All Deceased beginning with letters 'AD'

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All names beginning AD
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ADAMS RachelE0039001 Feb 193258XT14 36
ADAMS Sadie SarahE0039126 Aug 195963XW34 19
ADDER RebeccaE0039211 May 191674XJ21 51
ADDISMAN BenjaminE0039310 Oct 191958XN09 44
ADDY DavidE0039406 Mar 192951XS23 40
ADELMAN AnnieE0039530 Jan 192350XP12 4
ADELMAN BarnettE0039631 Aug 193574XU39 10
ADELMAN BloomahE0039720 May 195279XU36 17
ADELMAN DavidE0039818 Jan 193639XU40 38
ADELMAN DavidE0039905 Nov 19215XK01 40
ADELMAN JacobE0040016 Feb 193568XU36 16
ADELMAN JaneE0040121 Feb 195976XW08 51
ADELMAN JosephE0040210 Mar 191825XJ09 63
ADELMAN KateE0040314 Jan 195876XQ67 1
ADELMAN Leo JoshuaE0040410 Mar 195678XW08 50
ADELMAN LewisE0040522 Jan 195483XP55 28
ADELMAN MorrisE0040606 Jul 193971XU67 43
ADELMAN PhilipE0040703 Jul 192763XM27 22
ADELMAN RebeccaE0040828 Apr 192018XK02 47
ADELMAN ReubenE0040915 Apr 192213XM17 13
ADELMAN ReubenE0041001 Dec 193024XS33 39
ADELMAN ReubenE0041119 Dec 192644XR25 31
ADELMAN RoseE0041220 Jan 193926XV57 27
ADELMAN SamuelE0041301 May 193625XU44 30
ADELMAN SolomonE0041429 Apr 1909XG03 39
ADELMAN SolomonE0041501 Jan 192658XR11 22
ADELSON FannyE0041603 Aug 1909XG03 26
ADELSON HarryE0041706 Apr 191549XI19 19
ADELSON JosephE0041821 Sep 192415XP41 28
ADELSON RoseE0041909 Jan 193053XT06 71
ADELSTEIN AlecE0042024 Oct 191953XN08 32
ADELSTEIN AnnieE0042128 Oct 191830XM02 12
ADELSTEIN FannyE0042225 Jan 1913XL08 16
ADELSTEIN IsaacE0042311 May 196274XQ77 7
ADELSTEIN KateE0042427 Dec 196273XQ77 8
ADELSTEIN TseenaE0042513 Apr 192161XK11 28
ADLEMAN DebbieE0042623 Jun 19152XO07 34
ADLER AaronE0042727 Dec 1912XL09 10
ADLER AaronE0042802 Aug 193459XU04 26
ADLER AaronE0042915 Dec 195565XZ39 7
ADLER AbrahamE0043003 Jun 192847XS06 10
ADLER AbrahamE0043124 Feb 192175XI13 46
ADLER Akeeba MosesE0043205 Aug 193440XU03 5
ADLER AmeliaE0043315 Oct 1913XL12 45
ADLER AnnieE0043403 Oct 191935XN12 35
ADLER AnnieE0043531 Aug 193553XT36 13
ADLER AnnieE0043616 Aug 195053XY17 19
ADLER ArnoldE0043702 Aug 194830XY17 20
ADLER BarnettE0043809 Apr 1911XO16 31
ADLER BetsyE0043912 Dec 1913XI12 8
ADLER ChajaE0044022 Sep 193874XV37 28
ADLER DeborahE0044109 Dec 193077XT09 40
ADLER DoraE0044209 Jan 193362XT19 55
ADLER DorisE0044307 Nov 19284XM36 8
ADLER EstherE0044418 Dec 192763XS13 39
ADLER EvaE0044504 Mar 193963XV65 9
ADLER HarryE0044617 Aug 18953XA06 283
ADLER HenryE0044701 Nov 191744XI12 45
ADLER HermanE0044807 May 193558XU37 27
ADLER Hetty BloomahE0044904 Mar 192828XS05 67
ADLER Hnde ydeE0045007 Apr 196481XY35 16
ADLER HymanE0045119 Jan 192165XN01 28
ADLER HymanE0045226 May 195067XY35 15
ADLER IsaacE0045313 Dec 193870XU63 24
ADLER IsidoreE0045429 Oct 19198XM05 22
ADLER KateE0045530 Jul 190342XC04 11
ADLER LE0045617 Aug 18986 mthXB03 108
ADLER LazarusE0045706 Jul 193266XU08 14
ADLER LewisE0045830 Dec 195149XW16 44
ADLER LippmanE0045921 Feb 1909XG09 27
ADLER LottieE0046005 Feb 191510XO11 16
ADLER MinnieE0046104 Jun 194856XY15 12
ADLER MosesE0046217 Nov 19008XA10 488
ADLER NancyE0046318 Jun 192071XI12 46A
ADLER Pearl PollyE0046403 Jun 196480XW10 6
ADLER RachelE0046515 May 195175XU03 26
ADLER RebeccaE0046614 Nov 193567XT38 35
ADLER RebeccaE0046721 Jan 194580XQ06 53
ADLER RoseE0046813 Jul 198085XZ39 8
ADLER SarahE0046926 Jan 191724XJ17 74
ADLER SchulimE0047010 Mar 194378XV05 21
ADLER SolomonE0047124 Aug 192872XS07 18
ADLER YettaE0047217 Apr 192349XP17 13
ADLERE0047330 Sep 189716XA07 367

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