All Deceased beginning with letters 'CR'

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All names beginning CR
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
CRAFCHICK JosephE0725901 Feb 194675XX16 15
CRAFCHICK LeahE0726018 Feb 195078XX16 14
CRAFT Hilda RebeccaE0726122 Feb 192922XS17 70
CRAFT JacobE0726222 Feb 192516XR02 10
CRAFT LeahE0726307 Dec 192645XR24 38
CRAMER EstherE0726426 Sep 191864XJ06 58
CRAMER HermanE0726508 Aug 1907XH05 16
CRAMER NathanE0726627 Feb 19035 mthXD06 48
CRASHINSKY TobiasE0726725 Jun 19283 mthXM35 6
CRAVER LilyE0726805 Feb 19182XM07 48
CRAVIETZ PizerE0726902 Nov 194759XY08 38
CRAVITY SarahE0727010 Apr 191922XN16 26
CRAVITZ BarnettE0727115 Mar 1909XG04 3
CRAVITZ BenjaminE0727214 Sep 192965XS27 15
CRAVITZ IsadoreE0727308 Apr 192612XM18 43
CRAVITZ Walter LewisE0727415 Jul 193858XU61 44
CRAVITZ YettaE0727520 Jan 193470XT25 42
CRECO JacobE0727627 Jul 191960XN10 12
CREGGY AbrahamE0727720 Feb 194883XR19 21
CREGGY o/w KRIEGER SarahE0727823 Mar 194579XR19 20
CREIGHTON HarryE0727922 Mar 194228XV18 22
CREITZMAN IsaacE0728025 Sep 192454XP41 33
CREITZMAN LeahE0728112 Feb 192653XR13 56
CRESS GershonE0728226 Mar 192982XP40 6
CRESS JacobE0728326 Mar 194065XV37 11
CRESS LeahE0728410 Feb 193862XV37 10
CRESS MaryE0728508 Sep 192474XP40 5
CREVATITSKY AbrahamE0728613 Mar 193764XU51 43
CREVATITSKY SamuelE0728726 Mar 193429XU33 10
CRIGER AnnieE0728803 May 193769XV50 3
CRIGER SolomonE0728922 Jan 194786XV50 4
CRIPPS SarahE0729005 Oct 193555XT38 15
CRIPPS SarahE0729114 Jan 193177XT03 67
CRISTAL HymanE0729225 Sep 193258XU24 26
CRISTAL KateE0729316 Sep 195276XU24 25
CRISTAL MichaelE0729406 Nov 194139XU65 20
CROCK MaryE0729531 Oct 192469XP43 31
CRONENBERG BenjaminE0729624 Feb 193176XP08 7
CRONENBERG DoraE0729724 Feb 192355XP08 8
CRONICK HymanE0729804 Jan 194886XU02 13
CRONICK MarksE0729905 Mar 193457XU31 48
CRONICK RachelE0730015 Feb 193572XU02 12
CRONICK RachelE0730126 Sep 196992XU31 49
CROOK BetsyE0730223 Jul 193366XT23 36
CROOK EstherE0730318 Oct 192663XR21 13
CROOK LewisE0730420 Apr 193367XU07 29
CROOK NathanE0730509 Oct 19057 mthXF01 19
CROOKE SolomonE0730622 Jun 192564XR05 37
CROOKS LeahE0730706 Jan 193788XV44 31
CROPMAN EthelE0730830 Jul 195172XU20 2
CROPMAN Hyman SolomonE0730924 Apr 193663XU20 1
CROSKY JacobE0731017 Jun 18942XA04 192
CROSNERPOLSKY AaronE0731111 Dec 18996XB05 246
CROSNERPOLSKY AnnieE0731211 Dec 18998XB05 245
CROSNERPOLSKY BetsyE0731311 Dec 189912XB05 244
CROSNERPOLSKY DeborahE0731411 Dec 18994XB05 247
CROSNERPOLSKY JannieE0731511 Dec 18994XB05 248
CROSS HarrisE0731615 Jan 192237XM15 26
CROSS HarryE0731728 Nov 192719XS02 67
CROSS SarahE0731802 Apr 192470XQ05 17
CROSS SimonE0731914 Oct 192030XN03 11
CROSSICK BetsyE0732016 Oct 194237XV12 36
CROSSICK PriscillaE0732131 Dec 193654XS34 36
CROSSICK SolomonE0732205 Dec 193054XS33 36
CROW JaneE0732308 Apr 193447XT27 44
CROWN AbrahamE0732414 Dec 192070XI20 51
CROWN AnnieE0732522 Jun 191823XJ06 45
CROWN BerthaE0732604 Mar 195691XQ74 14
CROWN HarryE0732730 Dec 195584XQ74 13
CROWN HenryE0732826 Apr 1913XI03 63
CROWN HymanE0732921 Jul 192958XS26 9
CROWN IreneE0733014 Apr 19251XM19 41
CROWN IsidoreE0733106 Apr 193837XU59 32
CROWN JeanetteE0733218 Mar 194143XU37 50
CROWN JessieE0733312 Mar 195750XQ95 13
CROWN KateE0733402 Oct 193268XT17 50
CROWN MariaE0733504 Dec 192459XM22 9
CROWN MauriceE0733623 Jan 199588XQ95 14
CROWN R.E0733720 Jun 18983XA08 426
CROWN RebeccaE0733811 Mar 1911XI03 62
CROWN SamuelE0733916 Nov 19193 mthXO28 4
CROWN SarahE0734005 Dec 1952102XI20 52
CROWNBERG EstherE0734128 Apr 193660XT36 37
CROWNE DavidE0734204 Apr 195867XX02 40
CROWNE EthelE0734319 Apr 195460XX02 41
CRUSCALL JoelE0734419 Mar 192221XM17 29
CRUSKAL DanielE0734522 Feb 1908XH06 12
CRUSKAL HarrisE0734605 Sep 193170XU17 33
CRUSKALL KatieE0734729 Feb 193670XV42 9
CRYSTAL YattaE0734808 Jul 196674XV01 33
CRYSTALL AaronE0734915 Mar 193484XU32 44
CRYSTALL AdaE0735020 Jun 193477XU32 43
CRYSTALL SolomonE0735110 Mar 194354XV06 33

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