All Deceased beginning with letters 'AL'

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All names beginning AL
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ALABASTER BeckyE0049913 Nov 195370XZ30 22
ALABESTER MyerE0050025 Aug 196784XZ30 21
ALBERT Abraham A.E0050121 Nov 19069 mthXE01 48
ALBERT AbrahamE0050214 Jul 191916XN10 14
ALBERT AdaE0050325 Aug 192362XP22 33
ALBERT AnnieE0050414 May 193353XT20 23
ALBERT BerthaE0050519 Feb 191569XI08 20
ALBERT EstherE0050601 Nov 192950XT06 36
ALBERT HorneE0050728 Sep 191725XJ12 60
ALBERT MinnieE0050820 Dec 194980XU51 52
ALBERT MorrisE0050913 Dec 193165XU20 6
ALBERT MorrisE0051011 Apr 194869XY13 37
ALBERT MyerE0051103 Feb 193255XU21 8
ALBERT PhoebeE0051217 Feb 196379XY13 36
ALBERT SamuelE0051324 Feb 192659XR13 37
ALBERT SamuelE0051413 Aug 194568XX33 44
ALBERT WoolfE0051528 Mar 1912XI08 21
ALBERTS HenryE0051623 Sep 19204 mthXM12 53
ALBINGER EthelE0051704 Mar 195382XX15 23
ALBINGER HymanE0051818 Feb 194675XX15 24
ALBUM GenandelE0051906 Feb 192476XQ22 10
ALBUM IsraelE0052022 Oct 192028XN03 38
ALBUM JacobE0052128 Apr 193360XQ20 5
ALBUM JosephE0052210 Sep 1908XE04 27
ALBUM MauriceE0052320 Jan 192347XP05 23
ALBUM RebeccaE0052405 Nov 193758XQ20 4
ALBUM SamuelE0052508 Feb 192845XS04 44
ALDSTEIN AnnieE0052631 May 193568XU28 20
ALDSTEIN HarrisE0052720 Sep 193366XU28 21
ALEANDROVITCH KittyE0052806 Apr 193315XT19 25
ALECK SamuelE0052906 Nov 194068XU79 45
ALEMBICK HymanE0053011 Jan 193874XU58 46
ALEMBICK SamuelE0053124 Sep 192238XP02 3
ALENBICK SarahE0053208 Jan 194280XU58 45
ALEXANDER AaronE0053304 Mar 191638XJ19 35
ALEXANDER AbrahamE0053411 Jan 194983XW17 10
ALEXANDER AnnieE0053516 Mar 192459XK16 23
ALEXANDER AnnieE0053614 Dec 193261XT18 44
ALEXANDER BarnettE0053714 Oct 190244XD05 39
ALEXANDER CissieE0053802 Jul 191831XL10 22
ALEXANDER ClaraE0053916 Jun 196272XW25 7
ALEXANDER DavidE0054017 Jul 193659XU46 30
ALEXANDER EttieE0054108 Jan 190566XC08 29
ALEXANDER HermanE0054217 Nov 189655XA07 347
ALEXANDER HildaE0054301 Mar 192070XK06 38
ALEXANDER JacobE0054421 Dec 193562XU42 9
ALEXANDER JacobE0054511 Dec 193080XS33 32
ALEXANDER LazarusE0054613 May 192255XK16 24
ALEXANDER LewisE0054706 Nov 1914XO02 22
ALEXANDER LilyE0054814 May 192726XR33 38
ALEXANDER MarksE0054913 Sep 194454XW25 6
ALEXANDER MyerE0055004 Apr 193154XU13 21
ALEXANDER RachelE0055130 Aug 191576XI07 15
ALEXANDER ReubenE0055226 May 194382XT29 17
ALEXANDER RoseE0055313 Dec 1910XI03 22
ALEXANDER RosieE0055416 May 195172XU46 31
ALEXANDER SamuelE0055506 Mar 195767XZ42 11
ALEXANDER SarahE0055628 Apr 192660XR16 35
ALEXANDER SolomonE0055709 May 192777XR33 35
ALEXANDER Zelda RebeccaE0055806 Aug 193470XT29 18
ALEXANDOVSKI RachelE0055922 Feb 192044XK06 32
ALEXANDROFSY FannyE0056031 Jan 192920XS16 25
ALEXANDROVITCH AlfredE0056118 Sep 19229 mthXO03 43
ALEXANDROVITCH AnnieE0056217 Nov 19159 mthXO06 38
ALEXANDROVITCH FannyE0056324 Sep 19229 mthXO03 44
ALEXANDROVITCH NathanE0056402 May 195368XV07 14
ALEXANDROVITCH RachelE0056505 Jun 193851XV57 12
ALEXANDROVITCH SarahE0056604 Dec 19262 mthXM28 24
ALEXANDROVSKI AbrahamE0056712 Apr 192351XP16 24
ALEXON JacobE0056822 Feb 192477XP30 30
ALEXON YettaE0056906 Nov 192070XK09 17
ALFRECHT MarieE0057011 Jul 192144XG10 40
ALFREDO JoyceE0057109 Mar 19215 mthXM12 19
ALI MyrtleE0057223 Jan 200577XQ119 1
ALICK MorrisE0057312 Oct 192338XP25 29
ALICKMAN JaneE0057418 Apr 192562XR03 46
ALKEVITCH RachelE0057507 Aug 193363XT23 46
ALLCHILD MorrisE0057622 Jun 194273XU01 26
ALLCHILD RebeccaE0057712 Dec 196595XU01 27
ALLEN LewisE0057819 Jun 192560XR05 25
ALLEN MyerE0057927 Mar 192560XR03 20
ALLEN SarahE0058019 Feb 1908XH08 22
ALLEN SimonE0058123 Mar 190468XC05 16
ALLEN ThorahE0058210 May 19174 mthXM07 34
ALLENSTEIN AaronE0058322 Oct 192370XE08 16
ALLENSTEIN JaneE0058424 Oct 192769XS12 39
ALLENSWEIG DavidE0058530 Dec 19194XM05 34
ALLENSWEIG SamuelE0058613 Nov 19169XO11 25
ALLERHAND FannyE0058724 Nov 192133XK17 49
ALLMAN IsaacE0058831 Dec 191832XN17 35
ALMAN Rachel LeahE0058904 May 196776XY37 17
ALMAN RebeccaE0059030 Oct 195079XQ11 26
ALMAN SamuelE0059101 Feb 194774XQ11 25
ALMAN ShevaE0059208 Nov 195078XQ01 31
ALMANN KhananiaE0059314 Feb 193464XQ01 32
ALMINOFF RebeccaE0059429 Jan 193357XT20 33
ALPAREN DavidE0059525 Dec 193581XU42 12
ALPER EstherE0059618 Nov 191857XN18 19
ALPER RebeccaE0059710 Jun 198397XU61 45
ALPERIN IsraelE0059823 Apr 193063XS27 4
ALPERN AnnieE0059918 Jul 194271XV18 28
ALPEROVITCH ColemanE0060013 May 193126XU14 21
ALPEROVITCH JuliusE0060101 Jan 193346XU25 7
ALPEROVITZ MillieE0060218 Jun 193145XT11 27
ALPERT AnnieE0060306 Nov 195872XX26 16
ALPERT SamuelE0060420 Jun 194466XX26 15
ALPORT JaneE0060523 Sep 193379XT23 27
ALSTEIN JosephE0060607 Feb 195584XV32 22
ALSTEIN RachelE0060701 Oct 193964XV32 21
ALTCHULER AnneE0060823 Jul 195687XT51 16
ALTCHULER Joseph AaronE0060912 Apr 195975XP68 23
ALTCHULER MorrisE0061030 Aug 193576XU39 18
ALTCHULER PollyE0061105 Feb 197688XP68 24
ALTER AnnieE0061218 Aug 192814XS09 57
ALTER EvaE0061330 May 194280XT05 51
ALTER FeivelE0061414 Dec 193777XT19 37
ALTER HymanE0061530 Mar 193945XT29 1
ALTER JosephE0061624 Jul 19028 mthXD07 6
ALTER MaryE0061713 Jan 193364XT19 36
ALTER RebeccaE0061813 Apr 194353XV03 18
ALTHAUSON MillieE0061920 Feb 193771XV48 25
ALTMAN AnnieE0062019 Mar 193870XU30 18
ALTMAN BenjaminE0062108 May 193020XS30 29
ALTMAN BenjaminE0062206 Sep 195377XZ28 10
ALTMAN EstherE0062301 Dec 195461XY21 2
ALTMAN EstherE0062409 Apr 192269XM03 1
ALTMAN EvaE0062524 Jul 193762XV39 27
ALTMAN Fanny FeigaE0062619 Mar 193049XT04 45
ALTMAN HannahE0062702 Sep 193566XU26 46
ALTMAN HannahE0062809 Mar 195370XQ24 33
ALTMAN HarrisE0062931 Dec 193365XU30 19
ALTMAN HymanE0063010 Feb 192712XR18 4
ALTMAN HymanE0063123 Jul 193632XU46 32
ALTMAN IsaacE0063215 Sep 193367XU26 45
ALTMAN JacobE0063307 Dec 193561XU40 16
ALTMAN KatieE0063412 Apr 196675XU24 2
ALTMAN KusilE0063522 Nov 1910XI04 19
ALTMAN LeahE0063623 May 192563XR04 48
ALTMAN LipmanE0063706 Dec 196172XU24 1
ALTMAN MarksE0063822 Feb 195574XQ24 34
ALTMAN MarksE0063928 Mar 196177XY21 1
ALTMAN MaryE0064029 Mar 192879XS11 55
ALTMAN MorrisE0064124 Feb 194885XY12 27
ALTMAN SamuelE0064212 Sep 191728XJ12 46
ALTMAN SamuelE0064301 Dec 193865XV39 28
ALTMAN SolomonE0064418 Mar 192139XN01 10
ALTMAN SophieE0064506 May 195771XW16 35
ALTSCHUL Aaron Zelig (Rev)E0064631 Aug 195071XW21 6
ALTSCHULE MeryamE0064721 Sep 194558XW32 4

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