All Deceased beginning with letters 'AN'

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All names beginning AN
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ANBUS MiriamA234901 Sep 19067F05 33
ANDERS LewisD422029 Aug 194082S21 02
ANDERS SarahC735004 Jan 193071S21 03
ANDERSON Jack PaulC440217 Sep 19265M129 10
ANDERSON/ SERATSKY RoseC447328 Oct 192641R122 36
ANDRESIER JuliusE601405 Nov 196789V116 02
ANDRESIER RoseD534903 Jun 194259V116 26
ANDREWS MinnieD424710 Sep 194026V127 24
ANDRUSIER AbrahamC074909 Mar 192269I17 56
ANDRUSIER GoldaD566311 Jan 194390I17 58
ANDUS IsaacA119522 Feb 190243D03 46
ANGEL A036227 Aug 18963B101 09
ANGEL AaronB662812 Sep 192020N03 27
ANGEL AleckA200511 Jun 19059C06 72
ANGEL AlfredD063807 Jun 19353Q102 63
ANGEL AnnieD196015 Jan 193761V247 20
ANGEL EstherP0044819 Apr 191749J15
ANGEL FannyD373507 Nov 193962U256 12
ANGEL HarrisE406209 Sep 195986V248 01A
ANGEL IsaacD109612 Jan 193683L13 03
ANGEL IsaacE388525 Mar 195972Q258 03
ANGEL JaneC792826 Oct 193034P137 06
ANGEL JosephC262015 Jul 192461P137 07
ANGEL JosephD152025 Jun 193668U246 09
ANGEL JosephD255617 Oct 193759U256 13
ANGEL LeahC807519 Dec 193033T109 09
ANGEL MarksE030120 May 195166Z122 22
ANGEL MarksP0045306 Apr 191438I13
ANGEL MaryD425514 Sep 194054V125 15
ANGEL MyerD376423 Nov 193949U268 44
ANGEL NellieD612325 Nov 194346X27 03
ANGEL PhoebeA089420 Oct 19004BD01 461
ANGEL PollyP0045528 Dec 191610O13
ANGEL RivaP0045630 Oct 191862N17
ANGEL Samuel LewisA005924 Apr 18912A101 47
ANGEL SamuelD391620 Feb 194070U271 35
ANGEL SarahD163210 Sep 193662V243 11
ANGEL SarahD456216 Jan 194172U246 10
ANGEL SarahE565611 Dec 196579Q258 04
ANGEL SarahP0045710 Sep 191357L13
ANGEL YettaC324825 Apr 192477R104 07
ANGELCHICK MorrisC991911 Jan 193335U125 26
ANGELL PhilipC772305 Jul 193053S31 24
ANGELOVSKY RachelP0046121 May 191365L6
ANGELOWITZ AnnieC502622 Jun 192754M126 12
ANGLOVITZ BenjaminD812305 Apr 194776P253 29
ANIS Sarah DeborahD771426 Aug 194661X10 48
ANISH LewisC692922 Jul 192943S26 36
ANISH NathanD718513 Sep 194558X20 40
ANKOFF LazarusE105526 Dec 195275Q127 38
ANKOFF SophieE605917 Feb 196878Q127 39
ANNETT Isaac BuddyE125915 Apr 195331X02 39
ANNETTE JanieD975013 May 195052X02 35
ANNIS EstherD443115 Nov 194061U265 52
ANNIS JosephD343526 Mar 193979U265 47
ANNIS RachelD363825 Aug 193944V261 14
ANNIS SarahP0046708 Apr 1919104N13
ANNISH RebeccaE388902 Jul 195968Z139 10
ANOLICK BarnettD630214 Feb 194460W28 24
ANOLICK FannyE026726 Apr 195167W28 25
ANSELL Gladys MayC664115 Mar 19298R241 03
ANSELL HarryE328727 Nov 195773P261 24
ANSELL HettyC520020 Sep 192737R140 43
ANSELL LazarusC385118 Jan 192678R112 53
ANSELL LewisD206725 Feb 193792U251 27
ANSELL MarkC1100118 Mar 193462U132 45
ANSELL MichaelP0047225 Jan 1909G9
ANSELL MinnieE135929 Jun 195376U104 34
ANSELL RebeccaC667225 Mar 192975R140 58
ANSELL RobertC896804 Dec 193132U119 41
ANSELOVITCH MaxE302221 Mar 195771Q397 13
ANSHELOWITZ HymanD003920 Aug 193458U104 35
ANSHELOWITZ SarahD957019 Jan 195070U265 42
ANSHELOWITZ SimonD342623 Mar 193968U265 41
ANSLEVITCH MillieC408112 Apr 192642R115 56
ANSLEVITCH RachelE617213 Nov 196875Q397 14
ANTICK BarnettC465102 Jan 192764R126 24
ANTIN SimonC1085221 Jan 193460U131 24
ANTIPITZKY Benjamin L.P0047804 Nov 191816M3
ANTIPITZKY GitelP0047917 May 191372L6
ANTKOVITCH LeahE044925 Sep 195181X06 41

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