All Deceased beginning with letters 'CH'

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All names beginning CH
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
CHABKOWSKY SarahA257217 May 190745H02 34
CHACHICK GoldaC943930 May 193232T116 64
CHACOFF LouisC304901 Feb 192576M125 19
CHADACAL AbrahamC553930 Jan 192852S03 29
CHADACAL AliceC1028309 May 193320T120 24
CHADACAL BettyC1023316 Apr 193324T119 24
CHAFET Chaim WoolfE229517 Aug 195550Y242 04
CHAFETZ JosephC506816 Jul 192749R125 58
CHAFFER Rebecca LilyP0267126 Mar 19181M9
CHAIFETZ BerthaE242822 Dec 195570R125 59
CHAIFETZ SarahC166508 May 192367P117 29
CHAIKIN AbrahamD470326 Mar 194164V272 06
CHAIKIN AnnieC280423 Oct 192438P242 25
CHAIKIN HadassaA086828 Aug 19006B901 397
CHAIKIN HannahD776411 Oct 194687U280 52
CHAIKIN HarrisC471527 Jan 192750R127 28
CHAIKIN JessieE154307 Dec 195373W29 32
CHAIKIN Joseph o/w JacobD962526 Feb 195078Y132 27
CHAIKIN JosephP0267719 Dec 191727J9
CHAIKIN MillyE641421 Sep 197084P263 13
CHAIKIN MorrisC977816 Nov 193272U119 47
CHAIKIN NathanD628904 Feb 194462W29 31
CHAIKIN PhilipC174320 Jun 192345P120 31
CHAIKIN RebeccaC136210 Jan 192372E09 01
CHAIKIN RebeccaC823005 Feb 193152T109 13
CHAIKIN SarahE115311 Feb 195378R127 29
CHAIMOVITZ AnnieD994321 Oct 195064Y138 28
CHAIMOWITZ MaxE644414 Nov 197093Y138 29
CHAIRMAN RachelC559925 Feb 192848S11 44
CHAIT EdithC1015314 Mar 193352T120 48
CHAIT MorrisD742229 Jan 194672X16 31
CHAITOVITCH MyerC145817 Feb 19236C06 81
CHAITOWITZ JaneD731304 Dec 194561X18 05
CHAITOWITZ SolomonE576114 May 196685W01 43
CHAJET EmmaE059106 Jan 195269Z122 08
CHAJET Icico HerszE495908 May 196278Y242 03
CHAKOFSKY RoseA176530 Jun 190428E01 27
CHAKOWSKY MorrisC798213 Nov 193065S32 63
CHALFIN AnnieD187825 Dec 193658V246 05
CHALFIN FannyC907509 Jan 193244T102 64
CHALFIN IsraelE310510 Jun 195775Q246 06
CHALFIN MarksD958029 Jan 195071V246 06
CHALK SolomonC387224 Jan 192627R112 06
CHALKOWSKI BerkaC868806 Aug 193163U116 17
CHALKOWSKI MorrisD165423 Sep 193635U247 10
CHALKOWSKI RifkaD643102 May 194477U116 18
CHALKOWSKY MyerD488510 Jul 194135Q135 13
CHANCER ClaraE439403 Jul 196084X28 19
CHANCER HermanC627815 Dec 192864S21 61
CHANDES BernardE657622 Nov 197179P258 24
CHANNACK JacobD791328 Dec 194667X06 25
CHANNACK RachelE252013 Feb 195680X06 24
CHAPLER AnnaD441008 Nov 194017Q137 39
CHAPLER BellaD441008 Nov 194048Q137 41
CHAPLER EvaD086811 Oct 193518T138 14
CHAPLER LilyD441008 Nov 194025Q137 40
CHAPLER WoolfD441008 Nov 194057Q137 42
CHAPLIN HarryB294114 Feb 192150N01 24
CHAPLIN HarryC545803 Jan 192820S02 72
CHAPLIN HettyE100607 Dec 195284Q122 23
CHAPLIN HindaC438212 Sep 192661R121 26
CHAPLIN HymanD115130 Jan 193642P118 35
CHAPLIN Monty HarrisC008212 May 19218M113 45
CHAPLIN MorrisC294020 Dec 192462Q111 09
CHAPLIN PearlD006327 Aug 193468T129 25
CHAPLIN Peter GeraldC1005309 Feb 19338O27 17
CHAPLIN SamuelC981701 Dec 193271U124 40
CHAPLIN SarahD206424 Feb 193769V248 29
CHAPLINSKY AlecD892321 Nov 194866V260 12
CHAPLINSKY MarthaD409331 May 194058V260 13
CHAPMAN CharlesC281901 Nov 192424P243 29
CHAPMAN FannyD822807 Jul 194774U270 33
CHAPMAN MinkaA167206 Mar 190411E01 08
CHAPMAN NathanD383609 Jan 194064U270 34
CHAPP FannyD331323 Jan 193971U130 11
CHAPP NathanC1074120 Dec 193368U130 12
CHAPPER BarnettD487001 Jul 194187V276 19
CHAPPER BennyP0270525 Dec 19188M6
CHAPPER DavisC766029 May 193053S15 73
CHAPPER HettyC501415 Jun 192770M127 15
CHAPPER MaxE239102 Dec 195580T112 07
CHAPPER MillieE387520 Mar 195981S15 74
CHAPPER SarahC087829 Apr 192226K16 27
CHAPRUCK HannahD166629 Sep 193663V243 20
CHAPRUCK IsaacE027430 Apr 195177W11 21
CHARATAN FrederickP0271008 Jul 191871J12
CHARING AleckC216207 Jan 192476P104 18
CHARING FannyC009319 May 192137K11 15
CHARING FannyE049226 Oct 195170U269 30
CHARING LouisD343024 Mar 193974U265 39
CHARING SimonD378712 Dec 193964U269 31
CHARING WoolfD270318 Dec 193758U257 36
CHARINKI RachelP0271512 May 191732J15
CHARINSKY BessieP0271624 Mar 1917J16
CHARKHAM EvaE188229 Sep 195476S17 07
CHARKIN LeahC915811 Feb 193277T114 08
CHARKIN MarkC312405 Mar 192562Q110 02
CHARKOFF DeborahD349103 May 193970V259 24
CHARKOFF IsraelP0271926 Sep 191557L16
CHARKOFF TillyC688929 Jun 192941S18 59
CHARKOLSKY JaneE470913 May 196182W24 12
CHARKOLSKY LewisD663920 Sep 194463W24 11
CHARLES BeatriceD254211 Oct 193728V252 29
CHARLES CeliaE186505 Sep 195448P256 12
CHARLES EstherP0272320 Mar 191936K5
CHARLES EvaE278722 Sep 195659P258 25
CHARLES JosephC555406 Feb 192835S02 40
CHARLES MillieC415011 May 192612R116 13
CHARLIS Samuel SimonB692109 Feb 192120J11 20
CHARLOFSKY SolomonB602627 Nov 191956N07 08
CHARNATA Kranett SarahC932510 Apr 193269S17 74
CHARNETSKY JohnE147919 Oct 195374Z129 24
CHARNETSKY MiriamE237517 Nov 195573Z129 35
CHARONNE BernardD281809 Feb 193869U258 27
CHARONNE BettyD305520 Jul 193858U260 27
CHAROWNE MargaretE702026 Mar 197668Q396 02
CHARVONIA LeahD767728 Jul 194672U267 45
CHARVONIA MyerD358004 Jul 193967U267 44
CHARYNOWITCH BetsyA090721 Nov 190040AD01 487
CHASIONE BerthaE749711 Nov 198293Z243 14
CHASIS SolomonC839330 Mar 193166U112 43
CHASIS YettaD211717 Mar 193772Q140 19
CHASKALOVITCH LewisD657910 Aug 194446W26 49
CHASON HarrisP0273313 Apr 191951N13
CHASON LeahD290203 Apr 193865T128 38
CHASS NotelC897708 Dec 193179U120 08
CHASSIK MalkaC536804 Dec 192775P136 34
CHAT BarnetE569323 Jan 196679Z140 04
CHATINA Annie RoseA220210 Mar 190649F03 24
CHAVINS PearlE813822 Dec 200797Q3B3 03
CHAVINSKY HarryE807321 Jun 200293Q3B3 04
CHAVINSKY SamuelE376015 Jan 195975Q3B3 05
CHAVINSKY SarahE649613 Mar 197196Q3B3 06
CHAVINSKY SarahP0273930 Aug 191044I3
CHAYTOW AnnieE509122 Dec 196273P272 06
CHAZAN AnnieD463717 Feb 194193I17 48
CHAZAN DoraC561908 Mar 192818M134 16
CHAZAN Isser o/w IsaacE379029 Jan 195984Q110 29
CHAZAN MiriamE498907 Jul 196263Q110 28
CHAZAN RebeccaC614317 Oct 192849R101 56
CHAZEN GertrudeD814628 Apr 194774W17 03
CHAZON SimonB703329 Mar 192161I17 47
CHECHANOVER DavidD022330 Nov 193462U103 52
CHECHANOVER SrencaD528522 Apr 194265U103 53
CHEEPEN AbrahamD906807 Feb 194978Y123 34
CHEEPEN FredaP0275030 Dec 19178M6
CHEEPER LeahE549315 Jan 196588Y123 35
CHEETEN MauriceC256311 Jun 192461P126 34
CHELMINSKY AnnieB667209 Oct 192048K09 48
CHEMITSKY EmanuelC1040815 Jul 193359U122 01
CHENAGLE MorrisD468614 Mar 194162V250 32
CHENOVSKY CecilC273517 Sep 192414M119 08
CHERING SophieC430030 Jul 192674R119 33
CHERKAS AaronB635111 Apr 19204M104 04
CHERKAS JuliaP0275401 Sep 19145O12
CHERKAS or LEVY MiriamD160322 Aug 193679N13 45
CHERKIN Aaron HarryP0275525 Jan 191811M6
CHERKIN FannyD713806 Aug 194572X21 44
CHERLIN SarahP0275723 Aug 191658J18
CHERLING SimonC798818 Nov 193069S32 33
CHERLYN DavidD949904 Dec 194953Z110 08
CHERLYN JaneD277819 Jan 193830P107 12
CHERLYN LouisD604204 Oct 194342P252 08
CHERLYN MorrisC804109 Dec 193067P241 10
CHERLYN RebeccaD109512 Jan 193679P245 13
CHERMITSKY AbrahamE140305 Aug 195384V123 01
CHERMITSKY EthelD479211 May 194159V123 03
CHERNACK AnnieC193807 Oct 192345P126 31
CHERNEY ZivilC682520 May 192977S18 28
CHERNIKSKY LeahC036529 Oct 192133K14 09
CHERNIN AnnieE438928 Jun 196077T246 24
CHERNIN HaroldC305804 Feb 19251M119 28
CHERNISKY RevaC708311 Oct 192980S08 07
CHERNITSKY BarnettD014821 Oct 193463U103 35
CHERNITSKY ClaraP0276409 Nov 1917J13
CHERNITSKY HarrisE016018 Feb 195171Y139 41
CHERNITSKY HymanB697303 Mar 192118J04 33
CHERNITSKY MosesC569504 Apr 192883S05 49
CHERNITSKY RebeccaD663215 Sep 194478W26 12
CHERNITSKY Reuben BarnettC1069305 Dec 193329U126 47
CHERNOFF AlecC620212 Nov 192861S21 32
CHERNOFF BarnettE055212 Dec 195162W16 38
CHERNOFF BellaP0276906 Feb 191374L8
CHERNOFF JaneD708930 Jun 194567X21 23
CHERNOFF RoseD874726 Jun 194879Y116 23
CHERNOFF WoolfE113204 Feb 195379X21 24
CHERNOFSKY HarrisC211018 Dec 19239E01 64
CHERNOFSKY JacobC282302 Nov 192476P243 18
CHERNS SamuelD640717 Apr 194458W27 45
CHERNUSKY AbrahamP0277108 Sep 191262L7
CHERRY AaronD009817 Sep 193471U104 45
CHERRY AlbertP0277323 Apr 19092E3
CHERRY AnnieC603506 Sep 192866S09 44
CHERRY LeonoraP0277513 Sep 190745H8
CHERRY RebeccaA195802 Apr 190543C05 43
CHERVONI PhilipE403411 Aug 195978Z243 13
CHESKIN AnnieB699210 Mar 192160K10 47
CHESKIN JessieE290416 Dec 195675W20 37
CHESKIN JosephD521613 Mar 194247V118 11
CHESKIN MauriceE410328 Oct 195972W20 36
CHESLER MorrisC749323 Mar 193074S29 70
CHESNEY BarnettP0277814 Nov 191056I2
CHESNEY BerthaD070416 Jul 193572T134 44
CHESNICK AlekA191903 Feb 19054C06 57
CHESNICK EstherD510730 Dec 194177V120 28
CHESNICK JA072905 Nov 18993B501 241
CHESNICK JosephC1114614 May 193445U107 45
CHESNICK WolfB585406 Sep 191953N09 39
CHESS BetsyP0278101 Nov 191020I1
CHESS RachelE021420 Mar 195180X23 41
CHESSMAN KolmanD778025 Oct 194667W25 27
CHESSMAN MaryD657510 Aug 194468W25 28
CHESTER / CHESSLER AbrahamE268622 Jun 195688Z241 38
CHESTER AngelC629419 Dec 192864S21 59
CHESTER AnnieB679015 Dec 192057K09 22
CHESTER KateP0278410 Nov 191657J20
CHESTER MillieP0278519 Jul 191629I8
CHEVALIN FredaE092212 Oct 195271W13 33
CHEVINSKY SarahD166801 Oct 193660V243 21
CHEZAN EstherC568129 Mar 192857S10 12
CHIBERKESS SamuelC435525 Aug 192654R120 34
CHICKAN SolomonC900220 Dec 193154U120 27
CHICKANOFSKY AbrahamE026222 Apr 195172W11 27
CHICKANOFSKY CissieC834413 Mar 193143T109 19
CHICKENOFF NathanD883312 Sep 194866Y118 23
CHICKENOFF SarahC702814 Sep 192946S08 60
CHICKOFSKY RebeccaC338704 Jul 192586P136 05
CHIDAKEL AnnieD565101 Jan 194378V112 38
CHILD Samuel MorrisC747716 Mar 193065S29 69
CHILKES BessieE770409 May 198793Y111 38
CHILKES JaneD980725 Jun 195060Y135 36
CHILKOVITCH GertieC250410 May 192468P135 05
CHININ BernardD943803 Nov 194928X09 53
CHININ MorrisD769713 Aug 194669V129 30
CHINN EliC093502 Jun 192248K20 09
CHINNIN SarahD412823 Jun 194056V129 29
CHINSKY JaneyP0279808 May 191753J15
CHINSKY LouisE027229 Apr 195192U104 53
CHIPKIN LeahC623930 Nov 192864S15 37
CHIPKIN SolomonB692911 Feb 192160N01 30
CHIPLOVITCH AnnieD824111 Jul 194755Y105 22
CHIRKIN JacobD912804 Mar 194977X16 51
CHISES EvaP0280105 Feb 191747J17
CHISHICK AnnieE683802 Aug 197481U109 54
CHISHICK HarryC111701 Jun 193442U106 51
CHISHICK SidneyE775330 Sep 198865U114 54
CHISLOR or SHAFFER AnnieD454308 Jan 194183V269 07
CHISOFSKY LewisA228618 Jun 190633F07 09
CHISSICK AbrahamD611020 Nov 194382U106 53
CHISSICK AnnieC079528 Mar 192250M117 16
CHISSICK BernardC726828 Dec 192943A701 376
CHISSICK BetsyD470628 Mar 194178U106 52
CHISSICK HymanD093813 Nov 193572C01 01A
CHISSICK JackC179114 Jul 192333P123 22
CHISSICK LilyC327004 May 192517R104 11
CHISSICK MarksC144714 Feb 192350P107 33
CHISSICK MichaelD011304 Oct 193445U103 41
CHISSICK RebeccaE154005 Dec 195379U383 51
CHISSICK SidneyC822503 Feb 19316R246 10
CHISSICK SimmaC045805 Dec 192159C01 01
CHISSICK SolomonC848808 May 193170U114 10
CHISSICK SolomonP0280904 Sep 191854J11
CHISSIK FannyD088423 Oct 193571T138 13
CHITOW KatieB654927 Jul 192060K08 35
CHIVON MorrisB617108 Feb 192014O28 14
CHLIBOWITCH NaphtaliC125727 Nov 19227O18 30
CHLIBOWITZ Marks JosephD006227 Aug 193474U104 39
CHMELNITSKY PerliaC548611 Jan 192878S04 66
CHMELNITSKY Sarah AnnieC191525 Sep 192333K07 56
CHODICK AnnieC163423 Apr 192358P118 19
CHODICK MarkE334731 Dec 195771P261 17
CHODICK MiriamE749912 Dec 198288P261 18
CHODICK PhilipC715413 Nov 192967S28 70
CHODICK SollyC935820 Apr 193234U110 39
CHODOSH LilyE510822 Jan 196377X32 02
CHODOSH WoolfD876310 Jul 194860X32 01
CHOLE o/w COHEN Monty PhilipD873814 Jun 194866X07 03
CHOMSKI DeborahD235308 Jul 193756V250 22
CHONTOW ChinkaE209615 Feb 195569W08 52
CHONTOW Szmuel (Rabbi)E312903 Jul 195778W01 46
CHOPP SamuelD634607 Mar 194456W31 16
CHOWCAT JosephE327719 Nov 195774V115 40
CHOWCAT LottieD550503 Oct 194259V115 36
CHOWCAT o/w ISAACS RoseD279327 Jan 193880I18 65
CHUDNOFSKY MaryC1038901 Jul 193383F09 13
CHUDNOVSKY HymanP0281907 Feb 191055F9
CHUMELSKY HettieC1042927 Jul 193345T123 35
CHUNTZ HarrisC124216 Nov 192242P102 33
CHUPKOFSKY HarrisC257115 Jun 192484P136 04
CHURNER DoraC378323 Dec 192575P128 01
CHURNER MorrisC763820 May 193054J01 04
CHUSTAND RachelD844424 Nov 194770Y109 19
CHUSTARD AbrahamE362620 Sep 195885Y109 18
CHUTNER SamuelD112926 Jan 193654U102 27
CHYATT LeahB690804 Feb 192142K11 36
CHYTE BetsyP0282710 May 191049E6
CHYTE JacobP0282826 Nov 190936E7

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