All Deceased beginning with letters 'AP'

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All names beginning AP
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
APATOFF NathanD604910 Oct 194355U101 42
APATOFF SophieE292810 Jan 195769U101 43
APFEL BarnettC477915 Feb 192757P244 25
APFEL EvaC286719 Nov 192459P244 24
APPEL AbrahamE718514 Feb 197891Q251 09
APPEL AlexanderE199308 Dec 195456Z133 28
APPEL DavidC297427 Dec 192430M124 06
APPEL DeborahC592015 Jul 192850S10 60
APPEL DoraC1121424 Jun 193452T119 30
APPEL HarrisD916320 Mar 194974U102 29
APPEL JaneD939703 Oct 194971T111 37
APPEL JaneE146806 Oct 195365Q251 08
APPEL LeahD913906 Mar 194975Y125 21
APPEL LewisE385104 Mar 195977Q383 11
APPEL MorrisC561205 Mar 192858J17 79
APPEL MorrisP0048906 Nov 191680J20
APPEL RachelC107221 Aug 192222K19 23
APPEL RebeccaC1058716 Oct 193362T124 44
APPEL RebeccaP0049119 Jan 191747J17
APPEL SimonE199711 Dec 195493T124 43
APPELL SophiaC505208 Jul 192747P246 01
APPLE AaronD716705 Sep 194566X20 42
APPLE AliceE282223 Oct 195671Q113 52
APPLE AnnieB611209 Jan 192062I20 48
APPLE LazarusE035701 Jul 195169Q113 53
APPLE MarkE465623 Mar 196165Q4C4 13
APPLE MillieD412118 Jun 194081U111 01
APPLE ReubenP0050612 Jun 191424L14
APPLE RoseE631712 Dec 196970Q4C4 14
APPLE SarahP0050820 Nov 191718J8
APPLEBAUM AnnieD680030 Dec 194474W32 22
APPLEBAUM AnnieD862725 Mar 194871V119 12
APPLEBAUM DavisB687819 Jan 192133J11 31
APPLEBAUM EstherD976624 May 195075W31 34
APPLEBAUM FannyA225610 May 190636F03 33
APPLEBAUM FannyD370822 Oct 193961V131 07
APPLEBAUM HannahD580127 Mar 194378V115 34
APPLEBAUM IsaacB643923 May 192052N11 10
APPLEBAUM IsaacD778528 Oct 194676W32 23
APPLEBAUM JacobD240807 Aug 193752U254 47
APPLEBAUM JaneD737106 Jan 194674X17 32
APPLEBAUM KateE132001 Jun 195375Z122 23
APPLEBAUM LevyC1052419 Sep 193375U128 14
APPLEBAUM LewisP0051124 Apr 191555L15
APPLEBAUM LouisC853728 May 193148U114 36
APPLEBAUM MinnieB628823 Mar 192070K07 33
APPLEBAUM MinnieE630113 Nov 196989X06 02
APPLEBAUM MorrisC087629 Apr 192242K17 27
APPLEBAUM MorrisC506917 Jul 192753R135 48
APPLEBAUM MosesD115804 Feb 193681U243 12
APPLEBAUM MyerC095510 Jun 192265N13 02
APPLEBAUM NathanC287924 Nov 192435M121 11
APPLEBAUM RebeccaE071022 Mar 195257W18 46
APPLEBAUM RebeccaE296313 Feb 195754Y140 27
APPLEBAUM RebeccaP0051526 Aug 191249I7
APPLEBAUM SamuelB599312 Nov 191972N07 29
APPLEBAUM SamuelC183907 Aug 192318P101 10
APPLEBAUM SamuelD513420 Jan 194272V119 13
APPLEBAUM SamuelD636014 Mar 194466W31 33
APPLEBAUM SarahC268018 Aug 192411M118 05
APPLEBAUM SarahC806115 Dec 193067T109 42
APPLEBAUM SarahD327526 Dec 193869V258 23
APPLEBAUM SolomonC552726 Jan 192817S03 19
APPLEBAUM SolomonD482803 Jun 194171V131 06
APPLEBAUM SolomonE593725 Apr 196775W18 47
APPLEBERG Aaron LevyC288525 Nov 192466P244 07
APPLEBERG AdaC1081911 Jan 193476P243 19
APPLEBERG IsraelD788718 Dec 194642X07 28
APPLEBERG LeahD659419 Aug 194466S34 23
APPLEBERG MorrisC987629 Dec 193254S34 24
APPLEBLATT AnschellE377019 Jan 195978Z242 32
APPLEBLATT Fanny RebeccaE518412 May 196380Z242 33
APPLEBLATT RayP0052221 Nov 19147O9
APPLEBOAM AngelD909414 Feb 194974X06 01
APPLEMAN IsaacC091116 May 192241N01A26
APPLEMAN LewisE507608 Dec 196281P258 23
APPLEMAN SarahE295509 Feb 195775P258 22
APPLEY MorrisD989416 Sep 195087U111 02
APTAKER DavisE384602 Mar 195981R131 59
APTAKER ErnaD615106 Dec 194342X28 18
APTAKER RebeccaC878527 Sep 193140R131 58
APTE DeborahD118613 Feb 193659V241 13
APTE MorrisE453016 Nov 196088V241 12
APTER BarnettB667309 Oct 192046N03 32
APTER BellaC246719 Apr 19243Q104 17
APTER BernardC760910 May 193055S30 05
APTER ErnaD172827 Oct 193655V244 14
APTER FannyC754212 Apr 193064T104 08
APTER JosephineA089318 Oct 19005B901 399
APTER WilliamC512715 Aug 192764R137 52
APTKER NathanC100817 Jul 192222D01 79

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