All Deceased beginning with letters 'CI'

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All names beginning CI
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
CIBULA Michael o/w MyerE0510715 Dec 19223XO23 24
CIFERSTEIN SarahE0510811 Dec 192448XQ11 6
CIKLIN PollyE0510917 Jun 19022 mthXD06 23
CIMMERING SarahE0511003 May 194667XX13 26
CINAMON AnnieE0511106 Nov 195075XY14 26
CINAMON MarksE0511216 Apr 194870XY14 25
CINDA LouisE0511323 Jan 193372XU25 38
CINNA FannyE0511416 Oct 195167XU69 45
CINNA SolomonE0511512 Nov 193967XU69 44
CIRCUS AbrahamE0511606 Aug 194277XQ44 10
CIRCUS EstherE0511722 May 194175XQ44 11
CIRKEL AbrahamE0511821 Jan 197989XX19 26
CIRKEL LeahE0511930 Sep 194553XX19 27
CIRSCH JosephE0512023 Jan 194580XW21 35
CIRSH RebeccaE0512107 Oct 192455XP41 8
CITRIN DorisE0512226 Jan 19245 mthXQ03 24
CITRIN Leah EvaE0512327 Jul 193877XU25 46
CITRIN LewisE0512426 Aug 193452XU06 7
CITRON AngelE0512529 Jun 190460XC03 7
CITRON DoraE0512604 Dec 192958XT06 14
CITRON J.E0512728 Oct 189832XB02 83
CITRON JackE0512829 Oct 19173 mthXM08 35
CITRON MendelE0512927 Nov 193373XU25 47
CITRON MeyerE0513027 Oct 1913XL05 17
CITRON MorrisE0513101 Oct 191522XJ06 5
CITRON NathanE0513226 Dec 194678XX06 31
CITRON RoseE0513316 Mar 192985XS17 13
CITRON SarahE0513406 Sep 1914XL13 33
CITRON YettaE0513525 Feb 192173XJ05 34

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