All Deceased beginning with letters 'AV'

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All names beginning AV
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
AVEBACH SamuelE105627 Dec 195278V270 13
AVERBACH ClaraE337020 Jan 195867W12 48
AVERBACH JennyE164516 Feb 195478Z131 30
AVERBACH SimonE383223 Feb 195989Z140 40
AVERBACK MarksE501702 Sep 196283Q130 25
AVERBACK RachelE097524 Nov 195266Q130 26
AVERBROOK FannyE171517 Apr 195470Z118 22
AVERBUCH BlumahE408712 Oct 195983U246 16
AVERBUCH SimonD152902 Jul 193660U246 15
AVIBROOKE FredaE744815 Nov 198178W26 46
AVIBROOKE MorrisD668822 Oct 194442W26 47
AVNER HarryD017304 Nov 193443U133 49

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