All Deceased beginning with letters 'CL'

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All names beginning CL
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
CLAFF MaryC719128 Nov 192968T106 16
CLAFF NathanC838628 Mar 193135T102 16
CLAFF RosieA029613 Oct 18953A601 295
CLAMONS MarksB598307 Nov 191958N07 28
CLANG JacobE440609 Jul 196076Q279 09
CLANG LeahE674718 Aug 197388Q279 10
CLAPICH IsaacP0284621 Nov 191644J7
CLAPMAN EstherD138625 Apr 193649T243 16
CLAPPER BarnettA185822 Nov 19048C06 43
CLAPPER GertieA209427 Oct 190512F01 24
CLAPPER Joseph JacobP0284817 Nov 191067I4
CLAPPER LeahC889609 Nov 193158T112 06
CLAPPER MorrisC169022 May 192354P120 14
CLAPPER RebeccaD339404 Mar 193963V265 11
CLAPPER RoseC185215 Aug 192375P124 24
CLARE AsherC865522 Jul 193170U116 10
CLARE PollyC968601 Oct 193281T117 51
CLARE YettaD466204 Mar 194180U116 09
CLARK DinaD322930 Nov 193875W02 52
CLARK FannyE373801 Jan 195983P265 14
CLARK MaxD593202 Jul 194375W02 53
CLARKE BarnettP0285403 Jul 191138I6
CLARKE Isa GloriaD176612 Nov 19365T247 09
CLASS AbrahamD008106 Sep 193455T101 06
CLASS Alta ChayaE405329 Aug 195978T101 07
CLASS DoraD058710 May 193563T134 20
CLASS JacobP0285612 Nov 191849N17
CLASS LewisC096012 Jun 192248K20 25
CLASS Lionel LouisE468615 Apr 196172T134 19
CLAYMAN AnnieD443721 Nov 194067U279 46
CLAYMAN AnnieE094029 Oct 195280V386 07
CLAYMAN AsherE483626 Nov 196184Q101 49
CLAYMAN FannyC388027 Jan 192653R112 22
CLAYMAN HymanE158013 Jan 195468Z115 18
CLAYMAN MarksD498021 Sep 194176V278 15
CLAYMAN MichaelC454326 Nov 192657R124 23
CLAYMAN MichaelD184112 Dec 19368T101 14
CLAYMAN MillyE670227 Mar 197385Z115 19
CLAYMAN YettaE248901 Feb 195675Q101 48
CLAYTON HannahD820008 Jun 194764Y104 23
CLAYTON Henry IrwinD555603 Nov 194219V111 12
CLAYTON IsaacC990107 Jan 193315U125 14
CLAYTON PhilipD895603 Dec 194863Y121 27
CLAYTOW JacobE444924 Aug 196075P272 05
CLECHEVSKY HannahC836018 Mar 193172R132 45
CLECHINSKY Morris JamesC1018728 Mar 193371U119 49
CLEITZMAN RachelC336322 Jun 192545R105 38
CLEMENTS AnnieE419001 Jan 196075V393 20
CLEMENTS BetsyC465908 Jan 192779Q113 09
CLEMENTS ColmanC881309 Oct 193185Q113 10
CLEMENTS DoraE018304 Mar 195184X06 11
CLEMENTS HarryE563707 Nov 196584Y130 37
CLEMENTS HymanD793712 Jan 194784X06 12
CLEMENTS IsaacC419804 Jun 192671R117 28
CLEMENTS LewisA086320 Aug 19009B701 358
CLEMENTS MarksP0286702 Jun 191877J5
CLEMENTS NathanE337624 Jan 195874V393 19
CLEMENTS RebeccaC964816 Sep 193275J05 44
CLEMENTS RoseE392201 May 195974Y111 41
CLEMENTS RosieC212827 Dec 192372Q133 07
CLEMENTS SarahC491020 Apr 192762R132 33
CLEMENTS SarahD941417 Oct 194962Y130 38
CLEMENTS SidneyB673414 Nov 192036N10 22
CLEMENTS SolomonD234606 Jul 193756U253 34
CLENOWICH Jane SaraC1081711 Jan 193461W02 05
CLENOWICH LouisD817626 May 194748X07 07
CLENOWICH ReubenD828517 Aug 194782W02 06
CLEPS AbrahamP0287103 Mar 191050E7
CLEPS LeahC141631 Jan 192363P110 29
CLINE RebeccaD666805 Oct 194478X25 27
CLINE SamuelD655025 Jul 194449W26 44
CLINGBINE KateD707310 Jun 194570X22 34
CLINGBINE NathanD732412 Dec 194573X22 35
CLOFF MosesA157928 Oct 190359C09 06
CLORE o/w CLARE RachelD215502 Apr 193764V249 16
CLORE Simon AlexanderD769512 Aug 194671V249 17
CLORE YettaP0287507 Sep 190940H9
CLOZENBERG JaneD102617 Dec 193557T140 13
CLUER SarahC921425 Feb 193244T114 44
CLUMOTOVSKY GershonA150609 Jul 190360D09 31
CLYNE AlbertE439304 Jul 196080P273 19
CLYNE AnnieE591104 Mar 196777P273 20
CLYNE Patricia RuthC973225 Oct 193220R254 01

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