The Many Names of Max Goldman
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Here we see some of the other variant names used on documents referring to "Max Goldman":

 9-Dec-1881  His marriage registration    Lejbka Gerszkovich Dembor   Russian
 1-Jan-1905  Son Harry's Report Card      Maks Goldman                Yiddish
 5-Nov-1926  His death certificate        Max Goldman                 English
 5-Nov-1927  His tombstone                Mordechai Yehuda ben Tzvi   Hebrew
16-Aug-1934  Grandson, Morton Leon        Mordechai Leib             "Hebrew"
 6-May-1957  Son, Harry's Tombstone       Mordechai Areyeh            Hebrew

All these variants can be explained using the principles just described in this lecture. Max, whose Hebrew name was "Mordechai Leib", had a grandson named after him after his death, named "Morton Leon" (given names fashionable in America in 1934, using the initial letters of the Hebrew name). On Max's son Harry's tombstone, the Hebrew inscription is "Tzvi ben Mordechai Areyeh". Max is referred to as "Mordechai Aryeh" -- "Areyeh" is the Hebrew calque of the Yiddish name "Leib" (both mean "lion").