All Deceased beginning with letters 'AA'

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All names beginning AA
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
AARON AlbertE0000130 Nov 1907XE03 48
AARON AnnieE0000215 Jul 1913XL08 50
AARON ZachariahE0000319 May 18918 mthXA01 50
AARONBERG DavidE0000411 Aug 194963XY29 34
AARONBERG EstherE0000518 Jun 194471XW26 5
AARONBERG HannahE0000625 Jan 196681XY29 33
AARONBERG HarryE0000716 Mar 193110XR44 9
AARONBERG PhilipE0000821 May 192455XP35 4
AARONHOLTZ YettaE0000916 Feb 194165XU31 36
AARONHOLZ IsaacE0001006 Feb 193458XU31 35
AARONHOLZ SadieE0001129 May 192472XP36 30
AARONOFSKY JosephE0001219 Feb 192663XR13 34
AARONOVITCH DavisE0001310 Aug 193467XU04 29
AARONOVITCH JessieE0001402 Feb 194865XY08 41
AARONOVITCH LazarusE0001512 Aug 192952XS26 21
AARONOVITCH LeahE0001603 Mar 193750XV45 31
AARONOVITCH NathanE0001723 Jun 195058XY36 9
AARONOVITCH RachelE0001803 Jul 193362XT23 41
AARONOVITCH RachelE0001909 Dec 196480XY25 29
AARONOVITZ AnnieE0002022 Aug 195180XW13 42
AARONOWITCH MenachemE0002119 Mar 192520XR02 51
AARONOWITZ SolomonE0002209 Feb 1911XI02 34
AARONS AE0002305 Feb 18984XA08 392
AARONS AmeliaE0002422 Dec 194775XR13 43
AARONS BarnetE0002515 Apr 192669XR15 57
AARONS BarnettE0002607 Mar 191838XJ09 62
AARONS BarnettE0002731 Jan 194972XY23 28
AARONS CeciliaE0002801 Jun 193138XT10 47
AARONS DanielE0002906 Jul 195986XV88 18
AARONS DavisE0003014 Dec 192653XR25 42
AARONS DoraE0003112 Nov 192247XP12 27
AARONS DoraE0003223 Nov 192560XR10 55
AARONS DorisE0003305 Jun 1913XO25 13
AARONS EstherE0003406 Apr 192338XP15 30
AARONS FannyE0003527 Nov 195273XY19 16
AARONS FredaE0003613 Apr 19257XM18 24
AARONS FredaE0003710 Jan 192981XI09 37
AARONS GertrudeE0003821 Feb 191816 mthXM07 3
AARONS GertrudeE0003914 Jul 199791XX13 43
AARONS IsraelE0004005 Jan 193554XU35 17
AARONS JacobE0004110 May 194658XX13 44
AARONS JacobE0004228 May 194482XX28 41
AARONS LazarusE0004318 Oct 194871XY19 15
AARONS LeahE0004425 Dec 192034XK08 53
AARONS LeahE0004511 Dec 195672XV88 17
AARONS LenaE0004616 Aug 196786XY23 29
AARONS LewisE0004718 Jan 192121XN02 10
AARONS M.E0004818 Jul 18962XB01 4
AARONS MarkE0004925 Mar 193575XU37 20
AARONS MinnieE0005009 Apr 192864XS11 58
AARONS NanetteE0005119 Jan 190518 mthXC06 54
AARONS NathanE0005223 Mar 191645XJ07 35
AARONS RachelE0005323 Nov 193227XT18 15
AARONS RoseE0005410 Aug 194049XV66 12
AARONS RoseE0005524 Feb 195369XZ11 15
AARONS SamuelE0005601 Mar 190244XD03 48
AARONS SamuelE0005731 Jan 192659XR13 16
AARONS SarahE0005830 Sep 1909XG05 3
AARONS SarahE0005913 Mar 192970XS17 45
AARONS SarahE0006001 Nov 194378XU37 2
AARONS SimonE0006114 Feb 192665XR13 42
AARONS SolomonE0006202 May 194865XY14 31
AARONS WoolfE0006309 Jul 189310 mthXA03 161
AARONSOHN SolomonE0006413 May 195968XP67 5
AARONSON AlexanderE0006527 Sep 1909XE04 45
AARONSON BarnettE0006626 Sep 193225XU24 13
AARONSON BetsyE0006711 Jun 195375XQ38 44
AARONSON CharlesE0006819 Mar 19054 mthXE01 40
AARONSON DavisE0006918 Mar 193869XU59 27
AARONSON DinahE0007001 May 195585XV03 3
AARONSON EvaE0007126 Mar 192136XK11 44
AARONSON EvaE0007202 Mar 192266XJ02 4
AARONSON HarrisE0007302 Sep 192565XP43 1
AARONSON HarryE0007407 Apr 195960XP68 31
AARONSON IsaacE0007516 Aug 196870XQ61 4
AARONSON KatieE0007628 Dec 191668XJ16 37
AARONSON LeahE0007717 Jan 193460XT26 18
AARONSON LeahE0007812 Feb 194973XY23 21
AARONSON LewisE0007909 Dec 193027XS14 74
AARONSON MariceE0008011 Aug 1913XO12 6
AARONSON MarksE0008103 Nov 194469XQ38 43
AARONSON MinnieE0008221 May 193586XI13 41
AARONSON MorrisE0008319 Apr 192010 mthXM11 13
AARONSON PhoebeE0008402 Jan 193456XT25 27
AARONSON RachelE0008522 Jun 194764XY01 7
AARONSON RebeccaE0008626 Apr 193885XP43 2
AARONSON ReubenE0008714 Mar 194969XY25 30
AARONSON SadieE0008802 Nov 195557XQ61 13
AARONSON SadieE0008915 Jul 196064XP68 32
AARONSON SamuelE0009012 Jan 193080XS19 61
AARONSON SimonE0009118 May 194372XV03 4
AARONSON YettaE0009213 Feb 193778XV45 13
AARONSTEIN IdaE0009321 Nov 1908XG01 19

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