All Deceased beginning with letters 'AT'

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All names beginning AT
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ATKEN KateE0098130 Nov 1909XH09 8
ATKIN BellaE0098203 Dec 1914XO08 31
ATKIN HarryE0098313 Jan 194149XQ37 25
ATKIN HymanE0098428 Apr 192650XR16 29
ATKIN JacobE0098501 Dec 193078XS18 2
ATKIN Shona RosieE0098609 Jun 192665XR17 56
ATKIN TillyE0098706 Jun 194767XX05 51
ATKINS AbrahamE0098827 Aug 196080XY40 46
ATKINS FannyE0098927 Apr 195773XY40 45
ATKINS HarryE0099007 Mar 192918XS23 41
ATKINS RebeccaE0099108 Jun 193637XT25 37
ATLAS AbrahamE0099231 Dec 193055XS33 68
ATLAS IsraelE0099322 Mar 193473XU32 51
ATLAS LeahE0099406 Dec 195289XU32 50
ATLAS NathanE0099507 Sep 190548XC09 44
ATLAS SophiaE0099602 Jan 193974XC09 45
ATLAS WoolfE0099704 Nov 1907XH07 17
ATTINGER JaneE0099822 Sep 191766XJ13 9

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