All Deceased beginning with letters 'CE'

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All names beginning CE
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
CECIL JA173312 May 190410E01 15
CEDAR AbrahamE020515 Mar 195147Z119 13
CEDAR JennyE716220 Oct 197781Q394 10
CEDAR LeahD423309 Sep 194083V128 29
CEDAR LouisE642409 Oct 197080Q394 09
CEDER IsraelC675626 Apr 192972S25 41
CEDERBAUM DeborahE791903 Nov 200393X26 28
CELNIKER Sarah DinahD338122 Feb 193964V133 12
CELNIKIER SamuelE153704 Dec 195371V133 11
CEMENISKI MosesA188126 Dec 190466C05 34
CENDER DavidB628922 Mar 19202M111 50
CENSOR RebeccaD999224 Nov 195070W08 03
CENTURY JessieC112728 Sep 192248P111 10
CENTURY JosephC935722 Apr 193257U109 22

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