All Deceased beginning with letters 'AS'

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All names beginning AS
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ASCHER Barrie SamuelD281708 Feb 19389T248 12
ASCHER George BarnettC725826 Dec 192968S19 53
ASCHER SarahD537425 Jun 194274U280 42
ASCHKENAZI YettaB596902 Nov 191917O28 02
ASH David SolomonE076713 May 195274P255 18
ASH Israel MyerC590105 Jul 19282M135 09
ASH SarahE016321 Feb 195159P255 17
ASHBUL MarksC1045916 Aug 193367U108 43.
ASHER AnnieE277814 Sep 195663X27 15
ASHER ElsieC239919 Mar 19246Q104 25
ASHER FannyC833510 Mar 193193T109 29
ASHER LewisP0060028 Mar 191467I11
ASHER MarieB702928 Mar 192115M112 14
ASHER RachelE055513 Dec 195162Y111 32
ASHER RebeccaD177517 Nov 193642V245 03
ASHER SamuelD644718 May 194450X27 16
ASHER SolomonD854604 Feb 194855Y111 31
ASHINSKY LewisB676903 Dec 19209M112 39
ASHKEN RebeccaE575401 May 196694S32 74
ASHKENAZA MorrisD332426 Jan 193965S32 73
ASHKER VeraE008811 Jan 195149P256 03
ASHKEW MarkE579723 Jul 196668P256 04
ASHLEY IvorD967520 Mar 195054W04 48
ASHLEY ReneD200126 Jan 193745V247 27
ASHMAN BenjaminP0060625 Aug 191864J11
ASHMAN HarrisC667528 Mar 192969S24 52
ASHTON DavidE364409 Oct 195859W06 18
ASHTON FrancesE464712 Mar 196123Q3A8 14
ASPIS HannahC069918 Feb 192258I16 56
ASPIS Hyman JacobD741125 Jan 194639X16 23
ASPIS IsaacC523509 Oct 192768Q117 06
ASSISTENT IserC1021210 Apr 193377U122 02
AST RachelP0061323 Aug 191233I7
ASTER AmailC596708 Aug 192859S09 61
ASTLEY CharlesC285514 Nov 192443P244 16
ASTON JosephE107208 Jan 195364W10 24
ASTON LenkeE768426 Sep 198683W09 24
ASTOR Anthony AlecE812603 Aug 200691Q108 45
ASTRINSKY AnnieD015929 Oct 193467U125 04
ASTRINSKY HarrisC985117 Dec 193263U125 03

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