All Deceased beginning with letters 'AT'

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All names beginning AT
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ATKIN AugustaP0061530 Nov 190926H9
ATKIN HarryD455013 Jan 194149Q137 25
ATKIN HymanC412128 Apr 192650R116 29
ATKIN JacobC801801 Dec 193078S18 02
ATKIN Shona RosieC420809 Jun 192665R117 56
ATKIN TillyD819706 Jun 194767X05 51
ATKINS AbrahamE445227 Aug 196080Y140 46
ATKINS FannyE305927 Apr 195773Y140 45
ATKINS HarryC659707 Mar 192918S23 41
ATKINS RebeccaD147808 Jun 193637T125 37
ATLAS AbrahamC811531 Dec 193055S33 68
ATLAS IsraelC1101522 Mar 193473U132 51
ATLAS LeahE101706 Dec 195289U132 50
ATLAS NathanA205907 Sep 190548C09 44
ATLAS SophiaD328802 Jan 193974C09 45
ATLAS WoolfP0062605 Nov 190758H7

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