All Deceased beginning with letters 'AR'

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All names beginning AR
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ARAB LeahC246518 Apr 192472P134 26
ARATEN NathanC348423 Aug 192573G05 01B
ARBESFELD LilyE750916 Jan 198377W24 51
ARBESFELD PhilipD691025 Feb 194542W24 50
ARBESFELD YettaC442401 Oct 192652R122 29
ARBESFIELD SarahD416216 Jul 194066U273 26
ARBESMAN LeahC221624 Jan 192467Q122 08
ARBISMAN FannyE049528 Oct 195173W15 38
ARBISMAN HarrisE408406 Oct 195990R118 21
ARBISMAN MosesC322213 Apr 192569Q122 09
ARBISMAN RoseC424027 Jun 192648R118 22
ARBISMAN SamuelE201625 Dec 195476W15 37
ARBISMAN SolomonP0054129 Jun 191943N10
ARBITER HarrisC664317 Mar 192958S23 63
ARBITER MillyC1084819 Jan 193471T126 19
ARBITER NancyP0054401 Jul 191840L10
ARBITER RoseE728321 Apr 197976T140 01
ARBUS ElkaC217911 Jan 192424P129 12
ARCHENHOLD CharlotteE788915 Jul 199383Q246 11
ARDELL AnnieE131423 May 195385Z127 07
ARDEMAN AbrahamD074517 Aug 193554U139 25
ARDEMAN MonaD125104 Mar 193616V242 17
ARDEMAN RebeccaC818621 Jan 193147T103 45
ARDEMANN IsaacD328601 Jan 193946V134 24
ARENBERG AnnieA085810 Aug 19004B701 350
ARENOW Arthur IsaacD756306 May 194660X13 35
ARENOW GerdaE766706 May 198692X13 34
ARENSON SolomonD460405 Feb 194158T101 68
ARENSTEIN AbrahamP0055314 Dec 191565J6
ARENSTEIN AnnieC784312 Sep 193071I19 47
ARENSTEIN JacobC043327 Nov 192165I19 48
ARGEBAND RachelD319711 Nov 193875R112 58
ARGEBAND RoseE633728 Jan 197094V127 10
ARGEBAND SamuelC389430 Jan 192655R112 57
ARGEBENT BloomahC817619 Jan 193161T103 06
ARGHEBANT SamuelD119918 Feb 193670T103 05
ARIEL AbrahamC704323 Sep 192938S27 33
ARIEL BenjaminC336423 Jun 19256M120 47
ARIEL FredaE470813 May 196173W34 13
ARIEL SamuelB585031 Aug 19199M108 63
ARINOVSKY AnnieD817325 May 194773W08 53
ARION AnnieE092415 Oct 195278Q115 07
ARION JacobD357904 Jul 193980Q115 06
ARKUSH KateC1011702 Mar 193368N02 01
ARKUSZ PinkusC094003 Jun 192255N02 02
ARLICK BarnettD112424 Jan 193673U242 23
ARLOFF AnnieE582118 Sep 196686T254 08
ARNOLD CharlesD274102 Jan 193888V253 30
ARNOLD CharlotteC940314 May 193248T116 06
ARNOLD DeborahD259402 Nov 193781V253 24
ARNOLD JaneP0056806 Aug 191976N12
ARNOLD MinnieC616528 Oct 192848S14 27
ARONHEIM NancyC297029 Dec 192447P133 02
ARONIN HymanP0057208 Oct 191051I2
ARONIN SarahC631927 Dec 192843S15 68
ARONOFSKY JosephA172605 May 190411E01 14
ARONOVICH WoolfP0057418 Apr 191615O3
ARONOVITCH BenjaminA162429 Dec 190329D09 47
ARONOVITCH JosephC029417 Sep 19218M113 09
ARONOVITCH MorrisE074722 Apr 195273W19 45
ARONOVITCH NathanD521916 Mar 194272V118 21
ARONOVITCH RachelB607925 Dec 191969K05 33
ARONOW KatieC443130 Sep 192635R121 14
ARONOWITZ Aaron LevyP0057630 Jun 191848J11
ARONOWITZ LeahE735327 Mar 198090Y127 18
ARONOWITZ MaxD927106 Jun 194962Y127 17
ARONOWITZ MiriamC891215 Nov 193155T113 40
ARONSHON AlexanderP0057928 Dec 190932E4
ARONSHTAM Annie MaryP0058006 Jan 191259I5
ARONSOHN AnnieE770713 May 198786P267 06
ARONSOHN LewisP0058312 Jul 190934E3
ARONSOHN NathanP0058403 Apr 1917J2
ARONSON MaryD959907 Feb 195075Y131 38
ARONSON MorrisE348622 Apr 195885Q252 13
ARONSON NettieC150611 Mar 192354P114 05
ARONSON RosaE000601 Dec 195072Y135 40
ARONSTAMM RachelC122813 Nov 192266P112 15
AROTSKY AbrahamD567213 Jan 194372V385 05
AROTSKY AdaC975204 Nov 193238T118 40
AROTSKY BernardC1065015 Nov 19332Q103 41
AROVO ShalomE812909 Jan 200786X01A21
ARSHAVSKY HymanC803005 Dec 193067S33 41
ARSON HarrisC466310 Jan 192765R126 30
ARSON RoseC821029 Jan 193152T103 08
ARTKIN MorrisC693828 Jul 192953S26 07
ARTZT RaieP0059214 Apr 191419I14
ARTZT RudolphD477227 Apr 194168P251 22
ARTZT SarahE590120 Feb 196786P251 23

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