All Deceased beginning with letters 'AP'

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All names beginning AP
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
APATOFF NathanE0075510 Oct 194355XU01 42
APATOFF SophieE0075610 Jan 195769XU01 43
APFEL BarnettE0075715 Feb 192757XP44 25
APFEL EvaE0075819 Nov 192459XP44 24
APPEL AbrahamE0075914 Feb 197891XQ51 9
APPEL AlexanderE0076008 Dec 195456XZ33 28
APPEL DavidE0076127 Dec 192430XM24 6
APPEL DeborahE0076215 Jul 192850XS10 60
APPEL DoraE0076324 Jun 193452XT19 30
APPEL HarrisE0076420 Mar 194974XU02 29
APPEL JaneE0076506 Oct 195365XQ51 8
APPEL JaneE0076603 Oct 194971XT11 37
APPEL LeahE0076706 Mar 194975XY25 21
APPEL LewisE0076811 Nov 1912XL01 51
APPEL LewisE0076904 Mar 195977XQ83 11
APPEL MorrisE0077005 Mar 192858XJ17 79
APPEL MorrisE0077106 Nov 191670XJ20 66
APPEL RachelE0077221 Aug 192222XK19 23
APPEL RebeccaE0077319 Jan 191747XJ17 77
APPEL RebeccaE0077416 Oct 193362XT24 44
APPEL SimonE0077511 Dec 195493XT24 43
APPELBAUM RebeccaE0077622 Aug 1912XI07 52
APPELL SophiaE0077708 Jul 192747XP46 1
APPLE AaronE0077805 Sep 194566XX20 42
APPLE AbrahamsE0077923 Jan 191966XB04 199
APPLE AliceE0078023 Oct 195671XQ13 52
APPLE AnnieE0078109 Jan 192062XI20 48
APPLE LazarusE0078201 Jul 195169XQ13 53
APPLE MarkE0078323 Mar 196165XQ124 13
APPLE MillieE0078418 Jun 194081XU11 1
APPLE ReubenE0078511 Jun 1914XL14 7
APPLE RoseE0078612 Dec 196970XQ124 14
APPLE SarahE0078723 Nov 191717XJ08 14
APPLEBAUM AnnieE0078825 Mar 194871XV19 12
APPLEBAUM AnnieE0078930 Dec 194474XW32 22
APPLEBAUM DavisE0079019 Jan 192133XJ11 31
APPLEBAUM EstherE0079124 May 195075XW31 34
APPLEBAUM FannyE0079210 May 190636XF03 33
APPLEBAUM FannyE0079322 Oct 193961XV31 7
APPLEBAUM HannahE0079427 Mar 194378XV15 34
APPLEBAUM HarryE0079521 Jul 1911XO17 21
APPLEBAUM HarryE0079628 Nov 191617 mthXM07 9
APPLEBAUM IsaacE0079723 May 192052XN11 10
APPLEBAUM IsaacE0079828 Oct 194676XW32 23
APPLEBAUM JacobE0079907 Aug 193752XU54 47
APPLEBAUM JaneE0080006 Jan 194674XX17 32
APPLEBAUM KateE0080101 Jun 195375XZ22 23
APPLEBAUM KoppelE0080224 Aug 1908XG01 15
APPLEBAUM LazarusE0080301 Oct 19155 mthXO06 23
APPLEBAUM LevyE0080419 Sep 193375XU28 14
APPLEBAUM LouisE0080528 May 193148XU14 36
APPLEBAUM LouisE0080624 Apr 191556XL15 44
APPLEBAUM MinnieE0080723 Mar 192070XK07 33
APPLEBAUM MinnieE0080813 Nov 196989XX06 2
APPLEBAUM MorrisE0080929 Apr 192242XK17 27
APPLEBAUM MorrisE0081017 Jul 192753XR35 48
APPLEBAUM MosesE0081104 Feb 193681XU43 12
APPLEBAUM MyerE0081210 Jun 192265XN13 2
APPLEBAUM NathanE0081324 Nov 192435XM21 11
APPLEBAUM RebeccaE0081413 Feb 195754XY40 27
APPLEBAUM RebeccaE0081522 Mar 195257XW18 46
APPLEBAUM SamuelE0081607 Aug 192318XP01 10
APPLEBAUM SamuelE0081714 Mar 194466XW31 33
APPLEBAUM SamuelE0081812 Nov 191972XN07 29
APPLEBAUM SamuelE0081920 Jan 194272XV19 13
APPLEBAUM SarahE0082018 Aug 192411XM18 5
APPLEBAUM SarahE0082115 Dec 193067XT09 42
APPLEBAUM SarahE0082226 Dec 193869XV58 23
APPLEBAUM SolomonE0082326 Jan 192817XS03 19
APPLEBAUM SolomonE0082403 Jun 194171XV31 6
APPLEBAUM SolomonE0082525 Apr 196775XW18 47
APPLEBERG Aaron LevyE0082625 Nov 192466XP44 7
APPLEBERG AdaE0082711 Jan 193476XP43 19
APPLEBERG IsraelE0082818 Dec 194642XX07 28
APPLEBERG LeahE0082919 Aug 194466XS34 23
APPLEBERG MorrisE0083029 Dec 193254XS34 24
APPLEBLATT AnschellE0083119 Jan 195978XZ42 32
APPLEBLATT Fanny RebeccaE0083212 May 196380XZ42 33
APPLEBLATT RayE0083321 Nov 1914XO08 29
APPLEBOAM AngelE0083414 Feb 194974XX06 1
APPLEMAN IsaacE0083516 May 192241XN01 26
APPLEMAN LewisE0083608 Dec 196281XP58 23
APPLEMAN PyzerE0083710 Sep 1914XO09 27
APPLEMAN SarahE0083809 Feb 195775XP58 22
APPLEY MorrisE0083916 Sep 195087XU11 2
APTAKER DavisE0084002 Mar 195981XR31 59
APTAKER ErnaE0084106 Dec 194342XX28 18
APTAKER RebeccaE0084227 Sep 193140XR31 58
APTE DeborahE0084313 Feb 193659XV41 13
APTE MorrisE0084416 Nov 196088XV41 12
APTER BarnettE0084509 Oct 192046XN03 32
APTER BellaE0084619 Apr 19243XQ04 17
APTER BernardE0084710 May 193055XS30 5
APTER ErnaE0084827 Oct 193655XV44 14
APTER FannyE0084912 Apr 193064XT04 8
APTER JosephineE0085018 Oct 19005XB09 399
APTER WilliamE0085115 Aug 192764XR37 52
APTKER NathanE0085217 Jul 192222 mthXD01 79

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