All Deceased beginning with letters 'AU'

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All names beginning AU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
AUERBACH ClaraE0099928 Sep 192370XP26 32
AUERBACH ElieE0100017 Jan 191872XJ09 40
AUERBACH Fanny LeahE0100116 Jan 19164XO05 19
AUERBACH KatieE0100219 Mar 191528XI16 31
AUERBACH LeahE0100319 Nov 192543XP35 35
AUERBACH MosesE0100418 Jun 195166XW12 49
AUERBACH NettieE0100502 Feb 194166XV70 14
AUGUSTUS DavidE0100625 Jan 19063XE03 10
AURICH SolomonE0100703 Jan 194158XV68 25
AUSTENLITZ BillaE0100818 Dec 1911XL02 12
AUSTIN AllenE0100911 Aug 195953XW19 4
AUSTIN EstherE0101019 Apr 198577XW19 3
AUSTIN MauriceE0101116 Oct 195662XT53 13
AUSTRIA MosesE0101218 Feb 1912XI06 53

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