All Deceased beginning with letters 'CA'

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All names beginning CA
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
CAGODNICK SolomonB696628 Feb 192143J11 14
CAHN LilyC695131 Jul 192930S08 17
CAHN MyerP0249502 Nov 191153L1
CAIDEN LenaC047413 Dec 192134K16 35
CAIN Allan AbrahamD868003 May 19484X18 51
CAIN CilaD867903 May 194835X18 50
CAINE o/w COHEN DavidD812001 Apr 194764T119 61
CALCULATOR EvaP0249926 Jan 190936H8
CALCULATOR NathanP0250023 Nov 191848N15
CALINSKY AdaE623017 Apr 196974Z134 33
CALINSKY GershonE192325 Oct 195463Z134 34
CALISHER BarnettD343326 Mar 193976U265 37
CALISHER JaneD524426 Mar 194276U265 38
CALKA GodleP0250118 Sep 190846G6
CALLER GoldaA252721 Mar 19074E01 54
CALLER HarrisC919822 Feb 193262Q121 12
CALMUS JosephP0250504 May 191932N9
CALMUS KateC152516 Mar 192354P115 03
CALMUS MiriamP0250710 Apr 190933F5
CALMUS Sarah MiriamE742012 May 198195K18 29
CALMUS ZisaC622927 Nov 192874S14 66
CALSTEIN WA048120 Jan 18985A801 388
CAMEL LazarusD539515 Jul 194271T116 08
CAMEL RebeccaC940414 May 193255T116 07
CAMLETT RoseC745811 Mar 193044T104 53
CAMOZINE FrancesP0251201 Jun 19186J19
CAMPER HymanC403726 Mar 192660R115 48
CAMPER SarahD371626 Oct 193970V259 03
CANDEL MillieP0251301 Nov 191220L4
CANFER JeanieD759630 May 194652X12 36
CANNING FannyE087602 Sep 195273R101 15
CANNING LilyD429730 Sep 194038Q139 38
CANNING MorrisD779606 Nov 194669R101 14
CANNON Abraham JohnD874626 Jun 194864Y116 12
CANNON EvaD976724 May 195060Y136 06
CANNON JackE119506 Mar 195349Q123 24
CANNON James WilliamE073813 Apr 195265Y136 05
CANNON PollyE531101 Feb 196482Y116 13
CANNON RebeccaD921118 Apr 194980Y126 23
CANNON SarahC393718 Feb 192653Q111 15
CANTER JosephP0252126 Oct 191143L1
CANTER SarahA012319 May 18927A301 120
CANTOR AlfredA170229 Mar 19042E01 11
CANTOR BessieD943602 Nov 194983U104 19
CANTOR EliC024622 Aug 192164I18 44
CANTOR EstherD609816 Nov 194360X31 43
CANTOR Gerlad JosephC670104 Apr 19296R241 02
CANTOR HarrisE060015 Jan 195266X06 09
CANTOR IsaacC562610 Mar 192861S05 43
CANTOR JessieD166429 Sep 193680V243 09
CANTOR LeopoldA208719 Oct 190510F01 22
CANTOR LouisD923708 May 194972Y127 22
CANTOR MorrisC1068101 Dec 193374U104 20
CANTOR MorrisD143217 May 193661U245 08
CANTOR PhilipE559320 Jul 196580X04 32
CANTOR RachelD140329 Apr 193676T138 37
CANTOR SarahC452318 Nov 192648R123 26
CANTOR SarahC908111 Jan 193265T114 71
CANTOR SarahD804427 Feb 194758X04 33
CANTOR Solomon BarnettE215220 Mar 195578X12 12
CAPALOFF NathanC289127 Nov 192466P244 06
CAPINSKY HarrisP0253023 Mar 191642J18
CAPINSKY JacobD263922 Nov 193761R101 24
CAPINSKY LeahE619403 Jan 196991R101 23
CAPINSKY MiriamC747316 Mar 193079Q107 12
CAPLAN AaronC072125 Feb 192267N11 03
CAPLAN AaronC195114 Oct 192355P127 14
CAPLAN AbrahamC709017 Oct 192962S16 65
CAPLAN AbrahamD779202 Nov 194672V387 06
CAPLAN AbrahamE206424 Jan 195562Y127 26
CAPLAN AbrahamP0253430 Jan 191769J16
CAPLAN AlecE518726 May 196384X16 03
CAPLAN AliceE551911 Mar 196585W08 31
CAPLAN AnnieC1021810 Apr 193370T119 63
CAPLAN AnnieD925423 May 194950Y127 25
CAPLAN AnnieE472728 May 196169U111 54
CAPLAN AnnieE532626 Feb 196476Z241 22
CAPLAN BarnettD767930 Jul 194664W32 50
CAPLAN BashaC931503 Apr 193258T115 56
CAPLAN Basil MartinC215905 Jan 19243Q103 20
CAPLAN BetsyP0253812 Feb 191038E6
CAPLAN BlumerD091502 Nov 193570R105 16
CAPLAN CharlesC560703 Mar 192882S04 18
CAPLAN DavidC301217 Jan 192575P245 18
CAPLAN EdithC330419 May 192550R104 47
CAPLAN FannyC076716 Mar 192233K15 18
CAPLAN FannyE067224 Feb 195280Y101 38
CAPLAN GoldaD317323 Oct 193844V248 32
CAPLAN GoldaD414807 Jul 194071U267 42
CAPLAN HarrisP0254418 Oct 191265L1
CAPLAN HarryC304530 Jan 19251M119 27
CAPLAN HarryC967125 Sep 193226U108 22
CAPLAN IsaacE258720 Mar 195678Z241 21
CAPLAN IsraelE271813 Jul 195671W12 04
CAPLAN JacobC059015 Jan 192251M114 22
CAPLAN JacobD359621 Jul 193974U267 41
CAPLAN JaneC196019 Oct 192362P127 27
CAPLAN JaneD610518 Nov 194363V387 05
CAPLAN Joseph (Joe)D908913 Feb 194967Y120 39
CAPLAN JosephD241411 Aug 193751U254 28
CAPLAN JuliusE423309 Feb 196076Z130 03
CAPLAN LeahE575506 May 196684Z130 04
CAPLAN LeslieC781829 Aug 19306R243 15
CAPLAN LewisC683526 May 192983S25 52
CAPLAN LewisD770822 Aug 194672X09 20
CAPLAN MarkD797329 Jan 194774X05 08
CAPLAN MarksC398211 Mar 192662R114 26
CAPLAN MaryE023329 Mar 195168X05 07
CAPLAN MendelC1080006 Jan 193445U130 40
CAPLAN MichaelC149708 Mar 192319P106 11
CAPLAN MillieE645407 Dec 197094X18 02
CAPLAN MillyC102727 Jul 192242K08 55
CAPLAN MillyC482105 Mar 192734R130 37
CAPLAN MiriamB615401 Feb 19203O30 07
CAPLAN MorrisD916521 Mar 194980Y101 37
CAPLAN MorrisE147111 Oct 195386T126 52
CAPLAN NathanE332518 Dec 195780X18 01
CAPLAN NechaC145215 Feb 192380J07 60
CAPLAN PhilipC010526 May 192148H10 33
CAPLAN PhilipC800321 Nov 193016S32 28
CAPLAN RachelC072828 Feb 192275N11 02
CAPLAN RachelD574801 Mar 194358W12 03
CAPLAN RachelD857123 Feb 194874U248 07
CAPLAN RebeccaC164026 Apr 192348P117 26
CAPLAN RebeccaC458612 Dec 192661R124 36
CAPLAN RebeccaC923204 Mar 193279L01 47
CAPLAN RebeccaD806307 Mar 194768X16 04
CAPLAN ReubenC826616 Feb 193139U111 42
CAPLAN RoseC1097205 Mar 193464T126 51
CAPLAN RoseC861229 Jun 193157T111 29
CAPLAN SamuelD170920 Oct 193666U248 08
CAPLAN SarahC003721 Apr 192169K11 27
CAPLAN SarahC1123207 Jul 193462T128 09
CAPLAN SarahD260410 Nov 193771P127 15
CAPLAN SarahP0255727 Oct 191247I7
CAPLAN SolomonC013517 Jun 192120H10 23
CAPLIN AaronC334313 Jun 192570R105 15
CAPLIN AbrahamC218111 Jan 192435Q134 05
CAPLIN AbrahamE272619 Jul 195674X10 54
CAPLIN AlfredC255131 May 192431P136 17
CAPLIN AnnieC997522 Jan 193372T121 35
CAPLIN ArchibaldC391304 Feb 19266M118 01
CAPLIN BarnettD214831 Mar 193766U249 46
CAPLIN BessieC311023 Feb 192533R102 13
CAPLIN CharlesD392422 Feb 194060V138 34
CAPLIN CharlesE810030 Oct 200384P277 01
CAPLIN ChayaP0256401 Jan 191239I5
CAPLIN ClaraE776804 Mar 198982P260 03
CAPLIN DavidC917815 Feb 193263U121 12
CAPLIN DianaC758026 Apr 193040P243 35
CAPLIN EdwardD784230 Nov 194676X08 32
CAPLIN EleanorE796218 Feb 199668P277 02
CAPLIN ElizabethP0256804 Nov 191440L13
CAPLIN EstherD801917 Feb 194784Q139 08
CAPLIN FannyD071924 Jul 193571T136 35
CAPLIN FredaE561523 Sep 196582X10 55
CAPLIN HarryE759104 Aug 198466P275 01
CAPLIN IsaacD016030 Oct 193468U103 50
CAPLIN IsaacE448805 Oct 196067P266 06
CAPLIN IsraelE253321 Feb 195683Q113 49
CAPLIN JackD430406 Oct 194049U277 48
CAPLIN JaneD806208 Mar 194758X12 50
CAPLIN JaneE683904 Aug 197490P260 02
CAPLIN JessieD486422 Jun 194151Q242 42
CAPLIN LewisD144824 May 193668U245 15
CAPLIN LewisD501119 Oct 194161V278 19
CAPLIN LewisP0257509 Jul 191829L12
CAPLIN MarksC1002102 Feb 193368Q139 09
CAPLIN MatildeD603324 Sep 194339X31 14
CAPLIN MauriceE795019 Nov 199590P260 04
CAPLIN MichaelE433508 May 196078P260 01
CAPLIN MillieD550806 Oct 194276P131 06
CAPLIN MillieE790724 Feb 199476P275 02
CAPLIN MiriamP0258308 Jan 191155I1
CAPLIN MorrisC469420 Jan 192749R127 56
CAPLIN NinaD267404 Dec 193791S25 38
CAPLIN PhilipD207904 Mar 193774U251 47
CAPLIN PollyC337427 Jun 192517R105 45
CAPLIN RebeccaD713907 Aug 194551Q133 02
CAPLIN RebeccaD880219 Aug 194890Y113 13
CAPLIN RebeccaE164922 Feb 195472Q113 48
CAPLIN RobertE785428 Feb 199284Y243 29
CAPLIN SarahB693013 Feb 192139K10 40
CAPLIN SarahC1048231 Aug 193358T123 57
CAPLIN SarahC291807 Dec 192435M121 23
CAPLIN SarahD384314 Jan 194070U245 16
CAPLIN SimonE330708 Dec 195776V136 34
CAPLIN SolomonC236505 Mar 192458P131 07
CAPLIN SolomonC761812 May 193049S30 20
CAPLIN SolomonD626523 Jan 194460W29 11
CAPLIN SolomonP0259230 Jan 191833J4
CAPLIN SophiaD942828 Oct 194959Z105 05
CAPLIN SylviaD172927 Oct 193626T132 49
CAPLIN/CAPLAN JosephD784906 Dec 194656X07 35
CARAMAL JaneC933112 Apr 193256T115 49
CARAMEL SolomonC278111 Oct 192456P241 06
CARAS IsaacD072224 Jul 193561U139 05
CARAS RachelD913806 Mar 194972U139 06
CARDASH DavidD689511 Feb 194568V122 24
CARDASH EstherD495631 Aug 194167V122 23
CARDINSKY RachelA178028 Jul 190455C03 32
CARDOZA DoraD286001 Mar 193858V136 14
CARDOZA SamuelD214229 Mar 193780U249 21
CAREMAN AbrahamC834715 Mar 193156U112 35
CARLISH SarahC406506 Apr 192671R115 18
CARLOVSKY AdaA193223 Feb 190512C06 59
CARMELL IsraelC099003 Jul 192230K13 19
CARMESSON BlumahP0260421 Dec 191560J5
CARNE SamuelD375214 Nov 193960U267 15
CARNELL RayC1028510 May 193346T117 70
CARNFIELD LottieD007502 Sep 193455D08 01A
CARNOLASKY LeahE022826 Mar 195180N07 11
CARO FannyC380929 Dec 192550R111 37
CARO JosephD550401 Oct 194268V113 36
CARO LeahC451916 Nov 192656R123 23
CARO MarkC940114 May 193231U123 16
CARO PhilipP0260704 Aug 19155O7
CARO WolfB619721 Feb 192017N11 25
CARP AbrahamC994917 Jan 193368S18 09
CARP ClaraP0261015 May 191228L2
CARP KateC672713 Apr 192966S18 08
CARR LilyE756018 Dec 198377Q390 03
CARR or KARSHINSKY MarksD865920 Apr 194883Q124 15
CARR SybillC885428 Oct 193134T112 09
CARRIES JohnA059619 Oct 189822B201 81
CARSBERG RebeccaP0261609 Jan 191917M2
CART AbrahamD373709 Nov 193958U268 17
CART LeahE531509 Feb 196477U268 18
CARTER AbrahamC978417 Nov 193256R136 59
CARTER BetseyD511005 Jan 194278C07 51
CARTER EmanuelP0261924 Jun 191853C7
CARTON DavisC484015 Mar 192760R130 32
CARTON RebeccaC263624 Jul 192460P138 27
CARTZ HarryC1093317 Feb 19346Q104 38
CARTZ SimonD690218 Feb 194572V246 14
CARVER HelenaE371212 Dec 195874Q384 10
CARVER MarieE811201 Feb 200574Q398 04
CARVER MichaelE802223 Apr 199872Q398 03
CARVITZ AnnieE238225 Nov 195567Y108 37
CASE BloomahC350130 Aug 192564R107 27
CASH AaronE652016 Jun 197177W17 09
CASH AbrahamB610507 Jan 192068N06 20
CASH AnnieA241723 Nov 190657C01 45
CASH BernardC135102 Jan 19235O21 27
CASH BetsyD693312 Mar 194569X25 33
CASH EstherE063702 Feb 195256W17 08
CASH HarrisC173416 Jun 192349P120 19
CASH HarryE038331 Jul 195178W12 39
CASH HymanD004422 Aug 193483C01 46
CASH JoeE725111 Jan 197983Q121 35
CASH KittyD012106 Oct 193434T130 29
CASH MarkD881628 Aug 194876X14 04
CASH MarksC645703 Feb 192956S22 33
CASH MorrisA185311 Nov 190470C04 31
CASH RachelB630828 Mar 192069N06 21
CASH RebeccaB584528 Aug 191970K03 25
CASH RebeccaP0263921 Mar 191838J10
CASH SarahD928825 Jun 194958Y124 19
CASH SarahE714129 Jul 197780Q121 36
CASH SolomonD899229 Dec 194868X14 52
CASH TheresaC013317 Jun 192151H10 26
CASHMAKER SimonP0264303 Sep 191748J14
CASHMAN LeahE344723 Mar 195863P262 15
CASHMAN MarkE633801 Feb 197077P262 16
CASHMIRAH SarahA216829 Jan 190660F03 17
CASLOVITCH DinahE046006 Oct 195186W14 25
CASPARE LeopoldA009124 Sep 189157A201 81
CASPER AdaC418730 May 192659P246 27
CASPER AnnieD071823 Jul 193576T134 27
CASPER BessieP0264902 Nov 191829M2
CASPER DeborahC460018 Dec 192670R125 33
CASPER HarrisC089005 May 192273K20 10
CASPER JanieA111115 Oct 19012D01 33
CASPER LewisB678209 Dec 192037N02 15
CASPER SamuelD242920 Aug 193768P115 02
CASS RachelC705026 Sep 192924T106 61
CASSELHEIM MinnieD276712 Jan 193866V256 13
CASSELSON BarnettE096009 Nov 195283W12 37
CASSENBAUM LazarusD250827 Sep 193750U255 36
CASSERSON JaneC461320 Dec 192657R125 27
CASSLER AdaE126217 Apr 195378Q126 27
CASSLER BrendaD473209 Apr 194111V124 04
CASSLER EdithD473209 Apr 194116V124 03
CASSLER MaxE108515 Jan 195380Q126 28
CASSLER MinnieE776412 Jan 198987V123 01A
CASSLER NatalieD473209 Apr 19415V124 05
CASSLER NathanD473209 Apr 194149V124 02
CASSONSON LeahC079629 Mar 192222J12 03
CASSRAY BarnettP0265618 Apr 191835J7
CASTLEMAN JosephE341022 Feb 195874Q126 40
CASTLEMAN RebeccaE588802 Feb 196788Q126 39
CASTLEMAN ShirleyC296025 Dec 19242M119 23
CASTLEMAN SprintzeP0265910 Jun 191662J19
CATRZ EvaD190403 Jan 193763V246 13
CAUFER JudahE018402 Mar 195158X12 37
CAVE HarryC014830 Jun 192162J11 03
CAVE Rachel RebeccaC878727 Sep 193173T112 20
CAYNE HarryE004523 Dec 195056Y139 13
CAZIN GeraldP0266220 Jul 191274L1
CAZIN MillieE714204 Aug 197784V389 16
CAZIN MorrisE290214 Dec 195668V389 15

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