All Deceased beginning with letters 'BU'

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All names beginning BU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
BUALOFSKY SarahE0431210 Mar 193980XV55 4
BUBCHIN MorrisE0431324 Aug 195576XV31 35
BUBCHIN RebeccaE0431408 Dec 193965XV31 25
BUBIE EstherE0431520 Nov 193550XT39 5
BUBLACKI AbrahamE0431601 May 194671XX13 15
BUBLEY AbrahamE0431722 Nov 193032XS29 3
BUBLEY JacobE0431815 Nov 195989XW26 9
BUBLEY JaneE0431929 Jul 194465XW26 8
BUBLEY RoseE0432023 Jul 191515XI09 52
BUCHHOLTZ MillyE0432111 Mar 191764XJ14 75
BUCHMAN RitaE0432224 Jul 191718 mthXM08 19
BUCHMAN SolomonE0432308 Mar 1909XG09 19
BUCHWALD SimonE0432411 Dec 191949XI15 58
BUCK FannyE0432528 Oct 193457XT29 8
BUCK KateE0432618 May 19266XM29 3
BUCK MarkE0432706 Aug 192511XR06 55
BUCK MorrisE0432826 Feb 194873XQ09 31
BUCKLES BetsyE0432913 Nov 191842XN18 17
BUCKLING CharlotteE0433008 Nov 1908XH08 7
BUCKMAN BarnetE0433126 Jan 190561XC05 37
BUCKMAN IsaacE0433223 Apr 193249XQ39 5
BUCKMAN JacobE0433304 Dec 1910XI04 60
BUCKMAN RebeccaE0433411 Mar 197284XQ39 6
BUCKNER FannyE0433509 Jul 192065XI04 61
BUCKSTEIN SimonE0433619 Mar 190518 mthXC06 63
BUCKWALD LillianE0433702 Nov 195980XI16 58
BUD HildaE0433823 Apr 19187XM06 41
BUDA IsaacE0433902 Sep 193750XU55 28
BUDINSKY AsherE0434002 Dec 1910XI02 56
BUDINSKY TeltzaE0434104 Mar 1912XI02 55
BUDNER CeciliaE0434203 Oct 194675XX09 44
BUDNER IsaacE0434317 Jul 193671XU46 5
BUDNER MorrisE0434407 Dec 195173XY24 32
BUDNER PassaE0434526 Feb 194963XY24 33
BUDNITSKY AbrahamE0434621 Feb 194736XX05 50
BUDNITSKY BenjaminE0434702 Feb 192943XS22 26
BUDNITSKY SophiaE0434803 Jul 194558XX25 43
BUDOVITCH Ouda BellaE0434910 Oct 193376XT23 17
BUGANSKY BarnetE0435016 Oct 1976101XP63 10
BUGANSKY JanieE0435112 May 195880XP63 9
BUGGATWISKY MorrisE0435228 Jul 191655XJ20 53
BUGY RoseE0435308 Mar 196383XV76 2
BUHAKOFF IsraelE0435417 Apr 192164XN02 44
BULGARIN AnnieE0435506 May 192151XK11 51
BULKIN GoodmanE0435607 Aug 194676XX11 9
BULKIN SarahE0435729 Jan 196286XX11 8
BULL AnnieE0435810 Nov 192555XR09 46
BULL DeborahE0435913 Aug 1911XO17 31
BULL GoldaE0436022 Jul 193558XS32 66
BULL HenryE0436105 Mar 191848XJ09 61
BULL IsaacE0436210 May 192658XR16 20
BULL IsaacE0436303 Mar 195283XR09 47
BULL MarksE0436419 Nov 193183XQ42 5
BULL MaryE0436522 Dec 194370XX28 42
BULL RachelE0436622 Jan 195392XR16 19
BULL RebeccaE0436720 Oct 193482XQ42 4
BULL VeraE0436813 Dec 19248XJ08 79
BULMER FlorrieE0436907 Dec 194834XV46 2
BULTASKY or BENJAMIN JosephE0437018 May 192863XS05 9
BUN KateE0437108 Nov 1909XG03 21
BUNG LouisE0437220 Jan 1912XI06 44
BUNSHTINSKY AbrahamE0437319 Apr 1914XL05 9
BURAKOVSKY JosephE0437422 Nov 19032 mthXD06 77
BURDES BessieE0437505 May 195778XW04 46
BURGH Anne KateE0437630 Apr 197456XQ105 4
BURKE HarryE0437723 Nov 193529XU41 18
BURKEMAN JackE0437830 Jan 198886XQ75 3
BURKEMAN YettaE0437926 Sep 197875XQ75 4
BURKMAN HymanE0438025 Oct 193636XU48 12
BURKOFSKY BarnettE0438114 Jun 194168XV23 18
BURKOFSKY PercyE0438225 Mar 192620XR15 25
BURKOFSKY RachelE0438307 Apr 193423XT27 33
BURKOFSKY TillyE0438410 Aug 195878XV23 17
BURLAND AnnieE0438525 Jun 196181XX16 45
BURLAND BarnettE0438620 Feb 193884XR22 52
BURLAND IsraelE0438708 Feb 194669XX16 46
BURLAND RachelE0438814 Oct 192673XR22 51
BURLAND SolomonE0438931 May 193624XU45 30
BURLEM MorrisE0439001 Apr 192752XR31 35
BURMAN AbrahamE0439110 Jun 193967XU66 39
BURMAN AbrahamE0439231 Jan 194572XW21 19
BURMAN AbrahamE0439309 Jan 194472XW30 33
BURMAN BetsyE0439403 Dec 194782XY09 14
BURMAN Eva AnnieE0439515 Jan 193635XT40 3
BURMAN KateE0439621 Nov 192652XR23 29
BURMAN LeahE0439714 Feb 194181XT15 7
BURMAN LewisE0439802 Nov 192951XS27 55
BURMAN MinnieE0439924 Jan 194370XU66 40
BURMAN RebeccaE0440014 Oct 192562XR08 12
BURMAN Sarah BeckyE0440130 May 193031XT07 45
BURNS AlfredE0440203 Sep 193239XU24 14
BURNS DeborahE0440316 Dec 193020XT03 53
BURNS HarryE0440416 Aug 195367XW34 4
BURNS o/w BURMAN DoraE0440506 Aug 196691XX13 7
BURNS PhilipE0440628 Mar 193146XT02 53
BURNSTEIN CecilE0440729 Oct 19187 mthXM07 62
BURNSTEIN JosephE0440818 Jun 193148XU15 15
BURNSTEIN SE0440906 Aug 19178 mthXM08 26
BURSTEIN BarnettE0441013 Jan 192275XK19 42
BURSTEIN MyerE0441113 Oct 194157XV79 4
BURSTEIN RoseE0441205 May 192675XK19 43
BURSTEIN SamuelE0441315 Jul 192319XK17 15
BURSTEIN TobyE0441411 May 192559XR04 34
BURSTOFF DavidE0441513 May 195361XQ19 23
BURSTOFF DoraE0441630 Mar 196977XQ19 24
BURSTOFF FannyE0441715 Sep 193162XT12 25
BUSCOVITCH FannyE0441813 Jun 193265XT16 34
BUSCOVITCH MyerE0441905 Jun 193974XT16 33
BUSH BarnetE0442018 Apr 196480XP55 6
BUSH FannyE0442107 Mar 194960XP55 5
BUSH LeahE0442218 Jan 193042XT05 56
BUSH LouisE0442318 May 193642XU45 23
BUSH SolomonE0442427 Oct 195972XP69 26
BUSHKES EstherE0442503 Feb 194460XW29 24
BUSKIN BarnettE0442629 Aug 192733XR38 46
BUSKIN David SolomonsE0442704 Feb 196980XZ33 32
BUSKIN HarryE0442801 Nov 191821XL10 4
BUSKIN JaneE0442922 Jul 190511 mthXC06 77
BUSKIN MorrisE0443024 Feb 192762XR28 24
BUSKIN RoseE0443115 Jun 195467XZ33 33
BUSKIN SarahE0443222 Nov 194477XW23 32
BUSWENIC AnnieE0443303 Jul 194574XX22 39
BUSWENIC Samuel WoolfE0443415 Aug 194775XX22 38
BUTANSKY AbrahamE0443505 Mar 19073 mthXH01 14
BUTANSKY NathanE0443629 Apr 195477XV12 27
BUTANSKY RoseE0443718 Oct 194260XV12 26
BUTCHER AnnieE0443802 Mar 196689XP67 20
BUTCHER FannyE0443910 Dec 195576XW23 37
BUTCHER LewisE0444023 Nov 194480XW23 36
BUTCHER ReubenE0444119 Mar 195783XP59 29
BUTCHOFF IsraelE0444212 Sep 193351XU26 42
BUTCHOFF LeahE0444309 Apr 196577XU26 43
BUTENSKY RoseE0444423 Mar 192978XS15 53
BUTLER DavidE0444510 Feb 193268XU21 5
BUTLER FredaE0444611 Dec 195174XV07 10
BUTLER RebeccaE0444724 Mar 192671XR15 21
BUTMAN SarahE0444805 Dec 193360XT24 57
BUTNICK AnnieE0444918 Oct 194388XP03 5
BUTNICK IsaacE0445004 Aug 193726XU54 50
BUTNICK Jacob NathanE0445111 Jan 197597XU54 51
BUTNICK LeahE0445201 Aug 197698XU54 49
BUTNICK SophieE0445313 Jun 195549XQ06 39
BUTNITSKY MyerE0445403 Nov 193075XS32 37
BUTTERWASSER LouisE0445525 Aug 192645XR20 31
BUTTMAN Israel AbrahamE0445603 May 192263XI17 57
BUTUS SarahE0445725 Oct 195670XW34 5
BUXPAN JosephE0445810 Dec 192352XQ24 6
BUYER HymanE0445907 Apr 1909XE04 30
BUYZAID PaulineE0446021 Oct 19302XM35 1
BUZZARD BellaE0446106 Dec 196382XZ14 18
BUZZER HarrisE0446207 Mar 195479XZ14 17

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