All Deceased beginning with letters 'AD'

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All names beginning AD
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ADAMS RachelC913201 Feb 193258T114 36
ADAMS Sadie SarahE404826 Aug 195963W34 19
ADDER RebeccaP0028811 May 1916J21
ADDISMAN BenjaminB590610 Oct 191958N09 44
ADDY DavidC659306 Mar 192951S23 40
ADELMAN AnnieC140830 Jan 192350P112 04
ADELMAN BarnettD077631 Aug 193574U139 10
ADELMAN BloomahE077720 May 195279U136 17
ADELMAN DavidC037605 Nov 19215K01 40
ADELMAN DavidD111418 Jan 193639U140 38
ADELMAN JacobD042116 Feb 193568U136 16
ADELMAN JaneE382321 Feb 195976W08 51
ADELMAN JosephP0029310 Mar 191826J9
ADELMAN KateE336014 Jan 195876Q267 01
ADELMAN Leo JoshuaE257110 Mar 195678W08 50
ADELMAN LewisE161022 Jan 195483P255 28
ADELMAN MorrisD358206 Jul 193971U267 43
ADELMAN PhilipC504303 Jul 192763M127 22
ADELMAN RebeccaB639128 Apr 192018K02 47
ADELMAN ReubenC084915 Apr 192213M117 13
ADELMAN ReubenC460319 Dec 192644R125 31
ADELMAN ReubenC801901 Dec 193024S33 39
ADELMAN RoseD331120 Jan 193926V257 27
ADELMAN SamuelD140601 May 193625U244 30
ADELMAN SolomonC381501 Jan 192658R111 22
ADELSON FannyP0030203 Aug 19093E3
ADELSON HarryP0030306 Apr 191542I19
ADELSON JosephC274621 Sep 192415P241 28
ADELSON RoseC729309 Jan 193053T106 71
ADELSTEIN AlecB593524 Oct 191953N08 32
ADELSTEIN AnnieP0030727 Oct 191830M2
ADELSTEIN IsaacE496111 May 196274Q277 07
ADELSTEIN KateE509427 Dec 196273Q277 08
ADELSTEIN TseenaC002213 Apr 192161K11 28
ADELSTONE FannyP0031025 Jan 191358L8
ADLER A045430 Sep 189716A701 367
ADLER AaronD000302 Aug 193459U104 26
ADLER AaronE241115 Dec 195565Z139 07
ADLER AaronP0031127 Dec 191245L9
ADLER AbrahamB696224 Feb 192175I13 46
ADLER AbrahamC585003 Jun 192847S06 10
ADLER Akeeba MosesD000705 Aug 193440U103 05
ADLER AnnieB589603 Oct 191935N12 35
ADLER AnnieD077431 Aug 193553T136 13
ADLER AnnieD986216 Aug 195053Y117 19
ADLER ArnoldD878302 Aug 194830Y117 20
ADLER BellaP0031512 Dec 191347I12
ADLER ChajaD313722 Sep 193874V137 28
ADLER DeborahC804309 Dec 193077T109 40
ADLER DoraC990909 Jan 193362T119 55
ADLER DorisC618707 Nov 19284M136 08
ADLER EstherC540318 Dec 192763S13 39
ADLER EvaD339604 Mar 193963V265 09
ADLER HarryA028117 Aug 18953A601 283
ADLER HenryP0032102 Nov 191744I12
ADLER HermanD085007 May 193558U137 27
ADLER Hetty BloomahC560904 Mar 192828S05 67
ADLER Hnde ydeE535207 Apr 196481Y135 16
ADLER HymanB687519 Jan 192165N01 28
ADLER HymanD977326 May 195067Y135 15
ADLER IsaacD324513 Dec 193870U263 24
ADLER IsidoreB595129 Oct 19198M105 22
ADLER KateA151830 Jul 190342C04 11
ADLER LA056417 Aug 18986B301 108
ADLER LazarusC952006 Jul 193266U108 14
ADLER LewisE058530 Dec 195149W16 44
ADLER Lipman HirschP0032521 Feb 190959G9
ADLER LottieP0032605 Feb 191510O12
ADLER MillieP0032701 Oct 191328L12
ADLER MinnieD871704 Jun 194856Y115 12
ADLER MosesA090517 Nov 19008AD01 488
ADLER NancyB649118 Jun 192071I12 46A
ADLER Pearl PollyE539103 Jun 196480W10 06
ADLER RachelE029315 May 195175U103 26
ADLER RebeccaD094014 Nov 193567T138 35
ADLER RebeccaD684621 Jan 194580Q106 53
ADLER RoseE736913 Jul 198085Z139 08
ADLER Sarah MyerP0033127 Jan 191724J17
ADLER SchulimD577010 Mar 194378V105 21
ADLER SolomonC600424 Aug 192872S07 18
ADLER YettaC162217 Apr 192349P117 13

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