All Deceased beginning with letters 'AS'

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All names beginning AS
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ASCHER Barrie SamuelE0093708 Feb 19389 mthXT48 12
ASCHER George BarnettE0093826 Dec 192968XS19 53
ASCHER SarahE0093925 Jun 194274XU80 42
ASCHKENAZI YettaE0094002 Nov 191917 mthXO28 2
ASH David SolomonE0094113 May 195274XP55 18
ASH Israel MyerE0094205 Jul 19282XM35 9
ASH SarahE0094321 Feb 195159XP55 17
ASHBUL MarksE0094416 Aug 193367XU08 43.
ASHE Gerard LeopoldE0094511 Nov 19183XM06 8
ASHE SarahE0094607 Dec 1909XE08 6
ASHER AnnieE0094714 Sep 195663XX27 15
ASHER ElsieE0094819 Mar 19242 mthXQ04 25
ASHER FannyE0094910 Mar 193193XT09 29
ASHER MarieE0095028 Mar 19214 mthXM12 14
ASHER RachelE0095113 Dec 195162XY11 32
ASHER RebeccaE0095217 Nov 193642XV45 3
ASHER SamuelE0095318 May 194450XX27 16
ASHER SolomonE0095404 Feb 194855XY11 31
ASHINSKY LewisE0095503 Dec 19209 mthXM12 39
ASHKEN RebeccaE0095601 May 196694XS32 74
ASHKENAZA MorrisE0095726 Jan 193965XS32 73
ASHKER VeraE0095811 Jan 195149XP56 3
ASHKEW MarkE0095923 Jul 196668XP56 4
ASHLEY IvorE0096020 Mar 195054XW04 48
ASHLEY ReneE0096126 Jan 193745XV47 27
ASHMAN BenjaminE0096225 Aug 191864XJ11 44
ASHMAN HarrisE0096328 Mar 192969XS24 52
ASHTON DavidE0096409 Oct 195859XW06 18
ASHTON FrancesE0096512 Mar 196123XQ108 14
ASMAN AnnieE0096630 Mar 1910XG07 17
ASPIS HannahE0096718 Feb 192258XI16 56
ASPIS Hyman JacobE0096825 Jan 194639XX16 23
ASPIS IsaacE0096909 Oct 192768XQ17 6
ASSISTENT IserE0097010 Apr 193377XU22 2
AST RachelE0097123 Aug 1912XI07 53
ASTER AmailE0097208 Aug 192859XS09 61
ASTER LewisE0097328 Mar 1914XI11 36
ASTLEY CharlesE0097414 Nov 192443XP44 16
ASTON JosephE0097508 Jan 195364XW10 24
ASTON LenkeE0097626 Sep 198683XW09 24
ASTOR Anthony AlecE0097703 Aug 200691XQ08 45
ASTRINSKY AnnieE0097829 Oct 193467XU25 4
ASTRINSKY HarrisE0097917 Dec 193263XU25 3
ASTROIND Boruch ZiskinE0098016 Nov 191847XJ03 47

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