All Deceased beginning with letters 'CL'

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All names beginning CL
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
CLAFF MaryE0513628 Nov 192968XT06 16
CLAFF NathanE0513728 Mar 193135XT02 16
CLAFF RosieE0513813 Oct 18953XA06 295
CLAFISH SamuelE0513917 Apr 1908XG01 9
CLAMONS MarksE0514007 Nov 191958XN07 28
CLANG JacobE0514109 Jul 196076XQ79 9
CLANG LeahE0514218 Aug 197388XQ79 10
CLAPMAN EstherE0514325 Apr 193649XT43 16
CLAPPER BarnettE0514422 Nov 19048 mthXC06 43
CLAPPER GertieE0514527 Oct 190512 mthXF01 24
CLAPPER Joseph-JacobE0514615 Nov 1910XI04 18
CLAPPER LeahE0514709 Nov 193158XT12 6
CLAPPER MorrisE0514822 May 192354XP20 14
CLAPPER RebeccaE0514904 Mar 193963XV65 11
CLAPPER RoseE0515015 Aug 192375XP24 24
CLARE AsherE0515122 Jul 193170XU16 10
CLARE PollyE0515201 Oct 193281XT17 51
CLARE YettaE0515304 Mar 194180XU16 9
CLARK BarnettE0515403 Jul 1911XI06 4
CLARK DinaE0515530 Nov 193875XW02 52
CLARK FannyE0515601 Jan 195983XP65 14
CLARK MaxE0515702 Jul 194375XW02 53
CLARKE Isa GloriaE0515812 Nov 19365XT47 9
CLASS AbrahamE0515906 Sep 193455XT01 6
CLASS Alta ChayaE0516029 Aug 195978XT01 7
CLASS DoraE0516110 May 193563XT34 20
CLASS JacobE0516212 Nov 191849XN17 2
CLASS LewisE0516312 Jun 192248XK20 25
CLASS Lionel LouisE0516415 Apr 196172XT34 19
CLAYMAN AnnieE0516521 Nov 194067XU79 46
CLAYMAN AnnieE0516629 Oct 195280XV86 7
CLAYMAN AsherE0516726 Nov 196184XQ01 49
CLAYMAN FannyE0516827 Jan 192653XR12 22
CLAYMAN HymanE0516913 Jan 195468XZ15 18
CLAYMAN MarksE0517021 Sep 194176XV78 15
CLAYMAN MichaelE0517126 Nov 192657XR24 23
CLAYMAN MichaelE0517212 Dec 19368XT01 14
CLAYMAN MillyE0517327 Mar 197385XZ15 19
CLAYMAN YettaE0517401 Feb 195675XQ01 48
CLAYTON HannahE0517508 Jun 194764XY04 23
CLAYTON Henry IrwinE0517603 Nov 194219XV11 12
CLAYTON IsaacE0517707 Jan 193315XU25 14
CLAYTON PhilipE0517803 Dec 194863XY21 27
CLAYTON YettaE0517922 Nov 19176 mthXM08 38
CLAYTOW JacobE0518024 Aug 196075XP72 5
CLECHEVSKY HannahE0518118 Mar 193172XR32 45
CLECHINSKY Morris JamesE0518228 Mar 193371XU19 49
CLEITZMAN RachelE0518322 Jun 192545XR05 38
CLEMENT SamuelE0518408 Oct 1911XI08 6
CLEMENTS AnnieE0518501 Jan 196075XV93 20
CLEMENTS BetsyE0518608 Jan 192779XQ13 9
CLEMENTS ColmanE0518709 Oct 193185XQ13 10
CLEMENTS DoraE0518804 Mar 195184XX06 11
CLEMENTS HarryE0518907 Nov 196584XY30 37
CLEMENTS HymanE0519012 Jan 194784XX06 12
CLEMENTS IsaacE0519104 Jun 192671XR17 28
CLEMENTS LewisE0519220 Aug 19009XB07 358
CLEMENTS MarksE0519302 Jun 191871XJ05 45
CLEMENTS NathanE0519424 Jan 195874XV93 19
CLEMENTS RebeccaE0519516 Sep 193275XJ05 44
CLEMENTS RoseE0519601 May 195974XY11 41
CLEMENTS RosieE0519727 Dec 192372XQ33 7
CLEMENTS SarahE0519820 Apr 192762XR32 33
CLEMENTS SarahE0519917 Oct 194962XY30 38
CLEMENTS SidneyE0520014 Nov 192036XN10 22
CLEMENTS SolomonE0520106 Jul 193756XU53 34
CLENOWICH Jane SaraE0520211 Jan 193461XW02 5
CLENOWICH LouisE0520326 May 194748XX07 7
CLENOWICH ReubenE0520417 Aug 194782XW02 6
CLEPISH IsraelE0520521 Nov 191644XJ07 30
CLEPS AbrahamE0520603 Mar 1910XE07 35
CLEPS LeahE0520731 Jan 192363XP10 29
CLEVANSKY EtteE0520830 Aug 1913XL06 50
CLINE RebeccaE0520905 Oct 194478XX25 27
CLINE SamuelE0521025 Jul 194449XW26 44
CLINGBINE KateE0521110 Jun 194570XX22 34
CLINGBINE NathanE0521212 Dec 194573XX22 35
CLINOVITCH GertieE0521326 Jul 1911XI05 3
CLITCHEFSKY John MorrisE0521424 Jan 19197 mthXM10 34
CLOFF MosesE0521528 Oct 190359XC09 6
CLOMOVITZ MorrisE0521617 Jan 1912XO20 18
CLORE o/w CLARE RachelE0521702 Apr 193764XV49 16
CLORE DorisE0521819 Jun 19172 mthXM08 10
CLORE Simon AlexanderE0521912 Aug 194671XV49 17
CLOZENBERG JaneE0522017 Dec 193557XT40 13
CLUER SarahE0522125 Feb 193244XT14 44
CLUMOTOVSKY GershonE0522209 Jul 190360XD09 31
CLYNE AlbertE0522304 Jul 196080XP73 19
CLYNE AnnieE0522404 Mar 196777XP73 20
CLYNE Patricia RuthE0522525 Oct 193220 mthXR54 1

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