All Deceased beginning with letters 'AL'

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All names beginning AL
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ALABASTER BeckyE150713 Nov 195370Z130 22
ALABESTER MyerE598125 Aug 196784Z130 21
ALBERT Abraham A.A242321 Nov 19069E01 48
ALBERT AdaC187125 Aug 192362P122 33
ALBERT AnnieC1029714 May 193353T120 23
ALBERT BellaP0035119 Feb 191569I8
ALBERT EstherC712901 Nov 192950T106 36
ALBERT MinnieD952620 Dec 194980U251 52
ALBERT MorrisC898213 Dec 193165U120 06
ALBERT MorrisD864711 Apr 194869Y113 37
ALBERT MyerC913703 Feb 193255U121 08
ALBERT PhoebeE514217 Feb 196379Y113 36
ALBERT SamuelC395324 Feb 192659R113 37
ALBERT SamuelD714313 Aug 194568X33 44
ALBERT WoolfP0035428 Mar 191273I8
ALBERTS HenryB664523 Sep 19204M112 53
ALBINGER EthelE119304 Mar 195382X15 23
ALBINGER HymanD745318 Feb 194675X15 24
ALBUM EleazerP0035526 Feb 191685J7
ALBUM GenandelC226006 Feb 192476Q122 10
ALBUM IsraelB669322 Oct 192028N03 38
ALBUM JacobC1026428 Apr 193360Q120 05
ALBUM JosephP0035910 Sep 190810E4
ALBUM MauriceC139120 Jan 192347P105 23
ALBUM RebeccaD259905 Nov 193758Q120 04
ALBUM SamuelC556108 Feb 192845S04 44
ALDSTEIN AnnieD062031 May 193568U128 20
ALDSTEIN HarrisC1053120 Sep 193366U128 21
ALEANDROVITCH KittyC1020406 Apr 193315T119 25
ALEC RachelP0036329 Aug 191648J20
ALECK SamuelD439606 Nov 194068U279 45
ALEMBICK HymanD276111 Jan 193874U258 46
ALEMBICK SamuelC112024 Sep 192238P102 03
ALENBICK SarahD511508 Jan 194280U258 45
ALEXANDER AaronP0036604 Mar 191639J19
ALEXANDER AbrahamD902311 Jan 194983W17 10
ALEXANDER AnnieC239416 Mar 192459K16 23
ALEXANDER AnnieC984614 Dec 193261T118 44
ALEXANDER AnnieP0036714 Dec 191017I3
ALEXANDER BarnettA135214 Oct 190244D05 39
ALEXANDER CissieP0037003 Jul 191831L10
ALEXANDER ClaraE497716 Jun 196272W25 07
ALEXANDER DavidD155117 Jul 193659U246 30
ALEXANDER EttieA189208 Jan 190566C08 29
ALEXANDER HermanA037917 Nov 189655A701 347
ALEXANDER HildaB622801 Mar 192070K06 38
ALEXANDER JacobC804711 Dec 193080S33 32
ALEXANDER JacobD104321 Dec 193562U242 09
ALEXANDER LazarusC090913 May 192255K16 24
ALEXANDER LilyC495714 May 192726R133 38
ALEXANDER MarksD662513 Sep 194454W25 06
ALEXANDER MyerC841304 Apr 193154U113 21
ALEXANDER ReubenD588126 May 194382T129 17
ALEXANDER RosieE029616 May 195172U246 31
ALEXANDER SamuelE299306 Mar 195767Z242 11
ALEXANDER SarahC412328 Apr 192660R116 35
ALEXANDER SolomonC494609 May 192777R133 35
ALEXANDER Zelda RebeccaD001006 Aug 193470T129 18
ALEXANDOVSKI RachelB620022 Feb 192044K06 32
ALEXANDROFSY FannyC644231 Jan 192920S16 25
ALEXANDROVITCH AlfredC111118 Sep 19229O03A 43
ALEXANDROVITCH FannyC111924 Sep 19229O03A 44
ALEXANDROVITCH NathanE128602 May 195368V107 14
ALEXANDROVITCH RachelD299905 Jun 193851V257 12
ALEXANDROVITCH SarahC456404 Dec 19262M128 24
ALEXANDROVSKI AbrahamC160812 Apr 192351P116 24
ALEXON JacobC231722 Feb 192477P130 30
ALEXON YettaB672106 Nov 192070K09 17
ALFRECHT MarieC017511 Jul 192144G10 40
ALFREDO JoyceB698709 Mar 19215M112 19
ALI MyrtleE811123 Jan 200577Q3B9 01
ALICK MorrisC194512 Oct 192338P125 29
ALICKMAN JaneC323318 Apr 192562R103 46
ALKEVITCH RachelC1044707 Aug 193363T123 46
ALLCHILD MorrisD536922 Jun 194273U101 26
ALLCHILD RebeccaE565812 Dec 196595U101 27
ALLEN LewisC335419 Jun 192560R105 25
ALLEN MyerC318127 Mar 192560R103 20
ALLEN SimonA168923 Mar 190468C05 16
ALLENSTEIN AaronC196822 Oct 192370E08 16
ALLENSTEIN EstherP0039222 Jul 191052E8
ALLENSTEIN JaneC527324 Oct 192769S12 39
ALLENSTEIN ZaligP0039428 Sep 190931E5
ALLENSWEIG DavidB609230 Dec 19194M105 34
ALLERHAND FannyC042624 Nov 192133K17 49
ALMAN Rachel LeahE594004 May 196776Y137 17
ALMAN RebeccaD995330 Oct 195079Q111 26
ALMAN SamuelD797901 Feb 194774Q111 25
ALMAN ShevaD996808 Nov 195078Q101 31
ALMANN KhananiaC1092614 Feb 193464Q101 32
ALMINOFF RebeccaC1001029 Jan 193357T120 33
ALPAREN DavidD105225 Dec 193581U242 12
ALPER RebeccaE753010 Jun 198397U261 45
ALPERIN IsraelC757023 Apr 193063S27 04
ALPERN AnnieD539818 Jul 194271V118 28
ALPEROVITCH ColemanC849913 May 193126U114 21
ALPEROVITCH JuliusC988801 Jan 193346U125 07
ALPEROVITZ MillieC858518 Jun 193145T111 27
ALPERT AnnieE367106 Nov 195872X26 16
ALPERT SamuelD649520 Jun 194466X26 15
ALPORT JaneC1054423 Sep 193379T123 27
ALSTEIN JosephE208107 Feb 195584V132 22
ALSTEIN RachelD368201 Oct 193964V132 21
ALTCHULER AnneE273023 Jul 195687T251 16
ALTCHULER Joseph AaronE390512 Apr 195975P268 23
ALTCHULER MorrisD077230 Aug 193576U139 18
ALTCHULER PollyE700405 Feb 197688P268 24
ALTER AnnieC599818 Aug 192814S09 57
ALTER EvaD533930 May 194280T105 51
ALTER FeivelD269614 Dec 193777T119 37
ALTER HymanD344230 Mar 193945T129 01
ALTER JosephA129324 Jul 19028D07 06
ALTER MaryC993713 Jan 193364T119 36
ALTER RebeccaD582413 Apr 194353V103 18
ALTHAUSON MillieD205520 Feb 193771V248 25
ALTMAN AnnieD288419 Mar 193870U130 18
ALTMAN BenjaminC760808 May 193020S30 29
ALTMAN BenjaminE144006 Sep 195377Z128 10
ALTMAN EstherC083609 Apr 192269M103 01
ALTMAN EstherE198201 Dec 195461Y121 02
ALTMAN EvaD238024 Jul 193762V139 27
ALTMAN Fanny FeigaC748619 Mar 193049T104 45
ALTMAN HannahD077902 Sep 193566U126 46
ALTMAN HannahE120209 Mar 195370Q124 33
ALTMAN HarrisC1077931 Dec 193365U130 19
ALTMAN HymanC477610 Feb 192712R118 04
ALTMAN HymanD156223 Jul 193632U246 32
ALTMAN IsaacC1051315 Sep 193367U126 45
ALTMAN JacobD100507 Dec 193561U140 16
ALTMAN KatieE574512 Apr 196675U124 02
ALTMAN KusielP0041823 Nov 191069I4
ALTMAN LeahC331323 May 192563R104 48
ALTMAN LipmanE484306 Dec 196172U124 01
ALTMAN MarksE210622 Feb 195574Q124 34
ALTMAN MarksE466328 Mar 196177Y121 01
ALTMAN MaryC568229 Mar 192879S11 55
ALTMAN MorrisD858024 Feb 194885Y112 27
ALTMAN SamuelD323101 Dec 193865V139 28
ALTMAN SamuelP0042201 Sep 191728J12
ALTMAN SolomonB700918 Mar 192139N01 10
ALTMAN SophieE306606 May 195771W16 35
ALTSCHUL Aaron Zelig (Rev)D987931 Aug 195071W21 06
ALTSCHULE MeryamD719421 Sep 194558W32 04
ALTSHULER RayP0042417 May 191755L20

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