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In loving memory of the Holocaust victims in the areas of pre-Trianon Hungary, members of H-SIG are transcribing names listed on Holocaust memorials in Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and any other H-SIG areas.  If you plan to travel to these areas or if you have pictures of memorials and want to transcribe the names for this project, please contact Larry Kohn   to let her know which memorial(s) you are interested in transcribing. We are including images of the names in the database where they are available, so pictures of each memorial as a whole and pictures of each panel or stone would be appreciated.  Because these memorials are located in public places, JewishGen only needs permission from transcribers. 

H-SIG has developed templates for the transcription of vital records.  Follow JewishGen rules for transcribing data, which are located at: Transcription Rules .  In particular, be aware of the following guidelines for entering data:

  1. All surnames must be entered in CAPITAL LETTERS, for example WEINBERGER.
  2. Dates should be entered in text fields, not date fields as follows:  DD-MMM-YYYY, for example:   22-SEP-1891.
  3. Enter the town name, county (region) and country as they were during World War II, but enter the town, county and country where the memorial is located using the modern names.
  4. Enter titles, occupations, dates, other names or other information in the Comment field.  If you enter a surname in the Comment field, be sure to also enter the surname in CAPITAL LETTERS in the Other Names field.
  5. If you have any other questions about using the templates, please contact Larry Kohn .


Holocaust Memorial Template

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