All Deceased beginning with letters 'CE'

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All names beginning CE
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
CECIL JE0477312 May 19043 mthXE01 15
CEDAR AbrahamE0477415 Mar 195147XZ19 13
CEDAR JennyE0477520 Oct 197781XQ94 10
CEDAR LeahE0477609 Sep 194083XV28 29
CEDAR LouisE0477709 Oct 197080XQ94 9
CEDER IsraelE0477826 Apr 192972XS25 41
CEDERBAUM DeborahE0477903 Nov 200393XX26 28
CELNIKER Sarah DinahE0478022 Feb 193964XV33 12
CELNIKIER SamuelE0478104 Dec 195371XV33 11
CEMENISKI MosesE0478226 Dec 190466XC05 34
CENDER DavidE0478322 Mar 19202XM11 50
CENSON SarahE0478414 May 1910XG07 26
CENSOR RebeccaE0478524 Nov 195070XW08 3
CENTURY JessieE0478628 Sep 192248XP11 10
CENTURY JosephE0478722 Apr 193257XU09 22

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