All Deceased beginning with letters 'CR'

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All names beginning CR
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
CRABOV MiriamP0406225 Dec 191165I5
CRAFCHICK JosephD743001 Feb 194675X16 15
CRAFCHICK LeahD961718 Feb 195078X16 14
CRAFT Hilda RebeccaC655822 Feb 192922S17 70
CRAFT JacobC310722 Feb 192516R102 10
CRAFT LeahC457807 Dec 192645R124 38
CRAMER HermanP0406608 Aug 190734H5
CRAMER NathanA143127 Feb 19035D06 48
CRASHINSKY TobiasC588525 Jun 19283M135 06
CRAVETSKY MorrisP0406928 Apr 191918N13
CRAVIETZ PizerD840802 Nov 194759Y108 38
CRAVITZ Annie BarnettP0407128 Sep 191762J13
CRAVITZ BenjaminC703014 Sep 192965S27 15
CRAVITZ IsadoreC407408 Apr 192612M118 43
CRAVITZ SarahP0407310 Apr 191922N16
CRAVITZ Walter LewisD304915 Jul 193858U261 44
CRAVITZ YettaC1085720 Jan 193470T125 42
CREGGY AbrahamD856520 Feb 194883R119 21
CREGGY o/w KRIEGER SarahD695823 Mar 194579R119 20
CREIGHTON HarryD523922 Mar 194228V118 22
CREITZMAN IsaacC275325 Sep 192454P241 33
CREITZMAN LeahC392712 Feb 192653R113 56
CRESS GershonC667326 Mar 192982P140 06
CRESS JacobD398326 Mar 194065V137 11
CRESS LeahD282610 Feb 193862V137 10
CRESS MaryC271608 Sep 192474P140 05
CREVATITSKY AbrahamD210013 Mar 193764U251 43
CREVATITSKY SamuelC1102426 Mar 193429U133 10
CRIGER AnnieD222903 May 193769V250 03
CRIGER SolomonD795822 Jan 194786V250 04
CRIPPS SarahC816214 Jan 193177T103 67
CRIPPS SarahD085905 Oct 193555T138 15
CRIPPS SolomonP0407909 Apr 191542I19
CRISTAL HymanC967225 Sep 193258U124 26
CRISTAL KateE089216 Sep 195276U124 25
CRISTAL MichaelD503406 Nov 194139U265 20
CROCK MaryC281731 Oct 192469P243 31
CRONENBERG BenjaminC829424 Feb 193176P108 07
CRONENBERG DoraC146524 Feb 192355P108 08
CRONICK HymanD850504 Jan 194886U102 13
CRONICK MarksC1097305 Mar 193457U131 48
CRONICK RachelD041915 Feb 193572U102 12
CRONICK RachelE627326 Sep 196992U131 49
CROOK BetsyC1042423 Jul 193366T123 36
CROOK EstherC445018 Oct 192663R121 13
CROOK LewisC1024120 Apr 193367U107 29
CROOK NathanA208009 Oct 19057F01 19
CROOKE SolomonC336222 Jun 192564R105 37
CROOKS LeahD192206 Jan 193788V244 31
CROPMAN EthelE038030 Jul 195172U120 02
CROPMAN Hyman SolomonD138524 Apr 193663U120 01
CROSIZANSKY AnnieP0408521 Nov 190926E6
CROSKY JacobA021517 Jun 18942A401 192
CROSKY JessieP0408629 Nov 191529L2
CROSNERPOLSKY AaronA073411 Dec 18996B501 246
CROSNERPOLSKY AnnieA073311 Dec 18998B501 245
CROSNERPOLSKY BetsyA073211 Dec 189912B501 244
CROSNERPOLSKY DeborahA073511 Dec 18994B501 247
CROSNERPOLSKY JannieA073611 Dec 18994B501 248
CROSS HarrisC058815 Jan 192237M115 26
CROSS HarryC535228 Nov 192719S02 67
CROSS SarahC242802 Apr 192470Q105 17
CROSS SimonB668014 Oct 192030N03 11
CROSSICK BetsyD552316 Oct 194237V112 36
CROSSICK PriscillaD189331 Dec 193654S34 36
CROSSICK SolomonC803105 Dec 193054S33 36
CROW JaneC1105808 Apr 193447T127 44
CROWN AbrahamB678614 Dec 192070I20 51
CROWN AnnieP0409122 Jun 191823J6
CROWN BerthaE255504 Mar 195691Q274 14
CROWN HarryE244030 Dec 195584Q274 13
CROWN HymanC692721 Jul 192958S26 09
CROWN IreneC322714 Apr 19251M119 41
CROWN IsidoreD291006 Apr 193837U259 32
CROWN JeanetteD468918 Mar 194143U137 50
CROWN JessieE300512 Mar 195750Q395 13
CROWN KateC969102 Oct 193268T117 50
CROWN MariaC290704 Dec 192459M122 09
CROWN MauriceE792823 Jan 199588Q395 14
CROWN R.A054020 Jun 18983A801 426
CROWN RebeccaP0410011 Mar 191180I3
CROWN SamuelB600416 Nov 19199O28 04
CROWN SarahE099705 Dec 1952102I20 52
CROWNBERG EstherD139928 Apr 193660T136 37
CROWNE DavidE346404 Apr 195867X02 40
CROWNE EthelE171319 Apr 195460X02 41
CRUSCALL JoelC077119 Mar 192221M117 29
CRUSKAL HarrisC873705 Sep 193170U117 33
CRUSKALL KatieD123829 Feb 193670V242 09
CRYSTAL YattaE578908 Jul 196674V101 33
CRYSTALL AaronC1099315 Mar 193484U132 44
CRYSTALL AdaC1121220 Jun 193477U132 43
CRYSTALL SolomonD576910 Mar 194354V106 33

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