w TOBIAS Tobias o/w TobyC956128 Jul 193256U123 36

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