All Deceased beginning with letters 'CA'

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All names beginning CA
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
CAGODNICK SolomonE0447228 Feb 192143XJ11 14
CAHN LilyE0447331 Jul 192930XS08 17
CAHN MyerE0447402 Nov 1911XL01 6
CAIDEN LenaE0447513 Dec 192134XK16 35
CAIN Allan AbrahamE0447603 May 19484 mthXX18 51
CAIN CilaE0447703 May 194835XX18 50
CAINE o/w COHEN DavidE0447801 Apr 194764XT19 61
CALCOLATEN EvaE0447926 Jan 1909XH08 29
CALINSKY AdaE0448017 Apr 196974XZ34 33
CALINSKY GershonE0448125 Oct 195463XZ34 34
CALISHER BarnettE0448226 Mar 193976XU65 37
CALISHER JaneE0448326 Mar 194276XU65 38
CALLER GoldaE0448421 Mar 19074 mthXE01 54
CALLER HarrisE0448522 Feb 193262XQ21 12
CALMINS JosephE0448604 May 191932XN09 12
CALMUS KateE0448716 Mar 192354XP15 3
CALMUS Sarah MiriamE0448812 May 198195XK18 29
CALMUS ZisaE0448927 Nov 192874XS14 66
CALP RachelE0449001 May 1914XI12 36
CALSTEIN WE0449120 Jan 18985 mthXA08 388
CAMEL LazarusE0449215 Jul 194271XT16 8
CAMEL RebeccaE0449314 May 193255XT16 7
CAMLETT RoseE0449411 Mar 193044XT04 53
CAMPER HymanE0449526 Mar 192660XR15 48
CAMPER SarahE0449626 Oct 193970XV59 3
CANANICK HillerE0449701 Apr 1911XO16 27
CANFER JeanieE0449830 May 194652XX12 36
CANNING FannyE0449902 Sep 195273XR01 15
CANNING LilyE0450030 Sep 194038XQ39 38
CANNING MorrisE0450106 Nov 194669XR01 14
CANNON Abraham JohnE0450226 Jun 194864XY16 12
CANNON EvaE0450324 May 195060XY36 6
CANNON JackE0450406 Mar 195349XQ23 24
CANNON James WilliamE0450513 Apr 195265XY36 5
CANNON PollyE0450601 Feb 196482XY16 13
CANNON RebeccaE0450718 Apr 194980XY26 23
CANNON SarahE0450818 Feb 192653XQ11 15
CANPOS GershonE0450905 Dec 1912XO23 10
CANTER SarahE0451019 May 18927 mthXA03 120
CANTIZMAN RalphE0451118 Oct 1914XO10 31
CANTOR AlfredE0451229 Mar 19042XE01 11
CANTOR BessieE0451302 Nov 194983XU04 19
CANTOR EliE0451422 Aug 192164XI18 44
CANTOR EstherE0451516 Nov 194360XX31 43
CANTOR Gerlad JosephE0451604 Apr 19296XR41 2
CANTOR HarrisE0451715 Jan 195266XX06 9
CANTOR IsaacE0451810 Mar 192861XS05 43
CANTOR JessieE0451929 Sep 193680XV43 9
CANTOR LeopoldE0452019 Oct 19053 mthXF01 22
CANTOR LouisE0452108 May 194972XY27 22
CANTOR MorrisE0452230 May 1911XO18 6
CANTOR MorrisE0452317 May 193661XU45 8
CANTOR MorrisE0452401 Dec 193374XU04 20
CANTOR PhilipE0452520 Jul 196580XX04 32
CANTOR RachelE0452629 Apr 193676XT38 37
CANTOR SarahE0452718 Nov 192648XR23 26
CANTOR SarahE0452827 Feb 194758XX04 33
CANTOR SarahE0452911 Jan 193265XT14 71
CANTOR Solomon BarnettE0453020 Mar 195578XX12 12
CAPALOFF NathanE0453127 Nov 192466XP44 6
CAPINSKY JacobE0453222 Nov 193761XR01 24
CAPINSKY LeahE0453303 Jan 196991XR01 23
CAPINSKY MiriamE0453416 Mar 193079XQ07 12
CAPLAN AaronE0453518 Aug 19153 mthXO06 9
CAPLAN AaronE0453614 Oct 192355XP27 14
CAPLAN AaronE0453725 Feb 192267XN11 3
CAPLAN AbrahamE0453817 Oct 192962XS16 65
CAPLAN AbrahamE0453924 Jan 195562XY27 26
CAPLAN AbrahamE0454030 Jan 191767XJ16 44
CAPLAN AbrahamE0454102 Nov 194672XV87 6
CAPLAN AlecE0454226 May 196384XX16 3
CAPLAN AliceE0454311 Mar 196585XW08 31
CAPLAN AnnieE0454423 May 194950XY27 25
CAPLAN AnnieE0454528 May 196169XU11 54
CAPLAN AnnieE0454610 Apr 193370XT19 63
CAPLAN AnnieE0454726 Feb 196476XZ41 22
CAPLAN BarnettE0454830 Jul 194664XW32 50
CAPLAN BashaE0454903 Apr 193258XT15 56
CAPLAN Basil MartinE0455005 Jan 19243 mthXQ03 20
CAPLAN BetsyE0455111 Feb 1910XE06 35
CAPLAN BlumerE0455202 Nov 193570XR05 16
CAPLAN CharlesE0455303 Mar 192882XS04 18
CAPLAN DavidE0455417 Jan 192575XP45 18
CAPLAN EdithE0455519 May 192550XR04 47
CAPLAN FannyE0455616 Mar 192233XK15 18
CAPLAN FannyE0455724 Feb 195280XY01 38
CAPLAN GoldaE0455823 Oct 193844XV48 32
CAPLAN GoldaE0455907 Jul 194071XU67 42
CAPLAN HarryE0456030 Jan 19251 mthXM19 27
CAPLAN HarryE0456125 Sep 193226XU08 22
CAPLAN IsaacE0456220 Mar 195678XZ41 21
CAPLAN IsraelE0456313 Jul 195671XW12 4
CAPLAN JacobE0456415 Jan 192251XM14 22
CAPLAN JacobE0456521 Jul 193974XU67 41
CAPLAN JaneE0456619 Oct 192362XP27 27
CAPLAN JaneE0456718 Nov 194363XV87 5
CAPLAN Joseph (Joe)E0456813 Feb 194967XY20 39
CAPLAN JosephE0456911 Aug 193751XU54 28
CAPLAN JuliusE0457009 Feb 196076XZ30 3
CAPLAN LeahE0457106 May 196684XZ30 4
CAPLAN LeslieE0457229 Aug 19306XR43 15
CAPLAN LewisE0457322 Aug 194672XX09 20
CAPLAN LewisE0457426 May 192983XS25 52
CAPLAN MarkE0457529 Jan 194774XX05 8
CAPLAN MarksE0457611 Mar 192662XR14 26
CAPLAN MaryE0457729 Mar 195168XX05 7
CAPLAN MendelE0457806 Jan 193445XU30 40
CAPLAN MichaelE0457908 Mar 192319XP06 11
CAPLAN MillieE0458007 Dec 197094XX18 2
CAPLAN MillyE0458129 Aug 1914XL15 20
CAPLAN MillyE0458205 Mar 192734XR30 37
CAPLAN MillyE0458327 Jul 192242XK08 55
CAPLAN MiriamE0458401 Feb 19203XO30 7
CAPLAN MorrisE0458521 Mar 194980XY01 37
CAPLAN MorrisE0458611 Oct 195386XT26 52
CAPLAN NathanE0458718 Dec 195780XX18 1
CAPLAN NechaE0458815 Feb 192380XJ07 60
CAPLAN PhilipE0458921 Nov 193016XS32 28
CAPLAN PhilipE0459026 May 192148XH10 33
CAPLAN RachelE0459101 Mar 194358XW12 3
CAPLAN RachelE0459223 Feb 194874XU48 7
CAPLAN RachelE0459328 Feb 192275XN11 2
CAPLAN RebeccaE0459426 Apr 192348XP17 26
CAPLAN RebeccaE0459512 Dec 192661XR24 36
CAPLAN RebeccaE0459607 Mar 194768XX16 4
CAPLAN RebeccaE0459704 Mar 193279XL01 47
CAPLAN ReubenE0459816 Feb 193139XU11 42
CAPLAN RoseE0459929 Jun 193157XT11 29
CAPLAN RoseE0460005 Mar 193464XT26 51
CAPLAN SamuelE0460120 Oct 193666XU48 8
CAPLAN SarahE0460227 Oct 1912XI07 72
CAPLAN SarahE0460307 Jul 193462XT28 9
CAPLAN SarahE0460421 Apr 192169XK11 27
CAPLAN SarahE0460510 Nov 193771XP27 15
CAPLAN SholemE0460612 Mar 1913XO25 2
CAPLAN SolomonE0460717 Jun 192120XH10 23
CAPLIN AaronE0460813 Jun 192570XR05 15
CAPLIN AbrahamE0460911 Jan 192435XQ34 5
CAPLIN AbrahamE0461019 Jul 195674XX10 54
CAPLIN AlfredE0461131 May 192431XP36 17
CAPLIN AnnieE0461201 Jan 1912XI05 40
CAPLIN AnnieE0461322 Jan 193372XT21 35
CAPLIN ArchibaldE0461404 Feb 19266XM18 1
CAPLIN BarnettE0461531 Mar 193766XU49 46
CAPLIN BessieE0461623 Feb 192533XR02 13
CAPLIN CharlesE0461722 Feb 194060XV38 34
CAPLIN CharlesE0461830 Oct 200384XP77 1
CAPLIN ClaraE0461904 Mar 198982XP60 3
CAPLIN DavidE0462015 Feb 193263XU21 12
CAPLIN DianaE0462126 Apr 193040XP43 35
CAPLIN EdwardE0462230 Nov 194676XX08 32
CAPLIN EleanorE0462318 Feb 199668XP77 2
CAPLIN EstherE0462417 Feb 194784XQ39 8
CAPLIN FannyE0462504 Sep 1911XO20 7
CAPLIN FannyE0462624 Jul 193571XT36 35
CAPLIN First name illegibleE0462704 Nov 1914XL13 40
CAPLIN FredaE0462823 Sep 196582XX10 55
CAPLIN HarrisE0462918 Oct 1912XL01 46
CAPLIN HarrisE0463009 Jul 191878XI10 62
CAPLIN HarryE0463104 Aug 198466XP75 1
CAPLIN IsaacE0463205 Oct 196067XP66 6
CAPLIN IsaacE0463330 Oct 193468XU03 50
CAPLIN IsraelE0463421 Feb 195683XQ13 49
CAPLIN JackE0463506 Oct 194049XU77 48
CAPLIN JaneE0463608 Mar 194758XX12 50
CAPLIN JaneE0463704 Aug 197490XP60 2
CAPLIN JessieE0463822 Jun 194151XQ42 42
CAPLIN Lewis HarrisE0463909 Jul 191829XL12 53
CAPLIN LewisE0464019 Oct 194161XV78 19
CAPLIN LewisE0464124 May 193668XU45 15
CAPLIN MarksE0464202 Feb 193368XQ39 9
CAPLIN MatildeE0464324 Sep 194339XX31 14
CAPLIN MauriceE0464419 Nov 199590XP60 4
CAPLIN MichaelE0464508 May 196078XP60 1
CAPLIN MillieE0464606 Oct 194276XP31 6
CAPLIN MillieE0464724 Feb 199476XP75 2
CAPLIN MorrisE0464820 Jan 192749XR27 56
CAPLIN NinaE0464904 Dec 193791XS25 38
CAPLIN PhilipE0465004 Mar 193774XU51 47
CAPLIN PollyE0465127 Jun 192517XR05 45
CAPLIN RebeccaE0465207 Aug 194551XQ33 2
CAPLIN RebeccaE0465322 Feb 195472XQ13 48
CAPLIN RebeccaE0465419 Aug 194890XY13 13
CAPLIN RobertE0465528 Feb 199284XY43 29
CAPLIN SarahE0465607 Dec 192435XM21 23
CAPLIN SarahE0465713 Feb 192139XK10 40
CAPLIN SarahE0465831 Aug 193358XT23 57
CAPLIN SarahE0465914 Jan 194070XU45 16
CAPLIN SimonE0466008 Dec 195776XV36 34
CAPLIN SolomonE0466112 May 193049XS30 20
CAPLIN SolomonE0466205 Mar 192458XP31 7
CAPLIN SolomonE0466323 Jan 194460XW29 11
CAPLIN SophiaE0466428 Oct 194959XZ05 5
CAPLIN SylviaE0466527 Oct 193626XT32 49
CAPLIN/CAPLAN JosephE0466606 Dec 194656XX07 35
CARABALNICK BarnettE0466728 Dec 191717XJ09 23
CARAMAL JaneE0466812 Apr 193256XT15 49
CARAMEL SolomonE0466911 Oct 192456XP41 6
CARAS IsaacE0467024 Jul 193561XU39 5
CARAS RachelE0467106 Mar 194972XU39 6
CARDASH DavidE0467211 Feb 194568XV22 24
CARDASH EstherE0467331 Aug 194167XV22 23
CARDINSKY RachelE0467428 Jul 190455XC03 32
CARDOROWSKI IsaacE0467506 Nov 191543XJ04 15
CARDOZA DoraE0467601 Mar 193858XV36 14
CARDOZA SamuelE0467729 Mar 193780XU49 21
CAREMAN AbrahamE0467815 Mar 193156XU12 35
CARLISH SarahE0467906 Apr 192671XR15 18
CARLOVSKY AdaE0468023 Feb 190512 mthXC06 59
CARMELL IsraelE0468103 Jul 192230XK13 19
CARMESSON BlumahE0468222 Dec 191563XJ05 19
CARNE SamuelE0468314 Nov 193960XU67 15
CARNELL RayE0468410 May 193346XT17 70
CARNFIELD LottieE0468502 Sep 193455XD08 1A
CARNOLASKY LeahE0468626 Mar 195180XN07 11
CARO FannyE0468729 Dec 192550XR11 37
CARO JosephE0468801 Oct 194268XV13 36
CARO LeahE0468916 Nov 192656XR23 23
CARO MarkE0469014 May 193231XU23 16
CARO PhilipE0469104 Aug 19152XO06 7
CARO WolfE0469221 Feb 192017XN11 25
CARP AbrahamE0469317 Jan 193368XS18 9
CARP KateE0469413 Apr 192966XS18 8
CARR LilyE0469518 Dec 198377XQ90 3
CARR or KARSHINSKY MarksE0469620 Apr 194883XQ24 15
CARR SybillE0469728 Oct 193134XT12 9
CARRIES JohnE0469819 Oct 189822XB02 81
CART AbrahamE0469909 Nov 193958XU68 17
CART LeahE0470009 Feb 196477XU68 18
CARTER AbrahamE0470117 Nov 193256XR36 59
CARTER BetseyE0470205 Jan 194278XC07 51
CARTER EmanuelE0470324 Jun 191853XC07 52
CARTON DavisE0470415 Mar 192760XR30 32
CARTON RebeccaE0470524 Jul 192460XP38 27
CARTZ HarryE0470617 Feb 19346 mthXQ04 38
CARTZ SimonE0470718 Feb 194572XV46 14
CARVER HelenaE0470812 Dec 195874XQ84 10
CARVER MarieE0470901 Feb 200574XQ98 4
CARVER MichaelE0471023 Apr 199872XQ98 3
CARVITZ AnnieE0471125 Nov 195567XY08 37
CASE BloomahE0471230 Aug 192564XR07 27
CASH AaronE0471316 Jun 197177XW17 9
CASH AbrahamE0471407 Jan 192068XN06 20
CASH AnnieE0471523 Nov 190657XC01 45
CASH BernardE0471602 Jan 19235 mthXO21 27
CASH BetsyE0471712 Mar 194569XX25 33
CASH EstherE0471802 Feb 195256XW17 8
CASH HarrisE0471916 Jun 192349XP20 19
CASH HarryE0472031 Jul 195178XW12 39
CASH HymanE0472122 Aug 193483XC01 46
CASH JoeE0472211 Jan 197983XQ21 35
CASH KittyE0472306 Oct 193434XT30 29
CASH MarkE0472428 Aug 194876XX14 4
CASH MarksE0472503 Feb 192956XS22 33
CASH MorrisE0472611 Nov 190470XC04 31
CASH RachelE0472728 Mar 192069XN06 21
CASH RebeccaE0472821 Mar 191836XJ10 55
CASH RebeccaE0472928 Aug 191970XK03 25
CASH SarahE0473025 Jun 194958XY24 19
CASH SarahE0473129 Jul 197780XQ21 36
CASH SolomonE0473229 Dec 194868XX14 52
CASH TheresaE0473317 Jun 192151XH10 26
CASHMAKER SimonE0473403 Sep 191747XJ14 39
CASHMAN LeahE0473523 Mar 195863XP62 15
CASHMAN MarkE0473601 Feb 197077XP62 16
CASHMIRAH SarahE0473729 Jan 190660XF03 17
CASLOVITCH DinahE0473806 Oct 195186XW14 25
CASPARE LeopoldE0473924 Sep 189157XA02 81
CASPER AdaE0474030 May 192659XP46 27
CASPER AnnieE0474123 Jul 193576XT34 27
CASPER BessieE0474202 Nov 191829XM02 15
CASPER DeborahE0474318 Dec 192670XR25 33
CASPER HarrisE0474405 May 192273XK20 10
CASPER JanieE0474515 Oct 19012XD01 33
CASPER LewisE0474609 Dec 192037XN02 15
CASPER SamuelE0474720 Aug 193768XP15 2
CASS RachelE0474826 Sep 192924XT06 61
CASSELHEIM MinnieE0474912 Jan 193866XV56 13
CASSELSON BarnettE0475009 Nov 195283XW12 37
CASSENBAUM LazarusE0475127 Sep 193750XU55 36
CASSERSON JaneE0475220 Dec 192657XR25 27
CASSLER AdaE0475317 Apr 195378XQ26 27
CASSLER BrendaE0475409 Apr 194111XV24 4
CASSLER EdithE0475509 Apr 194116XV24 3
CASSLER MaxE0475615 Jan 195380XQ26 28
CASSLER MinnieE0475712 Jan 198987XV23 1A
CASSLER NatalieE0475809 Apr 19415XV24 5
CASSLER NathanE0475909 Apr 194149XV24 2
CASSONSON LeahE0476029 Mar 192222XJ12 3
CASTLEMAN JosephE0476122 Feb 195874XQ26 40
CASTLEMAN RebeccaE0476202 Feb 196788XQ26 39
CASTLEMAN ShirleyE0476325 Dec 19242 mthXM19 23
CATRZ EvaE0476403 Jan 193763XV46 13
CAUFER JudahE0476502 Mar 195158XX12 37
CAVE HarryE0476630 Jun 192162XJ11 3
CAVE Rachel RebeccaE0476727 Sep 193173XT12 20
CAYNE HarryE0476823 Dec 195056XY39 13
CAZIM GeraldE0476920 Jul 191274XL01 29
CAZIN MillieE0477004 Aug 197784XV89 16
CAZIN MorrisE0477114 Dec 195668XV89 15
CAZIN SimonE0477225 Jul 192860XS06 31

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