All Deceased beginning with letters 'AA'

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All names beginning AA
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
AARENSTEIN IdaP0008121 Nov 19083G1
AARON ZachariahA006619 May 18918A101 50
AARONBERG DavidD934711 Aug 194963Y129 34
AARONBERG EstherD648618 Jun 194471W26 05
AARONBERG HannahE569525 Jan 196681Y129 33
AARONBERG HarryC835216 Mar 193110R244 09
AARONBERG PhilipC252921 May 192455P135 04
AARONHOLTZ YettaD463616 Feb 194165U131 36
AARONHOLZ IsaacC1090306 Feb 193458U131 35
AARONHOLZ SadieC254329 May 192472P136 30
AARONOFSKY JosephC393919 Feb 192663R113 34
AARONOVITCH DavisD002110 Aug 193467U104 29
AARONOVITCH Frances RitchieP0008617 Jun 191411O2
AARONOVITCH JessieD854002 Feb 194865Y108 41
AARONOVITCH LazarusC696512 Aug 192952S26 21
AARONOVITCH LeahD207403 Mar 193750V245 31
AARONOVITCH NathanD980423 Jun 195058Y136 09
AARONOVITCH RachelC1039303 Jul 193362T123 41
AARONOVITCH RachelE546609 Dec 196480Y125 29
AARONOVITZ AnnieE041722 Aug 195180W13 42
AARONOVITZ SolomonP0008909 Feb 191175I2
AARONOWITCH MenachemC315919 Mar 192520R102 51
AARONS AA048605 Feb 18984A801 392
AARONS AdolphP0009007 Jul 191571I19
AARONS AmeliaD848822 Dec 194775R113 43
AARONS BarnetC408615 Apr 192669R115 57
AARONS BarnettD904931 Jan 194972Y123 28
AARONS BarnettP0009308 Mar 191839J9
AARONS CeciliaC854301 Jun 193138T110 47
AARONS DanielE399906 Jul 195986V388 18
AARONS DavisC459314 Dec 192653R125 42
AARONS DoraC122412 Nov 192247P112 27
AARONS DoraC368523 Nov 192560R110 55
AARONS EstherC158806 Apr 192338P115 30
AARONS EstherC223031 Jan 192429I04 64
AARONS FannyE098227 Nov 195273Y119 16
AARONS FredaC321913 Apr 19257M118 24
AARONS FredaC636010 Jan 192981I09 37
AARONS GertrudeE800614 Jul 199791X13 43
AARONS IsraelD030205 Jan 193554U135 17
AARONS JacobD646328 May 194482X28 41
AARONS JacobD757010 May 194658X13 44
AARONS LazarusD886918 Oct 194871Y119 15
AARONS LeahB681525 Dec 192034K08 53
AARONS LeahE289611 Dec 195672V388 17
AARONS LenaE597916 Aug 196786Y123 29
AARONS LewisB687118 Jan 192121N02 10
AARONS M.A035518 Jul 18962B101 04
AARONS MarkD050525 Mar 193575U137 20
AARONS MinnieC571509 Apr 192864S11 58
AARONS NanetteA189919 Jan 190518C06 54
AARONS RachelC979923 Nov 193227T118 15
AARONS RoseD419410 Aug 194049V266 12
AARONS RoseE117724 Feb 195369Z111 15
AARONS SamuelA119901 Mar 190244D03 48
AARONS SamuelC390031 Jan 192659R113 16
AARONS SarahC662213 Mar 192970S17 45
AARONS SarahD607801 Nov 194378U137 02
AARONS SarahP0011130 Sep 190937G5
AARONS SimonC392914 Feb 192665R113 42
AARONS SolomonD867702 May 194865Y114 31
AARONS WoolfA017309 Jul 189310A301 161
AARONSOHN SolomonE393313 May 195968P267 05
AARONSON BarnettC967526 Sep 193225U124 13
AARONSON BetsyE133111 Jun 195375Q138 44
AARONSON CharlesA195019 Mar 19054E01 40
AARONSON DavisD288218 Mar 193869U259 27
AARONSON DinahE219001 May 195585V103 03
AARONSON EvaB702226 Mar 192136K11 44
AARONSON EvaC073302 Mar 192266J02 04
AARONSON GittleP0011628 Dec 191672J16
AARONSON HarrisC350602 Sep 192565P243 01
AARONSON HarryE389707 Apr 195960P268 31
AARONSON IsaacE613216 Aug 196870Q261 04
AARONSON LeahC1084417 Jan 193460T126 18
AARONSON LeahD908512 Feb 194973Y123 21
AARONSON LewisC804609 Dec 193027S14 74
AARONSON MarksD671103 Nov 194469Q138 43
AARONSON MinnieD060121 May 193586I13 41
AARONSON MorrisB636619 Apr 192010M111 13
AARONSON MorrisP0012404 Feb 191865I14
AARONSON PhoebeC1079202 Jan 193456T125 27
AARONSON RachelD821622 Jun 194764Y101 07
AARONSON RebeccaD294526 Apr 193885P243 02
AARONSON ReubenD915414 Mar 194969Y125 30
AARONSON SadieE235802 Nov 195557Q261 13
AARONSON SadieE441415 Jul 196064P268 32
AARONSON SamuelC730412 Jan 193080S19 61
AARONSON SimonD586918 May 194372V103 04
AARONSON YettaD204013 Feb 193778V245 13

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