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Other Yiddish nicknames are similar to each other, and may be ambiguous or easily be confused.  For example, 'Heshel' העשל is a diminutive of the Hebrew name 'Yehoshua' יהושע (English language equivalent: 'Joshua'), but 'Hirshel' היִרשל is a nickname for 'Hirsh' הירש.  'Shiya' שיע is another diminutive of 'Yehoshua' יהושע, but 'Shaya' שעיה is a diminutive of the Hebrew name 'Yeshaya' ישעיה (English language equivalent: 'Isaiah').  Depending upon the region, pronunciation, the transliteration scheme used, and/or the way a name was written, either diminutive might easily refer to either Hebrew name.