All Deceased beginning with letters 'AN'

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All names beginning AN
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ANBUS MiriamE0067101 Sep 19067XF05 33
ANDERS LewisE0067229 Aug 194082XS21 2
ANDERS SarahE0067304 Jan 193071XS21 3
ANDERSON Jack PaulE0067417 Sep 19265XM29 10
ANDERSON/ SERATSKY RoseE0067528 Oct 192641XR22 36
ANDRESIER JuliusE0067605 Nov 196789XV16 2
ANDRESIER RoseE0067703 Jun 194259XV16 26
ANDREWS MinnieE0067810 Sep 194026XV27 24
ANDRUSIER AbrahamE0067909 Mar 192269XI17 56
ANDRUSIER GoldaE0068011 Jan 194390XI17 58
ANDUR RachelE0068120 Nov 191871XL10 55
ANDUS IsaacE0068222 Feb 190243XD03 46
ANGEBAND Sarah-BrennaE0068311 Apr 1912XI07 38
ANGEL AaronE0068412 Sep 192020XN03 27
ANGEL AleckE0068511 Jun 19059 mthXC06 72
ANGEL AlfredE0068607 Jun 19353XQ02 63
ANGEL AnnieE0068715 Jan 193761XV47 20
ANGEL EstherE0068819 Apr 191749XJ15 35
ANGEL FannyE0068907 Nov 193962XU56 12
ANGEL HarrisE0069009 Sep 195986XV48 1A
ANGEL IsaacE0069125 Mar 195972XQ58 3
ANGEL IsaacE0069212 Jan 193683XL13 3
ANGEL JaneE0069326 Oct 193034XP37 6
ANGEL JosephE0069417 Oct 193759XU56 13
ANGEL JosephE0069515 Jul 192461XP37 7
ANGEL JosephE0069625 Jun 193668XU46 9
ANGEL LeahE0069719 Dec 193033XT09 9
ANGEL MarksE0069806 Apr 1914XI13 12
ANGEL MarksE0069920 May 195166XZ22 22
ANGEL MaryE0070014 Sep 194054XV25 15
ANGEL MyerE0070123 Nov 193949XU68 44
ANGEL NellieE0070225 Nov 194346XX27 3
ANGEL PhoebeE0070320 Oct 19004 mthXB10 461
ANGEL PollyE0070428 Dec 191612XO12 28
ANGEL RayE0070516 Nov 1909XH06 3
ANGEL RivaE0070630 Oct 191862XN17 6
ANGEL Samuel LewisE0070724 Apr 18912XA01 47
ANGEL SamuelE0070820 Feb 194070XU71 35
ANGEL SarahE0070910 Sep 1913XL13 2
ANGEL SarahE0071010 Sep 193662XV43 11
ANGEL SarahE0071116 Jan 194172XU46 10
ANGEL SarahE0071211 Dec 196579XQ58 4
ANGEL YettaE0071325 Apr 192477XR04 7
ANGELE0071427 Aug 18963XB01 9
ANGELCHICK MorrisE0071511 Jan 193335XU25 26
ANGELL PhilipE0071605 Jul 193053XS31 24
ANGELOWITZ AnnieE0071722 Jun 192754XM26 12
ANGLOVITZ BenjaminE0071805 Apr 194776XP53 29
ANIS Sarah DeborahE0071926 Aug 194661XX10 48
ANISH LewisE0072022 Jul 192943XS26 36
ANISH NathanE0072113 Sep 194558XX20 40
ANKER AnnieE0072230 Jul 191675XJ21 62
ANKOFF LazarusE0072326 Dec 195275XQ27 38
ANKOFF SophieE0072417 Feb 196878XQ27 39
ANNETT Isaac BuddyE0072515 Apr 195331XX02 39
ANNETTE JanieE0072613 May 195052XX02 35
ANNIS EstherE0072715 Nov 194061XU65 52
ANNIS JosephE0072826 Mar 193979XU65 47
ANNIS RachelE0072925 Aug 193944XV61 14
ANNIS SarahE0073008 Apr 191980XN13 13
ANNISH RebeccaE0073102 Jul 195968XZ39 10
ANOLICK BarnettE0073214 Feb 194460XW28 24
ANOLICK FannyE0073326 Apr 195167XW28 25
ANSELL Gladys MayE0073415 Mar 19298XR41 3
ANSELL HarryE0073527 Nov 195773XP61 24
ANSELL HettyE0073620 Sep 192737XR40 43
ANSELL LazarusE0073718 Jan 192678XR12 53
ANSELL LewisE0073825 Feb 193792XU51 27
ANSELL MarkE0073918 Mar 193462XU32 45
ANSELL MichaelE0074025 Jan 1909XG09 31
ANSELL MinnieE0074129 Jun 195376XU04 34
ANSELL RebeccaE0074225 Mar 192975XR40 58
ANSELL RobertE0074304 Dec 193132XU19 41
ANSELOVITCH MaxE0074421 Mar 195771XQ97 13
ANSHELOWITZ HymanE0074520 Aug 193458XU04 35
ANSHELOWITZ SarahE0074619 Jan 195070XU65 42
ANSHELOWITZ SimonE0074723 Mar 193968XU65 41
ANSLEVITCH MillieE0074812 Apr 192642XR15 56
ANSLEVITCH RachelE0074913 Nov 196875XQ97 14
ANTICK BarnettE0075002 Jan 192764XR26 24
ANTIN SimonE0075121 Jan 193460XU31 24
ANTIPITZKY BenjaminE0075224 Nov 191816XM03 43
ANTKOVITCH LeahE0075325 Sep 195181XX06 41
ANTZT RayE0075414 Apr 1914XI14 17

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