All Deceased beginning with letters 'AG'

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All names beginning AG
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
AGAR RachelP0033524 Jun 191929N16
AGDESHAM RebeccaD919907 Apr 194973W02 17
AGDESHMAN DavidE096312 Nov 195273W04 47
AGDESHMAN DinahC1087426 Jan 193478T126 21
AGDESHMAN FannyC230519 Feb 192416P130 09
AGDESHMAN IsraelD406410 May 194050U273 38
AGDESHMAN Philip (Rev)C1120415 Jun 193460W02 18
AGRA AnnieC147023 Feb 192364P114 10
AGRAS BenjaminC157803 Apr 192332K17 04
AGRAS DanielD322025 Nov 193874P249 09
AGRAS SarahC421112 Jun 192659P249 10
AGRES ColemanC065602 Feb 192273K15 26
AGREST BarnetE666208 Nov 197290Q3A7 08
AGREST GoldaE350510 May 195873Q3A7 07
AGUS LeahC590809 Jul 192866S09 12

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