All Deceased beginning with letters 'AR'

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All names beginning AR
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ARAB LeahE0085318 Apr 192472XP34 26
ARATEN NathanE0085423 Aug 192573XG05 1B
ARBEITER PancyE0085501 Jul 191840XL10 23
ARBESFELD LilyE0085616 Jan 198377XW24 51
ARBESFELD PhilipE0085725 Feb 194542XW24 50
ARBESFELD YettaE0085801 Oct 192652XR22 29
ARBESFIELD SarahE0085916 Jul 194066XU73 26
ARBESMAN LeahE0086024 Jan 192467XQ22 8
ARBISMAN FannyE0086128 Oct 195173XW15 38
ARBISMAN HarrisE0086206 Oct 195990XR18 21
ARBISMAN MosesE0086313 Apr 192569XQ22 9
ARBISMAN RoseE0086427 Jun 192648XR18 22
ARBISMAN SamuelE0086525 Dec 195476XW15 37
ARBITER HarrisE0086617 Mar 192958XS23 63
ARBITER MillyE0086719 Jan 193471XT26 19
ARBITER RoseE0086821 Apr 197976XT40 1
ARBUS ElkaE0086911 Jan 192424XP29 12
ARBUS SolomonE0087026 Jul 1911XI06 13
ARCHENHOLD CharlotteE0087115 Jul 199383XQ46 11
ARDELL AnnieE0087223 May 195385XZ27 7
ARDEMAN AbrahamE0087317 Aug 193554XU39 25
ARDEMAN MonaE0087404 Mar 193616XV42 17
ARDEMAN RebeccaE0087521 Jan 193147XT03 45
ARDEMANN IsaacE0087601 Jan 193946XV34 24
ARDGET MorrisE0087713 Dec 191559XJ04 22
ARENBERG AnnieE0087810 Aug 19004XB07 350
ARENOW Arthur IsaacE0087906 May 194660XX13 35
ARENOW GerdaE0088006 May 198692XX13 34
ARENSON SolomonE0088105 Feb 194158XT01 68
ARENSTEIN AbrahamE0088214 Dec 191560XJ06 13
ARENSTEIN AnnieE0088312 Sep 193071XI19 47
ARENSTEIN JacobE0088427 Nov 192165XI19 48
ARGEBAND RachelE0088511 Nov 193875XR12 58
ARGEBAND RoseE0088628 Jan 197094XV27 10
ARGEBAND SamuelE0088730 Jan 192655XR12 57
ARGEBENT BloomahE0088819 Jan 193161XT03 6
ARGHEBANT SamuelE0088918 Feb 193670XT03 5
ARIEL AbrahamE0089023 Sep 192938XS27 33
ARIEL BenjaminE0089123 Jun 19256 mthXM20 47
ARIEL FredaE0089213 May 196173XW34 13
ARIEL SamuelE0089331 Aug 19193 mthXM08 63
ARINOVSKY AnnieE0089425 May 194773XW08 53
ARION AnnieE0089515 Oct 195278XQ15 7
ARION JacobE0089604 Jul 193980XQ15 6
ARKUSH KateE0089702 Mar 193368XN02 1
ARKUSZ PinkusE0089803 Jun 192255XN02 2
ARLICK BarnettE0089924 Jan 193673XU42 23
ARLOFF AnnieE0090018 Sep 196686XT54 8
ARNOLD CharlesE0090102 Jan 193888XV53 30
ARNOLD CharlotteE0090214 May 193248XT16 6
ARNOLD DeborahE0090302 Nov 193781XV53 24
ARNOLD JaneE0090406 Aug 191972XN12 22
ARNOLD MinnieE0090528 Oct 192848XS14 27
ARONHEIM NancyE0090629 Dec 192447XP33 2
ARONIM HymanE0090708 Oct 1910XI02 15
ARONIN SarahE0090827 Dec 192843XS15 68
ARONOFSKY JosephE0090905 May 190411 mthXE01 14
ARONOVITCH BenjaminE0091029 Dec 190329XD09 47
ARONOVITCH JosephE0091117 Sep 19218 mthXM13 9
ARONOVITCH MorrisE0091222 Apr 195273XW19 45
ARONOVITCH NathanE0091316 Mar 194272XV18 21
ARONOVITCH RachelE0091425 Dec 191969XK05 33
ARONOW KatieE0091530 Sep 192635XR21 14
ARONOWITCH Aaron LevyE0091620 Jun 191847XJ11 66
ARONOWITZ LeahE0091727 Mar 198090XY27 18
ARONOWITZ MaxE0091806 Jun 194962XY27 17
ARONOWITZ MiriamE0091915 Nov 193155XT13 40
ARONSOHN AnnieE0092013 May 198786XP67 6
ARONSON MaryE0092107 Feb 195075XY31 38
ARONSON MorrisE0092222 Apr 195885XQ52 13
ARONSON NettieE0092311 Mar 192354XP14 5
ARONSON RosaE0092401 Dec 195072XY35 40
ARONSTAMM RachelE0092513 Nov 192266XP12 15
AROTSKY AbrahamE0092613 Jan 194372XV85 5
AROTSKY AdaE0092704 Nov 193238XT18 40
AROTSKY BernardE0092815 Nov 19332XQ03 41
AROVO ShalomE0092909 Jan 200786XX01 21
ARSHAVSKY HymanE0093005 Dec 193067XS33 41
ARSON HarrisE0093110 Jan 192765XR26 30
ARSON RoseE0093229 Jan 193152XT03 8
ARTKIN MorrisE0093328 Jul 192953XS26 7
ARTZT RudolphE0093427 Apr 194168XP51 22
ARTZT SarahE0093520 Feb 196786XP51 23
ARYNOVITCH LionelE0093606 Oct 19162 mthXJ21 7

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