All Deceased beginning with letters 'AG'

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All names beginning AG
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
AGDESHAM RebeccaE0047607 Apr 194973XW02 17
AGDESHMAN DavidE0047712 Nov 195273XW04 47
AGDESHMAN DinahE0047826 Jan 193478XT26 21
AGDESHMAN FannyE0047919 Feb 192416XP30 9
AGDESHMAN IsraelE0048010 May 194050XU73 38
AGDESHMAN Philip (Rev)E0048115 Jun 193460XW02 18
AGER RachelE0048224 Jun 191929XN16 25
AGGINS BetsyE0048320 Oct 191822XL10 44
AGRA AnnieE0048423 Feb 192364XP14 10
AGRAS BenjaminE0048503 Apr 192332XK17 4
AGRAS DanielE0048625 Nov 193874XP49 9
AGRAS Harry AlecE0048713 Mar 191510 mthXO07 14
AGRAS SarahE0048812 Jun 192659XP49 10
AGRES ColemanE0048902 Feb 192273XK15 26
AGREST BarnetE0049008 Nov 197290XQ107 8
AGREST GoldaE0049110 May 195873XQ107 7
AGUS LeahE0049209 Jul 192866XS09 12

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