All Deceased beginning with letters 'AU'

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All names beginning AU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
AUERBACH ClaraC192328 Sep 192370P126 32
AUERBACH EliasP0062818 Jan 191872J9
AUERBACH FannyP0062916 Jan 19164O6
AUERBACH LeahC367019 Nov 192543P135 35
AUERBACH MosesE033718 Jun 195166W12 49
AUERBACH NettieD459702 Feb 194166V270 14
AUGUSTUS DavidA216325 Jan 19063E03 10
AURECH KateP0063119 Mar 191528I16
AURICH SolomonD453403 Jan 194158V268 25
AUSTERLITZ BellaP0063219 Dec 191179L2
AUSTIN AllenE403511 Aug 195953W19 04
AUSTIN EstherE761719 Apr 198577W19 03
AUSTIN MauriceE281116 Oct 195662T253 13
AUSTRIA MosesP0063418 Feb 191249I6

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