All Deceased beginning with letters 'CI'

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All names beginning CI
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
CIBULA Michael o/w MyerC131115 Dec 19223O23 24
CIFERSTEIN SarahC292211 Dec 192448Q111 06
CIKLIN PollyA127117 Jun 19022D06 23
CIMMERING SarahD755603 May 194667X13 26
CINAMON AnnieD996306 Nov 195075Y114 26
CINAMON MarksD865316 Apr 194870Y114 25
CINDA LouisC998823 Jan 193372U125 38
CINNA FannyE047516 Oct 195167U269 45
CINNA SolomonD374412 Nov 193967U269 44
CIRCUS AbrahamD542906 Aug 194277Q244 10
CIRCUS EstherD481122 May 194175Q244 11
CIRKEL AbrahamE725421 Jan 197989X19 26
CIRKEL LeahD720430 Sep 194553X19 27
CIRSCH JosephD685923 Jan 194580W21 35
CIRSH RebeccaC277107 Oct 192455P241 08
CISINOVICH YettaP0283410 Jan 191723J18
CITLIN IsraelP0283501 Jul 191840J5
CITRIN DorisC222126 Jan 19245Q103 24
CITRIN Leah EvaD306327 Jul 193877U125 46
CITRIN LewisD005626 Aug 193452U106 07
CITRON AngelA176429 Jun 190460C03 07
CITRON DoraC720804 Dec 192958T106 14
CITRON J.A059828 Oct 189832B201 83
CITRON MendelC1067327 Nov 193373U125 47
CITRON MorrisP0283801 Oct 191522J6
CITRON NathanD790326 Dec 194678X06 31
CITRON RoseC663916 Mar 192985S17 13
CITRON YettaB696325 Feb 192173J05 34

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