All Deceased beginning with letters 'AM'

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All names beginning AM
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
AMAR LeahE0064824 Feb 19380XV64 20
AMAZULEWSKY RachelE0064921 May 1913XL06 30
AMDUN SarahE0065015 Aug 195653XQ70 6
AMDUR DoraE0065126 Oct 193154XT12 10
AMDUR HarryE0065216 Feb 197776XQ70 5
AMDUR NathanE0065325 Nov 194382XQ05 49
AMDUR RebeccaE0065422 Jul 195470XS33 71
AMDUR ReubenE0065510 Jan 193577XU35 25
AMDUR SarahE0065605 Mar 195089XQ05 48
AMDUR SimonE0065711 Jan 193159XS33 72
AMIEE SolomonE0065824 Feb 192542XR02 9
AMIEL CyrilE0065904 Aug 192011 mthXN19 18
AMIEL IsaacE0066010 May 194159XV75 20
AMIEL MaryE0066104 Oct 197381XQ101 1
AMIS HarryE0066228 Nov 195669XX10 49
AMITH AnnieE0066305 Nov 193770XV53 14
AMSTELL JennyE0066421 Oct 193537XT38 21
AMSTER AnnieE0066517 Aug 191845XJ06 53
AMSTER SamuelE0066625 Dec 193843XU64 47
AMSTERDAM Elijah LewisE0066704 Mar 193784XU51 31
AMSTERDAM JacobE0066827 Dec 196070XQ119 9
AMSTERDAM LottieE0066910 Sep 196877XQ119 10
AMSTERDAM RachelE0067029 Jan 193381XT22 54

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